Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream
Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream

Battle of the Hand Creams: Jack Black

I’m a constant hand washer, so my hands are often in a sad state.  Even though I’ve made many attempts to become a regular user of hand cream, it was only recently that I’ve decided it’s about time and I’m determined to go through and do a little Battle of the Hand Creams here on the blog.

Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream ($15.00 for 3 oz.) is a man’s man’s hand cream.  It’s incredibly moisturizing, even on the toughest, cracked and peeling hands (or feet!) and never feels greasy.  It has this manly scent–it’s woodsy with a little eucalyptus, but it’s not really unpleasant nor something I’d like to bathe myself in.  I don’t find the scent overwhelming, and it certainly doesn’t linger for long on my hands.

This is definitely one of the better hand creams I’ve tried, because it absorbs quickly and you won’t need to apply it several times a day.  I’ve been using it just before I go to bed, and my hands have certainly improved–less “old lady” like.  It has silicone in it, which really helps to keep it from feeling greasy (has a softer, more velvety feel) and adds a bit of a barrier on skin–much like a face primer, actually!

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you have cracking or peeling skin on your hands/feet, I think it’s worth trying this.  If you don’t find yourself with very dry hands, a more affordable hand cream might work just as well for you.


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Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream
Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream

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17 thoughts on “Jack Black Hand Healer Hand Cream Review, Photos

  1. Their face cream is pretty amazing, especially in the summer, it’s not too heavy or greasy!

  2. Andie

    I think I will try this. I am a nurse so I can’t even count the number of times I wash my hands in a day. They are always in a sorry state.

  3. nicci

    interesting, my boyfriend used to use this on his hands but stopped because he felt it was too thick & greasy! lol..I use it now on his back since his is kind of dry & it seems to work.

  4. Sally

    This looks nice! I’ve been thinking about getting that lip product you reviewed from Jack Black, so maybe I’ll have to add this to the list, too…

  5. mars

    I love this hand cream. I don’t have the driest hands but I use a lot of hand sanitizers at work & this keeps them from drying out. For Christmas I used to give this to my friends who were nurses & chefs so their hands wouldn’t be all beat up.

  6. Eileen

    I really like the hand cream and the lip balm. Because the products are targeting men, they don’t leave you feeling greasy, slippery, shiny, or overly perfumed. They leave your hands and lips feeling satin smooth and looking healthy which is a great starting point for a manicure or for the day’s lip look.

  7. Shah'ada

    My DBF uses and LOVES this stuff!!! It’s kept his cracking and bleeding hands to a total minimum this past winter . . . year round it’s a keeper. Glad you love it!! And it smells YUMMY!!

  8. stephanie

    is this a product from the actor jack black, or is the company just using the name. i am intrigued!

  9. Diana

    i tried the lip balm that you recommended and i love it! i have the chamomile and tea scent though which, imo is amazing. so i guess now i have to try this hand cream too!

  10. Olivia

    i am so glad you are doing a battle of the hand creams because i feel like i try them all and just keep on looking for something better. i find that most hand creams fall into one of two categories….either too heavy and greasy with the cream just sitting on the surface or way too light and the old lady dry skin persists. i am looking forward to more reviews!

  11. if you are going to do a battle of the hand creams, definitely check out love and toast. the creams are amazing and they smell divine

  12. Dani

    This is my favorite hand cream! I don’t think I will ever buy another hand cream again as long as this is available.

  13. Az

    Wow 30/30? Thank you so much, definitely have to buy this for my mum this winter :)