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LUSH Pumpkin Soap

LUSH Halloween: Pumpkin & Demon in the Dark Soaps, Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt Reviews & Photos

Pumpkin Soap ($6.95 for 2.5 oz.) is warm and spicy; the clove and cardamom co-star in this autumnal-themed soap. I personally think it’s adorable; it’s the happy Jack o’ lantern, not the creepy kind. LUSH likens this to the “sweet and spicy scent of pumpkin pie.” I get a wee bit of pumpkin pie coming through on the tail end, but it’s not a scent I’d describe as gourmand. I think it’s the lack of sweetness that allows the spiciness of the clove, cardamom, and cinnamon to rise above the pumpkin aspect. It’s a subtle scent, too, and it disappears quickly after washing (which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your preferences).

Demon In The Dark Soap ($7.95 for 3.5 oz.) is described as a mix of spearmint and apple juice. The scent is more mint than anything else, but there is an underlying earthiness to it. I found the minty freshness more apparent when just sniffing the dry bar, but the sweetness of the apple juice did come out when used and lathered. Overall, it has a more masculine edge, which makes it great to give to the dirty boys and men in your life, though I have no problem using it as a female! It’s a lower lathering soap compared to other LUSH soaps I’ve tried, but it gives me the same clean skin (without being drying). The scent does not linger for more than a half hour post-shower.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt ($7.95 for 2.8 oz.) is a perfect melt to choose for a decadent and ultra-relaxing bath, because it’s rich and herbaceous with lots of lavender. LUSH’s Bath Melts are nice, because they provide a milkiness to the bath water without making it feel oily or greasy, so your skin gets the hydration without the slippery tub afterward. It comes wrapped in muslin, which is a nice touch, because there is also oatmeal and herb bits and bobs, so the cloth keeps everything from getting into the water while still giving you the aromatic experience. After I emerge from a quick bath (I am actually not a bath person; I think it’s because I suck at relaxing), my skin feels soft and moisturized. There’s a lavender scent that lingers for a few hours afterward.

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LUSH Pumpkin Soap

LUSH Pumpkin Soap

LUSH Demon in the Dark Soap

LUSH Demon in the Dark Soap

LUSH Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt

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20 thoughts on “LUSH Halloween: Pumpkin & Demon in the Dark Soaps, Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt Reviews & Photos

  1. sam

    i smelled demon in the dark at lush yesterday and fell in love. it’s definitely a boy scent like you said, but great none the less!

  2. Alex

    I first bought Demon in the Dark a year or two ago, and just fell in love! It is one of my favourite LUSH soaps

  3. I totally want the pumpkin spice soap!

  4. Lizzi

    I constantly buy demon in the dare for the boyfriend, it’s the only soap I’ll use that he’ll let me keep in his bathroom. LOL!

  5. Gina C

    “I think it’s because I suck at relaxing.” Hah! I am the exact same way!

  6. I’m telling myself if I get Pumpkin Soap, I’ll abstain from eating pumpkin pie. Think it’ll work? 😛

  7. Nicole

    I can’t take it! The Pumpkin soap is so adorable!

  8. cherryglass

    Yay! I love Lush reviews on Temptalia! It’s fun and really useful considering crazy amounts of products they have. I’ll definitely stop by to smell the pumpking soap. It looks adorable. Here’s hoping that you’ll get to review some of the Christmas stuff. (Lush, are you listening?)

  9. Mar

    I must have Demon in the Dark and the Pumpkin soap

  10. I just went to lush last week and got a huge huge lush soap haul! How does the pumpkin one lather? And does it melt quickly?

    I may have to visit again for the pumpkin soap!

  11. grace

    YOu can use Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt in the shower too!! cuz sometimes i dont you it all in the bath.
    Lush’s body butter are my HG body butter-they actually LEAVE your legs smooth for ages!! unlike lotions-sometimes they dont seem to last..

  12. Demon in the Dark looks gross, but I like your description of the smell. There’s no LUSH in my area, but I look forward to buying online again!

  13. Jackie

    I love the scent and look of Demon in the Dark, but it never lathers up enough for me so I usually stick to their other soaps.

  14. Ashley Sarah

    The Demon in Dark Soap looks awesome, very appropriate for the season.

  15. Lena

    “I am actually not a bath person; I think it’s because I suck at relaxing.”

    I kinda figured out already that last part, lol. I, on the other hand, am the QUEEN of relaxation. I have all kinds of bath melts/oils/scents etc. My absolute fave would have to be NARS monoi oil, the perfect balance of flower and warmth for soaking n relaxin. But my stash includes LUSH galore, and I gotta give the Ceridwen Cauldron a try.

  16. I regret buying Demon in the Dark. I really don’t like the scent. It’s so bitter.