Monday, June 15th, 2009

MAC Friends & Family Sale: 25% Off Coupon!

MAC will be having their Friends & Family Sale June 16th through June 18th, online only. The discount will be 25% off all products on It is available to only the U.S. and Canadian MAC websites. The discount code is SUMO.  You can also use code EARLY25.

Even though the official start date is June 16th, the code is now working on both the U.S. and Canadian websites, so you just may want to place your order today! :) Happy hauling everyone!

Be sure to share your hauls in the comments!

Not sure what to get? Check out our Guide to Everything MAC Makeup!

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132 thoughts on “MAC Friends & Family Sale 2009 Save 25% Coupon Code Has Started!

  1. Amber

    PHEWF! I just got my order in using a giftcard that had 231.73 dollars left on it. My order was 231.72 dollars when all of it was added up (products plus discount plus tax). I am feeling lucky 😉

  2. Amber

    I got a couple pigments (my friend loves melon so I had to have it), brushes (I got another 187 because my last one rusted in the handle), dazzleglasses….and some backups of my favorite products. I’m glad that I got my order in early and that nothing is sold out yet!

  3. Kristi

    I just placed my order and got 3 eyeshadows-forgery, silver ring and carbon. I also got a lipglass-nymphette and a lipstick-modesty. I bought almost the same amount of things a couple weeks ago in store and spent almost $100.00 and today with the discount it was only $64.41! :) Thanks so much for sharing the code Christine!

  4. MC

    Oh, I’m so close to having $60 worth of stuff in my cart so I can get free shipping… what to get, what to get…

    • MC

      Alright, I’ve decided and ordered…

      Voile Slimshine
      Prep and Prime lip
      She’s a Star lg [I caved]
      Queen Bee lg
      Springsheen blush pan
      Peaches blush pan

      Originally $87, down to $69 with tax, free shipping. =]

  5. do we get anything in the UK apart from the Rain :(

  6. Brandi

    I just placed my order and I got:
    She’s a Star lipglass
    Engaging Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo
    Old Gold Pigment
    Brush Cleanser
    210 Brush
    15 Eye shadow Palette
    Femme Fi e/s
    Flip e/s
    Creme de Miel e/s
    Goldmine e/s pan
    Brule e/s pan
    Bamboo e/s pan
    Motif e/s pan

  7. Andrea

    Yay!!!! I got Buckwheat, Wedge and Swimming eyeshadows, the 214 and 165 brushes, and Sweetie lipstick (was almost out).

  8. Amber

    Does anyone know if you are able to track your order from MAC? I’ve never ordered offline. I’ve only gone to the stores………

    • Tattoo Girl

      on the website click on “my mac” then “account” then “order status” you will have to sign in somewhere in those steps too.

  9. firepail

    for whatever reason, it isn’t offering me free shipping even though my total is like 70 bucks after the discount. argh!

  10. littlemissmagic

    thank you for the heads up!! i just placed my order:

    prep&prime finishing powder
    select moisturecover
    concrete e/s pan
    copperplate e/s pan
    carbon e/s pan
    4x pro palette
    smolder eye kohl
    prunella eye kohl
    teddy eye kohl
    blacktrack fluidliner
    coygirl blush
    brush cleaner
    217 blending brush
    188 mini stippling brush

    $240 cad after the discount!
    i really wanted to get the 182 buff brush.. but i think i shall wait!
    everything i got were pretty much basics so i’m pretty happy :)

  11. Drée

    i want some stuff but i just spent a ton of money at the kryolan store last week … gah.

  12. AA

    Yay!! Thanks for letting us know! I picked up a few things I’ve been wanting and some birthday presents!

  13. Wilcoa

    Bah! I totally forgot that they had refills being sold through the main site now too! Ah well, got some B2Ms saved up and I’ll grab some then. For now got 2 select sheer powder, studio fix fluid, lip conditioner, Buzz lg, luna ccb, aqualine, and melon piggie.

  14. Lindsay

    a mini haul for me:
    buckwheat es
    pollinator es
    12 pan empty eye shadow pallette

  15. evangelia

    yay! thx for the heads up, christine!

    i got…

    fleur power blush
    carbon e/s
    and yet another femme fi e/s

    now, waiting for july to get 226 :)

  16. openexpression

    Thank you sooo much for this info Christine…I did a serious haul!

    Milk Pigment
    Old Gold Pigment
    Utterly Posh Dazzleglass (Backup)
    Intenso Mineralize Blush Duo
    Hot Planet Mineralize Blush Duo
    Buzz Lipglass
    Gold Rebel Lipglass
    Creme de Miel Eyeshadow
    Pro Blush Palette
    Dollymix pan
    Coppertone pan
    Sunbasque pan
    Raizin pan
    Format pan
    Loverush pan
    109 Brush

    $278.50 – 69.65 (Discount) = $208.85!!! (plus free shipping and NO TAX)

  17. Those the code only work at the regular MAC online?
    I’m using the MAC PRO online.

  18. Nicole15

    I just got:

    – 15 e/s refill palette
    – 4 e/s refill palette
    – Deep Truth refill pan
    – Nocturnelle refill pan
    – Plum Dressing refill pan
    – Print refill pan
    – Stars ‘N’ Rockets refill pan
    – Nylon refill pan
    – Pink Poodle l/g
    – Queen Bee l/g
    – 217
    – 239

    With discount, free ship & tax, my total came to $125!!! I feel like such a winner! Thx again Christine:)

    • Nic15

      Okay, so I caved & placed another $75 order. Couldn’t resist brushes at 25% off. So i got,

      – 222 brush
      – 109 brush
      – 129 brush

      After years of buying 1 brush here & 1 brush there, I finally feel like my dream brush collection is coming together. Now my goal is to one day own the 187 & 226 so hopefully I can save up for these little ladies down the road.

  19. sprut

    Awesome. Spent just over a $100 and I picked up…
    naked pigment
    prep and prime lash
    creme cup lipstick
    Pinkarat and Flashmode lustreglass
    dollymix and springsheen blush pan
    blush palette
    Quartz lip liner

  20. claudia

    i’m overseas ;(

  21. Cat

    I already placed my order…thanks for the coupon.

    • Cat

      oppps I forgot the share my hual…here it is:
      pro palette in hepcat, swiss chocolate, rule, sketch, motif, and brule. I also got Matte primer since I have very oily skin(hopefully it works on me) A four slot palette and 188 brush. I alreay have the 187, but wanted to try the 187 now.

  22. Kate

    I wanted some summer-y colors, and this was just the time to get them!

    I got:

    Vibrant Grape
    Stars N Rockets
    Da Bling

    and Dazzleglass in Date Night and Sugarrimmed!!!

  23. meeSha

    Yay!! I got all the Mineralized Blushes (except for Grand Duo – sold out)

    Thanks for sharing the coupong!

  24. wreena

    Just placed my order for:
    – Humid matte2 e/s
    – Well Dressed blush
    – Oyster Glass lipglass
    – falsies no 36
    – pro pallet 15
    – creme d’nude & brave l/s

    $77.49 total

  25. I actually managed to place my order last tuesday and got my order: 9 e/s amber lights, goldmine, sadle, aquadisiac, swimming, bitter, silver ring, deep truth, gleam and 5 pigments violet, milk, golden lemon, melon, vanilla… check out the pic’s http:\\
    thanks, I’ll be sure to sure this with my friends so I have some MAC converts
    happy hauling all :)

  26. Kharina

    My order was everything I’ve been second guessing from LE collections, so I got:

    Silverthorn e/s LE
    Circa Plum p/g LE
    Cakeshop s/s LE
    Purple Rite l/s LE
    Buzz l/g LE
    Queen Bee l/g LE
    Creme De Miel e/s LE
    the 134 large powder brush

    Now I can live in peace for not purchasing some of these LE stuff before! hahaha

  27. Hannah

    Just a quick tip, a great way to get free shipping is clicking on the live chat thing at the bottom and asking a person there a question. At the end, they always give you a promo code for free shipping! :)

  28. Jessie


    I got.. lol

    15 pro palette
    Haux e/s pan
    Trax e/s pan
    Era e/s pan
    Newly Minted e/s
    Henna e/s
    Knight e/s
    Kitchmas pigment
    Dazzlelash in black

    And I think thats it lol

  29. Jamie

    Hey Christine, I’m so glad I happened to come across your blog. I will be a regular visitor for sure :)

    I picked up:
    – Refined MSF
    – Frankly Scarlet blush pan
    – Teal pigment
    – 6 pan blush palette
    – 15 pan eyeshadow palette

  30. Katherine

    Yay! I got…

    Creme de Miel e/s
    Buckwheat e/s
    Pollinator e/s
    Golden Nectar Highlight Powder
    Buzz Lipglass
    Liberated Lipglass
    Gold Rebel Lipglass
    Naked Honey Skin Salve
    Brush Cleanser
    On a Mission BPB


  31. Maria

    Is the shipping free while using that code?!?

  32. nYC89

    Sorry that should read 2 day shipping

    I got two MSFs, She’s a Star, Buzz, Queen Bee and Hug Me l/s

  33. Kira

    I can blame, I mean THANK, Christine for:

    Samoa Silk

    and a 4 and 12 pan palette. :)

    • Nicole15

      Oh Kira – you got some of my most loved colors ever!!! Woodwinked, Mulch, Ricepaper, Antiqued, Coppering = LOVE!

  34. Briseida

    I got 3 e/s’s Blanc Type, Brown Script, Tete-A-Tint. Also got 1-213, 2-222, 2-217 brushes. Lastly Trace Gold Powder Blush!

  35. sunkiss21

    This is my biggest MAC haul ever I got e/s refill pans in grain, shroom, bronze, honey lust, amber lights, naked lunch, patina and rice paper, e/s in pollinator, tempting and bold and brazen, 2x 4 pan palettes, eye pencils in buried treasure and power surge, sunsational lipstick, and powder blushes in springsheen and margin. All for just under $200. Although, I just realized I accidentally ordered 2 springsheens. Has anyone every returned anything?? Do you have to pay for return shipping?

    • Nicole15

      Yep, MAC requires you pay shipping on any items you choose to return/exchange.

      • Kate

        Since you placed your order yesterday, and it hasn’t shipped or been prepared yet, you can call their customer service and cancel any item (but you can’t add anything to the order). I did that yesterday! Good luck!

  36. Sierra

    thanks christine!!
    I just ordered….

    217 brush
    empty 15 palette
    empty 4 palette
    satin taupe pro pan
    strada blush pro pan (I really want this before it gets DC’d!)
    nice buzz plushglass

    $64 after discount w/ free shipping!

  37. Ali

    Just placed my order! Didn’t get too much, only spent $120 after tax so that’s not too bad. But I’m may go back later hahaha. I was going to buy brushes but I decided to wait. I did get:

    Pigment in Mutiny
    Eye Shadows in Humid and Steamy
    Rose Romance Beauty Powder in Blush of Youth
    High-Light Powder in Honey Light
    Sugarsweet Shadestick in Butternutty
    Style Warrior Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche
    Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in Fresh Green Mix

    I can’t wait for them to come in!!

    • Nicole15

      Don’t wait too long for brushes. Because they are costly, they typically sell out fast during F&F cause everyone wants to get brushes for a discount.

      • Ali

        Thanks for the tip but I just meant I was going to wait for another time to get the brushes. I have a bunch of Youngblood brushes so I’m not in desperate need and I’ve been spending waaaaaay too much on makeup lately. 😉 But I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next time!

  38. Patrice

    Thanks soo much for letting us know the code was working….i was planning on staying up untill midnight to go wild on the site, lol….anyways here is what i got

    All eyeshadows from naked honey
    All lipgloss from naked honey
    Hello Kitty fresh brew
    Naked honey skin salve
    and some Naked honey Golden Nectar Powder

  39. Michele

    e/s: all that glitters, carbon
    4 eyeshadow palette
    queen bee l/g
    light over dark mineralize blush
    brush cleanser
    =$139 CAD

    I was gonna wait till midnight but thankfully the code works now!!

  40. retrofox

    I scored!
    Russian Red Lipglass
    Mink & Sable
    Bold & Brazen
    Naked Honey Skin Salve (Love it so much I had to buy a back up!)
    Da Bling
    Shadowy Lady
    Melon & Frozen White Pigments (now my free-standing store pigment collection is complete!)
    Run Tiger Medium Trend Bag
    paid $197 after tax yayay!

  41. lushuz_illusion

    Yes! I got the email this morning for the advanced sale opportunity! I love reading everyone’s hauls. My haul:

    134 Large Powder Brush
    187 Duo Fiber Brush
    109 SMall Contour Brush
    219 Pencil Brush
    210 Eyeliner Brush
    217 Blending Brush

    Pro Pan Refills:
    – Aquadisiac
    – Shale
    – Sketch
    – Goldmine
    – Sushi Flower
    – Deep Truth

    – Shy Girl Lipstick
    – Studio Sculpt Concealer
    – Lustre Drops in Bronze Hero
    – Lipglass in Queen Bee
    – Studio Sculpt Foundation

    Total came out to 283.03.. I paid the $5 for 2 day shipping because I’m impatient! LOL.. This should hold me down for a long, long time (I hope!)

    • Nat


      I’m hoping my order holds me down a bit too!

      Until fall at least!

      • lushuz_illusion

        Hehe! I’m almost positive that it won’t though! All of these collections coming out is killllling me and my bank account. =)

    • sarah

      they let you do the 2 day shipping lucky

      it wouldnt let me and im going on a trip before the package comes grrrr im impatient as well haha

  42. Ashley

    i’m so excited! it’s about time they did this again. here’s my haul –

    e/s pan:
    blanc type
    honey lust
    e/s: gesso
    l/g: queen bee
    naked pigment
    15x palette

    woo! $171.57 i saved $53.51

  43. Megan

    Ok I ordered but didnt spend enough for free shipping but thats ok cause I still had a discount. I bought Moon’s Reflection e/s 224 blending brush, Prep & Prep Finishing Powder, and Buzz l/g it. With tax and shipping it was 88 dollars but with the discount it was 69 dollars. I saved almost $20!! Im so excited for what I ordered, I wanted but more but I’m on a budget:-)

  44. Cindy

    Hey I was wondering how much does MAC charge for shipping to Canada?

    • SarahT

      It’s free if you spend over 75 $, which is usually super easy. It’s also free if you click on the live chat and ask a question – they give you a code at the end 😉

  45. Danielle

    I bought buzz l/g, crystal,sushi flower, bronze, creme di violet, and shadowy lady e/s. And a 15X pro pal. $64.05 after all discounts!!!

  46. Mary

    Does anyone know if there a limit on how much you can spend &/ or buy?

    • Nic15

      Mary – I don’t believe there is. But I am not qualified to say 100% there is no limit so I’m going based on my own experiences. I used the code earlier today spending about $125. Then I just placed another $75 order using the code again & it worked just fine. Seems like you can use the code more than once with no issue. A dollar amount maximum I am unsure of so maybe other readers know more. Enjoy your haul :)

    • Nat

      The canadian website gives a limit of $500 with a max of 4 of one item

      • Mary

        Is it $500 per purchase or all purchases for that day must not go over the $500 limit? I’m scared to ask because I made four orders, of which two were orders that were gifts for my sisters & the other two were for me so the total for everything was 668.93 after the discount & tax. I am stressing out that MAC may cancel them. Thanks so much for your help!

  47. MaryE

    My Haul:

    -Powerpoint Eye Pencil Shade: Engraved
    -316 Lip Brush/Covered Brush
    -Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural
    -Pencil Sharpener / Duo
    -Paint Pot: Rubenesque

    Subtotal US $82.00
    Discount (25%) – US $20.52
    Shipping FREE

    Grand Total: $66.86 **yay**

  48. minze

    WOW! Thanks so much for the heads up that the sale has already started! I’ve just placed my order, saved $20 bucks, and got free shipping. Thanks again!!!

  49. Samantha

    I got:
    She’s a star lipglass
    Queen Bee lipglass
    Buckweat e/s
    Pollinator e/s
    109 brush
    222 brush
    Honey light Highlight powder

    I kinda wish I got Gold Rebel lipglass but I was thinking about it back and forth so much that I said, if I’m think this much about it then it’s not worth it.

  50. Kristine

    I haven’t had this big of a haul since HK, here’s what I got


    P&P finishing powder
    Buzz l/g
    Fascinating eye kohl
    Aquavert e/s

  51. Veronica

    Blush x6 Palette

    Blush Pan:
    -Desert Rose

    Eye Shadow x15 Palette

    E/S Pan:
    -Stars ‘N’ Rockets
    -Expensive Pink

    249 Brush
    129 Brush
    Clear Brow Set
    Studio Sculpt Concealer, NC20
    Blot Powder, Light
    Bare Slimshine Lipstick

    • Veronica

      And oh, the total damage was $235.50, but with free shipping, tax, and the 25% discount- I only spent $191.17 (:

  52. Kathleena

    I got:
    Star Nova Lusterglass
    Ornamental Lusterglass
    Queen Bee Lipglass
    Gold Rebel Lipglass
    On a Mission Beauty Powder
    Eversun Beauty Powder
    Total: $92.00
    after Discount: $71.90 plus free shipping


  53. SarahT

    I’ve never done such a massive haul:
    Fix +
    Prep and Prime Skin
    Matte primer
    Eye kohls in fascinating and smolder
    38 Lash and glue
    lipsticks in : see sheer, lavender whip and creme d’nude
    lipglosses in: oyster girl, lychee luxe and love nectar
    golden bronzing powder
    252,272, and 129 brushes
    mineralize skinfinish natural
    plushlash mascara
    cremestick liner in honey b.

    and that’s it – grand total 348! I saved 100$!!!!! :) So happy!

  54. iris

    raches to rich
    extra amp

    and studio fix in nc35
    so happy

  55. kat

    Annoying, I only shop in store. I have to test them before I buy :(

    • Nicole15

      kat – are there any fave products you have or refills you’re in need of? how about back-ups or brushes? It’s such an amazing deal that it’d be great to see you take advantage & get something special for yourself :)

  56. I got…

    – 208
    – 209
    – 168
    – 134
    (thanks to Christine’s recommendations!)

    – Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone
    – Penultimate Eyeliner

    Total: $158.74CAD including discount and 12% tax

    I’m so happy about this sale because I had been waiting to start my brush collection =)

  57. Michelle

    This was so fun! I got:

    Oyster Girl

    Pinch o Peach
    Pink Swoon


    Beautiful Iris
    Shadowy Lady
    Soft Brown
    Seedy Pearl
    Blanc Type

    Phew — It came to $308 and with the discount it came to $230.93
    My husband is wondering why in the world I “need” all of this LOL!

  58. ThePerfectScore

    195 Concealer Brush- $22
    214 Short Shader Brush-$23
    224 Tapered Blending Brush- $28
    187 Duo Fibre Brush- $42
    239 Eye Shader Brush- $24.50
    217 Blending Brush- $22.50
    219 Pencil Brush- $23
    Studio Sculpt Concealer- NW 40- $16.50
    138 Tapered Face Brush- $52
    190 Foundation Brush- $32
    Foundation Pump- $4

    Total: $289.50
    Discount 25% off: $72.375
    Tax: 13.03

    Grand Total- $230.155

    This was just a Brush Haul for me since I’m getting both Graphic Garden e/s palettes at Nordies and both the brush palettes

  59. Neerja

    Yayy! I’m so excited that i got all this for under 200 CAD :)

    Refined Mineralize Skinfinish
    Mineralized Skinfinish Natural: Medium
    Love Nectar Lustreglass
    Lychee Luxe
    Kinda Sexy
    Lip Pencil – Spice
    Naked pigment
    Deep Truth,
    Moon’s Reflection,
    Parfait Amour
    Buckwheat :)

  60. Jamie

    i got:
    109 brush
    129 brush
    134 brush
    chrome yellow pan shadow
    retrospeck pan shadow
    pearl cream colour base
    melon pigment
    zebra makeup bag!

    im puuumped :)

  61. Cloé

    Oh my gosh I spent so much money! I can’t wait to receive my order I have so many new eyeshadows to test. I can’t resist to that sale and I hope they won’t make another one soon because I will be so poor!!

  62. Tami

    Thanks for the info Christine! I just placed my order and picked up She’s A Star and Buzz l/g’s, Amber Lights and Seedy Pearl e/s and Africanimal fragrance:-D

  63. lauren

    Alright. I got a big haul. I guess I just got so excited about the sale that I just let my list build up……
    I got:

    MSF Medium Plus (for when I get a tan hahaha)
    Old Gold Pigment
    Paradisco (I wanted a summery coralish color)
    Delft Paint Pot
    Smile Dazzleglass
    Funtabulous Dazzleglass
    Queen Bee Lipglass
    Bare Slimshine
    Voile Slimshine
    Refined MSF
    Peaches Blush
    Desert Rose Blush
    Blacktrack Fluidline
    Dipdown Fluidline
    Naked Honey Creations (I caved)
    Pearl Cream Color Base
    Fabulush CCB
    Cornflower Pigment
    Dark Angel Polish
    188 Brush
    195 Brush

    This all came out to 423 dollars. With the discount, however, it was: 317.25. I saved 105.75 dollars.

    • lauren

      oh by the way, my tax came out to 27 dollars (8.5% tax). so i actually paid 344.25. i only saved 78.75 dollars…….. :'( :'( :'(

  64. jenny

    can anyone tell me if we can exchange things in-store when we buy online?

    • Amber

      i actually did at the local Nordstrom counter. I brought the printed receipt and my items and they let me exchange some stuff.

  65. Andrea

    Well I didn’t pick up much, just Trace Gold blush, a 15 pan palette & a blush palette. There’s more I want to order though!

  66. I ordered..
    Pink Swoon blush
    Sandy B lipstick
    Pretty please lipstick
    Queen Bee lipgloss
    Nymphette Lipgloss
    C-thru Lipgloss
    Moon River mineralize duo blush

  67. Amber

    This is so embarrassing but it’s 12:29 right now and I can’t fall asleep. I wanted to go to sleep at 11:00 cuz I have to wake up early tomorrow. I’m so excited about my MAC arriving in 5 days that I’m really hyper and awake…………

  68. Stefanie

    How did I miss the free shipping if you spend $60 thing?? Anyways, I got:
    Carbon Eyeshadow (pan)
    Romp Eyeshadow (pan)
    Henna Eyeshadow
    12 pan palette (I feel like I have a lot of eyeshadows to de-pot…)

  69. Jasmine

    I got…

    Select Moisturecover NW25
    Blot Pressed Powder in Medium Dark
    266 Small Angle Brush
    Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand (yay!)

    Although the code I saw on the promo page from their website was SALE25 :S Maybe it’s a Canadian version only?

  70. Jackie

    I have a feeling I will be buying more before this sale ends!! For now I bought:

    239 shadow brush
    Bare slimshine
    Underage lipglass
    Like Venus Dazzleglass
    Fascinating eye kohl
    Naked honey hand salve

  71. This was so incredibly overwhelming… It took me a long time to finally decide. In the end, I bought:

    Aquadisiac e/s
    Freshwater e/s
    Nylon e/s
    Electric Eel e/s
    Phloof! e/s
    Cranberry e/s
    Stars N’ Rockets e/s

    Spiked eyebrow pencil

    224 Brush

  72. Louise

    My Mini Haul

    I got:
    15x pan palette
    Tempting pro pan e/s
    Phloof pro pan e/s
    Antiqued pro pan e/s
    Springsheen powder blush

    I spent $88.00. I’m gonna save up for Colour Craft and the look boxes! YAY!!!!

  73. Angie

    2 pro empty eyeshadow palettes
    2 blushes – plum foolery n pinch ‘o peach

    naked honey collection – buckwheat, pollinator and creme de miel eyeshadows, she’s a star lipglass (omg i loved the lip swatch!)

    items i missed from rose romance – virgin kiss lipglass, way to love lipstick, of summer, et tu bouquet, shadowy lady and silver thorn eyeshadows

  74. Aubree

    I got:

    Golden Nectar Highlighting powder
    Naked Honey Fragrance
    Sunsational Lipstick
    Fierce & Fabulous Lipglass
    Gold Rebel Lipglass
    Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow
    Morange Lipstick
    Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
    Naked Honey Skin Salve


  75. Vanessa

    Here’s what I got —

    Pro Pan Refills:
    -Deep Truth
    -Sumptuous Olive

    -Girl About Town

    -Pro Palette Refill Pan x15

    I was seriously waiting for this sale! Yay! ; ]

  76. Trace

    YAY! I did a major haul last month on eyeshadows, kinda wish i would have waited but ohhh well. I got:
    Love Nectar Lustreglass
    272 Small Angled Shader Brush
    Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
    Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish
    134 Large Powder Brush
    Subtotal US $137.00
    Discount (25%) – US $34.25
    Shipping FREE
    Sales Tax (7.75%) US $7.96
    Total US $110.71

  77. Tina Marie

    My boring haul:
    Blot Powder
    15 pro palette

    I would have gotten more, but just the thought of purchasing a $63 brush (134) is enough to give me a heart attack (thank goodness for SUMO!) at the tender age of 20.
    My haul came up to about $133 CDN with the discount and after taxes, yay!

  78. Rebecca

    Style Warriors Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
    Ebony Eye Pencil
    Indigo Eye Pencil
    Silver Ring Eye Shadow Pan
    All That Glitters Eye Shadow Pan


  79. Kathleena

    OMG! I just put in my order yesterday and I went back today just to look again and pretty much all the Style Warrior Lipsticks, Eyeshdows, and glosses where out of stock. I believe 2 of the 3 lustre drops where out of stock also. This sale is pretty crazy!

  80. Wish MAC gave discounts like this more often!


    I’ll use these to do more smokey eyes. My faaave. Then I got the 109 brush. Can’t wait for these to get in!

  81. i placed my order at 12:30AM the day it started (: The code i used was SAVE25 (the one they give you in the email) I saved $40 !! spent $132..hehe but i’ve been waiting to get eyeshadows for the longest time to fill my palette.

    Sumptous Olive e/s pan
    Humid e/s pan
    Expensive Pink e/s pan
    Mythology e/s pan
    Stars N’ Rockets e/s pan
    Woodwinked e/s pan
    Ricepaper e/s pan
    Contrast e/s pan
    Soft Brown e/s pan
    Gorgeous Gold e/s pan
    4x palette
    Lilicent CremeBlush
    Baby Sparks Dazzleglass
    Underage Lipglass

    Hmm..I think I should have gotten a plum color. Oh well..maybe I’ll even order again haha. I rushed myself because I thought they would sell out, and they probably will. Your Must-Haves lists were super helpful in deciding whether to get stuff or not. So Thanks !

  82. Tattoo Girl

    I just checked the MAC site and a bunch of stuff from Naked Honey is now out of stock. Queen Bee, Creme de Miel and Buckwheat are all gone. Hope everyone got their’s early!!

  83. Jennifer

    272 Brush
    Bulk Wipes
    4 e/s pan palette
    Teal Pigment
    MAC paint in bamboom

    total-69.54 (including 6% sales tax)

  84. Rachel

    I just finally placed my order after much deliberation. I got:

    Eversun bpb
    On A Mission bpb
    Solar Riche bronzing powder
    Loving Touch see thru lip color
    Secret Crush see thru lip color (it’s a backup since I love it so)
    Mutiny pigment
    Teal pigment
    Fulfilled plushglass
    Industry powerpoint eyeliner
    Lingering eyebrow pencil
    219 brush
    Pretty Baby beauty powder from Hello Kitty hehe

    yay! me so happy :)

  85. Meredith

    I ordered a little bit, on a tight budget, but always have room for MAC.
    pan e/s Patina
    pan e/s Gorgeous Gold
    pan e/s Smut
    15 pallet
    totalled $44.76 or somewhere around there, saved $11
    Not bad. Even though a small haul, it makes me happy.

  86. Yea thanks for the heads up about it starting early.

    2 15pan palette
    191 brush
    oil control lotion
    blot powder
    select cover concealor
    money honey dazzleglass
    kinda sexy lipstick
    goldmine es
    ricepaper es
    sable es
    antiqued es
    shadowy lady es

    $180 and some change

  87. Torrey

    I’m verrrrrrry happy with my haul! I mainly stocked up on basics as well as a few LE products I regretted not buying lol

    I got:

    -Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15
    -Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW15
    -Steal My Heart l/g
    -Strayin’ l/s
    -Big Bow l/s
    -Marquise D’ l/s
    -Empty 4x e/s palette
    -All That Glitters palette refill

    It came to around $92, and I saved almost $30! Overall, an excellent day for me :]

  88. Tattoo Girl

    So, I did another order. Bringing my total to three. I have passed up the HK doll so many times because I didn’t really want to spend the money on such a scary looking doll. But I figured for 18 bucks and some change it will look good in my shadow box (yes, I shadow boxed all my HK accessories). Then I got a spare brush, a pigment, and another lipglass. So my total F&F damage was $514. I also spent 88 bucks at CCO yesterday. So I promised my hubby no more makeup ’til Love that Look!

  89. AHHH !! I can’t believe i missed this sale! :(
    Anyone know if there is another one coming up soon?
    Thanks <3 :)

  90. Jana

    How often does MAC offer these F&F sales?