Monday, January 5th, 2009

EDIT: Please visit THIS POST for the most recent code and details for MAC’s June 2009 Friends & Family Sale!

WOW!! MAC is having their Friends & Family sale and it begins January 6th, 2009 and lasts through January 8th 11:59 EST for US and Canadian addresses only. Save 25% off of EVERYTHING*! Use code MACFF9!

Edit: Some of you are saying BBR will not get a discount! Color me totally surprised on that one. MAC online always launches 2 days before the in-store launch, so I’m very surprised it’s not up today. According to MAC Live Chat, BBR has pushed to launch the 9th. Lil’ shady, if you ask me.

*Offer valid at (not valid at MAC Stores and MAC department store locations). Valid from 1/6/09 – 1/8/09 only on Valid for shipments in the US and Canada only. May not be used in combination with any other offer or discounts. Valid on in-stock merchandise only. Not valid on purchase of gift cards or egift cards or VIVA GLAM products. Not valid on pending purchases or purchases made before 1/6/09 or after 1/8/09. All purchases are subject to bank authorization prior to processing. Only Authorized purchases will be processed and shipped. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of offer and to modify or cancel this promotion due to system errors or unforeseen problems.

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64 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics 25% Off Coupon – Friends & Family Sale 2009

  1. DevilishDoll

    Why oh why must these sales always come at times when I have no money on my credit card? I coulda saved $53.

  2. Sara

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited! i was so torn over which msf to get blonde or redhead…but with 25% off each i think i can splurge and get both! THANK YOU MAC FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE

  3. Luv J


  4. evangelia

    hmmm…the only thing i’m excited about right now at MAC is the possum nose pink l/g from dame edna, but the sticker on the packaging is so nasty.

  5. Nicole

    thanks so much Christine for the heads up as always but i have a question, is the code MACFF9 or MACFF9! (with the exclamation mark)? Thanks.

  6. evangelia

    hm, i just saw that the tempting qud from cult of cherry is still available. i might just get that as well.

  7. Jessica

    yay i’m going to get some brushes

  8. Amanda

    Oh man, just ONCE in my lifetime I would like to see makeup – ANY brand – go on sale in Australia! Even a 5% discount off our ridiculous prices would make me happy. I can’t imagine a world where there is 25% off MAC… off their already crazy cheap US prices to boot. You guys are so lucky. :(

    • Victoria Maria

      Hey Amanda, get yourself a MyUS account – you pay a fee, and get an adress in USA – i order from MAC, and get all the goodies, eventhough I’m in Denmark :-)

  9. Meta

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m in Australia also and yes there are rare occasions when you can see makeup at discounted prices. Not as great as 25% off though. Myers has their own Family & Friends events twice a year normally before Christmas and also during the end of financial year. They you’d see cosmetics discounted by 10%. Mecca Cosmetica also has discounts online if you’d click on ‘Last Chance’ link on their website.

    To take part of MAC’s F&F, why don’t you ask for a CP?

    Good luck!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Meta, I’ll definitely check those out (I tend not to shop at Mecca though, their prices are beyond ludicrous and we get get Nars at US prices online anyway). I have to ask though, what’s a CP?

      • Vanessa

        CP is custom purchase which means you ask someone in the U.S. to buy and ship the stuff to you and you pay for the retail price + shipping. HTH

  10. Susan

    I’m so jealous of all of you in the US! I’m pretty sure this offer doesn’t extend to people in the UK.. :( Thanks for letting us know though!

  11. I read this and my jaw seriously DROPPED. A FF sale right when they launch a new collection??

    Satan must be ice skating in hell right about now.

  12. Asta

    I don’t see BBR on the website yet. Help!

  13. IZzySA

    Asta: ME EITHER!! This is what I was looking for even if there was no discount.. which I will take advantage of too!! lol…. but WHERE are the BBR goodies??

  14. IZzySA

    Archelle — nope, the whole cosmetics industry is down. This recession is unlike others, where the lipstick index did work. It’s broken now!

  15. OH.MY.GOD. I only wish BBR came out today so I didn’t have to wait to place my order!

  16. Nicole

    25 % Lucky you americans and canadiens. Here in Germany I have to pay the full price, not a single discount on regular prices, which are 30 % higher than in die USA.
    Sometimes I get a 10% discount, because I own a special card from a store. Thats all.

  17. KaylaK

    I just read on Specktra that some girls asked LiveChat when BBR is coming out, which LiveChat says will be on Friday, after the F&F sale!!!! Darn them!!!! >.<

  18. Paula

    I don’t know if it’s true, but i heard BBR is being pushed back until friday so it doesn’t coincide with the sale.

  19. IZzySA

    LOLOL @ ALL OF US! BBR will be out after the 9th. Just spoke with MAC Rep… Sale is not applicable to any of the new collection. Sneakkkyyyyyyyy… but the 25% is good enough for me.

  20. Dee

    I wonder…25% off is great, but is the shipping free? I’ve never bought MAC online, and it might not be worth it if i have to pay 7 or 10 dollars in shipping, since I know I’m not getting a big haul of things.

    • If you spend over $60, it’s free. I usually aim for that, and then I splurge and spend $5 to upgrade to 2-day shipping. Since I’m on the west coast, free shipping takes at least a week, so it’s really worth the extra $5 to get it in 2 days :)

  21. IZzySA

    shipping is free over $ 50 order online.. I just got $ 20.51 off on a bunch of stuff I was lurking.. I will not save anything on the new BBR order.. but it’s cool.

  22. Claudia M.

    It’s a good deal, but I’m on a make up ban. What do y’all think, is there anything MAC a make up lover MUST have in their stash? Maybe I’ll get some brushes, I only have a few good ones.

  23. LippyNBlush

    Im soooo envious! I wish they have sale here in Spore too being tt Mac is so jagged up here. I’ll definitely buy more brushes like alot! I want!

  24. Sarah

    They must be hurting!

  25. I seriously hope they put BBR out tomorrow so i can get a few things and not go broke LOL

  26. Anitacska

    Bummer about the BBR release being pushed back, but still good news about the sale. Well not for me, because I’m in the UK, but you know… :) I probably wouldn’t want to get anything right now anyway, just forked out (a lot) on some Dame Edna stuff.

  27. Elle

    Lil’ shady is right…why not put out the collection now and have a lot of it sell with the discounted price? At least that would mean it’ll move…

    • I know a lot of people are bypassing BBR entirely so they can save their money for Hello Kitty… just like some people have said they’d rather get BBR and no Hello Kitty. But definitely for those who were going to pass on BBR, I think 25% is pretty sufficient enticement to at least get a few items.

  28. kat

    why can’t this be another in store sale like last springs 15% off??? awww :(

  29. MYXA

    Is there a way to buy eyeshadows in palette pans from the website? Otherwise, you have to pay more, just because it is in the container.

    I am trying to decide what to do, because I want to buy a bunch of eyeshadows, and counting the taxes and discount (in CAD), the eyeshadow in the pot is 29 cents cheaper right now, than the regular priced palette eyeshadow (without the pot) in the store. It seems that I would definitely save more money buying the items like pigments, paint pots and paints though. What do you guys think I should do? Eyeshadows or other?

  30. baybee

    dang it.. soft ochre paintpot SOLD OUT!? some of my fav lipsticks wow.. craze…

  31. Mary

    Don’t everyone yell at me but I think they offered this sale because they are going to increase prices again. Nothing confirmed on this but just my gut telling me stock up…

    • MAC actually does an annual price increase, so it’s not really unexpected! I believe they do half products in the first 6 months, then the other half later on in the year.

  32. oh drats! I should have waited to get my loot. :(

  33. Tekoa

    Grabbed foundation, primer and the Chill liner. Saved $20. WOOT!

  34. April

    I just spent $93! Saved $30 and got 8 items! Awesoooome. So excited! Plus! Because I spent more than $60, shipping was FREE. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  35. Emily

    can’t believe i missed this! do you know when mac is having another sale? in june?

  36. Liz

    Does anyone know if they ever do sales in the UK? and how often do they do sales in the US?

  37. FAN

    what’s happen? i try to use the coupon code this morning..but it said invail code–macff9

  38. ee

    when do you think mac will have another one if these

  39. ee

    do you think mac will have another one soon

  40. Do you know if MAC will be doing this type of sale anytime soon?

  41. Glo

    Hi Christine! I know its been months since some have asked you but any more news whether mac is going to have the F&F sale this year? Is it usually an annual thing or was 2009 the first time they had it? Thanks!