Used: Chartreuse pigment on inner lid, Softwash Grey pigment on outer lid, Iris Print e/s on outer lid, Stars ‘n Rockets e/s on outer lid and outer lower lash line, Lucky Green e/s on inner lower lash line, Freshwater e/s on middle of lid, Overgrown e/s on inner corner, Metamorph e/s on inner crease and above crease, Freshwater e/s slightly in middle/inner crease, Gorgeous Gold e/s on brow, and Blue Horizon liquidlast liner on lower lash line. I used Primpin’/Golden Kitty blush duo with Gold Dusk pigment on cheeks, and I wore Pink Maribu l/s, Fashionably Fuchsia l/s, and dabs of Already Fab! chromeglass on my lips.