Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Wherefore art thou Giulette?

I wanted to wear a brighter/bolder lip, but I was also still on my way to school, so I kept everything else very minimal/subtle and let the lips be the focus. I reviewed Giulette earlier this week, and what makes it stand out in a sea of brighter pinks is really the soft coral undertones and the golden sheen. I definitely hope to find a more affordable dupe, but I haven’t quite yet.

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Dior Extase Mascara (black)
  • Face: Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer (medium)
  • Cheeks: Benefit Sugarbomb (peachy-pink)
  • Lips: Guerlain Giulette Lipstick (medium bright pink with coral sheen), Guerlain Crystal Pearl (#800) KissKiss Gloss (sheer iridescent pearl)
  • Brushes: 116 (dense blush brush)

For eyes, lightly sweep lashes with Dior Extase Mascara. For cheeks, apply Benefit Sugarbomb to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116. For lips, apply Guerlain Giulette lipstick first, and then layer Guerlain Crystal Pearl gloss for extra glossy shine.

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70 thoughts on “Lip Look: Everyday with a Bolder Lip

  1. Anitacska

    Very pretty. :) I really need to put less effort into my eye make up to make better use of my bright and bold lipsticks.

  2. I like the color combination from your lips. Indeed bold lips 😀

  3. penelope

    naturally beautiful even without any eyeshadows, the lipstick is really pretty and it gives a beautiful glow to a face.

  4. So pretty! I like the color combinations for the cheeks and lips. Super beautiful.

  5. Radhika

    The lipstick and cheeks are so pretty! You look gorgeous girl!

  6. Radhika

    PS. I think you just totally sold me on the benefit sugarbomb!

  7. Kirsten

    this is really the best look of you I’ve seen here! The most beautiful part of your face is your mouth and not your eyes so I would do a bold lip and neutral eyes more often! Great look!

  8. Amber

    Gorgeous look! My gosh I LOVE that lippie!!!! May have to splurge – I am hoping to get Gems from Ebay soon too! I was sad when I thought I had missed out – so excited!!!!!!!!!

  9. rashmi

    wowwwwwww i just loved the lip colour
    and yes do hunt for a afordable dupe for us ….
    m looking forward to have THE BEST PINK LIPSTICK
    pls suggest any good colour
    so far i love Dior’s backstage pink
    and mac’s lustering
    pls tell me ur fav pink apart from sweetie ….

  10. amy

    i love the no makeup look for the eyes with the rosy cheeks and bold lips. It is so fresh and easy to do andit is less time consuming to a bold lip then a bold eye. I think for the spring I will go back to a bold lip, nude eye combo. I am loving the look of Sugar Bomb blush as well and I must try to put it in my budget this month!

    • Thanks, Amy! :) Bold lips can definitely be quicker than bold eyes… and not as difficult to do! Sometimes a bold eye look can result in a few mistakes, ha!

  11. Sash

    I love it! You look so fresh faced! Gosh, I love when your hair is pulled back. We get a chance to see your beautiful face properly. Do it more often, please!
    Any who, I love bolder lips these day. Yet, I’m a bit hesitant to try it on myself too often.
    By the way, forgive me and my forgetful self, do you wax your eyebrows? Do you get them done professonally? I thread for three bucks. Every 2 weeks or so. Hve you ever thried that?

    • Thanks, Sash!

      I don’t wax or thread, I just pluck as I need to. I’ve threaded in the past (though it’s $12 + tip here), but it makes me break out something awful!

      • Sash

        Really? 12 bucks? Some people still pay 2 bucks here! We have a lot of Indians and Middle Easterns here. Well, I’m relieved.
        NOTE: To all the Middle Easterns and Indians in Toronto visiting this site and is a beauticians, disregard Christine’s $12 remark! LOL

        • I like threading and I don’t. Again, since it breaks me out, obviously not a good thing for *me*, but sometimes I feel like my brows look overdone in a sense… sometimes I like it… I try to bear the break outs every 6-8 months just to get them into some shape, then I just tweeze as necessary to maintain the shape!

  12. K

    I like it! I have issues with a lot of lip products, though, so I don’t wear a lot of lip stuff.

  13. aradhana

    you look amazing!
    and not much makeup at all…
    i need to go try out that benefit sugarbomb…

  14. Sher

    That looks so pretty on you. It reminds me a bit of Popster with more coverage, though.

    Did you ever review the Essential Oils from Warm & Cozy? I was looking for the review but I don’t know if I missed it.

    • Thanks, Sher!

      Not yet, LOL. I am too chicken to try them on my face for fear of breaking out :( I have been having such a good skin month I’m terrified to break it!

  15. This look is lovely! I will be getting Sugarbomb, and now I need Dior Dentelle after your review. Dangerous place :)

  16. Rowan

    I love that lipgloss color on you! It’s too peachy for me. But I bought Sugarbomb today! I am so looking forward to trying it out! *does a dance*

  17. Katherine

    Christine – I’ve found a fairly close dupe to Giulette in my stash. It’s not “exact” but the closest I’ve found. It’s Shiseido’s Shimmering Lipstick – SL 11. It’s ever so slightly pinker and maybe a fraction more pigmented. But on the lips, it’s very similar. If you have a Shiseido counter nearby, go check it out. They are $22.50. (I think with a golden gloss on top, it would be hard to tell the difference)

  18. oooh I want this color so bad. And now I see a potential dupe?? Wheee!! :)

  19. Kristina

    Love this, so pretty!

  20. Samantha

    This lipstick looks so good on you! When you’re just going to school, how much staying power does it have until the end of the school day? I talk a lot at school, eat lunch.. etc so I find that using lipstick/lipgloss is a hassle sometimes!

  21. Beautiful! I want to try this :)

  22. Bernice


    I think you look great but I just wanted to suggest something. I hope you don’t mind:

    Could you not add brow gel or pencil in your eyebrows because I’m interested in how they look since my eyebrows are still a work in progress and I think it might be even more natural. I don’t know I’m just curious I hope you don’t mind!

  23. Carol

    That looks so pretty on you.

  24. Sixx

    This blush looks gorgeous on you and I’ve been wanting to purchase it but I can’t get passed the cardboard box packaging! Hence, though I love Benefit—have yet to try any of their blushes.

  25. Rosie

    I love the lips! You look so happy here :).

  26. perfect! Love Sugarbomb on you and that’s a gorgeous lip color too :)

  27. Katie

    I love this colour! Let me just say that you have AMAZING eyebrows!

  28. Gorgeous look!! I really love it! 😀

  29. Carolina

    This is a lovely look. Smooth, perky and cute. Well done. :)

  30. Laura

    You look lovely!! I’ve noticed that you have been using Khiels tinted moisturizer! I need a tinted moisturizer , do u know if this works well with oily acne prone skin? Thanks and I need to get that benefit sugarbomb cheek blush!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Laura!

      You might like Korres Tinted Moisturizer (it’s my favorite), which has a matter finish than Kiehl’s (which is a little dewy) if you have oilier skin!

  31. Jasmine

    You look so young and fresh with your hair pulled back and a natural eye look.

  32. Alex

    I was looking at your post reviewing this month’s looks and I was drawn to the bold lip looks (though there is only 2 of them!) because I think that its faster to go with a bold lip when you’re in a hurry and look more made up. Anyways, I love reading the comments section of your posts because I like how down to earth you are and how you respond to us and I sometimes even find some tips!
    When you said in this posts that you are looking for a cheap dupe of the guerlain lippie (guerlain is such a big thing in the latin community…i dont know why?!? but I stear clear cuz of $$$$$) I was surprised that no one mentioned IMPASSIONED amplified creme lipstick from MAC! They say its an “Amplified Fuscia” but really its a coral hot pink that I for sure thought you were using when I clicked the link and was excited to see how you were using yours until i noticed it wasn’t that one. Anyways, give it a try…hope this helps cuz it looks very similar and you can just put a pearly lipgloss on top to get that same if not similar look!

    • I wish Impassioned look like that on me! Impassioned is SUPER SUPER bright and very fuchsia… no pretty golden sheen on me at all :( Totally not coral on my lips!

      • ALEX

        aww :/ funny how that happens. My mac guy says i have very brown lips for my light to medium skin tone so thats probably why. By the way…tried out the cabana corals this weekend from bobbi brown thanks to you! I wasnt impressed with the lippies….pretty much all the same shade on my brown lips….but the cabo cabana pot rouge!!!!!! i squeeled. probably the best coral lip AND cheeck on me ever!!! and i have searched high and low for that since highschool even before it was on trend.

  33. I need this lipstick!