Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Pretty simple look today! I had about five minutes to do eyeshadow, and this is what I came up with :) I really, really wanted to use Henna somehow! Still not liking 100 Strokes :(

And a quick, poor quality video of Mellan awaits you, too 😛

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (nude base), Goldmine eyeshadow (gold), Henna eyeshadow (antique gold), 100 Strokes eyeshadow (burgundy), Cranberry eyeshadow (cranberry-burgundy), Femme-fi eyeshadow (neutral highlighter), Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Liner (brown), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Springsheen (soft peach), Redhead mineralize skinfinish (copper-peach)
  • Lips: Blow Dry lipstick (sheer coral), Red Devil lipglass (red-coral)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Henna = Sumptuous Olive; 100 Strokes = Sketch; Redhead = Soft & Gentle

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre all over the lid as the base with the 249. On the lower lid, apply Goldmine eyeshadow using the 239. Apply Henna eyeshadow to the crease, overlapping with the lid. Darken the area just above the crease using 100 Strokes eyeshadow using the 239. Overlay 100 Strokes with Cranberry eyeshadow to increase color depth using the 226. Sweep Femme-fi underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Honey Liner on lower lash line and Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Springsheen blush using the 129, then highlight with Redhead MSF using the 165 brush. Apply Blow Dry lipstick to lips, and then top with Red Devil lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

When I was fooling around with video a few days ago, I captured Mellan on film :) It’s kind of cute (I think it’s only funny to me, though). I’m gonna try to capture him another time, but with way better video quality. Too bad he always does silly stuff when I’m not trying.

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46 thoughts on “Look – Tri-colored Lid Using Goldmine, Henna, 100 Strokes

  1. Mellan is so freakin cute, I love the doggie stretch! I can’t see any of the pics for some reason…

  2. He is so adorable, he completely overshadows your look!! Sorry :) How do you get anything done with such a loveable pal around?

  3. Virginia

    Sooo cute! My dogs do the same stretching thing (looks especially funny when my pug does it) and a zillion of other things that always make me laugh =)

    And I always marvel at how perfectly you match your shirt to your make-up – it looks fab!

  4. This is so nice, Christine.

    I love Henna e/s…even though it’s quite similar to Sumptuous Olive (which I have), I think Henna is so much prettier. I kinda wish I didn’t get Sumptuous Olive because of that.

    I am very partial to golds, LOL.

  5. cloudburst

    Your dog is really cute :).

    I did a look with Henna the other day & its much more subtle than Sumptuous Olive – I used Pincurl as a base, Palatial in the crease, and then threw some Henna on the outer 3rd for some colour. Much to my surprise it went well with the grays!

    What is it about 100 Strokes you don’t like? Because it looks nice on you…or is that more the Cranberry?

  6. Tekoa

    I like 100 Strokes myself. And awwwww…Mellan!He’s a big dog now.

  7. lindsey

    pretty look!

    And OMG mellan is adorable!

  8. gio

    Your dog is sooo cute! Love the look too.

  9. baybee

    hey christine dont you think that brunette msf is similar to eversun beauty blush? but eversun has less shimmer than brunette

  10. LaurenC

    Hi Christine,

    I love the way you do your make up.. always! I just have a suggestion for you.. I notice that you always do a coral, pink lip… why not do a more neutral, nude at times since you always tend to use the same lip colour for most looks? I find that when you do, it makes your eyes pop so much more! U r beautiful.. I’m just making a suggestion.

  11. Sara

    if i hadn’t already read what you used, i could have sworn you were wearing pink grapefruit lipglass. it is basically the same thing lol

  12. Millie

    Hi Christine! Did Mellan go ton puppy training? We are thinking of bringing our puppy to one at Petsmart. Just wondering if Mellan went to one and if you were happy with it.

    • Nope, he didn’t. We trained him ourselves, and to be honest, we didn’t train him enough (our fault, not his). Petsmart is great if you want to make sure you get training in, and it is also good for socialization.

  13. Love the look, love the earthy colours :)

  14. Sometimes my best looks are when I don’t have much time! Fab job!

  15. Haydee

    Your a really attractive young woman, what look wouldnt look good on you:) Oh Mellan I want him! He made me smile, thanks.

  16. Rebecca

    Hi Christine!

    Is the liner perhaps ‘Bourbon’ and not ‘Honey’? It looks darker then in your other looks, but maybe it’s just my screen right now?

    P.S. What is it that you don’t like about 100 Strokes? It looks nice in the close-ups of your eye! :-) Is it the texture/application?


    • You’re right, it’s Bourbon, LOL. Thanks :)

      100 Strokes is just not the color I want. It’s not burgundy, though it looks like it in the pot. It’s mostly black. It darkens everything, but doesn’t add a nice burgundy shade!

  17. Natalie

    I love your blog, but I have to be honest. Your FOTD are really unappealing. They always look exactly the same – one dimensional. Always the same degree of frost in each shadow, applied in the same way (covering entire eye area), with a blush that perfectly matched to your lip color and a lip color that is ALWAYS glossy and shimmery. There’s no nuance of color, texture, or application. Almost as if someone just went into their makeup kit and applied everything shiny and bright just ‘cuz.
    As a professional makeup artist I look forward to the blog entries, but the FOTD are so inspiring, dated and evidence poor skill. Even the position of your head (tilted to the side) and your smile is always EXACTLY the same. I don’t mean to be rude, I really done, but a quick browse over your last few entries will showcase what I mean. Don’t you ever do a smokey eye with a lip stain or a nearly naked eye with bright lips or nude cheeks and plum eyes? I feel as if your eye makeup in particular looks like it was done based off of a 123 Mary Kay kit, “contour here, highlight here, base color here”.
    I otherwise enjoy your site and appreciate all the information you provide.

    • If you browse through the 400+ looks posted on the site, you will see many of the looks you asked if I’ve done. The primary reason why I post looks on this site is to show what colors look like, how they may look with other shades, and what you might put together with whatever’s been released lately. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel every time I do a look, you know?

      Pictures are actually taken with some uniformity in mind. I guess I don’t understand why they need to be otherwise, but I am open to hear why you’d like them to be different – perhaps ideas as to how?

      I appreciate you sharing your opinion, and it would be really helpful to me in actually getting skill if you offered me tips on how to add a “nuance of color, texture, or application” beyond that I have poor skill, because I can’t improve without knowing how to improve. I would like to improve, because I believe you cannot grow without learning from others and taking what they have to say into consideration, so I would appreciate if you could elaborate on your criticisms with specifics.


  18. Natalie

    Thank you for responding, as I said I do love your site.
    To answer your question. It doesn’t have to be edgy or unusual, but the usual variances that comes with different looks. A bit more diversity also doesn’t have to involve reinventing the wheel, it doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. Sometimes it’s nice to see a look that’s not as shimmery all over the eye area (quite often it’s frosty eyes+bright lips+glossy lips+shimmery lips). It’s also important to remember that lip color intensifies the appearance of blush so if you’re wearing a similar lip color the blush color is best very sheerly applied. The blush sometimes comes across really strong. As a MA I do less frost on the brow bone or none at all partly because it can looked dated. Variances for example in the amount of pressure used when applying color affects the finish. I would love to see more eye looks that were sheer washes of color, varying in texture and texture level. Sometimes it’s good for example to use a satin shade on the lid and a frost on the outer edge, mix up the finish a bit or limit the heavy shimmer to a specific feature rather than eyes, lips, and cheeks.
    On one client (or myself) I might skip eyeshadow, do thick winged liner, a plum blush, and a lipstain one day, but the next shimmery gold plum eyes, nude cheeks and a baby pink gloss. I would say my biggest observation is that you use shadows that are all equally shimmery and it can come across very frosty overall esp. because it’s applied to the entire eye area. It’s the little variances in texture, finish, and tone that gives visual interest to a look. I would mix up the finishes a little more. Anyway, that is my opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read my POV.

  19. Natalie

    Also, I think that blending the eyeshadow (for example in this look) is sometimes necessary. There is sometimes a very strong demarcation line between colors.

  20. Rachael

    Well I personally think you do an awesome job Christine. I don’t think your looks always look the same at all and I love all the shimmery e/s you use. And since you’re not a professionally trained MA, you are amazing at blending. I appreciate Natalie’s opinion but I don’t think her criticisms needed to be posted as a comment for everyone to see.

    • Thanks, Rachael! Everyone’s entitled to have a different opinion, and my skin is tough enough to take public criticism :) But I am happy to know you do like the looks!

  21. Yvette

    Christine, I love this look..and I get what you are doing on your Blog..you are just showing examples of what the color look like and what e/s and lip combo look like..

    You’ve done a wonderful job displaying colors…

    I come here for updates and your FOTD and they are always up to par..you don’t have to be a “MA” to know what you are doing..

    • Rebecca

      I fully agree with Yvette.

      I think a simple “It would be nice to see more __________.” would suffice. I’ll put it out there: Christine, I would love to see more matte eye looks. I know it wasn’t most readers favs when you did one look before, but I thought it was great!

      Everyone does their makeup differently. It is like art; there is no wrong and right. Sure there is classic training and technique, and some people love to test out new ideas and looks… But some people find something THEY like and stick with it. I know because I finally stepped outside my comfort zone and tried out matte-pale skin instead of my usual bronzer-shimmer look this past winter.

      Sorry, but some people forget manners behind the facade of a computer screen. I am sure such things would never have been said/phrased the way they were if the MA above had ran into Christine everyday at her job/on the street. A MA degree obviously didn’t teach someone tact and class.

      Christine, thanks for putting up swatches and examples of colors on your skin, in your style, so that I can compare to other blog swatches before I go out and test/buy items myself.

    • Thanks, Yvette! I’m glad you like the looks, and I appreciate all of the support you’ve given me over the years :)