Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Lancome Fall 2012 Collection – Midnight Roses

Lancôme is excited to present Midnight Roses, our Fall 2012 Color Collection. Inspired by Trésor Midnight Rose and the majestic hue of purple, the makeup evokes mischievous femininity and glamour.

Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette ($49.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Violet Magnetique Pinks and lilacs

Le Crayon Kohl Eyeliner ($25.50)

  • Purple Dusk Purple

Blush Subtil Blush & Highlighter Palette ($42.00)

  • Rose Flush Matte tan, shimmery rose pink, iridescent pale pink
  • Framboise Flirt Matte tan, radiant bright pink, iridescent pale pink
  • Plum Elegance Matte cocoa brown, shimmery plum rose, shimmery coppery steel
  • Nectar Lace Matte tan, shimmery pinky coral, pale gold shimmer
  • Peche Savvy Matte tan, shimmery bright coral, iridescent beige
  • Rouge Allure Matte chocolate brown, radiant burgundy red, shimmery copper

L’Absolu Nu ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Rouge Resille Deep rose berry
  • Parme Flanelle Sherry berry
  • Prune Mantille Light plum

L’Absolu Creme de Mat ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Potion d’Amour Deep matte berry
  • Magie Pourpre Matte bright berry
  • Prune Elixir Matte plum

Vernis In Love ($15.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Infusion de Prune Deep plum
  • Mat Top Coat Matte top coat

Availability:  Now @ Nordstrom, Lancome

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35 thoughts on “Lancome Fall 2012 Collection – Midnight Roses

  1. I am OBSESSED with Nectar Lace and want it so bad! But I wonder if all 3 shades in all the trios are shimmery? I don’t really like to wear shimmery blush and bronzer/contour AND highlighter–a bit overkill

    • xamyx

      I would guess that the all the cheek colors *are* shimmery, as that’s what Lancome tends to put out. I really like Lancome blushes in terms of formula (overall), but they have too much shimmer to use on a regular basis.

    • Evelyn1

      Becca @The Beauty Sample I have 2, the Rose flush and Framboise flirt and the contour is definitely matte, no shimmer at all.  The blush and highlighter do have shimmer but they won’t turn you into a glitter bomb by any means….well unless you cake them on which I don’t do. :)

    • SatelliteAlice

      Becca @The Beauty Sample  The contour powder is matte.  The blush has a little bit of subtle shimmer and the highlighter is quite shimmery.

  2. coldvault

    The model on the right reminds me of Brittany Murphy. All these pretty purples are bittersweet :(

  3. I’m not a big fan of deep purple shades, so I’ll skip on this one. I don’t hate the color in itself, but I just don’t like how it looks on me.

  4. Mariella

    None of the things that look nice to me are different from stuff I have already – purple liner, violet eye shadow, etc.  I’ll take a pass on this one (though I’m still feeling the itch for Dior’s Golden Savannah in spite of all logic saying it’s nothing I don’t already have …. yeah, but I don’t have it all in one place!)

  5. Icequeen81

    Pretty purples nice and mate pretty 

  6. I put both of these lipsticks in my cart, and then removed them.  I wasn’t certain if I was just being suckered in by the really pretty promo, but at the same time, it’s so freaking airbrushed, I can’t tell if those are real people wearing a real lip product.

  7. Joni

    The models look like their lashes were badly stuck on with photoshop

  8. SaraBaker10

    Ive recently rediscovered Lancome and Im totally in love with their Teint Idole Foundation right now..This collection is beautiful:) xx

  9. IlariaDiva

    I like Lancome’s collection but NEVER buy their products because they test on animals. And a such horrible crime is not worth my vanity. 

    • GenaCunningham

      IlariaDiva I didn’t know that–thanks for the info!   NO more Lancome for me!I love the blush/highlighter on the left model, but the rest of this collection just meh.  I’m a freak for purple, too. 

  10. Ravn94

    I’ll definitely be picking up something from this launch once it reaches Norway. Gorgeous promo-picture, quite different from what most luxury brands are doing nowadays; it’s a little darker, and certainly not for everyone, but still on-point for many a make-up enthusiast.

  11. GUSnail

    My favorite color is purple, and these look very wearable. 

  12. elewis429

    I guess I’ll have to wait for swatches of these purple lip colors and the Estee Lauder ones before making my choice.

  13. yellowlantern

    The hand above the model’s head is sort of weird. It kind of looks like it’s just sprouting out of her head. Their makeup on the other hand looks very pretty on both of their skin tones. Though personally I would have switched the lip colors. I’d put the warmer purple on the left model with the warmer skin and the cooler toned purple on the right side model who looks more neutral toned. 

  14. sydneyreadseverything

    I love the lip colors.  It’s nice to see purple presented in a look that’s not meant to be over the top or editorial.

  15. Dominique33

    To me Lancôme has really become some kind of budget makeup sold as high end makeup. We don’t have the same products in France though, so I’ll have to wait until the French collection comes out. But I prefer Nars, Chanel, MUFE ( I’ve seen the beautiful Black Tango palette today, it’s pretty and 39 € well ! ) M.A.C, and even Guerlain for the fall collection looks great. I’ve seen Nars High Society trio, I call it classy but Lancôme is not high end anymore, and I am afraid the talented Aaron de Mey is not free to create what he wants… Sad for Lancôme, and for French women who expect much more from the brand that used to be so classy.

    • xamyx

      You’re right. It seems they’re putting more into the skincare lines, and just churning out the color products. Both Lancome & Estee Lauder were, IMO, *much* better in the 80s &90s. I’ve bought a few things in the last few years, but they all just sit, untouched, in a drawer. As for the foundation, I like it, alot, but I can get the same quality from L’Oreal, at a fraction of the price.

  16. the_izzle

    The promotional photo is unappealing to me. Those girl have been photoshopped so hard they don’t look real.

    • Beauty Queen from Mars

      the_izzle You are so right. Did you notice? The right model’s right eye is different from the left one – as if she were looking in two directions at the same time. Like a chameleon. Bad photoshop fail if you ask me^^ 

  17. Looks really nice and these are totally the colors that I love to wear.But am I the only one noticing how horribly Lancôme has been photoshopping the promo pics lately? It’s just so obvious it hurts! It’s really a shame I believe…

  18. I normally love purple, but this collection is just…not doing it for me. I’m not sure why. The lackluster promo picture, the so-so, seen before eyeshadow…and I don’t think I’d ever reach for one of those lipsticks. I’ll wait to see swatches before I make a final decision, but this just doesn’t pull me in that much. 

  19. The colors look lovely, but I just feel like Lancome does this sort of color scheme every year (the quad, Tresor Midnight Rose perfume, etc.).  And everyone is right- the models look SO fake.

  20. want the blush combo….they dont combos like this anymore….popular in the ’80s

  21. Belen

    Yay for models with brown eyes!

  22. Just bought the blush combo…pigmented, not much in the container…..Tom Ford double the size…but came with GWP today

    • AAK 3

      Almost lost it!!! I’ve been wanting to try Tom Ford products but I only shop when its a gift with purchase. What company had this offer & is it still on? Do you know of other GWP that sells his products? Thank you so much.

  23. conysoledad

    So, no more Rouge in Love lipsticks? There’s even a shade called Midnight Rose, I thought that line of lippies was perfect for this collection.

  24. May

    What I found funny is that the Russian version of this collection includes a eyebrow palette! I dont know where it’s not here, because it looked really gorgeous and is very usefull..

  25. LancomeBA_mocha

    We just got the new collection about a week ago(I work for Lancôme at a department store). I have tried out everything from this collection and this is what I think; I love the lipsticks, I like the glosses ( very drying on the lips, but very long wearing), the eye brow palette is not for me (colors aren’t the right shade for my brows and when used for eye shadows they don’t blend well), and as for everything else I can’t complain cause I love them (I love the highlighter). Over all great collection.

  26. Christy

    Beautiful models and advertisement ! I love everything from this collection but I have to many fall products that resemble these colors, plums and purples are boring already.