Monday, January 23rd, 2012

LUSH Red Dragon Soap

Happy Lunar New Year with LUSH Red Dragon Soap!

LUSH Red Dragon Soap ($7.95 for 3.5 oz.) is a limited edition soap infused with Lush’s Karma fragrance to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. I made sure to suds up last night with this soap to kick off the new year myself. The top of the dragon has a dusting of “gold,” which does immediately disappear after it hits the water. Lush describes the Karma scent as a “spicy blend ot patchouli, lavender, and pine.” There is also orange oil in it, which is one of the more noticeable notes of the scent for me.

I get the citrus along with a spicy earthiness. It makes the whole shower smell just like the soap, though the scent will dissipate after you’ve finished, and it doesn’t linger for long on the skin (which may be good or bad, depending on your preferences!). The scent fits for Lunar New Year, but I could see it being a love it or hate it kind of aroma overall.

I will say that the actual shaping of the dragon could be more precise, but I’ve never made soap, so maybe it’s not the easy feat I imagine it to be.  I think it’s the head–perhaps a more distinct shape or with better detailing.  Still cute and a nice way to celebrate the beginning of the year!

Happy Lunar New Year! :)

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27 thoughts on “LUSH Red Dragon Soap Review, Photo

  1. Hahaha this looks nothing like a dragon (OK I know it’s imaginary and all that, but this interpretation strays pretty far from what I’ve seen). The scent sounds good though, and I guess they wanted to make the shape more user-friendly.

  2. Michelle

    happy new year christine! do you follow some of the traditions of the new year? (ie. no washing or cleaning on the day of)

  3. How adorable! Karma is not my favourite Lush fragrance however it looks so cute.

  4. Ooh, this is a pretty one. I would feel so bad about using this and ruining it! LOL.

  5. Lauren

    It looks like a fat sea horse! haha karma is my favourite Lush scent, though. Citrus/pine- so weird.

  6. Lulee

    lush red seahorse soap is more like it.

  7. You’re being very nice by saying this could be a more precise shape, I had to tilt my head and squint to see the dragon lol. I love Lush to pieces, but not one of their best soaps shape-wise. I think they would have been better off just doing a dragon head with some cute details, trying to do the whole body threw it off.

  8. Belen

    It looks like a scaly blob but it it beautiful nonetheless! 😀

  9. The carving needs to be more defined the shape as the relief is pretty shallow to see it’s a Chinese Dragon. Also the head is lacking some features. lol

    Soaps can be fragile depending on the ingredients are and with the gold just layered on there no highlight or contour to the sculpture in terms of shading further degrade the shape as well.

    I personal love the special shaped soaps in the past because the detail was there. ^_^

  10. Dame Elizabeth

    It would have been more effective if it had been just a Dragon’s head, without the body or the tail!

  11. Jill

    Looks like a large misshapened swedish fish lol

  12. Olivia

    It kind of looks like a curvy seahorse…

  13. Rachael

    it took me a while but I do see the dragon. Very cute. I just wish it had a better fragrance. I personally hate patchouli so I’ll be passing on this.

  14. :)
    Happy new year!


  15. Christina

    Oh, I couldn’t make out the dragon shape. :(

    Happy Lunar New Year, Christine! Hope you get lots of red envelopes! :)

  16. lily

    I would get this but if my mom found out, she would slap me for buying a fat dragon. How unlucky!

  17. Kenleigh

    Do their soaps make your skin feel kind of plastic-y and not so soft like dial soaps? The scent description sounds amazing of so many of their soaps, but I have no LUSH within distance to try it!

  18. Esther

    I cannot see the dragon, even after looking at the picture and turning my head every which way for five minutes ahahah

  19. I was born under the year of the Serpent/ Snake…so I hope Lush does the same for me next year.

  20. Val

    At first I thought it was a goldfish, I had to look real hard to tell which side is head and which side is tail….

  21. WOW! This soap is my dream! Wait in Russia. :)