Friday, August 19th, 2011

Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream ($22.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “silver gray” with a shimmer finish. It’s less silver and gray than it is dirty gray and brown–more taupe than silver. It has a frosted, metallic sheen. When it is sheered out, it looks browner and more taupe-like. ┬áThis shade is recommended for both eyes and cheeks, though I suspect most will use it on eyes. ┬áThe color reminded me of Chanel Epatant, which has a lot more shimmer.

I’m a big fan of Aqua Creams, because they really stay on well. The formula is all about bringing “rich color payoff” with long-lasting wear that does not crease or smudge. These have creamy consistency that applies easily and smoothes out beautifully, but they do have a quicker dry down time–and once they set, they’re set for the rest of the day. I’ve worn numerous shades since they originally launched, and I’m never disappointed. The wear is truly phenomenal!

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Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

I like #2 as a quick wash of smoky color when you don't have a lot of time to create a look, but it also makes a great base for a smoky eye. The long-wearing formula makes it more versatile, since you can wear it alone or underneath your favorite powder products.











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Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream (Heavy/Sheer)

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Sephora, $22.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Chanel Epatant.

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54 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever #2 Aqua Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. This shade is so pretty!

  2. Sarah Hawkinson

    This is one of my staple cream shadows along with Groundwork Paint Pot from MAC, and Birthday Suit from Benefit. I’m in love.

  3. pretty! do you use a primer under these when using them alone? or are they crease resistant on their own??

    • I don’t – just them on their own!

    • Reese

      I have oily lids, so I found that they didn’t apply as nice and did crease a LITTLE if I didn’t use primer. So I use primer. I’m sure if you have normal/dry lids you should be good to go! They really are awesome.

      • I have oily lids as well and use a primer too (Lorac Behind the Scenes or TFSI). These Aqua Creams are AMAZING! I’ve worn them in 110 degree weather alone or under shadow and hardly anything moved. So far I own about 10 of them. Planning to pick up this color and the warm brown as well.

  4. divinem (Melissa)

    Christine, would you say these have the same consistency/adhering qualities of a MAC paint pot? I use PPs as a primer. I never get creasing with them and always long wear with my eyeshadow. Just curious if MUFE (a brand I adore) Aqua Cream can stand up to a MAC PP?

    • Similar but perhaps a tad less creamy. This would feel more like MAC’s shimmery ones – say Indianwood – than a cream one like Soft Ochre or Painterly though.

    • I agree with Christine but I have to add… they are better than paint pots to me because pp crease on me without a base… instead Aqua Cream don’t! I used this one for one of the latest looks I posted on my own blog and it took me only five minutes to create it because they are so workable… I love Aqua Creams!

  5. ID

    Hi Christine, aqua cream is a good range but i don’t have any idea how to apply these. Can you help with a tutorial, please ?

  6. Rikki

    Hey Christine! I bought this color a while back, along with another aqua cream (from the Britney- Hold It Against Me tutorial). But I can’t figure out how to apply it. Any tips??

  7. Laura

    Britney Spears used it in her “Hold It Against Me” video. ^^

  8. Love this shade! I can never get enough of creme shadows.

  9. I also have 5 of the range. 2 for cheeks and lips and 3 for eyes and I swear by these!

  10. Yazmin

    I love aqua creams too because the product has amazing pigmentation and is soo versatile to use. but i wish they didnt try as fast, and it smells funny

  11. This is so pretty. I’m addicted to cream shadows and cream based makeup products in general, so I’m surprised I don’t own any of these!

  12. Liz K

    The lighter colors i bought made my eyes look crepey/wrinkly and eyeshadow did not blend nicely over them. The cheek/lip colors were far too dry for actual use on lips and cheeks (at least on mine). I wasn’t satisfied with the AC’s at all :(

  13. Alex

    I have this color, and it is pretty. After I saw the look you posted by the MUFE artist from Las Vegas, i had to have all the colors he used on your eyes and this aqua cream was part of it =)

  14. The color looks pretty on its own or as a base for a silvery smokey look.

    So surprised that they don’t crease. I heard that Mac paint pots usually crease without a primer underneath.

  15. Brian McD aka Roulette

    I have three of these and I dislike them ALL. I have the silver ,the bright green, and the turquoise. They get chunky/lumpy if you layer for opaque color, they peel/flake if you apply too much, and forget trying to blend powder shadows over them, they rub right off!! Sorry, I totally don’t agree this time. (Which is very rare!!)

    However, I totally LOVE MAC paint pots and never have the same issues. Can’t wait for the new jewel tones paint pots to come out! Yay!!!!

    • Babs

      I agree… I got generous samples of four shades from Sephora. ALL clumped on me when I tried to layer. And peeled when i applied much. When i got it just right, they did stay put… but the colors were too shimmery for me

    • Imogen

      I completely agree! I have this shade and number 5 and I can’t stand either of them. For me they’re way too dry and I can’t blend them at all as they dry too fast. I think the sheered out swatch you did looks patchy and this is how I’ve found them to be. Totally didn’t live up to the hype for me :(

      • I wonder how they’d do with a touch more silicone primer. I have #5 and I’ve not wanted to use it for these exact reasons. I’ve been playing around with my drier paint pots – read Girl Friendly here – and I find that adding the extra primer makes it workable. I either need to try it or return the #5, because life is too short to live with makeup that I hate.

        Thanks for making me feel better – I thought that it was just me.

    • Nadia

      ITA here. I tried these on at Sephora and found the consistency to be awful. They are patchy when sheered out, clumpy/flaky if layered and forget trying to blend anything over the top and with them. They are incredibly dry on lips and you get similar issues trying to blend these on the cheeks. Awful.

  16. I just wore this yesterday–love it. It def does take a shade when sheered out and both shades are highly wearable!

  17. Babs

    Wish these came in matte shades. They are too shimmery for me.

  18. cryatal

    I have this one and I love it! I wear it on its own to the pool and sometimes as a base for a classic Smokey eye or satin taupe! Its amazing and so worth 22 bucks!

  19. I love this one! Usually I use Aqua Creams as eyeshadow bases and they make my powder eyeshadows last all day long. But these look awesome on their own and even better when matched with a bright eyeliner or mascara. Just perfect look for the summer.

  20. Janet

    Thanks Christine, you just helped me save money! I really liked Epatant but I found it to be too shimmery for my taste. You’re so incredibly helpful :)

  21. Amy

    I own 5 of these (my fave is #17…golden plum). The Sephora MA told me that the secret to layering and avoiding any kind of flaking or rolling of the product is to apply with a brush but immediately smooth it out with a second brush. I just use my fingers but I prefer a light wash to a darker, opaque hue. I have extremely oily lids so I use a primer first. LOVE THESE!!

  22. Traci

    I looked in the swatch gallery to compare this with Benefit Skinny Jeans cream shadow, but didn’t see Benefit listed on there.

    Can you comment on how this color compares to Benefit’s Skinny Jeans?
    Thanks Christine!!!

  23. Elissa

    Well, I know what I’m getting next time I go to Sephora…

  24. Jessica.

    I have this and love it.. Althought sometimes its too shimmery for me

  25. Ginnia

    Do you find these to be waterproof (i.e. lasting through a swim)?

  26. Sumer Muhammad

    Lovely color :) .. I just bought 2 of these , but I never used it .Which brush would you recommend or shall I use my fingers ?

  27. This is pretty, but looks really similar to Benefit Skinny Jeans.

  28. Teresa

    I LOVE MUFE’s Aqua Creams! I have #7 fuchsia, #10 orange, and #11 gold and I’ve been living in them all summer. And I actually use the fuchsia and orange on my eyes even though it says they are formulated for cheeks and lips. I use a blending brush when I apply them on my eye lids and when I blend them together I get this amazing hot coral color. The gold goes great with the #4 blue green Aqua liner and Tart waterproof mascara and I’m ready for a day at the pool! I plan on getting the #2, #8 tomato red (got a tester and love it) and #15 taupe brown. The MAC paint pots just never stayed.

  29. Sarah

    I loooooooooove MUFE Aqua Creams! :)

  30. Hannah

    Is the colour similar to MAC smoke and diamonds?

  31. alyssa

    There alot of these aqua creams that i want! love this color!

  32. Marina

    I have this one, it’s very pretty but i hate how fast it dries on the lid, it makes it hard to work with.

  33. LOLLI

    im leery when it comes to cream shadows. they look gorgeous, but then they crease like heck! does this crease? it better not for 22 dollars! lol

  34. ID

    Hi Christine…how to apply aqua cream eyeshadows ?

  35. amanda

    how do they compare to MAC paintpots?

  36. Meena

    I think you meant it compares to Chanel Illusoire.