Monday, June 8th, 2009

MAC Friends & Family Sale:  25% Off Coupon!

MAC will be having their Friends & Family Sale June 16th through June 18th, online only. The discount will be 25% off all products on It is available to only the U.S. and Canadian MAC websites.  The discount code is SUMO.

Start planning your hauls, lovelies!  I also suggest buying sooner rather than later if you do plan to take advantage of the limited time discount.  I say this because last time they did a F&F sale, many products went out of stock quickly.

What’s on your Friends & Family list?

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132 thoughts on “MAC Friends & Family Sale: Coupon Code for 25% Off

  1. Ton

    I can’t wait.
    I’m putting my list together right now.

    I’m sssssooooooo excited.

  2. Noemie

    HOLY SMOKES! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this information!


  3. Jollene


  4. DevilishDoll

    At the moment, my list is Fix+, Fresco Rose Paint Pot, Sunsational Lipstick, Sandy B Lipstick, C-Thru Lipglass, Baby Sparks Dazzleglass, Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow, Creme De Violet Eyeshadow, Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow, Swimming Eyeshadow, Fuchsia Pigment, Copper Sparkle Pigment, Shade Fluidline, Dipdown Fluidline, Her Glitz Glitter Eyeliner, Aqualine Liquidlast Liner, Eversun Beauty Powder Blush and On A Mission Beauty Powder Blush…wanted to get Sun Rush Lustre Drops, but they sold out.

  5. Wilcoa

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this! Definitely making a haul list!

  6. Nathalie

    There’s nothing on my Friends & Family list. Mac doesn’t care at all about their European costumers and never do such discounts.

  7. Neelia476

    Do you know if tgis will include things from the new Styles Warrior collection? So excited about this! Going to make a list!!

    • I think that would probably depend on if any of those items are still available on the site.

      From what I’ve seen the lipstick brave new bronze is sold out, luster drops in pink rebel and sun rush are sold out.

      Everything else looks like you can still purchase it. However, that could change by June 16th. Seems to me (from a recent talk with a MAC lady) that the collections you should get ASAP because once they sell out they’re gone.

    • I don’t know, to be honest. I think it will, though!

  8. my list so far is..

    rose romance beauty powder – blush of youth
    prep + prime lash
    239 brush
    231 brush
    soft ochre paint pot

  9. Dangit all, payday is the 19th! Hahah

  10. Holy crap, AGAIN?? YESSSS!!

  11. Anna

    YES!! I was ready to order stuff when I found out the empty palettes were available online, but decided to wait it out to see if there would be a F&F sale this summer year. Feels so good when things work out like this :) .

  12. cloudburst

    I wonder if you can get teh 25% off the left over Hello Kitty stuff…?

  13. Thanks for the notice!! I’m putting my list together as we speak of all the MAC replenishing I must do. MAC has great sales and they’re often too…what a great line of makeup that truly caters to it’s customers!

  14. Delia

    Yeah, we never get a discount on MAC products here in Germany, it’s so unfair :-(

  15. Sabah

    Great, im going to be soo broke this month, i just bought a whole bunch of stuff from sephora, & im probably going to be buying mac stuff because of this sale. its so tempting lol

  16. Can you use this discount if you call the MACPro number to order, or is it strictly for MACCosmetics?

    If it’s just the regular line than my wish list is:

    MAC Prussian (Pan)
    MAC Bright Future
    MAC 272
    MAC Sea & Sky Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

  17. Rani

    Ive never bought online at MAC but this is very question, has anyone ordered from Canada? Just wondering how long is takes to reach? Thanks

    • Hey Rani,
      I ordered from MAC (im in Ontario)
      and it only took a few days, and came nicely packaged!
      BUT I have a feeling with all the orders from friends and family it might be longer? Not sure :S
      It’s generally pretty prompt though :)

    • hurray! thanks for the heads up :)

      Rani, I have ordered from Canada. As long as nothing is OOS, it doesn’t take long because it ships from within Canada. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it only took a few days for it to reach me.

    • SarahT

      Hi! I’m in BC and it takes exactly one week to get to me, every time! It is shipped by FedEx Ground and always arrives in good condition (shipping is free as long as you are over 75$ which is easy peasy!)

      • Ms Trendy

        they ship from markham ontario as far as i know… literally its 1-2 days for me since i am in toronto! same with pro orders.

    • The F&F sale does tend to prolong shipping times a bit, just a heads up!

  18. MAC’s Naked Honey Collection also comes out June 11th.. will this collection be included in the sale? I typically buy items from new collections the date of release but i’d be willing to hold off until the 16th if the items will be 25% off.

  19. Kathleen

    I have a question…. does this sale apply to because I’d like to order some stuff from there as well… Thank you!

  20. Nic15

    I know for sure I’m going to get the 217 & 109. Brushes at 25% off are a steal. I would like some E/S refills like Trax, Seedy Pearl, Hepcat, Plum Dressing & Naked Lunch. I could use a refill on bronzer, about to hit pan on my Golden. Lastly, maybe a dazzleglass or Magnetique lipglass. Holding off on purchasing lipsticks cause i have a slew of stuff to B2M.

  21. Shock, they’re not extending it to their European customers.

  22. rayne

    oh man, i wish i had a credit card/paypal. :( oh the lush of being a teenager! but uh.. while putting together my ‘list’, the sumo promo code is working? i haven’t ordered for the above reason, but its applying the discounts.

  23. Moni

    Do they usually have free shipping for this F&F sale?

    How fast do they send stuff out? Pretty fast or do they usually have delay?

  24. Going to get some more Style Warriors and going to get another Pro Pan Eyeshadow Palette or 2 and some more Pro Pan Eyeshadow Refills! I’m hoping to get brushes as well.

  25. Aubree

    HOORAY! I’ll get to get all of my style warrior AND naked honey stuff. I’ll be there on midnight. ;3

  26. Angie

    If I had known about this! I placed an order not too long ago!

  27. someone wanna suggest their favorite brushes for me? i haven’t got any MAC (mine are all from Sonia Kashuk, loew cornell, costal scents, costco even…), and want to invest in better ones. Christine, any recs?

  28. alyssamae.

    i’ve been waiting for this f&f :) this will be my first time and i’m SUPER excited! this will probably be the closest i get to a discount for MAC prodcuts! :) yippeee! thanks christine!! :)

  29. sana

    hmmm…i live in the UAE, no chance to make use of the F&F sale??? :(

  30. hi

    Omg!! I’ve been planning on buying some new MAC shadows, and since the pans are 11 dollars and it’s 25% off, I can buy ONE pan of MAC shadow for… 8 dollars and 25 cents! WOO! I’m getting Nocturnelle, Humid, Goldmine and Silver Ring!!

    • Rachael

      OMG you are so right! That’s like the price of some drugstore shadows! Wow I need to hit up my MAC counter to start making a list of the things I want! I just realized that I overpaid my credit card so I have a hundred dollar credit… I think i might just treat myself with some mac products!

  31. maclove1

    i love you ;; thanks .i was going to order today but now i can waite till the 16th :)

  32. Holy crap this is dangerous!! I have to set a limit here, too many collections coming out and now this sale! bah!

  33. Amber

    I have hit my money limit for my list :( but can afford to get ONE more shadow (yay!). out of black tied and carbon, which would you recommend? I’ve never seen either in person… the black tied glitter on the chunky side?

    • Ms Trendy

      I have both i find i dont reach for black tied because it prone to fall out… i wouldnt go as far as calling it chunky though. The sparkle/reflect particles seem almost magnetic… they seem to travel around my pro palette and accumulate at the bottom of the pan where the magnet is (anyone else notice this?) this happens even if i dont use it often so i periodically wipe it clean with a tissue. Its the only mac shadow i have out of about 50 that i have this trouble with. Used damp with any form of a store bought or home made mixing medium its much better or applied on top of a good base . on its own i would say its not a very easy formula to work with. Carbon gets my vote since its much more easy wearing and versatile. you can always add shimmer to your look… i like working with a basic matte black. … Black black pigment is also fantastic.

    • Awww!

      I like Carbon :) You can always layer it over a shimmery base to make a shimmery black.

  34. Kathleen

    The 25% is already in effect. I just placed my first order.

  35. Midori


    Thank you for your good information!!
    I watched check every day at your site!

    Many thanks,


  36. Linda

    This is for the US?
    Can you use it in-store too?

  37. Cloé

    I’m happy to know it in advance because I can’t stop transforming my list! It’s so hard, I would buy everything on the website!!

  38. kae

    Will it be free shipping, or only when its $60 or more?

  39. Jazmin

    WOW this seems to good to be true! i never knew mac offered discount codes nor did i know about this website till now (im just becoming a mac addict thats probably why) lol .. anyways their was something i wasnt quite sure on…. is the 25% off EACH product or 25% off the whole purchase? if that makes sense… thanks!

  40. Emily

    What time can I start ordering online? I know it starts June 16, but does it mean you can start ordering at midnight? Also does EST or PST affect the promotion at all? Thanks!!!

  41. Veronica

    I don’t know what to get. -_- I keep changing my list. Removing, adding, removing again, then adding again. I don’t want to spend more than $200 but I keep adding up to like $300. -_-

  42. nosh

    The code is working NOW!!!!!!!

  43. Connie

    HI… I didn’t know about this until now.. just abit late!! How can I find out when it happens in 2010. I need some MAC stuff.. always need some MAC stuff. LOL.

  44. Candice

    Im so excited! Wonderful news! Thanks!

  45. marche

    hey christine ! do you know if there’ll be another F&F sale for MAC this June?

  46. Nicole

    Are you normally able to get the information ahead of time? I hope they do one this year. My local CCO is about 4 hours away. So I am realling wanting to start stacking up on brushes.

  47. Blair

    Anyone know when the F&F sale will be in 2010???

    • I haven’t heard anything, sorry Blair!

    • mackie

      i am wondering the same thing! nothing’s been announced yet this year and i am already disappointed, haha!

      ps- you’re fantastic with replies, christine! i read through this thread and you’re amazing in what you do, haha! so had to send props :)!

  48. May

    I have to get a list together. They didn’t have half the stuff I wanted last year.

  49. KC

    Hi Christina,
    The discount code doesn’t work… I am on the Canadian website.

  50. Lyn

    Hey Christine,

    I luv ur channel and your reviews. I put a lot of weight to what you say. Just wanted to know if MAC is having a friends and family discount this year? and also what about Sephora???

    Thank you.

    San Diego