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Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush ($52.00) is described as a “long and flat brush with a tapered tip” to be used with loose and pressed powder for application “the face, neck, and upper shoulders.” It’s a large, substantial brush, and it’s easily one of the larger powder brushes I have. It flares out slightly from the base and then tapers significantly to a rounded edge with the bristles layered and lengthening as you move to the center of the brush. It measures 50mm at its widest part, 56mm tall, 25mm thick with a total length (including handle and ferrule) of just under 8 inches/20 centimeters. The handle itself is quite thick but tapers down towards the end and finishes with a sharp, angled tip. All Make Up For Ever’s Artisan brushes are made out of synthetic fibers and officially release in September.

The new Artisan Brush range is touted as being “hand-crafted by a total of 30 people from start to finish” and have beech wood handles. The slanted tip of the handle is done specifically to “allow for easier product retrieval and can be used to assist in faux lash application.” The first thing I noticed about this brush was how top-heavy it was–the brush head is much, much heavier than the handle, which is incredibly lightweight. You’ll notice that the brush head is actually two-tone–the bottom third is a dark brown, while the upper two-thirds are nearly black. The top two-thirds actually flop a bit; like if you held the brush in your hands and waved it up and down, you would see just that portion moving up and down while the bottom third stays in place.

This brush is incredibly soft, and it’s one of the softest brushes I’ve come across–tying with Hakuhodo and Tom Ford brushes. At times, this almost feels softer, but I think it’s the result of the layering and airiness of the upper two-thirds of the brush that give it a feathery, soft feel. My husband has been a test subject for numerous “which is softer” tests in the past few months as I’ve been doing an extensive testing of brushes across brands, and Hakuhodo and Tom Ford brushes (which are rumored to be made by Hakuhodo) were all readily distinguished as the softest. He described the difference as the Hakuhodo felt silkier, almost cool and wet, but he felt like softness was the same. I had a similar experience to his, and I felt like the bristles melted together to provide a smooth, seamless applicator across the skin. I could jab, splay, and twirl the brush and never felt a jagged or rough edge.

I liked it for applying loose setting powder, and because the top of the brush “flops,” it actually works to press the loose powder against the skin with a lighter pressure than with a sponge or powder pouf but does a better job of getting an even, full layer of powder against the skin to really set makeup. I can’t make any claims as to the durability of the brush, so as I find brushes that I can work into my regular routine, I’ll be adding them and continuing to trial them to see how they hold up to more prolonged use. I’ve washed this brush five times, and I haven’t had any issues with shedding, dye bleeding, or any resulting smells post-wash. It takes awhile to dry, but if I use it in the morning, wash it, then it is ready for me to use about eight to twelve hours later. I wish the handle had more weight to it, though, because while the dark, red-toned wood handle looks nice, it lacks substance.

See more photos!

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush
Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush

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32 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. pemily

    hi christine will you be reviewing many more?

  2. Gena

    I’ve been meaning to ask you this for ages, Christine: What do you wash your brushes with? Can you perhaps list a step-by-step how-to? I’d appreciate it ever so much! <3

  3. I really like the shape of this brush! Am I so intrigued by how soft you say they are.

  4. Jayc

    Great review, as always! This brush is beautiful. I love brushes of this shape, and I trust MUFE products. I’m at the point where buying a ton of cheap makeup products appeals to me less than getting one or two quality items. I’m saving up for the Tom Ford brush set, but It looks like Tom will have to wait while I get this haha!

  5. Liz

    I really want some brushes from this line. i better save up.

  6. yellowlantern

    This sounds lovely. Do you have any contour/blush brushes from this new MUFE line to review? I think out of the line of new face brushes those are the ones I’m most curious about. Thanks!

    • Not right now – I received mostly really specific/particular/uni-tasking brushes (like I have the mascara spoolie and sponge-tip applicator brushes), but I did ask for some of the more core shapes/types so hopefully I will receive those soon!

      • yellowlantern

        That’s kind of weird. I guess they must think (maybe correctly?) that you have a readership comprised of a lot of makeup artists if they sent you mostly specialty brushes.

        • Maybe! :) I wouldn’t say that it is primarily MUAs, though – certainly have some, but it’s a fairly diverse group of awesome people here.

          I know that most readers are going to want to see more standard/normal brushes, especially from a new range, so that was the first thing I did (email them) when I saw more specialty shapes for review. I have high hopes – I liked their brushes in the past, and if the #128 is an indication of other face brushes, people will be pleased.

  7. Interesting shape, thanks for the review!

  8. looks like my ecotools blush brush!

  9. Do you think that the fact that it’s made out of synthetic fibres helps it be softer than other ones with natural fibres? I also found my synthetic brushes are softer, but don’t pick up enough product compared to my natural fibre ones.

    • Nope – I would say that some natural brushes are noticeably softer than synthetic brushes I have (and some natural brushes can be scratchy, as can synthetic brushes). It depends more on the brush/quality than just synthetic vs. natural.

      Natural brushes are better for picking up powder products, while synthetic tend to be better for liquid/cream.

  10. Brian McD aka Roulette

    How does this compare to the MAC 136? (which I bought and LOVED upon your review!) It looks very similar.

    • #128 is a bigger brush overall–taller, thicker, denser. It’s softer than the MAC 136 slightly. MAC 134 feels scratchy compared to both the MAC 136 and MUFE #128.

  11. Malia

    Umm… Does this mean we’ll be getting hakuhodo reviews? I’m the proud owner of 32 hakuhodo brushes myself :) yes the squirrel haired ones especially have that “cool” feeling. Please review the mufe paint brush if you can! I can’t find it locally but I’m going to get it cause I ‘need’ it, and I think that will only be the third mufe brush I’ve ever owned.

    • I’m hoping for some Hakuhodu reviews soon as well. They are the bestestest brushes ever! What are your favorites? I have about the same amount as you, but I want more, lol. Any recommendations?

      • Malia

        I love the s series naturally, 122,113,116… but my favorite powder one is k002. The j series I found good as well, j4001 I like a lot. :)

  12. xamyx

    I’ll have to be the lone dissenter and say I don’t really care for “soft” brushes… I find softer brushes just don’t blend/buff as well. I don’t want them to be scratchy, or irritate my skin, but I do want some “heft” to the bristles.

  13. Ooh, this sounds like such a nice brush! I’m a bit of a sucker for soft synthetics — particularly when it comes to powder brushes.

    (What? They’re like kittens petting your face!)

  14. abigailod

    I’m kind of relieved to know this is synthetic! Christine, how do you think this compares to MAC’s 150? I’m thinking of retiring my 150.

    • Both brushes serve similar functions (for me), but the 150 isn’t exactly super scratchy, but it was never the softest brush I owned – and fast forward three years from when I originally owned it, it basically feels scratchy to me now.

  15. Gemma

    I like to use this for applying powder foundation :)

  16. Jennifer

    Thank you for the helpful review, I just bought the brush online :) Does this brush work as well with pressed powders? I wanted to use it with the Guerlain Les Voilettes Powder or the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder.