Friday, January 17th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Do keep original packaging? Like boxes that the products come in?
Temptalia's AnswerI think I’ve only kept one or two things over the years. The only time I really keep boxes is if it’s a back-up or the product is unused, so it just never left its box! There are a few press kits/boxes I have kept, though.

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52 thoughts on “Do keep original packaging?

  1. I used to quite a lot, but I had to get out of that habit because it was just laying around and annoying the crap out of me.
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  2. I keep it for a couple of months just in case I have a problem with it, so I can take it back if needed.

  3. I most certainly do. I like storing my products in the boxes itself unless they wear out :)
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  4. C

    Always. Got a box full of boxes.

  5. I always toss the original packaging. Sometimes regretfully, when later on, I’d like to go back and read the full list of ingredients. But for regular, home use, keeping the packaging feels a little too hoarder like to me.

  6. Miss J

    I have a really bad habit of doing it. I’ve been better about taking things out and tossing, but sometimes I let boxes linger that I think are kind of pretty, lol.

  7. Not usually, unless, as Christine mentioned, it’s a backup or something I’m not using immediately after purchase (pretty rare, but it does happen).

    Does it count as packaging if I always keep my compacts from Chanel in those little ‘velvet’ pouches that they come in? Chanel is so expensive, even though they’re kind of a nuisance, I can’t bear to get rid of something that’s ‘part of the luxury’ 😛
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  8. Cinzia

    I kept the box my first MAC lipstick came in. It was Viva Glam Nicki and I just can’t bring myself to throw it out!

  9. I do keep the packaging till the product is over, I like to reference the lots of ingredients every now and then. Lately, I’ve started to maintain a blog and take pictures, so am throwing away the packaging as the pictures are clicked. I have a Coastal Scents To Go Beijing palette which has a lovely box, that I’m keeping for a while just because it looks pretty.
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  10. Usually no. except if the box actually helps keep the contents together at one place like the MAC pigment boxes that comes out during holidays. It helps keep the pigment/glitter organized…
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  11. zainab

    Almost all my Inglot products (four palettes and a lipgloss). The palettes because I’m worried the magnetised lids won’t keep dust out; I have no idea why I’ve kept the lipgloss in its box.

    Other than that I have a backup Illamasqua Belladonna lipgloss and an Urban Decay Mariposa palette still in their packaging. I used those products a lot and felt I needed a backup, then moved on to other things…

  12. I’m actually really bad at this. I still have an empty Chanel no.5 bottle and a ysl and dior box that I think are way too pretty to throw away!
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  13. Sometimes I keep my things in their original boxes for friendlier storage and retrieval particularly if it means I can easily read the labels and know the contents without opening or reading the back of the compact. I’m thinking Chanel Joues Contraste (I have at least 15 of them), and also NARS blushes.. The downside: takes up far more space.

  14. Yes! I hoard pretty boxes and boxes from my favorite brands. There are sooo many MAC boxes lying around my room!

  15. I keep the boxes for everything and it is really silly. I just like the newness of it and I like them to feel protected when I put them away. Example, when I use my NARS Guy Bourdin palette I take it out of its box, use it, and put it back in. I’m so weird!

  16. CKG

    Yes, quite a bit. Can’t really explain why. Sometimes just to keep it as new-looking as possible for as long as I can or for sentimental reasons, of if the packaging was really lovely

  17. Like you, I typically only keep my backups in the original box. I do keep the velvet pouches from Dior products and what not.

  18. Kellie

    Yes because I’m crazy. I do eventually throw them out around the two or three week mark, sometimes longer.

  19. Nope. Once the product is done, the package will be junk.

  20. Lauren

    No. Boxes go straight to the trash. I never saw the point in saving boxes.

  21. Sometimes but I usually throw them out. I don’t have enough space for them lol
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC Autoerotique Blush Review

  22. Depends. When I’m trying out new products, I usually hang onto the boxes for a few months in case I need to return or exchange. Also, a few products I hang onto the boxes for the ingredient lists but even those eventually join the other boxes/outer original packaging in getting tossed.

    The only exception being special display/storage cases – like the UD Vault case, and a few really high end products where the outer packaging itself is like a separate luxury item.

  23. I try not to unless the box has a lot of little things in it that must be kept together. I keep things packaged till I open and start using them. I did keep a few of my palettes in their original boxes and sleeves (like my Sugarpill palette, just think the box design is way cuter than the palette lid), but find that I end up not reaching for the products as much, so will be tossing the boxes. I also kept my Tokidoki soda shop palette tin even after de-potting the whole kit because it’s super cute and am using it for storage now

  24. Claudia

    I just keep the packaging of high end products. I simply can’t bear the thought of throwing something away that is Chanel or Dior even if it is only the packaging.

  25. I used to.. I literally just got rid of all of the boxes and it freed up so much space in my makeup train cases! Although I do have a couple of boxes for products that I bought as a spare/extra, or products that I probably won’t be using for a while.

  26. collar wilson

    Yes I do and no I am not talking about it! Lol!!

  27. Barbara Cohen

    Only packaging for items I’m not sure I’m going to keep.

  28. Rachel

    Always. I’m a hoarder. I admit it.

  29. KaseyCannuck

    I only keep boxes with my backups as well. My daughter has kept the box from her MAC Sounds Like Noise lipstick to keep the tube from getting scratched up, which I think is cute!

  30. faerieevenstar

    I keep some. I keep all sugarpill ones because they’re so cute!

  31. I keep most of the boxes if they are fancy or for reference. I also keep all the boxes that my perfumes came in, I have loads of them. I reuse the gift boxes if they are sturdy. I throw them out occasionally, if I feel that I don’t need them or I finished the product.
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  32. Quinctia

    I have a couple of things that are easier to store in their boxes, so I’ve kept them there. Otherwise, the only other stuff in packages are eyeshadow singles I’m intending to depot, to find them easier when I get around to depotting them.

  33. xamyx

    Absolutely not! My family & friends all think I’m going to end up on an episode of “Hoarders” already, based on my makeup/shoe/clothing “collection”… Also, space is a premium, and my daughter also has a ton of stuff, so between just the 2 of us, something has to give!

  34. I tend to keep those which come as part of a limited edition collection.
    Otherwise, I may keep the rest in their packaging for a week or two (just cos they look pretty) but eventually throw the boxes out cos those take too much space.

  35. Yes, I do, unless it’s terribly bulky. I love seeing everything in its own box!
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  36. Jackie

    Yes, I do. I keep all my original boxes to keep the items looking as new and clean as possible and also to protect them in case I happen to drop them. Plus some of the packaging (especially some of the holiday collections) is so pretty, I just can’t bear to throw them out. It never occurred to me to throw out the boxes that the items I buy come in. I want to keep them in good condition.

  37. I only keep packaging for sentimental things or limited edition packaging that I like. I only have a few. I have the box from my first Dior lipstick, the box from my holy grail red lipstick from Chanel, and the limited edition packaging for my Estee Lauder for Mad Men collection lipstick.

  38. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I don’t keep the packaging once I use the product and know i am not sensitive to it. In fact, the only boxes I keep are for electronics and computers and peripherals

  39. Clara

    I only keep it if I’m not sure if I will be satisfied and may return it.

  40. Emme

    I kept the Guerlain Meteorites box from the Emilio Pucci collection and just the other day I came across a couple of packages I kept from the MAC Venomous Villains collection. Which reminds me, I’m so excited for the upcoming Maleficent collection!

  41. AudreyNZ

    I’ve only been into makeup since mid last year, already I have two shopping bags full of empty boxes. I’m contemplating on biffing them but the boxes are so pretty. Maybe I might flatten them and file them in a lever arch file or something:)

  42. kjhemeon

    Only on Guy Bourdain Splendor in the Grass!

  43. stacey

    Only if the makeup is not used…if it is currently used, the box is in the trash.

  44. I used to be very guilty of this. I used to keep packages for months, even after I knew I loved the product and it worked for me. I’ve made several makeup resolutions this year and one of them was to put a hault on that. Now I only allow myself to keep the packaging for two weeks MAX, which is a long enough time to see if it breaks me out or if I want to return it for any other reason.

  45. Yes. I regret throwing away some of the boxes of my Sleek makeup, because the boxes showed me the colours of what’s inside, and now they all look the same except for the name at the back. It was much easier to see at a glance with the original packaging. I also keep the boxes because it makes the product easier to pack when I travel – they fit together much better and are less likely to break.

    Other reasons I like to keep original packaging is because they have information I might want to look up later, like shade names, ingredients, quantity and other essential info. Sometimes if I have to peel off a label from a lipstick to open it, I’ll restick it on another part of the tube. Sometimes it’s limited edition packaging that just looks nice, too.

    The only time I throw away some packaging is with single eyeshadows and blushes meant to be put into a palette. I stick the labels on to my palette to remember names and other info, though.
    Plurabelle Recently Posted: Spending less on makeup

  46. AS1929

    If it’s something I use every day, and is a “commodity” the box goes in the trash. If it is something I use less frequently I save the box for storage. I also keep lipgloss and eyeliner sets in their original packaging as it is MUCH easier and neater to store them that way. I have two Urban Decay liners sets on my dresser right now, and I just pluck the liner from the box, use it, and put it back and I know what order the colors go in. It is so much easier to find than having to squint at tiny labels and rummage in drawer full of junk.

  47. kurohana

    No, i don’t understand why someone would want to keep garbage around the house, i toss it out as soon as i like the product and know i’m not going to be returning it.

    • THIS. I have a drawer in my vanity for backups & even those things are typically taken out of the original packaging to be stored in space-saving stacking plastic trays. I can’t even imagine how much of a bother it would be to fight my way through that much useless clutter on the daily.

  48. Rachel B

    1000% Yes, I keep the boxes. In fact, I *might* just be a teeny bit OCD about it. My friend will purposely leave a product out of the box if she uses it when she comes over just to mess with me. I’m so anal about it that I even keep the packaging inserts (i.e. Dior foundation, Bareminerals ready eyeshadow). I could probably shave a good 3-5 minutes off my makeup routine if I just had everything unpackaged and ready to go, but I can’t bear to do so :-\