Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Summer Riviera:  Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer ($45.00 for 1.41 oz.) wins the award for the prettiest product of the summer. (I would say year, but I suppose that’s just a wee bit premature. But let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised…) This is a collector’s item for sure, even though the bronzer itself is certainly lovely, there’s just no way for what’s underneath the design to compete with the intricate, woven pattern you see first.

Often during the summer, Lancome releases a specially designed, limited edition bronzing compact (more like compact disc…). This is not your ordinary bronzer, because this is about five times the size of the average bronzer (which is around 0.30 oz., while Lancome’s weighs in at 1.41 oz.). The compact is about the size of a music CD and half an inch thick and in a soft-glossed bronze plastic. Inside is a large-sized mirror (goes with the territory!), and then the holy grail of overlays.

But sadly, yes, as anticipated, all of the prettiness you see is an overlay. The subtle metallic gradient is an overspray that disappears once you start working your way through the bronzer. This is why I say it truly is a collector’s item, because there is no way to salvage or preserve the gorgeous-ness that is the design if you actually intend to use it. There is still a subtle shimmer-sheen to the bronzing powder, so it’s not entirely matte underneath.

The bronzer itself is a soft, silky-smooth sheered down bronze with slight orange undertones. It’s sheer enough that it’s great for those who are new or otherwise afraid of bronzer and going overboard. You won’t end up looking like an Oompa Loompa with this one! I do like that you’ll most likely never run out of bronzer with this compact.

I’m sure some of you are going to wonder why does this product still earn high marks even though the design is an overspray–that’s because it’s a known quantity with the bronzer, it’s not supposed to. It’s like pretty packaging on the inside instead of a funky compact, whether that makes you sad or not!

Can I just say that I would have died if Lancome had made the design go all the way through? I received this one as a press sample, but I’m probably going to buy another one, just to stare at and drool over–and this is something I never do. I’ve long since gotten over “ruining” designs and the like on products, but this one, I hesitated. I snapped a zillion photos, showed the boyfriend, and then said, “In the name of all that is beauty blogging…” and went to town.  But I pouted the whole time!

Ahh!  Just dreaming about a wickedly metallic, glowy deepened bronze that faded across to a brightened gold bronzer AND went all the way through makes me sigh inside.  Who’s with me?  Tell me I’m not alone! :)

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: If you love bronzer and use it frequently–but want a subtle bronzer–Lancome’s ginormous bronzers aren’t a bad way to go. If you are a collector, the design on this is difficult to pass on!

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See more photos & swatches!

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer
Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer
All gone :(

Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer
Are you as sad as I am?

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79 thoughts on “Lancome Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Eliza

    It’s so gorgeous!!!! haha makes me want it too!

  2. Kate M.

    You are right Christine, it’s SO exquisite!!!  I could never touch it and bare to ruin
    the bamboo design…it really looks like a bamboo mat!  I would want to buy it and 
    hang it up as a display it looks so beautiful!!!

  3. Dawn

    It looks absolutely stunning, but I’m one of those who couldn’t bear to ruin it by using it, so I won’t be buying

  4. YJ

    AHHHHH that’s sooooo pretty!!!! I don’t know if I could buy it because it’s too gorgeous to mess up, and if I did buy it, I wouldn’t be able to resist not using it! Haha =)

  5. Natalie

    My condolences Christine! Gosh, I feel you pain lol. It is way too pretty to use :(

  6. everydaygrace2000

    You crack me UP! And nobody blames you for being sad . . . although it does look lovely on your skin. :)

  7. Pam

    this looks pretty :)

  8. oh its gorgeous.. I read a tutorial yesterday about putting a bit of bronzer on legs for glow/shine and it also makes them seem thinner? So i’ve been looking for a bronzer and I can’t wait for this one. There’s a ‘lustre drops’ coming out from MAC too so i’m going to compare the two first 😀 thanks christine!!

    • Yeah, it’s kind of the idea of contouring your leg / adding darkness to “shadow” it so it looks thinner :)

      Lustre Drops are more of a highlighter!

  9. I’m with you! And I did give a little “awww” when I saw the pic of the bronzer post-swatch. I think we need help:)

  10. Eve

    The last 2 pics really make me :(

  11. Erin

    That is GORGEOUS! I can’t get over how pretty that is. but I really don’t have the $45 to shell over for a pretty powder that I won’t ever want to use because of its intricate, gorgeous overspray. :[ I really would just want to frame it!

  12. raquel

    I’ve *almost* died and gone to heaven! This bronzer looks absolutely beautiful!! You are not alone Christine, if the design went all the way through, I’m sure I would be flabbergasted as well! :)

  13. Evelyn

    oh my that is so gorgeous!!! I want one…to stare at…I would love if the design went completely through. That would have been fantastic. *sigh*

  14. Linda

    oh wow! its beautiful! I’m definitely going to pick this one up!

  15. K

    Ahh, I am definitely with you on this one! Now I’m wanting 2 of these. 1 to stock, and 1 to rock! It looks gorgeous and it would be a pity to ruin the design. *sigh*

  16. min

    If that overspray had gone all the way through.. I completely love it! It looks like it should be hung up on a wall or something as a piece of art. Not put in a compact and shut away.

  17. Marta Fernandes

    I’m not a bronzer girl, but I would buy this one for the sheer beauty of it.

  18. Andrea

    It looks like a really good bronzer as well! But I would never have the heart to use it, I’m hesitant even to eat a chocolate bunny!

  19. Jennifer

    So gorgeous I would never want to use it lmao.
    I would just stare and use the mirror, especially knowing the beauty is just an overlay.

  20. I’m not going to get it because I couldn’t bear destroying it and have far too many pretty powders to look at already. :)

  21. This is so beautiful, it’s a pity to destroy the pattern :)

  22. Connie

    oh my! it’s GORGEOUS and will go lovely with the decor in our living/dining room… lol
    But you mentioned the evil word orange! Have you had a chance to try this on your face? I’m working if the orange tones will be too much?

  23. Alexis

    I am soooooooooooooooo SAD
    I’m debating about buying this but I would feel like a total ASS if I didn’t use it!

  24. Kaylynrenee

    I still have that moment of hesitation with all pressed and formed cosmetics but THIS?! The used photos broke my heart!

  25. ocelot1

    so sad!!! :( for the prices that companies charge- it should go all the way down and not just be an overspray. ridiculous.

  26. It looks so cool in the pan!!!! Too bad it’s just an overlay, but atleast there’s still texture 😛

  27. HC

    SO GORGEOUS and YEAH I AM SO SAD. If I buy this, I might have to buy two. ACK! I guess it’ll make up for the lack of haulage I did this week?? haha!!

    Btw, would it look good on my NC25 skin?

  28. OMG totally gorgeous! I love this so much. :)

    My heart totally sank when I saw the after shots! What a disaster! I think you should definitely get a backup just to admire.

  29. Natasha

    I think I’m gonna get that!
    It’s super pretty.

  30. Milessa

    So sad!!! Wish the design went all the way through!!! So pretty, too bad :(

  31. Vanessa

    Ah! No! I am sad! =(

  32. HC

    Are any of the department stores going to be receiving Lancome’s summer 2010 collection? Or is it only

    • It should be — I’m thinking it just might not be out online, at least… One reader said she picked up the last two at her department store!

  33. Teresa

    You are not alone! This is soooo beautiful! It took my breath away! I don;t know how you swatched it AND enough to show it as an overspray … so sad :( Very brave and strong of you, lol!

    All else I can think of is wanting your various regular sized pics of this so I can make it my desktop wallpaper!!! Oh please oh please??!?? :)

  34. Lara

    Hey Christine, I know this is irrelevant, but what camera do you use? All your photos turn out so well!

    Also, I’d have posted this one the review but I can’t seem to find it; I just received Chanel Le Vernis in Illusion d’Or but layered over it a standard, glossy black. However, they purple glitters don’t show as well as in your photos. Do you think its cause of the black I used? And did the glitters show as well in real life as they did in your photos when you layered it over Black Velvet? Thanks!

    • Hmm, another reader *just* commented that they layered it over OPI Black Onyx (I think that’s it!) and got the same effect, so I think you can use it over another black polish, not just Black Velvet.

      But yes, it totally came out true-to-photos!

  35. diana

    I definitely ant to try this. Most bronzers look to severe, and this one at least seems like it wont make me look like I rubbed my face in dirt.

  36. Brielle

    AHHH! I just got back from Nordstroms! I bought the last 2 the lady had in stock! woohoo for drooling over bronzer! lol!

  37. Crystal

    I am so excited! I use bronzer almost daily. I just can’t stand not having a glow I guess. I bought the Cherub bronzer from the Summer collection 2 summers ago & it lasted me a year and a half, almost 2 years…mind you I used it everyday! When I found out this was launching I had to get it…& I did!

  38. I would never use it lol it’s toooo pretty!

  39. didinium

    Oh my god, it’s _beautiful_! Imagine omg-cat here. :p

  40. Wowzers for the beauty and the size.

  41. Traci

    I think that is the most beautiful product ever!

  42. Kat

    Its too pretty to use

  43. Mia

    Oh so pretty….. and yes… too pretty to use :(
    I’ll just admire the artistry :)

  44. ezzie

    it’s sooo PRETTY! it’s a shame that the design fades away though :(

  45. Crystal

    AAAHHH!!! It’s sooo pretty! But it’s sad that the design goes away after one swipe. And $45 is a bit pricey for bronzer. But the design is sooo pretty and it makes me want it so much lol.

  46. S

    Christine, is this very sparkly? How would you compare it to Estee Lauders exotic bronzing blush? Thanks!

  47. LNU

    WOW. I’d buy it just to stare at it, lol.

  48. Krys

    Would this be too light or sheer on darker skintones? Say on a nc35 or slightly darker skintone?

  49. The picture of it (after use) makes me so sad. I FEEL the pain..LOL. The color looks gorgeous plus the it looks HUGE -will last forever. Will you do any looks with this?

  50. Aww… I wanted that bronzer because of bamboo design on it. Too bad that it removes so easily with just after a swatch or two. :( Then again, it’s Lancome and like you said that it’s big so it’s still worth purchasing. Size of a music CD huh? That _is_ bigger than a normal bronzer.

  51. I think this is a great collector’s item but I am more of a Tokidoki girl :-)

  52. Bellcheria

    When I saw the last two pictures I DID pout…Omg, thats so sad .///.
    *scrolls to top to look at the pretty pictures*

  53. Andrea

    Thanks for the photo’s. I just bought this last week, only I bought it before reading this. The bronzer I saw was the store tester and was tested down without a pretty overlay. Soooo I thought I was just gettin’ a big bronzer. Well I just opened the thing and now I’m staring at it in awe and trying to figure out how the hell am I going to be able to use this? It’s just too pretty to ruin.

  54. Ember

    Christine, when you said this bronzer was big, I never imagined how big. Wow. Huge. Definitely not your pocket size. And so pretty.

  55. asha

    You know what,I am readin this review for the first time, I may or may not like this product, but i really like to read this review.. I can seriously read it any number of times :)

  56. Stef

    That last photo made me go all “Awwwwwww” :(

  57. Grace Chin

    DAMN!!! all gone!!!sad