Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I’m trying REALLY hard to be creative with makeup, like I’m trying to go outside of my usual box (which is challenging in itself because I honestly like my box quite a lot!) at least a step or two (baby steps!). Anyway, upper lash liner again, though after seeing pics, it should extend a few millimeters more, but oh well.

I used Rollickin’ paint pot on lid, Parfait Amour eyeshadow all over lid, Juxt eyeshadow above inner crease/inner lid, Silver Ring eyeshadow on outer crease, Cinders eyeshadow on outer lid, A Bluer Blue eyeshadow above outer crease, Overgrown eyeshadow above inner and middle crease, White Tie eyeshadow on brow to highlight, Royal Wink fluidline on upper lash line with Parfait Amour eyeshadow patted over it, Overgrown eyeshadow on lower lash line, Blacktrack fluidline on lower lash line, and Plushblack plushlash mascara. I wore Don’t Be Shy blush with Lightly Lilac beauty powder on cheeks. I had Utter Pervette lipstick with Cult Fave lipglass with a touch of Totally It! lipglass on my lips.

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73 thoughts on “Looks – Subtle Tropical Eye with Lavender, Spring Green, and Teal

  1. Ariele

    I really love this! Kind of like a blue/green rainbow :) I really love the use of Silver Ring in the combo too, I wouldn’t have thought to use it.

    • Thanks, Ariele! :) I didn’t even think of it that way! I just kept having visions of a lavender lid with pastel green and teal last night, LOL. I’m so behind on laundry, I only had a gray shirt that I could find, so I was like, hmm, let’s throw a lil’ Silver Ring in there, too.

  2. T.

    This look reminds me of a rainforest :) Loves it!

  3. Crystal

    Oh wow that is gorgeous! Iam so going to try this!

  4. Thalia

    When you pair it with pastel pink lips, it makes me think of Easter :)

  5. diggin’ the blue. the liner on top is really nice, and i love the lips too! i’d try that but i think it would be too pale for me (i’m NW20 on a good day LOL)

  6. Katherine

    Just gorgeous! With your eye open, this reminds me of the beach! The sand is the highlighted area under the brow, then the shallow turquoise waters near the shore and the deeper blue/purple waters out to sea. I guess I really need a vacation :)

  7. WOW! This is totally one of my favorite looks you’ve done!! Seriously, I love the colors! SO PRETTY!!!!

  8. Milan

    that’s hot! I don’t think i’ve ever done a look with so many colors. I’m going to try this “box” more often so I can get good at it. Keep em coming!

  9. Eva

    I really like your “usual” looks as well, but I have to say, I loove this one! So pretty and it makes your eyes look really intense.
    How are your lids doing? Not getting irritated by the top liner, I hope?

    • Thanks, Eva! :)

      They start to swell a bit after a few hours, but it doesn’t last for days like it has with other liners.

      • Eva

        Have you ever tried using a dark e/s to line your upper lashline?
        I do this on most weekdays since I always run a little late.. :o(
        But it works fine and creates a nice, softer line.


  10. Sandy

    You are beautiful Christine and this is a great look. I’m gonna try to copy it (that is if I can make it to look as great as this)

  11. Looks beautiful, Christine! It’s not so bad outside your box!

  12. Livia

    You look amazing! I love your creativity, and ofc your make-up collection =)

  13. Another great look Christine! You look like a gorgeous mermaid! You should have done the 80’s look challenge we (some of us bloggers) did recently, it’s never too late, I would love to see what you come up with! :)

  14. Lana

    I’m sorry but being creative requires a bit more than “going crazy with colours”. This would be considered too sloppy for runway. Creativity is comes naturally for some people and clearly not for you.

    You should stick to your usual, that’s where your strength lies.

    • Hi Lana! I’m just a little confused… I wasn’t trying to do a runway look, this isn’t an attempt at the avant garde. I appreciate your criticism, but I think you misunderstood what I was trying to accomplish – just trying to switch up my usual technique and color placement.

  15. amy

    whoa whoa whoa! What ever happened to if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?

    Anyways, I’m glad youre taking baby steps outside of your box and see what kind of color combinations you come up with! The colors are super pretty together and you look wonderful!

  16. bec

    I disagree with Lana, I think you’re doing well venturing outside your comfort zone/your box. It looks very nice :)

  17. Stephanie D

    The application is pretty and I do like the colors. It reminds me of a mermaid too. It IS fun and creative ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Vanessa

    I would like to see Lana’s shot at “creativity”, apparently she never heard of that phrase “to each her own” or realizes that creativity comes from within and it’s different for everybody, if everyone was following the same sort of rule or guideline, then it wouldn’t be creativity. :)

  19. Abby

    Christine, this look is totally inspirational! I wish I had all of those colors to try them on myself! Over time, I’ll hopefully have your library of eye makeup =) Also — I think it’s a great idea to use the blue eyeliner… the blue creates an optical illusion that emphasizes the whites of your eyes. I have friends that use tinted blue mascara when they’re really tired, and instantly they look more awake. The same applies to blue-based lip glosses, as I’m sure you know =). Anyway, thanks for posting this look!

  20. Erin

    Man this is gorgeous!!!

  21. Erin

    Question? Hope its not a stupid one, lol. How do you know what color lips go with what eye makeup? Like corals, pinks, reds, etc.

    • Hey Erin! Practice, honestly – I used to be HORRID at picking out lips to match my eyeshadow. I do tend to go with corals when I do greens and golds; pinks for purples and cool colors, nudes for really bold eyes, reds for really neutral eyes.

  22. Faiza

    A very nice look. I’m absolutely loving it. You look so put together in this. The blue and green really bring out your eyes.

  23. Skyler

    Stunning! I love the colour combination, especially the teal and blue together. :) Not too sure what the above negative comment was about (there’s a difference between constructive and rude criticism–that was the latter) because you can pull off your regular looks AND these colourful ones, which ARE creative!

    • Hey Skyler!

      Thank you so much :) I’m so encouraged now to keep trying to find new color combinations!

      I appreciate your support as well, but I know you knew that!

  24. Tatiana


  25. Chloe

    I think the liner on top looks divine on you!! Keep up the good work; we’re loving it!!!

  26. Susanne

    Great look! Thanks for sharing.

  27. addicted_2color

    ooh this one is beautiful. i love the subtle purple in it and the look of the royal wink w/parfait amour over it.

  28. I loooove this look on you! You look so exotic and stunning! Can’t wait to try this look (though it won’t be as brilliantly done as yours, heh). I love the Royal Wink fluidline and the lip combos, they look FAB.

  29. hEY cRISTINE,

    UH…OH!!Loooooook who’s here,Our very own MERMAIDDDD!!



  30. Pia

    Love this look, Christine. I wonder why you didn’t outline lower lash with royal wink as well. It would look fab, IMHO.

    A bit out of topic, would you suggest that I get rollickin’ given I have already have a turquoise shadow from Shu Uemura? How similar/different is rollickin’ vs. delft? Thanks a bunch!

    Keep trying the out of the box. I can’t always copy the look but I sure love to see the transformation!

    • Hey Pia! I feel like when it’s heavy on both the top and bottom, it makes my eyes smaller. I did think about it though!

      I like Rollickin’ because I only use it as a base, and in that capacity, you could get it even though you have shadows like it. Delft is darker and deeper in color, I’d say they’re different enough to have both. If you don’t wear a lot of teals or blues, you could pass on Rollickin’, though!

      Thank you!

  31. Iยดm in love with this look and you look gorgeous with it, really!!

    Iยดll definitely copy it!!

  32. Charlene

    Love it again! (i just love colours and u’ve been humoring me all week!) haha

  33. Kerry

    Wow this looks amazing- im going to do it for my birthday now next week!
    stunning :-)

  34. This is just high level inspiration! Luv it!

  35. Bettina

    Christine what would you suggest as possible dupes for a bluer blue and cinders?

  36. Bettina

    Cool thanks, I guess in order to do this look perfectly I will have to aquire contrast.