Saturday, November 1st, 2008

In honor of World Vegan Day, which is today (November 1st), 824 LUSH employees from North America will go vegan to support their vegan customers. 76% of LUSH products are suitable for vegan and labeled so. If you head down to your local LUSH today (and I’m actually making a little detour there today), you might see shop assistants dressed up as giant vegetables. Other stores will have vegan samples available for customers to try.

“LUSH has always attracted people looking for a workplace that doesn’t clash with their ethical life choices, so we have a high number of vegetarians, vegans and environmentalists working here and we see a huge number of ethical customers coming through our doors every day,” says Brandi Halls, LUSH’s (vegan) Communications Manager. “It is great that our work colleagues are willing to join us for a day of being vegan. By walking a mile in a vegan’s (non-leather) shoes, LUSH employees will get a great insight into what veganism is all about.”

Do we have any vegan readers? How does being vegan change your beauty habits?

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22 thoughts on “LUSH Celebrates World Vegan Day!

  1. Hipona

    I’m a vegetarian and i always try to buy cruelty-free cosmetics but it’s quite hard (L’Oreal and Shiseido groups are everywere…)

  2. Virginia

    Hey, I just had a shower with a bar of Porridge Soap! Love it! I’m also vegetarian and I really appreciate Lush’s effort to make all-natural, high-quality and cruelty-free products, but I have to admit that, personally, I think veganism is a bit exaggerated. There is a point in eating milk products and even meat, but in my opinion the way it is mainly produced and dealt with in our society is wrong. I think we should value natural (and living) resources a lot more and be, in consequence, more aware of our responsibility towards the environment.

  3. Carrie

    Happy Vegan Day! I’ve been vegan for 4 years. It’s pretty simple, really just a matter of tracking down the ingredients lists and ignoring non-vegan products. MAC is good because they don’t test on animals and they formulate some products with synthetic beeswax. The hardest thing to avoid, I find, other than beeswax is carmine pigment, which is made from crushed beetles. So I’m not big on red or purple, but I like greens and earth tones best anyways, so no biggie. I also really like brands like ZuZu Luxe, Beauty Without Cruelty and Urban Decay that make it very simple to find out if a product is vegan.

  4. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian (though one day I would like to take that plunge), however I am very careful about making sure that I buy from cruelty free companies. Nothing should have to die or be subjected to any pain for the sake of cosmetics in my opinion.
    Most everything I buy is MAC or Urban Decay so that makes it easy :)

  5. Tekoa

    Is there an Omnivore Day? Happy Omnivore Day! Whenever it is… To be honest, vegan eating unsettles me. To me it isn’t a good idea to cut out entire food groups. But of course, animals should be treated with dignity. Free range ftw! And who else thinks the picture looks like fudge?

  6. Clover Cutthroat

    Im vegan! I wear cruelty free makeup, I can’t justify something dying or being tortured for the sake of being pretty. Omnivore day is everyday.

  7. Tanya

    Yippppeeee! Happy ME day :) Vegan for several years and am really excited to celebrate today!! Heading over to LUSH now. My parents are also visiting from Cali and I am torturing them by only taking them to vegan eateries while they are here. Its not always easy being a vegan, and eating out…but I feel anyone who cares about the welfare of our planet should think about going vegan.

    OHHH and NO I don’t eat salads!!!!! GRRRRRR I hate that questions :) LOL

  8. I’m vegan! :) It’s the best decision I have EVER made. I’m happier and healthier and have way more energy, plus I should mention that my skin is much nicer and ‘glowy’ now.

  9. KatoAto

    I’m vegan as well!!! Shout-out to Christine for mentioning us today! :)

    Actually, the FOOD part is the EASIEST part of being vegan, I find. So super easy.

    It’s making sure to continue the cruelty-free trend in everything you do, to the best of your ability, and that includes makeup.

    I mostly buy MAC, but have bought from other cruelty-free lines from time to time.

    The biggest change it’s made in my beauty regimen? Concealer…I no longer need to buy as much. I believe the dairy I ate effed up my skin royally. Once I cut it out, it was clear skies.

    For anyone thinking of going vegan, try it. It’s all about LESSENING cruelty. Completely cutting things out is not for everyone (although I try to not eat meat/dairy, wear leather, etc.). Don’t ever let someone tell you that lessening the amount of animal products you buy isn’t enough. Every little bit helps.