Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Keep entering in this second post :)

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197 thoughts on “MAC Studio Sculpt Giveaway – Part 2

  1. Amanda

    NC15 *heart*

  2. Halifax

    I couldn’t see my comment, so if it did, please ignore this one. I’d love a NW35. Thanks

  3. Halifax

    I’m a subscriber too

  4. Ashlee

    Nc15 pleaseeee

  5. Tiffany DeSanti


  6. Chrissy Kasper

    NC15 Please. :)

  7. Sara

    LOL it’s like a big black hole!!! wtg firefox

  8. Ann

    NW35 please!!

  9. creolesugar

    NW35 please and thank you. Also, my twitter name is creolesugar.

  10. Jessica

    NW35, pretty please!

  11. Tisa

    NC15 please! ~ :) Thanks!

  12. styrch

    NC15 please! Thanks!

  13. Christie

    NC 15. thanks so much

  14. Alysa

    NC15 =]

    I have you on my google reader.

    Twitter name- BeautyKweenO8

  15. Mary

    I’d love, love, LOVE to have NC15!

  16. NC15 would make my life! =D

  17. Wendy

    Thanks for this great contest! I would L-O-V-E LOVE to win the NC35 please! Thank You!!!!

  18. Alison

    nc15 please christine :)

  19. SzeLing

    NC15 here! =)

  20. Gabrielle


    im NC30 right now but in summer i get darker. so please please!

  21. lisa

    Nc 15 pleaseeeeeeeee!!!

  22. Sanderlees

    NW35 =)

    Twitter: Sanderlees

  23. I have no clue what shade I am…but I’m asian…so I’m guessing nw35?

  24. Roberta

    I would like NC15 please.

  25. gracieo

    NW35 here

    Oooh I really want this but I am on a tight budget. Help a recessionista out Temptalia. :o)

    Good Luck to Everyone

  26. elizabeth lee

    NW35 please :)

  27. Ivylbc

    NW35. **pick me! pick me!**

  28. Nora

    NC15 por favor
    Some people are greedy, but less is more.
    Some folks are tan, but I’m an NC
    But what would be better than getting this free? :)

  29. Hollie

    NC15 please! =]

  30. may

    nc15 please =)

  31. Jan

    Not sure what shade i am but I’ll go with NC15.

  32. Natalie

    Hi! NW35 would be nice..thanks:)

  33. Shanel

    hey love!
    I would greatly appreciate it.
    all my money goes to mac & it’s about time
    that I should get something free, IM so darn
    loyal to my MAC!
    thnnnnks :)

  34. sim

    I would love an NW35 :]
    twitter: sweetlovee

    Thank you so much for your generosity!

  35. Empress

    Love NC15.

  36. maryjoyce

    NC35 here! Thanks so much Christine!!!

  37. Noelle

    Yay, thank you so much for having this contest!

    I wear NC15! so I was 10X excited too!!!

    I’ve been a follower on twitter for ages

    :) thanks for all the info you guys post on here!
    I check your site everyday and will continue to do so :)

  38. Annie

    NW35 please!

  39. Cecilia


    Thank you~~~

  40. I would love!!! NC15!!! I am in desperate need of a good foundation & this seems like my answer & have spent countless dollars trying to find the right one it would be a treat to win this.

  41. Donna

    NC 15 Pretty Please!

  42. Delirious

    I would LOVE to win the NW35 one!

  43. Joyce T.


    Thanks! <33333

  44. Megan


    nc15 😀

  45. amanda

    nw35, please!

  46. Maugra

    NC 30 please pretty please :)

  47. Shay

    NW 35 please. Thanks!!

  48. Shayla

    Hi! This blog has revolutionized my life and my very ill grandmother’s life.

    I would love NW35 ( That is her shade and i am the one who puts on her make up because her hand is paralyzed)



  49. kat

    “mestizakat” on twitter.

  50. Jeannie

    NC15 please. :)

  51. Sonali Agrawal


  52. Angelia Remolana

    NW35. i’m a subscriber :]]]

  53. Aishwarya

    NC35. PS. I love your blog :). I have been a silent reader for a long time and just wanted to let you know how much I love what you are doing. Thanks to you I am no longer afraid of using color.

  54. sharon ruiz

    im NC30 :D:D:D
    thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksss 😛

  55. jesstooimpress

    NW25 <3 thanks so much chris.. ur beyonnnnng amazing

  56. jesstooimpress

    sorry i meant to say NW35! lol

  57. Vina

    NC35,pls.. :) Love your blog.. *hope Australia wins* :)

  58. Angel

    nc15 please. =)
    love your blog.

  59. Aubriella

    nc15 ^_^

  60. tricia

    aaaahhhhhh!!! nw 30 would be awesome ;-D thankx!

  61. Tia

    NW35 Please! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! <3

  62. Tammie

    NC15 – thanks.

  63. Mischel

    nc42, hope i win

  64. Sanita

    NC15! Thanks.

  65. Christina

    NW35 please! thank you :)

  66. Rae

    NC15 – I so want to try this, but my wallet won’t let me!