Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Here’s a MAC Style Warrior look! I did false eyelashes again (hey, when you’ve spent four years attempting without success, and you can manage it… you keep trying!), but I used knockoff #7s instead, and they were just too long, IMO. I ended up removing them, because the length was a bit obnoxious. I did pick up some new #7s at MAC last week, so hopefully I can keep applying lashes as I need to in the future! :)

What’s everyone doing this weekend? It’s a ridiculously beautiful (and hot!) weekend here in California. We’ll have to find a way to do something outside to enjoy it! :)

P.S. — Happy birthday to my Dad! <333

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral beige base), Golden Lemon pigment (yellow-gold), Bright Future eyeshadow (bright yellow), Night Maneuvers eyeshadow (gray-brown), Vibrant Grape eyeshadow (deep purple), Graphology eyeshadow (matte dark blue-purple), Soft Force eyeshadow (soft white-gold), #7 lashes (knockoffs) (false eyelashes), Blacktrack fluidline (black), Urban Decay Honey 24/7 Liner (gold), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: On A Mission blush (raspberry pink), Pink Rebel lustre drops (pink highlighter)
  • Lips: Brave New Bronze lipstick (pinky nude), Fierce & Fabulous lipglass (magenta pink)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 219 (pointed crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Bright Future = Bright Sunshine; Night Maneuvers = Scene; Soft Force = Shroom; On A Mission = Plum Foolery; Pink Rebel = Benefit Posie; Brave New Bronze = Honeylove; Fierce & Fabulous = Star Nova

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base with the 249. With the 239, apply Golden Lemon pigment with water-based mixing medium on the lower lid. On the lid, pack Bright Future eyeshadow on using the 239. Apply Night Maneuvers eyeshadow to the outer portion of the lid. Darken crease with Vibrant Grape eyeshadow using the 226, then deepen with Graphology eyeshadow with the 219. Sweep Soft Force eyeshadow underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Honey Liner on lower lash line, and Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lash line using the 209. Apply #7 lashes to upper lash line, then lightly apply Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with On A Mission blush using the 129, then highlight with Pink Rebel lustre drops with the 188. Apply Brave New Bronze lipstick to lips, and then top with Fierce & Fabulous lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

Without lashes!

Without lashes!

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107 thoughts on “Look – Yellow & Purple Style Warrior Look

  1. Catherine

    I LOVE the lip combination. Everything is really stunning!

  2. Stephanie

    Love this look and can’t wait to get my Style Warriors stuff!

  3. pia

    I LOVE it!!!! I noticed though that the yellow isn’t as bright as the other FOTDs I saw. Perhaps because you apply it on top of soft ochre? It’s know as making the color less bright. I’d try it with layin’ low p/p.

    BNB + F&f looks awesome on you!

  4. daphne

    Woo! Been waiting for this one :) Interesting choice, Brave New Bronze with Fierce & Fabulous. Nice to see how fun these colors look together. I’m thinking about getting my makeup done at the SW event that the Boston f/s store is having next weekend…I definitely plan to ask them to feature the purple and yellow, whatever else they do.

  5. kat


  6. Faiza

    You look gorgeous as always and the lashes look good on you. Just loving everything in this look.

    • Thanks so much, Faiza :) The lashes weren’t terrible, but they felt a little ridiculous, LOL. I’d have to be going somewhere fancy AND fun to rock ’em at that length!

  7. claudia

    Christine, it looks so gorgeous.
    I also loved the combination of Brave New Bronze with Fierce & Fabulous, looks like a new lippie !

  8. tracey70

    Awesome look Christine! Just when I thought it was going to be a weekend free from MAC.

  9. kobri

    very pretty

  10. Binky

    Hot damn! You look great!

  11. Elle

    Girl, I was planning on trying to stay away from this collection. No such luck. You just ruined my plans with this hot look. LOL! Love it! You look gorgeous!

  12. I forgot to say that it’s ‘officially’ not out yet but here’s what I’m getting: The lustre drops, all of the lippies and glosses, On a Mission and Vibrant Grape. All for my kit of course. Im REALLY waiting for the next collection that features that 226 crease brush. I’m tired of hearing how awesome it is darnit, I want it!!

  13. oenone

    even without false lashes, your eyelashes look nice and long! lucky!

  14. Rae

    Gorgeous!! I prefer your look over the promo one ^^ Totally stunning, with OR without the lashes, but I must say: I love the lashes with this look. They really suit it!

  15. kat

    The lashes look great! I like the colours in this look :)

  16. Kella

    You look so pretty! 😀 What lashes were these?

    • They’re by Lash Addiction, which has cute names, but I’m spacing on the name. They look exactly like MAC #7s, though — just a little longer in length.

  17. Annika

    Nice! I love the “without lashes” (lol) pics much much better! 😉

  18. !!!

    I was going to skip fierce and fabulous. Guess not!

  19. I think without the lashes is much nicer.

    You might want to paste the lashes closer to your lashline… and also to the outer corner of your eyes… cos if you paste it too close to the inner corners of your eyes, it’s gonna fell very prickly & painful.

    • Thanks for the tip! I didn’t feel them prickly or painful by my inner lid, though, so I don’t think they were too close then, lol!

  20. Chrystie

    Great look Christine! The color combinations you chose for eyes & lips look great together. Those falsies are fierce too!

  21. heather

    The eyes are amazing

  22. shonn

    This looks beautiful on you. I love the purple. I have one suggestion that I would like to see (I don’t know if you ever do this) but I would like it if you also have one picture of all the actual products that you use on your looks. I realize that they wouldn’t look perfect, but it would be nice to get a peek of the actual products to compare to your beautiful looks. :)

    • Hi Shonn,

      As much as I’d like to do that, it’s really difficult, just because I keep all of my eyeshadows in palettes, so I’ll often use 4-5 different palettes in a look. I regularly post pictures of my palettes, so you can always use the search bar on the right sidebar for a product if you want to see a photo. If they’re eyeshadows from new collections, I always post product photos prior to using them in looks, too, so the photos are already there :)

  23. lexi

    those knowck off #7s are amazing…which brand are they????

  24. gio

    This is gorgeous! I love the color combo and the lashes look great on you!

  25. Sarah

    Wow, I just had to comment, this looks gorgeous on you! I’m a daily reader and this is one of my faves :) And your lashes look great and non-obnoxious :)

  26. Anitacska

    Oooh, I love the lip combo, even though I didn’t like the lipstick itself before. It’s a lovely look, but to be honest, ditch the lashes, your real ones look much nicer. :)

  27. Gemma

    You’re very pretty without the lashes since your eyes are very symmetrical. I need to wear false lashes because I have one huge lid and one small one (LOL!) but yours are beautiful already!

    • Aww, thank you so much, Gemma! I appreciate you saying that, because I have always felt my natural lashes were not good based off of feedback I’ve gotten over the years. :)

  28. I have to try and recreate this look as soon as I get my hands on some of these colors! amazing! I also need a good camera like yours! so my skin won’t show up super yellow lol

  29. aaj83

    oooh my my…lush lashes! 😉
    someone is becoming a lash fan now..lolz..!! looks wonderful on you…and the pic with lashes in which u r looking down…SEXAAAY! 😀

  30. heather

    btw Happy Birthday Christine’s dad

  31. OOOO nice look I like the lipcolor combo, awesome :)

  32. Tiffany

    really pretty! love the eye colors!

  33. Lisa

    Wow! Best look ever Christine! Thanks a lot :)

  34. Faith

    I’m planning on trying something similar to this on Monday. I’m graduating and they’re my college’s colors!

  35. Jody

    You look wonderful Christine! I can sooo relate to you with the eyelashes, I have been trying for years to get it right and I give up for months sometimes a year before I try again, it is so frustrating. Are the Mac #7 ones very long? I always end up having to cut mine down and I still have not accomplished this yet. Have you learned a trick that you can share? Do you like Bright Future eyeshadow as much as Going Bananas and are they extremely similar?

    • Thanks, Jody! :)

      You usually have to cut lashes a bit, because they’re made to run a bit longer than is necessary for most. To be honest, no tricks! It just worked finally.

      I like Going Bananas much more!

  36. belle

    This might be my favorite look of yours. Absolutley gorgeous! I loveee the long lashes! So chic!

  37. mindy

    hehe i actually like it without the lashes. Am i weird?

  38. Kate

    You look absolutely stunning, Christine!

  39. Brenda

    I am a fan of the lashes…i have long lashes so I personally like the longer lengths when i’m using false ones, BUT if you don’t like the lengths, don’t be afraid to trim accordingly!!! especially if you are using cheaper brands, then you won’t feel so bad!! But I do like the length and the drama on you, they look fantastic! :)

  40. Martha

    It’s so pretty!!!! Is soft force like vanilla pigment? I ask this before, but I forgot where, sry.

  41. Miss QQ

    Gorgeous! I need Pink Rebel!

  42. Margot

    Nice lip combo and I also like the colors on your eyes, nice :) but I’m not sure about the lashes … I think the problem comes from the fact that they are to far from your natural lashes, making them look a bit weird. falsies are NOT easy to put on and it took me two months of everyday training to get them right …

  43. Jenna

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! It’s something I feel extremeeeely compelled to try! Really, it’s striking but still not clownish, and simply lovely.

  44. charlieee

    I love the lip combo! :)

  45. Vanessa S

    This is such a pretty and fresh look!!!

  46. Sasha

    Love this look! I love using gold & purple together. And they happen to be my school’s colors =)

  47. Christine

    I love this look. And you are SO gorgeous. :)

  48. Wow – Christine, this look is amazing. One of your best yet!

  49. Mikki

    Christine you look gorgeous, as always!

  50. Sash

    You are so f-in hot, Chris! I love the fake lashes!

  51. Vanessa

    so pretty! I like the other deeper purple color combo you used it’s hot. And I still cant for the life of me put on falsies :(

  52. Bettina

    if anyone is ever looking for color combos and what to pair what with….not that this site isn’t fabulous enough already’s another site full of MAC stuff and there is a whole section on pairing colors.

  53. Michele

    Absolutely love the look!