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For Normal-to-Dry Skin: Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer

Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer ($32.50 for 1.40 fl. oz.) is designed for normal-to-dry skin types and contains SPF 6. It’s supposed to give skin “24-hour intensive moisturiz[ation].” According to Korres, this moisturizer also contains Wild Rose oil, which “diminishes fine lines, hyper- pigmentation and resurfaces skin, revealing a soft and radiant complexion” along with vitiamin C to “inhibit free radical damage and brighten skin” and Phytic Acid, “a natural skin lightener.” Two other ingredients Korres calls out specifically are Grape Seed extract (rich in VItamin E) and olive oil. (You can see a full ingredient list at Korres’ website.)

Korres is a brand that considers themselves natural, and this product (based on Korres‘ website) has 85.1% natural content, and it does not contain petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, parabens, sulphates, or synthetic dyes. It does contain fragrance, alcohol, and nuts. It is suitable for vegans and contains no animal by-products or undergone animal testing. Also, even though it talks about diminishing fine lines, it doesn’t contain any retinol or AHAs (it’s purely from the vitamin C).

I started using Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer immediately after I finished testing their Thyme & Honey Cream, which I liked but didn’t love. I definitely liked the feel, scent, and results of Wild Rose better than the Thyme & Honey Cream. I felt like this had a very subtle scent of rose, but it was much less cloying (even when you sniff directly from the jar) than the honey scent from the other moisturizer.  I didn’t mind the honey scent since it didn’t linger, but it wasn’t exactly my favorite.

My favorite part about this moisturizer it is it applies very quickly, feels lightweight, and it does provide good hydration throughout the day. I don’t typically feel dry with this moisturizer at all, which is a great thing. However, I’ve noticed as I’ve concluded my testing phase (five weeks), I do have some drier spots–in the same places where I typically get them–so I think it’s about time for me to switch to a more moisturizing night-time moisturizer. While I was using this, I also felt like I wasn’t as oily at the end of the day, either.

I was using this AM and PM (I’ve been too lazy to come up with a dual regimen, I fail!), and it lasted me approximately five weeks. With the SPF (even though it’s minimal) in this product, I would consider it more of a morning moisturizer, and if it’s used strictly during the morning, you’ll find a jar lasts you two to three months, which is typical of a 1 oz. jar (from my experience). As far as pricing and value go, I think it’s about on par with mid-range skin care, and I get enough usage out of one jar to merit the $32.50 price tag.

I really like the Korres’ brand, and I like their mission and how they identify certain products. They also have a great labeling system and make it easier to understand what you’re getting (or not getting!) in your skincare. I do wish they’d use an airless pump (or perhaps a tube) for their moisturizer to keep it more hygienic, but I’ve personally been able to change my behavior and be sure to use open-jars more hygienically with a clean spatula.

I had a good experience with this moisturizer, and it kept and made my skin look smooth and like it had a glow from within. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase this in the future, even though I liked it, because it didn’t do anything for my acne (it didn’t make it worse–it just didn’t eliminate it). It’s not technically supposed to, but it’s definitely something I’d love to find in a daily moisturizer so the hunt continues!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you have normal-to-dry skin and are looking for a fast-absorbing, lightweight daily morning moisturizer, you may find Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer to be right up your alley.

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16 thoughts on “Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer Review, Photos

  1. Sofia

    I tried the Yougurt Cream and I loved it the first few times, but then it didn’t seem to work as well. I could also only use it before bed since it would look oily under makeup. I loved the way the pomegranate cream smelled, but it made my forehead look oily. I would like to try Wild Rose but I feel it would be even more oily than the other creams.

    • Oh no! That’s really too bad that neither of those formulas worked out for you, Sofia! :( I don’t think you’d like the Thyme & Honey one either–just a heads up.

  2. amy

    I would be interested in trying this moisturizer because I find anything with rose water or rose oil very effective in moisturizing my dry/combination skin. I don’t mind moisturizers in jars because I can easily use up all the product from the jar. While air pumps are more sanitary, I find it annoying when I get to the end of the bottle and it has difficulty pumping out the cream. I usually have to unscrew the bottle or cut it open to scoop out the remainder of the product because I hate wasting product, especially skin care. With air pumps and tubes there are usually lots of product left on the bottle or on the sides of the container.

    • Hey Amy,

      I’ve had good luck with my airless pump products – even when I’ve opened them up, there’s only been maybe one or two uses left in it! I think, for me, I’d rather have the cleaner, unexposed product and a little go to waste, but that’s just my preference :)

  3. Siledhel

    Thanks for the review Christine. I just bought this yesterday and haven’t tried it yet.
    Like you, I’m still looking for “the perfect” mosturizer

  4. BB

    Have you tried the Korres Cinnamon and Echinacea anti-acne moisturizer? Its amazing, makes your skin glow and reduces breakouts. I put it before applying a Sunblock or SPF because they usually make me break out and I have had amazing resultsfor 3 months now. The only issue is that they are currently reformulating the product formula and they do not know when the new one will be out (I can’t wait!) the product is sold out at their website but it still available at Sephora.

    • I haven’t, but if it’s being reformulated, then it’s hard to say if it’ll still be effective or how it’ll work once they have re-released it. I’m also not sure why it’s being reformulated — makes me curious as to what’s wrong with it :( Do you have any idea?

  5. Hey Christine,

    You should try out Spectro Hydracare for blemish prone skin next. I’ve been using it as a day and night moisturizer. It contains salicylic acid so it helps a bit with acne.

  6. You mentioned in your review that “it didn’t do anything for my acne”. As a teen I suffered terribly from hormonal acne. Although there is a huge gamet of products on the market claiming to help with acne, apart from the dab on liquids that actually dry up a spot, the best treatment for acne is from within. A dermatologist told me the best wash for acne is just warm water splashed on thoroughly followed by almost cold water rinse. A course of herbal treatment taken in tincture or tablet form to clear the blood will work miraculously on acne. Consult a qualified herbalist or naturopath in your area. The very best blood cleansing herb is Yellow Dock, which will purify the blood and ultimately the skin. Give it a 14 day test and see the results.

  7. kales

    I didnt really care for this moisturizer. If you’re normal-oily or even normal-dry id recommend Korres quercetin and oak moisturizer. Both formulas are great. Quercetin, derived from oak its a naturally occurring flavinoid that helps to increase cell turn over. The normal to oily has pumpkin in it to help regulate oils (plus it smells great!)
    The packaging is in a pump form, reducing contamination.

    • Thanks for the details, Kales! :)

      • betsy

        For my skin I use the Neutrogena line. I love it. The oil free acne cream cleanser is good and also the oil free daily acne face scrub.They work great! I also use their rapid clear acne treatment pads after cleansing my face. I use cocoa butter to moisturize though….I love my cocoa butter!!!! This regimen helps for my blemishes also.

  8. CJ

    I’ve been wanting to try this, but I have like 2 others 4 oz moisturizers to finish, anyday now -_- as long as they don’t discontinue this