Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

This was a really quick Style Warrior look I put together the other day. I don’t think Night Manoeuvers is a very flattering color on me — at least in this pairing! I think I could wear it in a more gray/purple kind of look. I was attempting to only use Style Warrior products, so, there ya have it. Live and learn :) Never hurts to try.

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Soft Ochre paint pot (neutral beige base), Golden Lemon pigment (gold yellow), Bright Future eyeshadow (bright yellow), Tempting eyeshadow (chocolate brown), Folie eyeshadow (reddish brown), Night Manoeuvers eyeshadow (gray-purple), Soft Force eyeshadow (soft white-gold), Urban Decay Honey 24/7 Liner (gold), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Eversun beauty powder blush (orangey-pink), Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer (bronze highlighter)
  • Lips: Sunsational lipstick (peachy gold), Style Warrior lipglass (brown)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 219 (pointed crease brush), 214 (smudge brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Femme-fi = Shroom; Brave New Bronze = Velvet Teddy

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Soft Ochre paint pot all over the lid as the base with the 249. With the 239, apply Golden Lemon pigment with water-based mixing medium on the lower lid. On the inner lid, pack Bright Future eyeshadow on using the 239. Apply Tempting eyeshadow to the middle and outer portions of the lid. Darken crease with Night Manoeuvers eyeshadow using the 226, then deepen with Folie eyeshadow with the 219. Sweep Soft Force eyeshadow underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Honey Liner on lower lash line. Apply Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Eversun blush using the 129, then highlight with Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer with the 188. Apply Sunsational lipstick to lips, and then top with Style Warrior lipglass for color and shine.

Check out more photos!

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113 thoughts on “Look – Quick & Dirty Style Warrior Yellow & Brown Look

  1. Tekoa

    I like it

  2. Nicole15

    I kind of felt the same way Christine, like Night Manouevers really wasn’t going to do it for me either. Def. passing on that color. Tempting though is a nice color to pair with Bright Future. Maybe some brown liner like UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon on the upper lash line would balance it all out since it has the gold flecks in it. Who knows…like you said – live & learn!!! :)

  3. i liked it..:)
    just some other dark brown to deepen the crease wud have looked more pretty…but again, i m not expert…:)

  4. Sarah

    i like it.

    this look will definitely work for some and not for others.
    cant wait to get my hands on these colors.. ill forsure try this look!

    ps. love the addition of Urban Decay’s Honey :)

  5. KyaLyn

    I love the lips! I may just have to get Style Warrior lipglass….I’m already getting Sunsational.

  6. nunu

    So pretty!



  8. Natalie

    Maybe I am the only one.. But I like Night Manoevres on this look! Because Bright Force is such a bright, yellow color, Night Manoeveres makes it more subdued look, without making it so brassy like Tempting does. You have a great combination there, Christine! Love it :)

  9. JennXOXO

    It’s pretty!! Beautiful look, Christine!

  10. It’s always good to try new things. It was a success in that you learned what you might want to do differently in the future. Keep it up!

  11. Macaddict

    Like it 2! Not as much as 1st Style Warrior look u did,though…We all have faves.
    Love Night Manoeuver and it goes well with the yellow e/s. Good job! Keep being inspired with new combo ideas Christine! U rock! xP

  12. Nicole15

    Christine – Maybe if Night Manouevers wasn’t totally doing it for you, a swipe of Satin Taupe over would’ve given it more oomph. Just an idea, maybe I’m off track, but could work.

    • Oh, yeah, that’s definitely a good way to brighten up the look, but I only wanted to use Style Warrior colors, LOL! SO I refused to use anything else to fix it. I figured maybe the look would work on someone else instead :)

      Thank you!!

  13. Arielle

    I like the look..Urban Decay honey liner is to DIE for! I just got it. They make good bases too:)

  14. Mara

    I actually like Bright Future paired with Tempting! Warm and summery. It seems Night Manouevers is a bit on the cool side… Maybe it’s just too gray for this look.

    I like the lips, too. Very sheer and shimmery – evokes images of a hot summer day on the beach!

  15. i dunno what ur talkin about hon, this look is amazing on you!!!! love it!!! u look gorgeous!

  16. Mikki

    Oh my god gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous amazing!

    I LOVE THOSE EYESHADOWS. I want them so bad

  17. saira

    Thanks for doing this look :) You’ve convinced me to pick up Sunsational for sure!

  18. Daria

    you look so pretty! You make all the colors look great

  19. cloudburst

    I think Night Manouvers suits you just not perhaps with the yellow shadow, it’s pobably better suited with cool colours.

  20. gio

    I really like this look. You look lovely!

  21. Stephanie

    actually i like the yellow and the mixture it helps me firgure out what i want thanks C

  22. Gabsta

    I wasn’t too fussed with the look at first glance, but the more I look at it the more I like it. I think I will give this look a go :)

  23. Mag

    I like the interesting combination of gold, brown and taupe. A lovely way of using them!

  24. Nathalie

    It’s been several time you’re using that Urban Decay Honey 24/7 Liner (gold). It’s amazingly gorgeous.

  25. Dominique

    Loooooove the color combination and your soooooooo pretty!!!!

  26. Bettina

    I love it as always Christine, you always do a great job stepping out of your box and doing what very few people actually have the balls to try..I think I have already posted that you have inspired me to start stepping out of mine a little. In fact today I decide to try putting juxt on my lid, and shadowy lady(since I don’t have Nocturnelle yet) in my outer corner, with sushi flower in my crease and a touch of rule above that. A bolder combiation for me honestly..I am still sort of getting used to brighter and bolder combinations. :)

  27. daphne

    The color scheme is okay, but I think the combination of the warm (Tempting and Folie) and cool (Night Maneuvers) browns is throwing me off. I think either warm or cool browns could work well with bright yellow, but both together is not ideal (obviously, one intuitively thinks of warm, but I do like how Night Maneuvers and Bright Future go together and provide a contrast!). I could really see Satin Taupe, as someone above said, with the yellow and Night Maneuvers, or replacing Night Maneuvers with a more neutral brown.

    Obviously, the blending and placement is gorgeous as always! I have tons of fun coming up with color combinations but still really struggle with blending, especially if my crease color is really dark. Practice practice, I know :)

  28. aradna

    christine–i actually like the night maneouvres in the crease…you’ve put together a really nice combination! i’m looking forward to checking out these colours when they come out here.

  29. i like the look, but it’s a bit messy.

    it reminds me of honey :) really like the color scheme!

  30. Dee

    I don’t mind the look. I did Bright Future/Tempting last week, and it’s cute together. I’m kind of upset that I didn’t realize I already had a tempting from my Cult of Cherry quad, but oh well :).

    To all the negative comments, I’m sure Christine doesn’t mind in general if you don’t like her looks, but if you don’t have anything to add to the discussion(like alternative color choices and whatnot), there’s really no point in being negative, you know.

    • Aww! You could return Tempting, though, if you really want to. No shame in that :) (Shame on MAC for repromoting all the time, yeah? LOL!)

      And yes, definitely! I can’t improve/fix/know what you didn’t like unless you tell me!

  31. solessence

    I think it is rather pretty. Would love to see the purplish paired with silver too. The name though…too much like “manure”.

  32. claudia

    These colours suit you beautifully !!

  33. lizzii

    I agree with you Christine. Night maneuvers is not the best color on you. Maybe Magnetic Fields from the neo sci-fi collection [if you still have it]? I love that you love that Honey eyeliner and I’m glad that you made Style Warrior work for you. The lips look goooooorgeous

    • Oh, yeah, I’d definitely would have thrown on a warmer brown (because that’s definitely what it needs for me being so warm-toned), but I was trying to stay in the Style Warrior collection :)

      Thanks for the tips, Lizzii!

  34. The color might not be the best for you, but I love how you blended the colors together. I really love how Tempting kinda makes it flow together. 😀

  35. Deanna

    Christine, I think no matter what look you try, you still look lovely.

  36. Annika

    You’re beautiful as always Christine. While I wouldn’t wear the eye colours you do (I’m just a Blacktrack gal myself), I can appreciate when others do. And your lips and cheeks look very pretty.

  37. barbara

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some are best kept to oneself. Honestly, i dont think this is the appropriate forum to debate skill, this isn’t live journal. Christine never claimed to be a professional makeup artist, just a hobbyist, she is however a PRO beauty blogger, and thats where her props come in. She blogs and gets the beauty scoop like no other, and thats not ass kissing, thats just the TRUTH. IMHO, this look embodies the Style Warrior collection.

  38. Trolling is not allowed, as stated in our Comment Policy. I am very sorry that I was not able to attend to the earlier drama in a more timely fashion.

    Constructive criticism is always permitted, but trolling is not.

    Thank you for your support and understanding!

  39. Bettina

    If I might also add that you even if you don’t love that night maneuver color right away..I’m sure there’s a bunch of ways to spice it up…mix it with something warmer or brighter. Christine you have this amazing ability to mix, match, combine, blend so many colors and create all these combinations..most of us probably haven’t even thought of yet. You will find something spiffy to do with that color, I have faith in you. :)

  40. I love how you’re always so unique with your colors! I have trouble thinking of what looks to do sometimes, but I’m always inspired by your color pairings!! I’ve occasionally made the mistake of pairing cool and warm and thinking it came out horrible looking, but then someone else will like it. :-) To each their own, right? And the greatest part: makeup comes off! You wipe it off and start fresh tomorrow! That’s not to say I don’t like this look though, I certainly do! And I just wanted to say that I appreciate your creativity and boldness – you always put yourself out there no matter what and I admire you!

    • Aww, thank you Heather! I am so flattered to have inspired you :)

      And oh yeah, that’s definitely the best part — you can remove it in thirty seconds if you hate it. You can rock it around the house for hours (like I did), before you decide you don’t like, too. OR pile more on top to fix 😉

  41. Skyler

    Sooo glad I got Sunsational and Style Warrior. I LOVE the lips for this look. They are right up my alley. 😀 I am placing my order tomorrow. Can’t wait. I am going to buy Bright Future because it’s quite different than most MAC shadows, but I don’t think I can pull it off with my NW15 skin. :( It’s so pretty but yellow looks awful on me most of the time.

  42. Rachael

    I think this is most def a lovely look on you, and I love the lippie combo!

  43. Wow, very pretty eyes. I love trying new colors and techniques too. Just maybe she should have some foundation for better face coverage and a better hairdo….

  44. This is one of my fav looks by far!!!

  45. Jody

    I think you are beautiful Christine! (kissing Christine’s butt) I love all of your looks, (kissing Christine’s butt again) but there is always going to be someone with a negative opinion, it is just inevitable. So whaaat, big deal. :)

  46. Jody

    I was actually planning on getting Night Manouevers, do you think this would work if I just applied it as a lid color with Dipdown fluidline as the liner over it and maybe Femmi Fi somewhere in the mix?

  47. Erin H.

    very pretty, Christine.

  48. Stacy

    omg , you killed this look , its so niiiice i love it ! I actually yelled like “yo !! she killed it !!” anyways good job , dont even pay any mind to people talking trash and being negative .

  49. The colors don’t really complement her skin very well. You must know what type of complexion you have and which colors will fit perfectly with your complexion.

    These colors are a little too bright for her skin tone. However I do like the shade of lipstick she chose but it does not correspond with the eye shadow colors.

  50. Adriana

    I love this look Christine, I think it is just awesome, I will try copying it for sure!

  51. Christine this is gorgeous! Those colours are perfect for your eyes :)

  52. Sylvia SHANK


    I love the look… I love to experiment with the yellow tones… maybe if you had worn your hair down, some bangs, it would make you feel better about the color combination… it is after all spring… PUT PEEP IN YOUR STEP….

    I think that perhaps when Christine took her full photo the effect of the close-ups on the shadows (them selves) were not as effective…

  53. barbara

    I agreee, if i wouldnt have liked the look, i would have just been eh? about it and kept it moving, no need to go outta your way to offend someone.

  54. I don’t have bangs any more, unfortunately!

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, Sylvia! :)