Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Look:  MAC Venomous Villains – Maleficent

I used all of the mineralize eyeshadows wet, and these photos were taken at least a half hour after applying (do you know how terrible I am at applying lashes?!), so the color stayed quite vibrant well after they dried.  I went for a greasepaint stick as a base, as I felt like it might be a little tacky and keep fall out to a minimum (true!).  Half lashes look so wonky so close-up – because you can see clearly where the lash ends and the natural lash begins, but at a normal viewing distance, I think they worked really well.  More drama but not the heaviness of a full lash!

And yeah, I paired bold eyes with bold lips.  Don’t you think that’s what Maleficent would have done?

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying French Quarter greasepaint stick as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  Spritz the 239 brush with a little water, and then pick up the emerald green side of She Who Dares and apply to the inner third of the lid.  Repeat but apply the blackened purple side of My Dark Magic to the outer two-thirds of the lid.  With the 272, lightly spritz with water, and then apply the violet-blue side of My Dark Magic into the crease, gently blending upwards.  Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone.  Line the upper lash line with Nocturnal liquid liner and lower lash line with Graffiti liner.  Apply Hello Kitty Lashes on the outer half of each eye.  Finish by sweeping Inimitable Intense mascara on lashes.

For cheeks, apply Briar Rose Beauty powder on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Violetta lipstick first, and then layer Revenge is Sweet lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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410 thoughts on “Look: MAC Venomous Villains – Maleficent

  1. Lady Di.

    Wow! This is such a bold look! Maleficient would be proud!

  2. Autumn

    I love this!! I wish I could get this collection from MAC. Malefacent is my favorite character. 😀

  3. Roxanne

    Woah! This is like… woah! LOVE!

  4. Luna

    This smokey eye looks great on you! :)

  5. Love the colors used! Great job!

  6. Danielle

    AMAZING! I LOVE the eyes!!!

  7. April

    Yep, was definitely buying the Maleficent collection….but if there were any qualms in my mind, they are long long gone now! SO FREAKING PRETTY!

  8. Lince

    Wow!! This look is SOOOOO gorgeous on you!!!

  9. Ashley

    This is awesome! I love the bold eye and lip together, so boo to the naysayers. I like that the shadows even though they’re black based are truly different looking from each other unlike the UD palette you just reviewed. I’m really surprised that your eyes aren’t red from the liner on your top lid though, or did you apply that last? I’m not really sure how to put on false eyelashes or the order so I’m not sure, haha. That lip combo is jaw-dropping, I wish I had the courage to wear a purple lip because if I did that would be the one! But in any case, this is a gorgeous look, and very Maleficent worthy.

    • Thanks, Ashley!

      I actually used some redness relieving eye drops to help minimize the redness for photos, but my eyes were bloodshot all night yesterday. (I took the look off shortly after I did — I knew that readers would want to see it with liner, but I know I can’t wear the liner all day!)

      You can apply eyeliner before or after lashes, but you’ll likely have to apply a bit after, too, to help disguise the lash band! I applied as my lash step (before mascara), because I wasn’t sure if I was going to do lashes initially.

      • Ashley

        I always find it such a shame that when you do looks with eyeliner on the top lid that you can’t wear them out due to it irritating your eyes. :( That must be such a pain! But you look gorgeous with and without, so that’s okay!

        If you’re looking for red relieving eye drops though, I have some for my allergy ridden self that are by Bausch and Laumb called Allergy eye drops or something like that. Even if your eyes are super red and irritated by anything, the drops take it out really fast! They have become a staple in my medicine cabinet for sure!

  10. Shenay

    Omg this is so pretty !!! the eye make up is stunningly gorgeous <3

  11. CJ

    It looks amazing! 😀

  12. Rachel

    oh my…i need those lip colours in my life…stat!!
    beautiful look!

  13. Jayna

    wow, pretty, the look makes me think of a night in French Quarter in New Orleans! Sparkly, Exciting, a little mystery thrown in, great jazz music and FUN!

  14. Ada

    I love the look (eyes, lips, everything), but I don’t think Maleficient would have such a friendly smile. She’d do more of a scary or smug smile don’t you think? 😉

  15. Karen

    This look is so gorgeous Christine!

  16. Sara

    Looks awesome on you Christine!

  17. MissJennyT

    luv it! will a youtube vid be posted?

  18. LU

    So dramatic, love it! :)

  19. Jody

    This isn’t fair!

    I have Young Punk, have sworn I will not get She Who Dares…

    Dang it! You have such pretty eyes to show these. Not Fair I tell you!!!

    I’m going batty. To get Briar Rose, or Oh So Fair? When I already have Summer Rose..
    And I’m getting Violetta… should I get Revenge is Sweet?


    I love your look Christine! Thank you for showing how these look together.

    • LOL!

      I’d pass on Oh So Fair, honestly. it’s just SOOOOOOOO light! I don’t *love* Revenge is Sweet, though it’s pretty over Violetta.

      Thank you, Jody!

  20. Tiffany C.

    too pretty!!! i didn’t want any of the MES’s but now i do!!!!

  21. LuvJ

    Well, to sum it up in one word… WOW. Not a fun of mineralize shadows but I might make exceptions for these ones. So sultry — there’s definitely maleficence and mischief to it 😉 By the way, I spot perfectly placed lashes! Gorgeous Christine!

    • Thank you! I’m not a big fan either, but I do like these — at least with these, they’re shades I don’t already have several in regular pressed form!

  22. Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to buy those mineralize eyeshadows 😀

  23. Kathryn

    I LOVE the combo of Violetta with Revenge is sweet, now I wish I had asked for those for Christmas! But I think I will get more use out of Hot House that I asked for anyways…

  24. Latonya

    Love it! I do the bold eye, bold lip all the time! Woman, you look hot!!

  25. Beatriz Maciel

    Wow, loved it!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joanna

    Wow – you look fabulous, Christine. Great job!

  27. Svetlana

    you look stunning !!

  28. Marcela

    Love, love, love it! And Maleficent would TOTALLY rock this look =)

    I’m not a lipstick person, but I felt bold yesterday and bought Violetta and Revenge is Sweet to layer on top. Can’t wait to use this gorgeous combo!

  29. Kiwi.Cozy

    Ooo very pretty!! 😀

  30. Anna

    I love this! So beautiful! :)

  31. B

    Oh my god! You can totally read minds, this is exactly the tutorial I wanted! (sorry if my english is not good, I’m Dutch)

  32. That is gorgeous!! Dark eye colors and bright lip shades flatter your complexion immensely. Hmm…I didn’t think I wanted the mineralize shadows and I didn’t even bother to swatch them last night but now I think I may have to check them out because this looks so pretty!

  33. I _love_ this! I might just have to get She Who Dares now…

  34. i adore this so much! the green liner on the bottom is my favourite part by far and i LOVE green, purple and pink

    also, random question: do your eyes still freak out if you tightline your eyes?

    • Thank you!

      Yes, they do. I put in redness relieving eye drops about 15 minutes before photos to help make me look less irritated. Nobody wants to see that! Today will be a no makeup day til my eyes calm down a bit.

  35. abby

    Amazing Christine!!!!

  36. kasiaj85

    great makeup!!
    the mineralize shadows look gorgeous!
    is there a lot of fallout? I’ve heard the mineralize shadows are improved…true?

    • Thank you, Kasiaj! There is a little, but very little. Given that it’s such a dark/black shadow, it was surprising!

      I wouldn’t say these have the same texture as In the Groove mineralize shadows, but I do like these more than previous releases.

  37. Melanie

    Gorgeous look :) Love it!

  38. Karen

    Absolutely stunning! This eyeshadow is on my list, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks Kristine!! :)

  39. Abril

    OMG Christine! Your eyes looks so beautiful with false lashes! I think the only thing I’m getting from VV are the Mineralize Eyeshadows! I’m not into the cartoon packaging! Haha! Oh and maybe the liquid powder, it seems very unique…

    • Thank you, Abril! I actually really liked those false lashes and was annoyed to discover they were HK ones, LOL.

      • Abril

        Yes they’re are so pretty! By the way… Random question… Are you planning on reviewing products from Kiehl’s? I’m so into that brand but only have a few things… Would be nice to know what you think of their products! I’m so in love with that brand! Haha!

  40. The Beauty Queen from Mars

    OMG Christine, you look traffic-stopping gorgeous! If Maleficent had worn this look, then Sleeping Beauty would still be asleep since the Prince would have hooked up Maleficent instead 😀

  41. stine

    WOW!, that is a gorgeous look

  42. Rebecca

    such a gorgeous look!

  43. cc

    You made Briar Rose look so good, even on warm skin tones! I was on the fence with it just because of that. Wow, you’ve convinced me I need this too, LOL. Thanks so much!

  44. Jennifer

    wow, that looks amazing! i love it

  45. Ashley

    Amazing! I like the lip you matched with the eyes.

  46. maryelle

    LOVE IT! i’m getting a mardi gras-vibe going on with this look from the green and purple. haha i must have these eyeshadow duos! my city didn’t have an unveiling event so i must wait until the 30th….

  47. Nikelle

    GAAAH!!! Love it! The mineralized eyeshadows are one of the three things I ordered from this collection! yay.

  48. MissDeeCanada


  49. Very nice! I’m really excited about these eyeshadows! Plus I love the lips! :)

  50. Sabah

    Gorgeous look! you have the most amazing eyes! i feel like im going to spend too much on the VV collection.

  51. Isabelle

    Absolutely gooooorrrrgeous !!! Amazing ! I love the colors !

  52. honoluluhoney

    I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!! GORGEOUS! awesome christine, thanks so much!

  53. Laura

    Ok,now I need to get violetta! It looks gorgegous. I get to pickup my items today!!! Yay!

  54. Arnis

    It’s gorgeous.As soon as i get my hands on those stunning eye shadows, i’ll give this look a try. :)

  55. Natasha. S

    The eyes look nice, but not with that kind of bright lip…in my opinion…sorry..

  56. Mary

    Love the look. Love the colors, Are the mineralised shadows worth buying? Cause I am not a huge fan of mineralised shadows, they are not as good as the normal ones.

  57. Andrea

    This looks amazing!!! It makes me want both MES 😛

  58. Don’t you think that’s what Maleficent would have done?

  59. Arduinna4

    Ohhh this is soooo pretty!Especially the lips are so inviting to kiss! 😀 Thats it…i’m getting Violetta!

  60. SweetSurrender

    OK, WOW!! i’m so excited for VV! <3

  61. Fabulous! I can’t wait to play with the mineralized eye shadows. I have to go to work now but I want to play with all my new goodies 😉

  62. Dawn

    Wow, I like what you’ve done with this.

    The eyes are gorgeous, and Violetta is so much more wearable with Revenge Is Sweet on top – think Violetta might make its way onto my ‘wants’ list

  63. Ariana

    Love this look, think I would love it a little more with a black or grey rather than green eyeliner though.

  64. aradhana

    love the close ups of the eye! and the brows!

    i think close-ups of makeup is what makes me so obsessed with it…

  65. Deb

    So gorgeous, Christine! I love the green and purple together, and the bright lip is fabulous! It really captures the collection.

  66. Thought I got all I was going to get from this collection last night, but I may have to go back and get the My Dark Magic Duo!

    This look is GORGEOUS on you!

  67. Elle

    I bet this looks KILLER in person. You look gorgeous! And you’ve also just added two more items to my rapidly expanding wishlist. :)

  68. mel

    I LOVE IT!!!
    Beautiful colors, beautiful glitters :) Maleficient collection it is :)

  69. wow this is by far one of my favorite looks on you. (and I’ve been a temptalia junkie since you launched!) you can pull off a pink lip like nobody’s business (even st. germain(?) looks great on you) I LOVEEEE THIS. your hair looks really pretty too. did you find the mineralized eyeshadows had a lot of fallout? I’ve never worked with them, they scare me lol.

    • Thanks a lot, Angie!

      Nope, not really. There was some, but it was surprisingly little for both mineralize AND being so black/dark. I have more fall out with MAC’s lustre shadows!

  70. Jen

    That looks so awesome… Makes me want the MES actually… gorrrgeous!

  71. Arantzazu

    Amazing! Such a beautiful look and suits you very much =)

  72. Lacey J.

    Awe crap I told myself I was only going to buy Violetta from this collection. I am now considering buying My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow. I normally hate hate hate mineralize eyeshadow but I am willing to make an exception for this one item haha… especially since I missed out on young punk. Do you think My Dark Magic is just as good as young punk?

  73. Wow! That’s pretty hard core! I like how shimmery and sparkly the shadows are, and I think you definitely chose the right liners. It all goes so well together. Maleficient indeed.

  74. Ani_BEE

    Imagine replacing Nocturnal Superslick Liquid Eyeliner with silver glitter in a more defined cat/winged line and this is what my firend did last Halloween with similar shadow shades. ^_^

    It a great look and white/silver acts as a foil to the deep black based colours to keep it fresh instead too Goth/Vampy.

  75. Kathie

    That’s pretty!

  76. Oohh! We’re SOOO close to drag! :) Love it! Just maybe 200% more and you’re there! 😉 Hehe! I really like this though. Geat job! I think the lashes look good!

    • LOL! Bigger lashes, maybe? Bigger hair for sure :)

      It’s a shame MAC doesn’t have such cute half lashes in their permanent line!

      • i agree. i wouldn’t mind seeing a lash collection from them actually. their lashes are pretty good. and they have a ton to choose from, but i’d love to see some more work with feathers and other more costumy lashes. that would be a fun collection to compliment a fall/halloween collection! :)

  77. Hend

    Oh lovely look!!
    magenta looks amazing on you! and that’s rate

  78. Hend

    Oh what a lovely look
    and magenta looks amazing on u , n that’s rare !

  79. lauraaaaa

    omg super disney villain-y!! LOVE

  80. Lia

    love the lips! cant wait to get those colors!

  81. I freaking love this! I will be getting both MES, French Quarter, and Violetta! I’m going to try this look too.

  82. I’m going to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year (on the 31st woot) and I’m going to wear this look. I really like this look a lot. I’ll practice and give it a go. Thanks!

  83. Dini

    Love this look. You look so pretty! This is a great way to wear Violetta. I will have to try this out. And I don’t usually like MAC mineralize products, but I love these shadows. I may have to convert…

  84. Tiffany

    I would so rock this look for going out at night! I’m crazy about this collection, let’s just hope I can get the items I want! Maleficent is my fave villain, Sleeping Beauty is a classic! Thanks for posting this look!

  85. Loveee the lips…the color is gorgeous…I want that pink :)

  86. I love love love it! I don’t really care about the rules ‘only heavy eye makeup OR lips’, if you do it right (not like a everyday thing but going out) it can be awesome!

  87. Carmen

    I really like this! good job!!

  88. Courtney

    LOVE IT!!! That’s stunning, Christine. I wish I had that kind of talent in applying eye makeup.

  89. Rebecca

    This is incredible! I will definately be trying it out once I get my hands on this collection!
    Is there any news on the exact UK release date yet?

  90. Leenie

    this look is pretty on you, I can’t wait to pick up my things from this collection.

  91. Paddychat

    Wouah ! Gorgeous !

  92. dee

    Aww it’s gorgeous. And I always appreciate when you go the extra mile and do the upper liner, since I know your eyes are sensitive.