Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Jo Malone for Holiday 2010

The door opens and you’re greeted by flickering candlelight and uplifting aromas…essences of warm amber, sweet orange, verdant pine and embracing eucalyptus. Pristine cream boxes, tied with crisp, black grosgrain ribbon, nestle beneath the tree. The holiday season has begun.

Customized Fragrance Combining Collection ($325.00 U.S. / $380.00 CDN) (November)

This beautifully presented, elegant collection of iconic Jo Malone fragrances celebrates the ar tistr y of scent. Choose two of your favourite Colognes from the complete Jo Malone por t folio of scents to become your ever yday essentials. Be inspired to mix, match and blend colognes and really enjoy tr ying many dif ferent fragrance combinations on the skin. Cologne 100 ml (x2) of customer’s choice, Cologne 9ml (x6) in Grapefruit, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate Noir, Red Roses and Vanilla & Anise.

Deluxe Tea Box ($425.00 U.S. / $485.00 CDN) (November)

Elegantly understated, the Tea Box Deluxe Candle Collection brings a sense of refinement to the home. A suite of three Deluxe Candles are nestled in a beautifully textured cream-coloured box accompanied with a silver-plated wick trimmer and candle snuf fer. The Collection features Eau De Cologne, Parma Violets and Sweet Almond Macaroon.

Bath Oil Collection ($85.00 U.S. / $95.00 CDN) (October)

The Bath Oil Collection is an invitation to unwind. Beautifully presented in glass decanters, six distinct scents may be used singly or combined to capture the senses. The collection includes Grapefruit, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate Noir, Red Roses and Vanilla & Anise.

Coloured Travel Candle Collection with Farrow & Ball ($95.00 U.S. / $138.00 CDN) (November)

This holiday season Jo Malone continues its par tnership with Farrow & Ball, colour exper t and supplier of elegant decorative paints. The limited edition collection combines three refreshingly scented coloured travel candles in Pomegranate Noir in Eating Room Red (No. 43), Wild Fig & Cassis in Pelt ( No.254) and Pine & Eucalyptus in Green Smoke (No. 47).

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Collector’s Edition: Silver-Plated Candles & Accessories (October) (U.S. Only)

Discover beautifully craf ted silverware in the Jo Malone signature style, designed so that you can accessorise with decorative scented candles to add the final elegant touch to your home. Beautifully sophisticated, these silver collectables express a classic interior style. In the spirit of Scent Surround™, the Jo Malone philosophy encourages you to decorate with fragrance, combining your silver accessories with scented candles.

Pine & Ecualyptus Collection (October)

Savour the season with Pine & Eucalyptus, a limited-edition scent from Jo Malone. The crisp aroma of pine is entwined with velvety eucalyptus to evoke the sense of winter. Available in Home Candle ($65.00 U.S. / $75.00 CDN), Luxury Candle ($345.00 U.S. / $400.00 CDN), and Living Cologne ($95.00 U.S. / $138.00 CDN).

Candle Collection ($85.00 U.S. / $100.00 CDN) (October)

The Candle Collection creates a sense of atmosphere. Six deliciously scented candles may be lit singly or in unison to create a tapestry of scent. The collection includes Grapefruit, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate Noir and Wild Fig & Cassis.

Fragrance Chronicle ($95.00 U.S. / $110.00 CDN) (October)

The Amber & Lavender Fragrance Chronicle™ tells the stor y of a clean, masculine and velvety fragrance. This classic scent was originally designed as a anniversar y gif t from Jo Malone to her husband. Discover an ensemble of the Amber & Lavender Cologne to be combined with its three accompanying accords – Sweet Lemon, Spice Rose and Orient Amber. Become the creator of your bespoke fragrance and bring to life your own personal stor y of Amber & Lavender.

Cologne Collection ($95.00 U.S. / $110.00 CDN) (October)

The Cologne Collection celebrates the ar tistr y of scent. Six scents delicately encompassed in glass bot tles may be worn alone or layered to create unique combinations. The collection includes Grapefruit, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate Noir, Red Roses and Vanilla & Anise.

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17 thoughts on “Jo Malone for Holiday 2010

  1. Shyra

    Hi Christine, I’ve a question that is out of the topic from this post. Do you know if Mac beauty powder blush in Sweetness-is it a LE or permanent product? I’m actually looking for one. Thanks!

  2. Angela Bright

    The day I spend over $300 on candles with all that’s going on in the world is the day all my belongings should be taken away and I should be dropped off in a third world country to live.

    I like luxury as much as the next person, but this just seems deplorable to me. You’re literally burning your money and at the end you get some glasses and a box.

  3. WOW! This is way too expensive for my taste. I think Bath & Body Works has some of the most delicious smelling candles at an affordable price. For $425, I’d like a candle that can cook, clean, and change diapers!

  4. Rachel

    No! If you can afford to waste this much money on that sort of thing, I want to hit you…..and then I want you to adopt me.

  5. Lolly

    Totally unrelated but have you had a chance to sniff Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia? It’s now my HG scent!

  6. Steph

    Never heard of this company/brand. I disliked because I’m not into $485 candle sets or bath oils.

  7. ashley

    who could afford such a thing? if I could why would I waste my money like that? at least with a $300 purse you can keep it for years (and I don’t agree with spending that much on purses either) but in this case you are just burning it. If they plan this set as a Christmas gift, a limited number of people can afford such expensive Christmas gifts, even in the US

  8. diana

    i guess it’s obvious that regular people are not the intended audience for these products

  9. Jennifer

    In all reality yes Jo Malone is expensive but unless you’ve ever used any of the products you really can’t judge. The Jo Malone line is amazing….I only purchased the Nordstrom Anniversary gift set which for $85 is a great price. I got perfume, candle, bath oil & body cream. I love that you can layer on perfume and make up your own scent. I little goes a long way and YES I would purchase again. I just just purchased the new perfume English Pear & Fresia.

  10. NeenaJ

    Jo Malone is unquestionably listed at a luxury pricepoint. That being said, I think some of these items are a lovely gift for that “person who has everything” on your list.

    It’s certainly not something you would run out and buy for yourself – unless you had quite a bit of disposable income. But, I think the cologne and candle samplers priced below $100 are well worth the money because her fragrances are gorgeous and the colognes will last a very long time (years).

    And, no, I’m not rich. But, if I was going to spend $100 on someone on my holiday list, I’d rather purchase one super-quality product than a bunch of junk.

    • I also think the $500 candle set… I think those candles are huge? LOL. I mean, still luxury, but it’s not exactly a tea light candle either! I looked it up, and it says “Candle burn time is 230 hours” and it weighs 2.5kg!

      I also have a soap set from last year, and I use the soap in my makeup bathroom, so probably use it at least 2-3x a day… and I’m still on my first one… 10 months later.

  11. niche

    Would I buy it for myself? Definitely not something I would budget for. But would I love to receive one of these gift sets? Absolutely.

    Also, people who buy stuff like this buy $3000 purses, not $300 ones…lol so whats a mere $300 for them? Thats probably their dry cleaning bill. I used to work at a high-end retailer and especially at the holidays, husbands, boyfriends and sons would just come in and buy whatever the salespeople told them to get without any regard to price. I actually had a guy come in one morning, he told me he’s flying that afternoon to his family home and he needs to get his mom and sister gifts. So he basically spent a lot of money in about 20 minutes and walked out with gifts boxed and ready to give.