Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Lady Gaga to Launch Fragrance in Spring 2012

In spring 2012, Lady Gaga will release her first fragrance for women.  She recently signed a long-term licensing deal with Coty Inc.   (via WWD)

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37 thoughts on “Lady Gaga to Launch Fragrance in Spring 2012

  1. Casey

    Can’t wait! I love everything she does and makes!

  2. victoria

    why do i have a feeling this is going to sell like gaga?

  3. Penny

    She looks so gorgeous in that image!!

  4. Alexa

    I really wish it wasn’t with Coty. ):

  5. Omg, I’m not a huge perfume person, but, a Gaga one? I want it!

  6. Katrice

    Wow. I love this pic. I need this photographer for everything I do, pretty, pretty. This scent should be interesting, and the possibilities are so endless.

  7. I actually love her make up in this picture!
    Hair is really cute too!

  8. kristen

    Is it really going to take two years to get out? All other reports including Elle say its supposed to be out for Christmas

  9. I can’t wait! :) I hope the notes are as strange/unique as Lady Gaga.

  10. I’m looking forward this fragrence.

  11. I have a feeling it’s going to be a musty scent, lol.

  12. Donna Cooper

    This story has been around for months. Many expected a fragrance this year. Then Coty denied it and said they had not eve spoken to GaGa. Seems they have changed their mind again.

  13. It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? Curious to see what scent Gaga and Coty come up with..

  14. Lady Di.

    I cannot stand Lady Gaga!!!!

  15. Hahaha, that’s forward planning for you! 😀

  16. I love the idea of a Gaga perfume, but isn’t Coty a cheapy kind of brand?

  17. Linnea

    I’m hoping it will be something a little bit more edgy.. that she keeps with her personal style with the perfume. If its girly and floral and boring, I’m going to be DISAPPOINTED!

  18. I CANNOT WAIT! Oh goodness, why does it have to be so far away? I wonder what it will smell like… I imagine it smelling like spicy/ floral tea for some reason.

  19. So it’s finally confirmed? This was running around as a rumour a few months ago so that’s awesome it’s been confirmed. I will be all over this like my life depends on it.

  20. Roxanne

    Finally we’ll know what leather mixed with blood & eyeliner smells like, LOL! I can’t wait though. Hope it’s not *too* expensive.

  21. MochaChoklat

    Wow, the talentless Lady Gaga to launch a fragrance in 2012?! Isn’t that about two years from now? Will her fame even last that long? People in the music industry barely last a few years before they go “cold”. I think that was a rather risky business desicion.

    • OK

      Regardless of whether you like her style of music or not, you have to admit she has a nice voice and she’s good at piano.

      Myself, kind of disappointed she’s going with Coty but maybe her goal is to make it affordable.

  22. April

    Eau de raw meat?

  23. Hannah

    The bottle should be AMAZING! I can’t wait :)

  24. sofia

    Although it’s not wearable at all as always i love her look! I’m sure it’s going to be sold out;-)

  25. What ever this smells like… I don’t fancy celeb. fragrances – my fav. since 1992 has been/is still Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel’ 😉

    But I fancy L G though ;))

  26. Ryan

    I would die for gaga. I worship her. So im definetly going to buy one. I have a feeling its going to be very bizar… love it!

  27. Amanda Enn

    Great image. That’s a very long time though.

  28. Can’t wait to see what this smells like. It had better be really unique and have a special bottle. Anything less will be a huge let-down.

  29. debbie_dundan

    Hope she doesnt get inspired by her meaty outfit, or the perfume will smell like.. bacon.

  30. Rikki

    OMG does anyone know what lipstick she is wearing?

  31. Ashley

    the picture doesn’t even look lady gaga!! so different.
    i can’t wait for this perfume…