Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Greens — Limited Edition

Next up, greens! :)

Some clues…

  • All shades are limited edition (I have all permanent shades in separate palettes)
  • 95% of my limited edition eyeshadows are from 2004-2010, with an emphasis on 2009-2010
  • There may be duplicates of some limited edition shades
  • Square-shaped shades are from holiday palettes

What’s inside the palette…

Top Row: Fiction, Scarab, Mink & Sable, Sable Wrap, Henna
Middle Row: Warming Trend, Tender Metal, Summer Neutral, Rye, Rye
Bottom Row: Glare, One-Off, Aquavert, Aquavert, Rated R

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15 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Greens — Limited Edition

  1. Sum

    what a great idea! im loving the guessing game…i could just guess rated-R lol…i need more MAC knowledge 😉

  2. lauraaaaaaaa

    i never got aquavert:(

  3. Sara

    the two aquaverts look different. the one on the right looks more green…?

    • They’re both Aquavert, but one is used a lot, so that might be why it looks a little different — looks the same (the used one looking a little darker) in person, too (just checked, and they swatch the same). The uneven texture may account for different shadowing/appearance, even though the shades are the same.

  4. Great post! I am going to organize my palettes like yours:) How did you depot the holiday palettes? Do they fit easily into the 15 palettes?

  5. Alex

    summer neutral is my all time favorite color to use in the summer…haha. no real replacement…it sits inbetween gorgeous gold and sumptuous olive. its a good color for everyone because its not too gold and not too green.

  6. Rowan

    why do you have two of Aquavert and Rye? Is it so yu’ll never run out, or some other reason? These are really beautiful!!!

    • I started buying full MAC collections at the end of 2008 so that I could photograph and swatch for everyone on the blog. Nobody really wants to see used products, so even though I might have something used and depotted from a collection before, I’ll buy the new version so I can photograph it all brand new. I have the original Aquavert from Madame B., but I also bought it when it came out with Sugarsweet.

      I did buy a backup of Rye, though, as it is one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows of all time.

  7. Rachel

    Oh there are some colors that I would love to have.

  8. Cherie

    Arghh!!! So wish I got Mink & Sable!!

    Great collection!!

  9. Jennifer

    Wish I had One-Off, Aquavert, Scarab, and Mink & Sable!

    Which of these eye shadows are your favorites?

  10. Adriana

    How similar are Mink & Sable and Henna? I’ve been coveting Mink & Sable for a while, but I got Henna a few weeks ago and it looks the same in these pics.

    Also, will you be working on a MAC dupes to MAC eyeshadows in the future? I feel like MAC releases colours that are so similar to each other, it can be deceiving when I finally get a shadow and realize it’s almost exactly like something I already have.

    • Henna is a little more golden than Mink & Sable, but they are similar.

      I’m not sure you mean by a “MAC dupes to MAC Eyeshadows,” could you clarify? I try to note dupes if I see them, but since MAC’s limited edition collection span 10+ years, I only work with potential dupes from the past 1-2 years.