Monday, August 16th, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Look:  Cruella de Vil

The first few looks I’m going to do from the Venomous Villains launch are just by character — using only the products from each of their “collections.”  It’s not necessarily inspired such that it resembles or looks like the character.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Sweet Joy eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend De-Vil eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239.  Define the crease with Carbon eyeshadow and the 226. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Crash liner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Darkly My Dear blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Innocence, Beware! lipstick first, and then layer Devilishly Stylish lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

I used the wrong settings here – I’m not really this tan – but it was the only closed shot I had!

(This is just me wearing Innocence, Beware! FYI!)

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121 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains Look: Cruella de Vil

  1. Maeve

    I love Carbon, but it always fades really quickly on me, even when using primer. So does black tied. Any suggestions? Love this look also!

  2. Lucy

    I love this look Christine! i am so getting that lipstick, nudes look great on you by the way, really makes your beautiful brows it :)

  3. Emily

    I love this look! Especially the way you blended the shadows! Very awesome! The lipstick looks great on your skintone too! Kudos to Christine! =)

  4. I love this look. You look gorgeous!!

  5. Leah

    Gosh this is pretty!

  6. nikki

    is it bad to be tan…?

    • No, not at all – I actually tan REALLY quickly, but I didn’t want anyone to wrongly think I had gotten about oh, three or four shades darker!

  7. I’m so glad that you mentioned that you had just used the wrong settings on that shot, because I was thinking, “Holy crap, when did Christine get that tan?!”

    I really love the eyeshadow in this look, I’m going to resist buying these eyeshadows, but I do really like this look.

  8. Işıl

    Beautiful combination of colors, the way you apply them and here again you look perfect :)… I like venomous villains collection… Love from İstanbul.

  9. EMR

    oh. my gosh. this is my favorite look of yours to date!!!!!!!!

  10. Wow, nude and pale lips look so fabulous on you! If I used those products on my lips you’d be wondering where my lips went, lol. Great look Christine!

  11. Ashley D.

    I love this look, it is put together perfectly.

  12. Leah M

    This is probably my favorite look from you to date!!! Its so unique and just brings out the gold in your brown eyes :)

  13. Kateri

    Oh my so pretty.. the shadows really bring out your eyes. This makes me want the shadows blush and nude lippie.. which I was planning on not getting.. I’m already going to be dropping over $300 on the collection as a whole D: lol, maybe I will buy what I MUST have first and then go back after I get paid after that to see if anything I’d like is still there. You are feeding my addiction Christine! LOL can’t wait to see more villain looks?? :3

    • Thank you, Kateri!! :)

      What are your faves so far?

      And that’s not a bad plan – that is how I would do things when I was on a tighter budget. Get the MUST HAVES! and then if it was still there later on… it was meant to be 😛

      • Kateri

        Oh gosh well.. so far I am really loving the entire Maleficent line, it’s definitely my style. Then I love the red lip products from the Cruella, all the lip products from the evil queen and the bite of an apple blush, then I want the beauty powders from all 3… and then possibly a magically cool liquid powder.. mainly because it will be interesting to have but I may hold off on it if I don’t like the way it highlights when I go play around at the store.

  14. Keana

    This is definitely a looking that needs a tutorial. I looooove it

  15. Etaoin

    Back for one day only. I’ll be honest, I don’t 100% love the three eye colours together but your technique is great and if anyone can pull it off you can! Read your FB about mud slinging, poor christine!

    • lol! I hope you are celebrating :)

      Thank you!

      • Etaoin

        I feel a little weird, I keep hoping its ok. Its harder to know with a research project than an exam when you know whether you can answer the questions or not. I’m going on hols tomorrow n we are staying in a fancy hotel for the first night (we couldn’t afford it for all three!).

        I asked MAC today when VV is out in Ireland, they couldn’t tell me an exact date. Went in to UD to ask about BOS and they said its out Sept 6th in Ireland (most likely the same or earlier in UK). They are taking deposits which i thought was a bit weird but I put 10E down and i’m guaranteed one now, I think!

        • I’m sure you did AMAZING! Enjoy your holiday :)

          I heard BoS was up on Debenham’s website? but I am not sure.

          At least you are guaranteed one!

          • Etaoin

            I was up til 4am proof reading and then up again at 6.30! Fingers crossed

            They don’t ship to Ireland, NOTHING ships to Ireland, problem with only having a 5 mill population! this is despite the fact that UD is distributed through debenhams here! yeah its just they gave me a reciept for a 10E gift card without the gift card and made me sign an envelope with giftcard in it! i’m sure they have a system. i’m happy that its out soon enough.

  16. Mara

    Gorgeous as usual! =] That look reminds me of the past Soccer World Cup. I wore eye make-up like that for every Germany game since our colors are black, red, gold.

  17. Mija

    You are unbelievably gorgeous in this look..

    you and nudes are a great match!


  18. Dee

    Gorgeous as ever! Quick question, I know you can’t line your upper lash line but you always have shadow there – can’t you line your upper lash line with a shadow and an angled brush instead?

    Also, if you apply one coat of mascara from above (rather than below which is the norm) you can get rid of all the shadow fallout you always have on the tops of your lashes.

    I’m just trying to give constructive crit, they’re very small things – everyone knows that your looks are gorgeous!

    • It’s not product that irritates it – it’s *anything* – whether it’s a brush or product. The feeling of the bristles of the brush or the liner pen or whatever it is causes my lash line to swell up – it’s just a very sensitive area, and I have tried probably 40 different products there and all of them result in swollen lids.

      Thanks for your suggestions!

  19. Vijaya

    Wow, Christine! This look is even more awesome than your usual ones! Thanks for sharing how you did this, I’ll be bookmarking this page for when I get the shadows to do this myself!

  20. Bettina

    wow those are totally cruella colors..I like the look though. I will have to own some maleficent though as she is my fav villian.

  21. Ashley Marie

    Youtube tutorial stat! Haha. Love this. My new favorite. Gunna sub the colors.

  22. stephanie

    I like this look especially the outer lid and crease. Is de-Vil like cut to fit? Sweet joy in place of rice paper?

    • Thank ya, Stephanie! Hmm, probably a little more orange, but you could substitute for it. I’d say Sweet Joy is a lot yellower than Ricepaper, though!

  23. Yvonne

    basically obsessed with the de vil eyeshadow. and i LOVE the pop of it on your lids.

    home run, christine!

  24. Naomi

    so what isnt good about Innocence, Beware!?? how did you apply it on?

  25. i’m not sure if it’s just your camera, but for being a “bronze” color, De-Vil looks a lot more red lol. this looks fantastic. i must resist getting the shadows ! :p

  26. Pang

    I love the quality of all your pictures, the thought, and efforts you put into them! And you always look great in them too :)

  27. crystal

    I love this look! I loveee “tan” Christine! lol

  28. Kasia

    Christine, this look is phenomenal!
    I wanted to thank you so much for all of your pictures and in depth reviews of the Venomous Villains collection; I’ve got my shopping list planned out because of your pictures and recommendations. I find that when I buy products from collection launches (or am looking to try a new product) I take your reviews into serious consideration and generally buy using your suggestions, which might seem silly, but I have never once been disappointed by your recommendations. As a result, I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work. Your site is amazing, and I remember it when you were just starting it up, I’m so glad that it has been a success. You are truly the best and most honest beauty blogger out there; you have an amazing ability to connect to your readers.

    • Oh, wow! Kasia!! You’re too much. Thank you for 1) being so sweet and 2) keeping up with me all these years! And it is a great relief and joy to know that my recommendations have worked out for you thus far!

      You made my day!

  29. Elle

    I love this look–can’t wait to see you do one with the red lippies from Cruella’s ‘collection’. My list of products I want matches up with your ‘must haves’ so I’m psyched about this one!

    • I’ll definitely do something… though it may be a few looks! All the collections are so… heavy. Heavy eyes, heavy lips. Since I’m such an eye girl, I guess eyes first, and then I’ll start toning those down and working through a few of the bolder lipsticks!

  30. Ariel

    this look is great for you! the eyeshadow colors go very well together on someone with your skin tone :)

  31. Victoria

    This is probably my most favorite look I’ve ever seen you wear! Absoluetly gorgeous! I wish you could do my homecoming makeup!!!

    Btw, I’ve always wanted to see nude lips on you! LOOKS GOOD !

  32. Ariel

    Innocence, Beware! seems pinker than Creme d’Nude, which is a peachy nude to me. I like Innocence, Beware!, but my lips are always dry… :(

    How do you line your bottom lash line? When I do it it always is too thick or too far out.

    This is unrelated, but do you know of a color that is similar to Viva Glam Gaga without the lavender tones? If it’s not MAC it’s fine, too.

    Also, I like when you do looks like these. There’s color, but it’s wearable. :)

  33. melissa

    “cruella deVil, cruella deVil…if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will”! I have been singing this non stop every since I saw your amazing review….you are much much prettier than her btw! 😀

  34. Lovely Christine – thx! Ironic that they meant it as a bit of evil and it is actually looking nice :p
    am lemming the lippie and want to beware of innocence 😉

  35. wow wow wow!!! i love this look!

  36. aradhana

    that’s a really nice effect you’ve got with the carbon + de-ville…at first i thought you had incorporated a mulch type of shade and i was wondering if i had missed something in the release notes…
    i’m also really liking the blush. cruella’s collection is definitely my favourite of this launch.
    i’m looking forward to seeing your remaining ‘villain’ looks!

  37. Yumi

    Omg, Darkly My Dear, Innocence Beware and Devilishly Stylish look amazing. I must have them. <3

  38. Kat

    This look is awesome Christine!

    <3 it =)

  39. I like it. It reminds me of a smoldering log as the fire is about to go out. Super awesome. 😉

  40. Maddy

    this look looks great on you!!

  41. Michelle

    Thank you so much for doing this beautiful Cruella look!!! I LOVE IT! She is my absolute FAVE villain (maybe the only one I like, actually) and now I want the entire Cruella collection!! You look *marvelous* and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that nudey pinky goodness! DROOL!
    I think you would also look oh-so-very-amazing in the Dr. Faciliier stuff!!!! (; (hint hint)
    THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this with all of us, again, and I am now completely obsessed with your blog…. heart!

  42. This is beautiful, I love it. :) I really like how you did the dark colors on only part of the lid, I’m going to have to try that!

  43. Ester

    That looks awesome!!!

  44. ann

    is there any mac dupes for innocence beware

  45. ann

    is the red lipstick in this collection dupeable? is it close to ruby red

  46. Vrushali

    Its a little hard to imagine you as Cruella DeVil considering you look so sweet. 😛

  47. Vania

    Nude lipstick is your color! haha

  48. It’s a beautiful look, and a beautiful girl to show it off! Well done Christine! You always do such impressive looks and your photos are top notch!

  49. Patty

    This look rocks! The copper color looks great on your skin.
    I have a brush question. I recently purchased the mac 224 which is just lovely for blending above the crease but for me it is too big to use in the crease. Since the 226 is a limited edition, what other brush do you recommend to use for soft blending in the crease like you did in this look?

  50. Wow, what a great look! Love the depth in your shadows. Till now, Cruella was probably the villain I was least interested in. Between this and Fabulous Felines, Christmas is canceled this year! No money for presents, (but look at my fabulous eye shadows!)

  51. I need that lipstick… ahhh. As though I didn’t have enough nude lipsticks in my life lol!

  52. Patrizia

    Hi Christine,

    thank you very much for the preview. You look marvellous with this look.
    Would you skip Sweet Joy if you have Crest the wave? and Darkly my dear for Prim and proper?

    Thank you :o)

    I don’t receive your newsletter anymore, how can I get it again?

    Have a nice day!!!

    • Thanks, Patrizia! Sweet Joy is a lot lighter than Crest the Wave – you could mix Nylon with it to lighten it though. You could skip Darkly My Dear, though!

      I’m SO BEHIND on the newsletter! You aren’t missing it yet!

  53. Heather

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Lovely!!!!!!!

  54. Michaela

    Love this look! I’m wearing it today! 😀

  55. Andrea

    Just discovered your blog today and I am loving all the looks! You do such a great job, and you have inspired me! This look is definitely one of my favorites, so pretty