Monday, December 21st, 2009

MAC From Our Lips Collection

On February 25th, MAC will launch its newest Viva Glam campaign called, “From Our Lips,” which will feature Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick and Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick. Both Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper are the newest confirmed faces of MAC’s AIDS Fund.

U.S. Launch Date: March 18th, 2010
International Launch Date: March 2010

Time to wham up the GLAM in VIVA VIVA GLAM !…and celebrate the indestructible idea that ALL girls (and boys) just wanna have fun! It’s a gaga-glamorous look at our abiding passion: The M·A·C AIDS Fund and the VIVA GLAM program are the heart and soul of M·A·C Cosmetics.

Established in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS globally, VIVA GLAM I, II, III, IV, V and VI were launched as continuous shades and have achieved tremendously gratifying success over the years. Spring 2010 sees two new Lipstick shades introduced as limited life for 12 months on counter. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sensational Cyndi Lauper and the electric Lady Gaga!

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Viva Glam Cyndi Burnt coral-red colour (Lustre)
  • Viva Glam Gaga Cool blue-pink (Lustre)

Please remember… to respect (not necessarily agree) everyone’s opinions and people in general–even if they’re famous.  Temptalia is a positive space! :)  At the end of the day, Viva Glam is about promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS and celebrities are a great way to draw attention to the cause and encourage people to purchase one of the many shades of Viva Glam lipstick and lipgloss–all of which go towards the MAC AIDS Fund.


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220 thoughts on “MAC From Our Lips Collection with Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper for Viva Glam

  1. It was only a matter of time! Lady gaga is so fierce!

  2. Lisa

    I love GaGa, I love mac, guess which lipstick I’ll HAVE to have!

  3. Sass

    I love both GaGa and Cyndi…Gaga is just a younger version of Cyndi. What an awesome COLAB! Love.

  4. Macaddict

    Does that mean that there will be 2 new shades of Viva Glam??? :-)

    • I certainly hope that there will be new shades of Viva Glam. I didn’t like the color and finish of Viva Glam VI, and I couldn’t see Dita von Teese, who was a spokesmodel for Viva Glam VI, wearing that shade!

  5. amy

    I think Lady Gaga would make a wonderful spokesperson for MAC.

  6. rashmi

    hello christine
    yest i mailed u coz m going for shopping today so pls help me with this m writing it here again –

    hello christine
    its rashmi again with a question
    what is the difference between
    iridescent powder / loose
    select sheer / loose
    i am nc 40 my hubby dont like foundation on me but
    he really liked when i applied margin blush
    tell me can i use loose powder over that if
    i dont apply foundation
    and which one to go for ???
    and pls tell me good tinted moisturizer
    last time u told me abt mac but m still confused
    pls tell me …

    • Hi Rashmi,

      Iridescent has shimmer in it, so it’s not like a foundation or a setting powder. I’d recommend Select Sheer or Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder for a loose powder. P+P Transparent Finishing Powder goes on invisible, basically, but it acts like a loose powder. You can definitely use Select Sheer or the P+P even if you don’t wear foundation.

      I like Korres or Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizers best. MAC put out one recently, but it’s a bit thick for my liking.

      • rashmi

        thanks christine
        now i remember in ur foundation tutorial i think u used prep + prime
        in the last
        yeah i will buy that only
        and for tinted moisturizer i think may be next time when sephora or mac will have sale hahahah

  7. Sixx

    Nothin’ personally against Lady Gaga But i’m quite disappointed w/MAC’s choice on using her. Someone CLASSY like Cyndi Lauper is a better fit.

    • txikitximeleta

      Totally agree, for me she’s not a good option.

    • Legend

      She’s been a headache to work with and she’s a flash in the pan. We won’t know anything about her when she disappears in a couple of years.

      Cindy is an ICON. I don’t doubt she’ll get re-signed for the next campaign.

      • Mandy

        OMG both of these colors are amazing and for charity, umm I’ll take 4 of each lol!

        Um GaGa is a delight to work with. Ask David Lachappelle, Joseph Kahn, Beyonce, any of the extras on her videos, and even her backup dancers resigned to stay with her even though their contracts were up this year. Jealousy is not a cute look and lies are annoying.

        You didn’t even spell Cyndi’s name right btw 😉

    • Stacey

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Evelyn

      Disagree, hahaha but Lady Gaga would make a wonderful spokesperson
      She has many meaningful things to say, even in her songs though it doesn’t seem like it. you just need to look for the messages!
      Even though she doesn’t always have the most amount of clothing on, she does have an air of grace and maturity if you’ve seen any of her interviews
      She was amazing at the march for gay rights and she’s so genuine. When she performed, she said “I’m not going to perform one of my songs because this is about you”
      I think she genuinely and truly supports this cause
      She may not be considered an icon YET…but I think she’s well on her way there! Besides…who else can actually SING (you NEED to hear her live), write their own songs, and come up with their own performance concepts nowadays on top of being totally different, 100% entertaining and pretty to boot haha

      • Deirdre

        I agree with you, Lady Gaga is just amazing. She has pure talent.

      • Zoe

        i totally agree! and lady gaga definitely appeals to a younger crowd than cyndi lauper…..
        and if people dont want her to be a spokesperson for this becuz she doesnt wear much clothing when shes performing…..hav they seem some of the girls that work in mac? maybe its jsut at mine but sometimes they dress in the skimpiest dresses i’ve ever seen…. lol

        • Sue

          I don’t think she’s that great of a person. I hate her and her music, but putting all of those opinions aside, I think that by teaming the two up, Stefani Germanotta takes away from Cyndi’s greatness. Stefani is just a pop star like the rest, while Cyndi is an icon that everyone recognizes.

        • Lo

          People are entitled to their own opinions.
          I love gaga personally.
          Put yout harsh feelings to the side and remember the cause!! Plus those colors look great:)
          I love pink shades!

    • hellokitty

      lady gaga is perfect for a spokesperson for mac she is smart, colorful and entertaining

  8. details

    can’t wait to see swatches of the new viva glam colors….. yeah!!!!

  9. sonjiya

    yay new viva glams! well, from the history of that line, mac has always chosen interesting and unique artists to launch the lipstick..i’m all for cyndi lauper, but lady gaga? i she really suited for being a mac spokesmodel? i’m sure there are other fabulous ladies in today’s music scene that would have done it better…but i guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  10. Bridgette

    Yay!!! Lady gaga as the new Viva Glam spokesgirl! Can’t wait to see what the new lipstick shades will be like.

  11. Omygosh!! I CANT WAIT!! Def buying both!!

  12. DevilishDoll

    I will never even consider buying anything that has to do with Lady GagMe. She is beyond disgusting.

    • :/ She’s advocating a campaign that will donate to the MAC AIDs fund.

      That makes her, at the very least, a decent person. Show a little respect.

      • Vijaya

        Seconded. It’s beyond bizarre to me that because someone doesn’t like Lady Gaga, they would make it a reason not to contribute to a charity for people with AIDS JUST because she’s their spokeswoman. It’s not like this is for making HER money–it’s about the charity.

        Not to mention, I’m no fan of Lady Gaga myself. I just don’t like the lack of perspective people have when worthy causes involve celebrities they don’t like.

      • JImmies

        Well she is getting paid to do this.

    • hellokitty

      she is not disgusting she is very talented and will be around for a long time to come

  13. Evelyn

    lady gaga AND mac?? i guess i pretty much HAVE to get the lipstick even if its a colour i cant wear haha

  14. kayla

    Lady Gaga writes really poor music. She also tries too hard to push the envelope with her fashion. Honestly, most of the things she wears are plain ugly, not groundbreaking. This is a makeup blog, why aren’t we talking about how ugly that same old black eye is on her. Or we could talk about what she might look like without cake face! (shudders) Poor choice MAC.

    • If you don’t like her music and fashion, keep it to yourself. Like you said, this is a make up blog. Let’s talk about the Viva Glam lip colors, rather than criticizing a celebrity that you don’t like.

      Christine’s never gone and made fun of star’s choices in make up, cake face or no. Keep it positive, or at least, about the lipsticks in question. A little maturity, please.

    • Sue

      I completely agree Kayla. MAC makes cosmetics. For their campaigns, they don’t choose authors or public speakers; they choose fashionable celebrities. However, it’s a bit ironic that they choose Gaga since her makeup is caked on and looks bad, to say the least. Why would they want that to represent their company? And to Ceriene, I think she stated her opinion very nicely. How is that immature? You’re making a big deal out of nothing.

  15. Nicole

    wow this is exciting I’m sooo happy hope the colors are a little better as well

  16. I LOVE Lady Gaga! Her make up is always awesome/different!

  17. Sweet! I’m sooo looking forward to this…

  18. J

    I am SO excited for this 😀 hopefully the new shades are bright and crazy

  19. abbyL

    does anyone know (or have guesses) as to what the colors will be like? i *think* i read somewhere that the lady gaga color was supposed to be something in between st germain and snob, which sounds AMAZING… my fingers are crossed.

    • Melissa

      It seems to me that the colors will probably be what they’re wearing in this ad photo. Gaga has a deep red one in her hand but she’s wearing a bright pink. Cyndi is wearing the red Gaga is holding.

  20. claudia

    Cool ! Hope therell be two new shades …. and hopefully bright and bold colors !!

  21. Sasha B

    theyre not in a pallette correct? 2 individual lip sticks?

  22. Ooh, Cyndi! Miss her, hope she puts out a new album sometime soon.

  23. Wilcoa

    Love Cyndi!!!!!! Will get! (not sure about the Gaga one, personally no a fan but, you know, if the shade is nice… ;P)

  24. Tanya

    OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these ladies! I think they are both really super duper cool persons,I am not a huge fan of Lady Gagas music but I can recognize her amazing talent as an artist and as a brand…and having grown up with Girls Just Wanna Have fun, I cannot help but love Cindi :) I cannot wait to see swatched and suppost MAC in helping fight AIDS/HIV.

  25. Ooooo, YAY! I love both, esp. Gaga… I cant wait for the colors… I hope theyre interesting, the sort of thing those two would wear.

  26. I dont get the dislike for Gaga as a Viva Glam spokesmodel. Who could BE more appropriate than someone who is all for gender bending and makeup for everyone everywhere any gender any race? I think shes a perfect choice, personally.

  27. Wow! This sounds very interesting!! I’m getting both shades for sure!

  28. Autumn

    I adore lady GaGa :) I knew it would be a matter of time before she worked with MAC- I hope the color is something new and wearable =D

  29. laura

    i hope they’re purpley :)

  30. NuNu

    Please please please please can Lady Gaga’s be that opaque nude pink that she sports all the time.
    Please, I beg you.

  31. I LOVE GAGA! She’s a perfect fit for MAC. How can you look at her and not see that! She’s the embodiment of MAC.

    I saw on PerezHilton that she was wearing a very
    Barbie pink Lippie in the announcement. I wonder if it’s the VG Gaga color.

  32. Amy

    I am all over it! Love Gaga, love Cyndi! I can’t wait to see what their shades look like!!!

  33. Judy

    Love them both!! I’m a MAC lipstick-aholic, I can’t wait. I agree with Laura, I hope they are purpley shades!!!!

  34. Lady Gaga <3333 I love her!

  35. Lorna

    wow! people are very polar on this topic; either they love lady gaga or they hate her. i am interested in seeing the new colors myself. i can’t wait either way.

  36. Rob

    I’ve seen the visual in one of our PR booklets at work, in relatively large scale (a full A4 page) and the Gaga shade looks like St Germain / Snob but more Amplified or Cremesheen in texture and the Cyndi shade is reminiscent of Red She Said lippy, but a little more plummed-out perhaps? They are both limited life colours (not an official VG #7) on counter for 12-months (like the rotating semi-permanent mineralise eyeshadows). Words cannot describe how flippin’ excited I am about having Gaga theme days at work in April (Aust release date is April 12th)!

  37. Ali

    I’m really excited for these to come out! Definitely picking up both!

  38. Lauren

    Blagh. I hate Lady Gaga. SKIP!

    • hellokitty

      hate is a very strong word i love lady gaga because she is different from everyone else she actually has talent

    • Lilly

      You don’t have to be rude about it. If you don’t like her, than don’t say anything at all. You don’t even know what the new color will look like and already you hate it? Grow uo

  39. Antonia

    Lady gaga! Love her! Need that lipstick!

  40. Helena

    I have a feeling that Gaga will be purple.

  41. Silvia

    i just hope the new Viva Glam lipstick is not a luster.i prefer a matte, frost or satin.

  42. Greta

    SOOO excited 😀 !

  43. Cindy

    AH! This is a dream come true. I love ’em both. Can’t wait to buy :)

  44. cloudburst

    Not a fan of Lady Gaga – but she’s a perfect spokes model for the brand. I hope the colours are really nice.

  45. Jill

    I love Lady Gaga! I don’t wear lipstick too often, but I’m going to have to buy that! It’s a good cause.

  46. Camryn

    Does anybody know what shades these two ladies will be doing for Viva Glam? I can’t wait!! I hope they are bold/rich colors and not something that we have seen before.

  47. Bella

    Is it possible to pre-order these lipsticks?!

  48. Missy D

    Awesome, two women I love, MAC, and on my birthday….where am I going to be??? Boot camp=( Thanks a lot MAC.

  49. carla

    I dont know who is that Cyndi but Im in love with Gaga. Ill be the first to buy her lipstick just for being a fan. M.A.C ROCKS forever.

  50. Kaylabella

    I love this promo shot! THey both look GORGEOUS! I am super excited for this launch!

  51. Ashley

    I LOVE lady gaga’s makeup in this!! i wish there was a picture of her lipstick in this, i know i will have to buy a bunch because that is the perfect shade of pink i have been looking everywhere for!!

  52. victoria

    i don’t really care who’s the spokesperson, ok i have to admit, it does influence me a bit but most of all viva glam has brought out some great lipsticks and are quite universal. hey christine, do you know what are the finishes of these?

  53. Lorna

    LOVE the promo pick! lady gaga actually looks pretty. if the color on her lips is her lipstick, i’m definitely getting it. i like cyndi lauper’s color but i don’t really use red lipstick all that much. can’t wait!!!

  54. Yaaaaay! I adore Cyndi!

  55. Rachel

    How cool!! I’m going to buy them both..regardless of the colors…I don’t even care! Love the Gags and Lauper :-)

  56. amy

    I love the pink colour for the Lady Gaga lipstick!

  57. i dont stereotype celebs honestly but if the new colors of MAC viva glam lipsticks are awesome,i’ll get it,no matter who are the celebs behind it.

  58. Jess

    omg! this is amazing :) i love them both♥

  59. baybee415

    tat poster is so sexy~!

  60. rowan

    they are using lady gaga because of all the money it’ll make them. i don’t even care who they use if the lipstick is a pretty colour!

  61. Julia

    What’s with Lady Gaga’s right leg? Weird editing.

  62. Mariana

    I think it is so cool MAC is using both Cyndi Lauper and Lady GaGa. Cyndi especially, b/c she is such an icon. Can’t wait!!

  63. Carrie

    If the colours they are wearing in the promo picture are the actual lipsticks, I’m sold!

  64. Paloma

    Man, I loooove Cyndi Lauper. I also like Lady GaGa a lot. I think the combination is awesome.

  65. I am definitely picking up at least one of each 😉

  66. Wow! The other day I was overwhelmed by the positive atmosphere and great kind people who support and are members of today I’m beyond disappointed. Lady GaGa – might not look the way everyone wants, but what she stands for and does more then alot of you will ever achieve in life, we are all entitle to our opinions, however being nasty and so negative about someone who is trying to do some good in this world, isn’t so much an opinion as it is just hate for anything out the norm. There’s ways to express an opinion, and I beleive alot of the ladies on here don’t know how that is. Real shame :(

  67. Magnolia

    I can’t wait! I love Cyndi and Gaga!

  68. I cannot wait to see the lipsticks! So glad that Lady Gaga is in this campaign!

  69. Autumn

    I seriously cannot wait for this! I adore Lady GaGa!! :) can’t wait to see swatches of the lipsticks.

  70. Bliss

    Who cares who they choose for the face of the poster …isn’t it about helping out a cause like aids!?!?

    • KaylaK

      I agree. I will be picking up the pinker shade for sure! Love me some Viva Glam!

    • JImmies

      I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga. Her music is too raunchy and out there, but I certainly support the cause, and I love me some good makeup!!

  71. Loveeee the lipstick Gaga is wearing!!!

  72. fabulous for every reason :)

  73. Roxanne

    I used to really dislike Lady Gaga. I though she was arrogant and just another teen pop star. But then after “Paparazzi” (which I really liked) I got into it, watching interviews, live performances, things like that and now I’m all for Gaga! I really encourage people who don’t like her to do this too. (I always feel you should at least try to get to know sth. about s.o. before making up your mind.) Yes, the fashion is a little out there, but it’s also very innovative. She also writes her own songs and choreography, never playbacks, can actually sing decently, comes up with ideas for music videos, outfits,… and she seems to genuinely love her fans (like the time she ordered pizzas for every one of her fans who had been waiting for her outside a mall for hours!). You might not like her, but you can’t not respect that!

    Anyway, I’ve never bought a lipstick EVER (I know, shocking) so these might be a first! Depending on the colours of course. I’m really curious!!

    • Rachelle

      Yes! I agree. Well, I didn’t HATE her before, but I wasn’t much of a fan. She came out with “Just Dance” and I was like OK, one-hit wonder. Then she started making her way through the music scene and I kept up with her performances, interviews, etc. Lady Gaga is much more than what you see (a la crazy costumes, makeup). The girl has talent. Her song Speechless was for her dad, who underwent heart surgery. She even threatened to quit as Lady Gaga if he didn’t get the procedure done. I’ve watched tons of her live performances (like Paparazzi, Pokerface, Bad Romance, Speechless) and she has RAW TALENT. Personally, I like her live more than in the studio. She can change up her vocals to make it sound different and present the song in a different way. She plays her own instruments when she’s live, which most artists can’t do. And her creativity is definitely evident through her music videos and costumes.

      Lady Gaga’s expression through music is as dynamic as MAC’s expression through color and art. And it’s awesome that’s she wants to be part of such a great cause.

  74. Lady Gaga looks AWESOME here!

  75. Kiran

    I really hope that pink on Lady Gaga is the her Viva Glam Lipstick…looks lovely!

    As for those hating on Lady Gaga, honestly she is an Artist with the opportunity and now the funds to wear such wacky outfits and express her creativity. Madonna wore cone boobs, Cher wore…well not much at times lol, Elton John wore huge sunglasses and colorful costumes that most men didn’t have the guts to do!….. I am not saying she is as great as these established artists but it is all about making your own mark in the industry and if that’s what she wants to do, then so be it. She also always sings live, which is wonderful considering how many people lip sync. At the end of the day the cause is the most important thing so show some love for people wanting to be apart of something charitable instead of criticizing!

  76. Ana

    Is it me or the promo shot looks terrible? Ok, I get Cindy’s idea, but Lady Gaga just doesn’t work for me on that shot… She almost looks like a zombie, no life in her eyes. She looks one of the girls on Wheel of Fortune.

  77. jollie

    I am assuming that the lipstick colors that they are wearing in the picture are the new lipstick shades. If that is the case, I like the pink shade that lady gaga is wearing. I will definetely get that one.

  78. Vanessa

    So I’m guessing this won’t be called Viva Glam VII? It seems like they stopped after VI… even to go as far as a LE VI with Fergie :S Or maybe they’re just dropping the whole number thing altogether?

  79. Frances

    I don’t like Lady Gaga or her music, but it’s really great that she’s attaching her name and celebrity to such a worthy cause. And she IS a great fit for MAC.

  80. Jenn

    I squealed out loud when I saw the promo pic. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  81. Alexis

    I’m starting to jump on the GaGa bandwagon and Cyndi always has a place in my never aging 13yr old heart!

  82. Anna Phalactyc

    LOVE Cyndi, love love love her idosyncratic style, all-around quirkiness, unique voice, and great song writing. And you know what? Even though I find some of Lady Gaga’s claims about her own output pretentious and inaccurate (I know about conceptual art, honey, and that ain’t it) I still can’t help but admit she’s a true talent and most of what I just wrote about Cyndi could apply to her as well. Her songs are really great pop music, and she is *never* boring to watch/ look at. So, I think MAC made a fun and interesting choice for this campaign! In any case, it’s a great cause, and by supporting VG you get a great MAC product- everybody wins! I’m not a pink l/s kinda gal, but gimme gimme gimme the Cyndi red!

  83. Vness_12

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! I sent it to my friend earlier. Can’t wait to check out the shades. Gaga and Cyndi seem to fit so well with the MAC brand IMO. :)

  84. Giselle

    OMG i cant wait, i love lady gaga!!!

  85. Andrea

    I love Lady Gaga! great choices by MAC for spokespersons for VG! I can’t wait to see both shades in person!

  86. Tasha Sari

    I’m so going for Lady Gaga’s!

  87. Kristine

    well…if the the viva glam gaga lipstick is what’s in lady gaga’s lips in this pic then I will totally buy it…I really love her lipstick in this picture!

  88. DonnaN

    WOW, what a duo!! Definately a HIT…and both colors will be coming home with me in February!!

  89. Helena

    I love both Cyndi and Gaga…a bit disappointed in how tame Gaga’s shade is, though :/ Still looks pretty, I guess.

  90. Hollie

    Wow they look completely different to me, I didn’t even recognize them! I love the Lady Gaga one, definitely picking that one up!

  91. Judy

    OMG! I just have to have both of them. Anyone know what the shades/color will be called & whether they will be cremesheen, lustre, etc?? I had hoped for GaGa’s to be more of a purpley shade, but it’s not that big of a deal. The pink color almost looks a little purpley in the picture.

  92. Stef

    Both colors are great, so now I have to decide which one I must have. Oh the heck with it, the money goes to a good cause, I’ll just pick up both! And Cyndi and Gaga look amazing!

  93. Cherie

    I am excited to see the l/s!! :)

    Cyndi Lauper is very Bette Midler here with the hair… no?

  94. …is it just me or is Lady Gaga’s back leg a photoshop disaster?

    • geri~

      I totally agree! I know she is slim but her legs are not that skinny!!! haha, anyway, I am still a big fan of her music so will be picking up the lipstick once it hits the stores!

  95. Awesome! I can’t wait to see the colors! Love me some GAGA oh lala

  96. gena

    As much as I can definitely respect an artist for doing something positive with their image, I just can’t respect an artist who copies another artist’s look so blatantly and doesn’t take responsibility for it, and worse, seems to think they are original. I’m not usually a debbie downer and she is certainly talented, but Lady Gaga’s entire image was Roisin Murphy’s first, right down to the hair, the bows, the crazy glasses, and the hooded outfits. I find it strange that people think this is 100% her when just a few years ago she didn’t dress like this at all, she just wore lingerie on stage.

    I’m a fan of her music, but not her lack of integrity.

    • ak

      But do people even know who Roisin Murphy is outside of the UK or Europe?

    • Lizzy

      Uh, no, Lady Gaga wears things that reference music you may never have heard of dear. Alladin Sane? Mot The Hoople? Glam Rock? Etc., etc. Styling yourself on David Bowie from the Seventies is a mark of education, not a rip off.

      The dreadful Madonna suckered endless numbers of Americans into thinking she was so cool by wearing a ten year old Gautier wardrobe! Every stitch on the bodies of too many American examples of mediocrity is old news from Europe. So why bash GaGa? At least she seems to know who Iggy Pop is.

      For all you know, Roisin Murphy may have hired GaGa’s stylist second. She got the retro references from somewhere too, you know. Classic albums beat marketing people handing you a stylists’ card and saying “This is who you’ll be”. All of these people are product, they make more product, and nitpicking between them gets to be like 13 year old boys screaming “CANNONDALE!” “NO! GT!” at each other.

    • Mandy

      You know Grace Jones wore hoods like 20 years ago?

      • Hehe! These conversations are a hoot! Part of me thinks, “Nothing is original… It’s all been done!” while the other part of me thinks that people should pause on the need to smash (I could say more but I’m trying to be polite.) Haha!

        My take on it is this: I LOVE Glam Rock and I’m just tickled that SOMEONE is putting some theatrics back into Rock & Roll (even if she’s doing it to dance/pop music). Who cares if GaGa is copying Bowie’s image. I always thought he was more of an opportunist than an artist anyway!

        I have so longed for a new Klaus Nomi or another Jobriath or even – dare I say – Grace Jones. Bjork just doesn’t cut it for me. She’s like watching German cinema and now is NOT the time on Sprockets when we dance, let me tell you.

        Influence and imitation can be hard to distinguish from at times. Resurrecting a classic image/sound is really just good business sense (if it is as good today as it was yesterday, it will sell), and while I ALSO think that it’s a cop-out to operate that way… I admit I got a little giddy seeing GaGa in that old Thierry Mugler classic from George Michael’s “Too Funky” video (at least, that’s where I saw it first).

        Sigh… I miss Nadja Auerman’s freakishly long, side-show worthy legs.

        When can we put models back on the covers of fashion magazines?!? Anyone?