Friday, January 20th, 2012

Lancome Spring 2012 Collection: Roseraie des Delices

For Spring 2012, Lancôme is delighted to invite you to a makeup garden party! Inspired by sumptuous treats, this collection melts macaroons and sweets with eye shadows and lipsticks. The pastel colors remind us of sweet macaroon flavors. Sweet marmalade, green almond and rose candy to satisfy your appetite. Delicious gloss shades of Dreamsicle, Spring Fling, Miracle and fresh cheek color of Cosmopolitan Pink and Tangerine Tint for a gourmand collection.

Illuminating Powder ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

  • La Roseraie Multi-color powder blush embossed with a delicate rose

Color Design 5-Pan Shadow and Liner Palette ($49.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Rose Romance Soft pinks, peach, burgundy
  • Vert Tendresse Mint and forest greens

Le French Touch Absolu Nu ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Cotton Candy Soft pink

L’Absolu Nu Replenishing & Enhancing Lipcolor ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Rose Petal Sheer bright pink
  • Sweet Marmalade Sheer bright coral

Color Fever Gloss ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Green Petal Translucent soft green
  • Tangerine Petal Sheer soft coral
  • Rose Petal Sheer baby pink

availability: February 2012 at all Lancome counters and

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41 thoughts on “Lancome Spring 2012 Collection: Roseraie des Delices

  1. Amy

    Oh please review the cheek and lip products. The mint green palette is already on my wish list >=D

  2. Dominique

    It’s a very pretty collection. We have 3 lipsticks here in France I took the ” Marshmallow” one, the powder blush is very delicate and the quad in ” Romance ” is very nice too. The 3 gloss look fine, when I saw ” La Roseraie des Délices ” in preview I was much impressed. Aaron de Mey’s inspiration is so great for spring.

  3. t_zwiggy

    I’m not a Lancome person at all, but I want everything from this collection! Amazing spring colors! 😀

  4. Some of the items are gorgeous does anyone have much experience with lancome?!

    • Dominique


      Yes I do have some experience with make-up from Lancôme ( belongs to L’Oréal ). Some products are very good, others are really bad. It depends on what you need or search. Mascaras are good, Teint miracle is good, loose and pressed powders are ok too. Lancôme will soon launch the ” Rouge in Love ” in 24 shades + Vernis in Love, 24 shades too. Wait and see. But on the whole it is true that Lancôme is not so good as Chanel, Nars or Guerlain. This spring collection is beautiful, it’s the first time I have purchased so many products from Lancôme( make up ), I can’ wait to see their new lipsticks.

    • Amanda

      I work at a Lancome counter and I must say the 5 pan shadows are my favorite!

      • Dominique


        Here in France it’s a quad ! You in the US have a different palette, pretty close to a palette grom Guerlain. Anyway, the eyeshadows palettes are really great !

    • Rebecca

      I recently started purchasing lancome and I must say I do really love their products!! They have lovely some eyeshadows but the 5 pan palettes are stand outs, the quality and pigmentation is great and the selection they have is amazing. I really love their lipsticks and the juicy tubes, they are great and smell so fruity and nice though a few I have seem a tad stickier than others but I still love them. I also love their Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, it takes off everything! Just a forewarning, you will be addicted after you try their products!!

      • Dominique


        Yes that’s true, make-up removers from Lancôme are very good. Gentle products, and moreoever they smell really good. I don’t know if theye removed paraben and other noxious substances though.

  5. Now this is the first that i have seen green lipgloss, wonder how that will look on the lips

  6. Sara Bik

    These are so beautiful – I think it is my favourite designer collection so far, it was Chanel before this :)

  7. *Crosses fingers* I hope you review these, Christine 😀 I’m really in love with the blush and rose romance palette~! I’m also curious about the lipgloss 😀

  8. divinem (Melissa)

    Green lipgloss? I don’t understand.

    • I bet it’s really sheer – so it’ll just add a little cool tone to the lips and a little bit of green sparkle.

      • Yes, it is very sheer, it does not even look green on – not even a bit!

      • Eileen

        Back in the 1960’s almost every woman owned a green lipstick to use over bright colors. It served to mute and soften the color, thus giving a woman more color options. Not to fear. It never looked green.

    • Jasmine

      This formula is really sheer and so it will just tone down the “pinkness of your lipand give you a sparkly clear lip gloss effect. If you think your lips are too “red” this (in my opinon) is awesome because it just mutes it a bit.

  9. Kaitlin Beard

    Vert Tendresse looks amazing!!! Green Petal really intrigues me…how do you think it will look?!

  10. BeckBeck

    So I can’t wear that shade of pink at ALL, but I want the Le French Touch lipstick just for the adorable swirled tube. I’m such a sucker for shiny things…

  11. K.B.

    Both eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous! I’m especially interested in the green palette.

  12. Cara

    I love the Embossed rose blush powder. I have always wanted an embossed blush, but for one reason or another it never happened. Either they were too coral or were bronzer type items. This color scheme will work for my face and I finally get an embossed powder. Thanks Christine!

  13. Natassha

    I got the “La Roseraie” illuminating powder, the palette in Vert, and the green petal stylo, and sad to say Im very disappointed in all, first off the stylo is very dry, no silky slip what so ever, the illuminating powder is soo sheer you can barely see it on your skin, Im very light complected and still could not really see it, although its very similar to Nars “sex appeal” blush, the palette is the best of the bunch, still not great due to lots of fallout with most of the colors.

  14. della

    Ohhhhhhh boy! This is what a spring collection should look like if you’re a girly girl.

    I’ve got a couple of the 5 pan eyeshadows, which are okay, but I haven’t adored them. I’ve got the taupe one, the amethyst one, and the teal one. However, even though they’re just good, not great, I’m still just *dying* for the verte tendresse palette. OMG so pretty. and I’d love to see a review of La Roseraie.

  15. Liz

    Gorgeous collection! Too bad I won’t be picking any of it up since they test on animals.

  16. Laura

    Oooh, I’m intrigued by the green lipgloss. I’m guessing it’s sheer, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (MAC Spring Bean!)

  17. Faye

    I just bought the Vert Tendresse palette and it is gooooorgeous. I can’t wait for spring so I can use it.

  18. those all look really pretty!

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    Light pink and light green! The same color scheme as my bedroom. I love this collection.

  20. Elena

    This green gloss is soo sheer! It’s mostly glitter, but still, because of the green base, it looks very cool. I am considering byuing it! And also, here in the UK we don’t have these 5 pan palettes, but luckily enough, I am going to the US for a couple of days – smells like awesome shopping :)

  21. Jennifer

    Please review this collection!! 😀

  22. Hannah

    The illuminating powder looks gorgeous! Very pretty.

  23. I bought most of the collection but not the blush. Although it looks so pretty in the pictures, I’m fair skinned and you can barely see it on my skin so I skipped it. Nobody has mentioned the gorgeous mint green and beautiful white stylo eyeliners which are gorgeous. I wonder why? I highly recommend them. Also, this Lancome collection goes extremely well with the Dior Spring 2012 collection which are the same colors, green and purple.


  24. C

    i really want green petal, i must be the only person hoping its more than averagely pigmented

  25. Teri

    Mint green is going to be MINE! Bwahahahaaaa!!!

  26. inuchan

    I was really interested in those 5-pans palettes, but when I checked at my local counter, the version they have has the same name, but the was slightly different: the palettes contains four colors only (no black shade), and seems smaller than the pan in the picture. Maybe it is a different version, as I live in Europe? I asked the SA, but she did not have a clue… Do some of you have more information about those eyeshadows? Thank you very much in advance :)

  27. I am saying these are very dainty and so feminine… I like how some of their shadow products aren’t all shimmering, glittering, but the porduct packaging resembles Clinique… what’s going on these days??

    • Ursula

      I have just seen the eyeshadow quads in store today and the green is really gorgeous. In general I am not in love with the coming season’s makeup collections but this quad goes on my to buy list. It is gorgeous, shimmery and my experience has been that the Lancome eyeshadows are quite well pigmented and longlasting, they perform better than Chanel for example in my opinion.

  28. These are gorgeous colors