Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

The original lip combo megapost (with just over 150 combinations) hasn’t been updated since late July, so I think it’s about time for an update! Here are 42 additional combinations taken from the past six months… but first, let me point you to some resources you may want to see.

Product photos of all of my lipsticks and lipglasses; swatches of all of my lipsticks and lipglasses.  This way when a color is limited, you can at least see what it looks like alone.

Thrills lipstick and Vital Spark lipglass

Check out forty-one more…

Tiger Tiger lipstick with Apex 3D glass

Curtsy lipstick with Lightswitch 3D lipglass

Fashionably Fuchsia (bright pink) lipstick with Lightswitch 3D lipglass (sheer irridescent shimmer with pink and purple undertones)

Strawberry Blonde lipstick with Tartlette lipglass

Cherish lipstick with Vital Spark lipglass

Strawberry Blonde lipstick with Apex 3D glass

Barely Lit lipstick with Bare Truth lipglass

Brew lipstick with Atmospheric lipglass

Mellow Rave lipstick with Bare Truth lipglass on my lips

Sparks Can Fly lipstick with Lull lipglass

Bazarrish lipglass

Viva Glam I

Sparks Can Fly lipstick with Lull lipglass

Mari-sheeno lipstick with Mouthwatering lipglass

Immodest lipstick (mattene) with Hothouse lipglass

Style It Up lipstick with Rust reflects glitter (with clear lipglass)

Rougette mattene lipstick with Atmospheric lipglass and a dusting of Lovely Lilac beauty powder

Style It Up lipstick with Guava pro gloss and Reflects Bronze glitter

Up-note lipstick with Bendel Girl lipglass

Queen’s Sin lipstick with Red Romp lipglass

Thrills lipstick with Poetique lipglass

Snob Appeal lipstick with Contessa lipglass

Overrich lipstick with Vibrational lipglass

Overrich lipstick with Magnetique lipglass and Reflects Antique Gold glitter

Pomposity lipstick with Contessa lipglass

Soft Pout lipstick with Vital Spark lipglass

Overrich lipstick with Red Romp lipglass

Antiquitease lipstick with Red Romp lipglass

Culture Class lipstick with Contessa lipglass

The Scene lipstick with Red Romp lipglass

Blueblood lipstick with Crystal Rose lipglass

Antiquitease lipstick with Body Mind lipglass and Boundless 3D glass

Queen’s Sin lipstick (lightly) with Backlit 3D glass

Queen’s Sin lipstick with Red Romp lipglass

Thrills lipstick with Glamoursun lipglass

Fun Fun lipstick with Poetique lipglass and Reflects Bronze glitter

Rozz Revival lipstick with Full On Lust lipglasso

3N lipstick with 2N lipglass

Twig Twig lipstick with Full On Lust lipglass

Pomposity lipstick with Backlit 3D glass and Tres Cher! lipglass

Tiger Tiger lipstick with Vital Spark lipglass and Tres Cher lipglass

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55 thoughts on “Lip Combos and Combinations Megapost Part 2

  1. OMG! SO PRETTY! Seriously! Looking at these makes me want to go play with makeup right now! LOL!

    But seriously, 2 questions:

    1) OMG, how do you to take a pic of your makeup each day for this? I mean, it’s great for us to see on the site, but isn’t it a pain in the butt?

    2)How does your boyfriend deal with your lipstick/gloss? I sometimes don’t even wear lip products just because most guys I’ve been with will shy away from kissing me if I’m wearing any lipstick or gloss.

    • Hey Mariah!

      Well, I take photos when I do my makeup, and it helps that people seem to enjoy looking at whatever look I’ve done, so I post and can always come back later on to gather the info :) It honestly takes less than 5 minutes to take photos of my eyes, lips, and face! I’ve got it down to a science!

      Since moving in with my boyfriend, I definitely wear a LOT less lipstick/gloss. When I do want to wear something and still kiss him a lot, I opt for MAC’s prolong/lustrewears since they’re kiss proof (makeout proof – sort of, but not 100%). Usually, though, I’ll don lipstick/gloss before we leave somewhere and get a bunch of kisses in before we leave!

  2. Janis

    Thanks for posting these! Love all of them. Is Strawberry Blonde a LE lipstick? I really like it!

    • No problem! Yep, sadly it was limited edition. The pay off and part of the color did remind me of N3 lipstick. The only thing is Strawberry Blonde is more of a peachy-pink than just a pink (like N3).

  3. Zsofi

    really great job!!!!!!

    i am shocked that i never noticed the lip combo megapost before.

    i thought that i read everything on the site,and now it comes as a surprise…

    how can this be?!?!?! :-DDDDDD

  4. Nell

    Thank you so much, Christine! I love your lip combo posts.
    What would be even greater, would be to see a pic of the lipstick alone on your lips and then with various “overcoats” of gloss.
    I wish I hadn´t missed so many great LE items!

  5. lisa

    Was so looking forward to a new lip combo post:D. Could u please tell me what would be a good substitute for vital spark lipglass?

    • :) I was kind of sad that there weren’t more! I was like, “What?!! That’s it!” I honestly thought it was going to be a bigger post, which, to be frank, is one of the reasons why I’ve put it off for awhile, lol.

      Gosh, Vital Spark was kind of a unique color, amongst the permanent line. I’d probably say Lust is Lush lipgelee is the closest :( Vital Spark is a very peachy-orange color.

  6. aziajs

    Thanks!! I’m sure that took alot of time and organization.

  7. Camilla

    beautiful!!! especially the warm shades i love warm colors on lips <3

  8. cosine

    And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

    Anyways, just thought I’ll share that the Fafi collection is released on 12th Feb in Singapore and because my time zone +8.00, I’ll actually be getting my Fafi when its the 11th in US! This is a first for MAC here! Usually or should I say since my first MAC days, I’ve never heard of Singapore releasing collections earlier than in US or even on the same day as US. We are always weeeeeeeeks behind. For example, the N collection just arrived 2 days ago here… honestly but =.= what the hell.

    There are of course advantages because I can look at your reviews and decide beforehand on what I’ll be getting! =D Please please please please please NEVER NEVER EVER give up blogging ya? =D


  9. Crystal

    Your lips are sooo beautiful.. i love all the looks so much, there isnt one that i wouldnt wear. I love you site, i couldnt imagine going a day without it!.. keep up the good work hun!… p.s. how excited are you for FAFI!?!?

  10. Davina

    hi! just wanted to say i’m new here, but absolutely love your site. i’ve always been a bit intimidated by makeup, but have started playing around and now i am addicted!! thank you soooo much for your tutorials & recommendations. i was inspired to finally go to the MAC counter & ended up with the best foundation match ever (studio fix fluid NC15-i need some sun!) , i am so happy!

    in fact, i think i’ll sneak back today & grab a couple of these combos, i never knew how multi-dimensional lip color could be with l/p & l/g combined – thank you for these pics!

    • Thank you Davina! :) I’m so glad that you’re no longer intimidated by makeup, it’s such a fun thing to play with!

      And isn’t Studio Fix Fluid awesome?!

  11. Your lip collection looks like so much fun! It’s like Disneyland for lips.

  12. Damn you & your Strawberry Blonde! I want this lipstick soooo bad! haha.

    Thanks for the great combo inspirations :)

  13. Sophia

    I just went lip gloss/lipstick shopping yesterday…grr I wish I would have waited!

    Very nice combos.

  14. Stephanie

    This post is great! I am always focused so much on eyes, that I seem to neglect my lipstick and gloss collection, which is quite large-but you’ve inspired me to get it going again. Thanks!

  15. christine

    You have such pretty lips!

  16. ilovecheese

    Oh I had no idea there could be so many shades/hues of pink! I love all of them – your lips are so pretty! Would love to see them in a brownish shade – maybe you don’t like that shade? I like Bazzarish, looks great on you!

    • You’d be amazed! So many subtle differences :)

      Brown tends to totally wash me out, unfortunately. Bazzarrish, OMG, makes me look like I’m dead! I never wear colors that dark usually.



    LOVE ‘EM!!!

  18. Allysha

    Hey Christine! Awesome post…you have Queen’s Sin lipstick with Red Romp lipglass twice! :)

  19. tatiana

    hey Christine do you think Lipstick -Bombshell & Lipstick -Creme de la Femme are very similar… because i want a bubble gum pink lipstick…. but they look so a-like!?

    • Hey Tatiana!

      Oh goodness, no, they’re not. Bombshell is a bright pale pink and Creme de la Femme is more like a purple pink! Bombshell is the way to go for a bubblegum pink! Even Snob is a good choice.

  20. Christine B

    Thank you for doing this much work. These are so helpful! I was just wondering about the pictures of Snob Appeal and Culture Class with Contessa. They appear to be the same picture (I’m crazy and was comparing). I really like the combination and was wondering if you could tell me which it really was. Thanks!

  21. Sash

    OMG, thanks so much for this Christine! I love the way you blend!

  22. Sash

    DAMN, I can’t afford all that!
    *Runs off to get an Avon Catalog*…LOL

  23. Evelyn

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if you knew a good dupe for Poetique lipglass? I can’t seem to find it on the MAC website.

    P.S. This post (and your whole site) is so helpful!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together.

    • Hey Evelyn! Unfortunately there isn’t really a great dupe for it :( It’s a dirty orange-brown kind of color for reference.


  24. ari

    Hey! Can you do a post like this except with only permanent MAC collection lip items?! That would be great, thanks so much, these posts help A LOT in choosing lip colors!