Friday, August 1st, 2008

Kanebo Concealer

Long-time Temptalia readers probably know that my favorite concealer is Kanebo’s Brush-Type Concealer ($33.00). Kanebo has recently reformulated and improved its popular concealer. Β Part of their new foundation series, the Kanebo Concealer is now touted as an anti-aging brush-on foundation tool. It has Kanzo Extract, which is supposed to soothe blemishes and reduce/prevent irritation. There is also moistened powder, which helps you retain the natural oil in your skin.

Above, the picture is of my naked eye, without any makeup, completely unretouched–truly my naked eye! I actually haven’t been sleeping very well, and I’ve cried more than usual, so it was the perfect time to check out the concealer. (By the way, can you see those awful undereye wrinkles? Sigh!)

Below is a picture with my undereye area concealed using Kanebo. The concealer has really neutralized the redness/puffiness as well as reduced the darkness of the undereye circle. I have never had a lot of bags, because I have hated, hated, HATED them. I do everything I can to keep them at bay; I’ve always been a good girl and done my best to get a full eight hours! What I like about Kanebo is its wear, because I don’t find that it migrates or emphasizes my fine lines throughout the day. It stays put, and it does its job well!

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30 thoughts on “Kanebo’s New Brush-On Concealer Still Rocks My World

  1. Pffh!
    Like you even need it!
    You’re gorgeous with or with out it!:)

    • Aww!! I don’t wear concealer all the time, because of my whole “must get sleep, no bags!” mantra, but on the days or weeks where I’ve had sleeping problems… lifesaver!

  2. Bei

    Where can I get the new formula one? Thanks!

  3. Jill

    where can this be purchased online? thanks

  4. I was never worried about wrinkles before, but now I am searching for anything and everything to keep them away!!

  5. KULA

    what color do you use? The light or the medium?

  6. Ashley

    It looks good but honestly Christine, you don’t have much of a dark circles to begin with. I have really terrible ones and I would love for this stuff to work.

    • Hi Ashley,

      No, I’ll admit that my dark circles aren’t bad, but I work really, really hard to get the sleep. (I’m not so great at drinking water, though.) Dark circles and undereye bags make me sad :(

      This is a great concealer, though – I’ll use it anywhere I need it, including blemishes and the like.

  7. Annie

    oh pahlease.. YOUR NAKED EYE LOOKS GREAT!! you dont even need the concealer.
    You should see mine. I look like I’ve been punched in the eye!

  8. lala

    i need concealer now i’m think ..i only get like 4-3 hrs of everday.

  9. Daantje

    I really had no idea how an undereye concealer would make a true difference untill this. And it has been said up here, your naked eye is beautiful, you can do without. But the radiance this concealer brings is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Well, thank you! The concealer is amazing – it’s just great for anything you need to conceal, and I do love to highlight the brow bone for ultra natural looks, too!

  10. Danielle

    I don’t see any wrinkle Christine!

  11. Angi

    Oh fiddle-de-de! I know you look at your eyes and see winkles but hun, your eyes are beautiful. They are anything but awful. The concealer does give them a nice brightness and I can see why you rave about it. But if you wanna see wrinkles, I’d be glad to send you a pic of my naked eye. You’ll feel loads better πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Angi,

      LOL, well maybe wrinkle is too severe of a word. Fine lines? The biggest one actually does deepen depending on how stressed I am and/or how much I have slept (or haven’t).

  12. Ess


    Could you cpmpare it to any of the MAC concealers or YSL Touche Eclat? Also, I am NC40 and use NW35 for concealer. Would I need medium or dark?


  13. Sash

    Oh, gosh!
    You sooooooooooooooo don’t need it!
    You have beautiful skin!

  14. Mary

    Where on line can I buy the kanebo under-eye concealer?

  15. beth

    I like the way this looks where do you buy this?