Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Look: Clarins + Neon Orange

This is the look I ended up wearing to attend my local MAC’s To the Beach event.  I had originally planned to do something bolder and brighter on the eyes, but I ran out of time, so I just went with the look I started the day with!

I’m happy to say I snagged the one item that really had me smile — the MAC To the Beach Bag ($49.95).  It’s huge and cute and the perfect beach bag.  It makes me want to go to the beach ASAP!  Some photos of its loveliness and size comparisons included in this post! :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Stay Don’t Stray as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. With the 239, apply the light peach eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid. Next, apply the medium brown eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid, softly into the crease. To define the crease, apply the dark chocolate brown eyeshadow with the 226. Blend the lightest shade above the crease and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying the dark brown eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Opulash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Marine Life high light powder to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Temperature Rising lip pencil first, and then layer Easy Lounger lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

Coral on one side, conch shell on the other; canvas

I originally tried to put Mellan *in* the bag. I got his butt in there, but I couldn’t quite manage the get the two front feet in… but hey, his big butt fit!   He threatened to eat the bag if I took a photo… he wanted to hold onto his dignity.  In all honesty, this bag is the perfect size for a beach bag, but I’ll probably use it more as a doggy bag myself.  Mellan doesn’t travel light!

See, it’s HUGE! Mellan is a purebred labrador — 70 pounds, lanky and lean and mean.

He’s totally thinking those handles look like his tug ropes…

He’s two seconds away from getting his snack on, I swear!

Unpleased dog is unpleased!

See, isn’t the bag HUGE?

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193 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Look: Clarins + Neon Orange

  1. Roxanne

    Aaahh Mellan, lean mean beach bag eating machine <3 I was looking at the pictures thinking: "This look is pretty neutr…" and then BAM! You hit me with those lips. Gooorgeous!!

  2. Stacey

    Awesome! I wish I was brave enough for orange lips with my pale pink skin lol You look gorgeous!

  3. Elysia

    I love the look of the lip pencil all over! i think i might get it now…

  4. mango

    gorgeous – i like this look a lot!

  5. daphne

    Look at your HAIR! It is GORGEOUS! The whoa ORANGE lip with the neutral eye is fantastic too. That bag is ridiculous, I love it 😀

  6. DevilishDoll

    Aww, those pics of Mellan are the cutest. Is it weird that I totally just wanna hug your dog? And pretty look, wow that lipliner is soo bright.

  7. Christine shen

    Love the lips on you, it’s very summery!!

  8. F

    I love the bag I want one <3
    Do you know if they are U.S only ?

  9. Steph

    Your eyes look great the way they are with that bright lip. And I love the orange lip on you! And that bag, oooooh!

  10. Ashley

    Great look! Everything looks great together and you look positively glowing!

  11. gorgeous! loving that lip combo – wish my NC20 skin could pull it off!
    hehe Mellan looks so unimpressed 😛

  12. Diana Lau

    your dog is soooooo adorable.
    please include more pics of him in some of your posts!

  13. Peaches

    That’s a cute look. So you colored the whole lip with the pencil?

  14. Aamina

    In love with the lip colour

  15. alisha

    ohh i LOVE this look, and your dog is so cute :).. i’ve been OBSESSED with bright orange lippie lately.. i’ve been using MAC Neon Orange.. and let me tell you, that lipstick is BRIGHT lol

  16. KC

    LOL! Love the dog. It’s got the ‘bish plz’ attitude down.

  17. Lauren

    At first the lips terrified me, but when I saw how it looked with your skin tone and the dark grey- wow! It actually looks good!. Not many people can pull off neon orange! kudos..

    • Thank you, Lauren! The boyfriend LOVED the lips! Who knew?

      • Lauren

        My boyfriend goes crazy for super pigmented lips, too. I wore speed dial l/s mixed with a touch of petals and peacocks l/s covered with a clear gloss, and he went nuts! Unfortunately, I’m on the pinker side of a cool tone, so neon orange is not an option for me. lol

  18. Jen

    That bag is huge! Too big for me and I love huge bags. Not much of a beachgoer either so think I’ll be passing it up–though it is cute! It looks like you could carry Mellan around in it 😀

    &I love this look, btw. Really pretty eyeshadow.. Simple but gorgeous.

    • It’s definitely not like… a huge purse bag, most certainly a beach bag – which is nice if you’re a beach goer, haha. It’s nice to see it align with the collection’s theme, and for $50 at MAC… surprisingly so.

      Thank you!

  19. Chiara

    Very beautiful lips!

  20. Whirl

    Christine,the look is VERY nice indeed.
    Mellan is adorable!
    Couldn’t say which one of you looks better!

  21. Jayna

    Eye color is subtle, not over the top, pretty!

  22. Kitty Kris

    OMG! I love Mellan. Oh, and the bag too!

  23. awwwwwww MELLAN IS SUCH A CUTIE! oh and the makeup is great too. hahaha!

    but really. that bag and the lipstick is fabulousness.

  24. Carla Luc

    I must say every item of makeup looks good on you!
    Ah, and the change in the site made it look more sophisticated :)

  25. Sarah M

    Wow. I love this look, Christine. It looks so pretty, fresh and wearable… even with the bold lip. I don’t know how I feel about the bag but the collection, overall, was quite nice. :-)

  26. Rawrzellers

    Wow that bag is giant O:

    Love the orange lips 😀 I’m totally digging the neons for summer.

  27. raquel

    Hahahah! I love the fact that you used Mellan as a point of reference to show us how big the bag truly is!! And your hair is looking amazing!! 😀

  28. Ceriene

    What a gorgeous look. You’re rocking that orange lipstick, Christine. I applaud you. XD

    Though now I want that Clarin’s palette more than ever. It’s so perfect for work.

    • Thank you, Ceriene! I’m totally in love with the palette, too, just because it’s so easy to pull off and use. I’m sure I have plenty equivalent products and shades in my stash, but it’s convenient and the quality is tops.

  29. Beautiful Christine! You sold me on the e/s and NOW the bag because of Magellan! aghh!

  30. Emma

    i LOVE this look! the lips are especially lovely.

  31. Bridget S.

    I love the pictures that include Mellan!

  32. kasiaj85

    You have the cutest dog in the world!!! The “unpleased” face is awsome!!! 😀

  33. Girlygirl70

    Gorgeous, wearable look!!!! :) I’m afraid of wearing orange but you can really pull it off! *jealous*

  34. Ada

    Mellan is so cute. The bag is cute too!

  35. ssnug

    awwww… Mellan is so cute… and u look pretty!~

  36. Shirley

    Love this look! Very pretty and wearable!

  37. Sylvie

    I laughed when you said you tried to put Mellan in the bag. Thanks for making my day!

  38. Emily

    LOVE the look you did! The lips are awesome! And the whole color scheme just look great on your skin tone!

  39. amy

    The orange lip colour and bronzy brown eyeshadow look great together and the colours match the bag. :)

  40. Dini

    Love the neutral eye with the bright lip. How I wish I could pull off that lip color as nicely as you do!

  41. starr

    wow! i was thinking that the temperature rising would be too bold, but on you it looks amazing!!

  42. LNU

    Bahahah omg that unpleased dog picture is so cute!!!!

  43. Alexis

    Loving that Clarins palette. I may have to take a closer look at that one. It looks like it’ll be a perfect one palette fits all looks when I head down to SoCAL next month to visit family/friends. I love that tote too but I already scored a freebie tote back from VS that doesn’t look too girlie!

    Love your dog – I want one too!!

  44. SiaM

    Wow I thought the tote wasn’t going to be big enough for all my beach attire and stuff, but I think it is a great convenient size 0_0….Thanks for the labrador/tote comparison really cute plus it helped me decide that I NEED this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. j e n

    WOW! Absolutely stuunniinggg!!!!!!!! :)

  46. Jasmine

    OMG! Now I have to buy the lip liner and the lipglass!

  47. jaspreet

    awesome look

  48. Rae

    Aww, Mellan ^^ Your FOTD is gorgeous, of course, but those puppy eyes could put even the most flawless makeup to shame! What a cutie.

  49. Mirna

    I picked up that bag last night at the unveiling party at MAC. I LOVE IT too! I want it to be 80 degrees right now so I can go to the beach and show it off!

  50. ROTFL!!! You’re dog’s face!!! (You wanted to put me in a BAG?? I don’t think so lady!) He’s so precious!

    And this is a beautiful look! The lips look like a bright, juicy orange! Very summer!

  51. Laura

    Hey Christine,

    I was wondering if you could help me with a brush query? I want to purchase one to use for mainly cream blush and highlighting fluids. Would the MAC 130, 188 or 187 be best?

    Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful site. You are my beauty guru!


    • Hmm… 130 or 188 would best. I like the stiffness of the 130! I used the 130 for one cheek in my latest YouTube tutorial, in case you wanted to see it “in action” LOL!

      • Laura

        Thank you so much!! I just watched some of the brushes ‘in action’ and have placed my order for the 188 AND the 130 (One is big and one is small – that’s how I’m justifying it to myself!) The moment I clicked play on youtube I could see my wallet start to tremble. Lol! Thanks once again for your help and your awesome videos. As we say in England, you are a living legend!

  52. Whoa! That is bright! But loving the eyes and cheeks. :)

  53. ahhh you look gorgeous! I love you with orange lips!!!

  54. Carrie

    Your dog is absolutely adorable. I really wish that lip pencil was a more subtle orange. You pull off the neon orange, but I doubt I would ever try it.

  55. hot hot hot! I love that lip on you!

  56. Melanie T

    He’s adorable! Reminds me of my bestie’s mixed chihuahua, Fibi~! She always barks at me tho~ :( Can’t get her to like me, after all these years~ *sigh*

  57. I love the photos and the makeup. It’s exactly the kind of colors I like to use for a day look. Thanks Christine! :)

  58. Lynda

    love this, really pretty.

  59. -L

    Wow! That bag is huge.

    The lip color looks gorgeous on you!

  60. whoa! that’s bright! it looks awesome on you :)

    and you totally almost sold me on the bag.. but then i realized… my summer mostly consists of working and sitting by my own pool, what the heck am i gonna do with that bag!? lol

  61. *Megan*

    super pretty!!!! I love how cute your dog is:)

  62. meghan

    I’m so jealous christine! You got the bag!! I was planning on getting it but I also have been thinking of another one at J.crew because I thought this looked small in the promo photos but clearly it’s huge! Yay!

  63. Tiffany

    can you only get the bag from a free standing store?

    • I know the freestanding stores have them, but I’m not 100% sure if it will or won’t be on the website… but I think it should.

  64. meghan

    Btw, I love the look! Will deff try out! Well maybe not the lips lol I’m too chicken. Also, have you ever used the Loew (sp?)cornell Maxine Mop brush in 3/8 of an inch? It’s supposed to be the mac 239 dupe, I’m debating getting that or the 239? I only have the money for one mac brush right now and I also want the 222.

    • Thanks, Meghan!

      I have — I don’t like it, not for eyeshadow. I have two, but I use them with pigments (just to apply them). I just find them pretty scratchy on the eyes.

  65. Marina

    Love the look! But i love the dog even more!!! 😀

  66. Ah ah did you really try to put Melan in the bag? You monster! That’s so funny. 😀 How is Melan lately? I so miss having a pet!

    Orange lipstick on you is sexy and juicy – seriously, you’re always pretty no matter what you wear – what do you want me to tell you? =)

    Please can you recommend me a good orange for a pale cool toned skin? (well concerning my skitone, NW15 is typically too orange for me – I think my complexion is more fair beige than anything. I suppose that a too bright orange would make me look ashy. I don’t know, are there true orange lipsticks bright and subdued at the same time without being rust or coral?

    • YES! I thought he was gonna fit, LOL! He is good!

      Thank you!!

      This is a true orange – but have you tried M’Orange or Lady Danger (which is a little redder, but not quite a coral, I’d say)? You could also blot a bit so it’s not quite as potent.

      • Oh thank you for the recommendation. :) I’ll definitely check Morange and Lady Danger next time I go to MAC. Take care Christine!

  67. Josi

    I really love your dog 😀 and i think he loves mac 😀

  68. Jessica

    Christine i love you and your dog *jealous*
    I just had a quick question, but would Temperature Rising look good on my NW15 skin or will it clash with my pink undertones. After seeing the lipliner on you i want it!

  69. I love that bag,it’s great,but I think if I could choose I would take Mellan home instead of the bag:D:D:D:D:

  70. The lip color is amazing on you and Mellan is SO CUTE!

  71. Melissa

    I couldn’t resist the bag, either. I’m going to hang the event necklace from the handle. :)

  72. Natalia

    I saw those hanging near the cash registers and I was really tempted to grab one but I did want to get my hands on 2 Marine Life Highlighters until when I found out they were all sold out =( but I will try pre-ordering it today. Really pretty bag tho =) Oh and I wanted to see you last night but I guess I missed you. It was super packed in the store and since this was my first unveiling, I was so overwhelmed, but it was fun. Hope to see you in another unveiling =)

    • Aww!! I hope you are able to pre-order, Natalia!

      No worries — it’s SO easy to lose anyone… your own mother! at those events. I always want to kind of hang out, because I know some of you are going to be there, but I feel like a total doofus just standing around, lol!

  73. Em

    I love your dog! Soo cute!

  74. Rachel

    lookin sexy!! I didn’t think I needed Temperature Rising but suddenly I do, uh oh 😉 your hair’s gotten looong again, love it!

  75. Sally

    Cutie pie Mellan!!!!!

  76. I was there last night – didn’t see you in the madness. Of course, I only know what your eye looks like….

  77. Nora

    My favorite look from you, ever. This is stunning. The hair, the blush, the lips…. just amazing!

  78. Heather H

    Lol that’s so funny. Mellan is so cute and it must be a pretty good size if you got him in it.

  79. those lips look fantastic on you!

  80. Natalie

    whoa, you look stunning!!
    Are the shadows as good quality as MUFE and MAC shadows (Matte2 and VP)? I am really tempted!! 😀

  81. Abril

    I adoreeeeeeee Melaaaan! he’s yoo cuteeeee!

  82. Beth

    Does the bag have real leather on the handles and bottom? Or is it synthetic?

    • I don’t think it’s real, but I’m not an expert. It doesn’t have any leather scent, though.

      • Beth

        OK, thanks. I’ll have to check it out if I see it in store, if there’s a tag inside. I don’t buy leather, so I’ll have to skip it if it’s real.

        • I looked for a tag, but all it had was “made in China” which was marginally disappointing but not exactly unexpected. The tag also said 100% cotton, but I assume that’s the tote part, not the bottom.

  83. shuz4ever

    WOW Christine, love the colour punch of the lips…yup u’ve got me hooked on the neon orange…now i just have to get Temperature Rising as well. BTW for the eye what MAC subsitutes do u reco? Gotta love Mellan…esp his mean look…too cute.

  84. Patrizia

    Hi Christine,
    could you do a review on Stay don’t Stray by Benefit?

    thank you :o)

  85. Zenaida

    I’ve been eyeing that lip pencil like a hawk! The closest thing that I own right now is Vegas Volt, which I’m wearing now because of this picture! I love this look for going to work or doing something where it might not be so wise to do a bright eye.

    Mellan makes me wonder what my chihuahua would look like next to the bag lol!

  86. aradhana

    so pretty…!
    (also love the pics of mellan and the bag)

  87. dallasbrowneyes

    Great look! You really rock the orange lips.

  88. Helena

    I love the bag…but I don’t have fifty dollars for it, ha ha.

  89. Oana

    The orange lip is surprisingly amazing!!!! I was so scared to see the pics but this looks great on you! :)

  90. rebekah

    I love the dog~~~~it’s cute~~~~~~~~~~

  91. Tanz

    Oh sooooooo exotic!!! You look like you belong on a beach in Rio