Friday, May 17th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a certain beauty item you associate with your birthday? Something you received in the past years, or wore to a party of yours? The color of your birthstone?

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t think there is. I’m trying to recall, but I’ve always told people not to buy me anything beauty-related for my birthday (I’m picky!).

Thanks to Kate for this question–and 5/18 is her birthday, so happy birthday, Kate! Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

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33 thoughts on “Is there a certain beauty item you associate with your birthday?

  1. (psst, Christine, you have the answer for yesterday’s question under today’s question.)

    Birthday – Fresh lip balm *g* It was my birthday perk from Sephora last year, and somehow I ended up with another set this year as a birthday perk, and they’re my faves–I keep trying new ones, but I always go back to Fresh in the end. We’re getting to the time of year where I keep mine in the fridge, so they don’t melt all over me, too. I have all of them, and whenever they come out with a new one, I’ll get that, too :)

  2. Eyeshadow… I get dolled up for my bday. I wear eyeshadow all the time but take much more time for my bday. Also curling irons, since it was what my Mamma did every year when I was a kid… oh old hairspray cans.

  3. Wow, May 18 is my birthday as well and I’m turning 20.

    Haha anyway, right now the makeup I have in mind is lipliner since I heard that you would need it after you turn 20 and I don’t have one right now.
    I’m starting to see my lipstick feather too so I need to get one ASAP.

    • Rebecca

      Happy birthday, Thea! I’m 20 as well. I don’t think you particularly need a lipliner the moment you turn twenty! Just make sure to keep your lips hydrated with a nice balm and exfoliate them often to keep them smooth.
      That being said, I love lipliners for bringing a more intense color to my lipsticks! And it makes them last longer. I’d recommend trying the Pixi ones. I got one in my Birchbox and love it. They’re really soft and smooth compared to other lipliners (and lipsticks) I’ve seen that are really waxy. Plus, they’re sold at Target so you don’t have to go on a wild hunt for them. (And they come with a matching lipstick on the other end! Gotta love duo products)

    • Happy birthday, Thea!

    • Kelly

      That’s hilarious! I’m in my mid-thirties and I almost never wear lipliner, even when I’m wearing a bold colourful lip. Just never had a problem with feathering, lucky I guess!

      • VickyM

        I don´t think feathering has to do with age, my lipstick often feathered on me when I was 13…I think is the way the lip color works with the persons chemistry, the formula of the product, the quality…I´m 23 now and sometimes my lipstick feathers ( Mac) or just stays on perfectly ( Chanel, Ysl, Guerlain) , of course using a lipliner helps to keep the lip color on it´s place though.

  4. Mary

    May 18 is my birthday too! Perfect day to ask the question! I would have to say probably the Sephora birthday gift too.

  5. Erin

    i paint my nails like cupcakes for my birthday.

  6. KEG

    Since my birthday is in November I usually get some sort of a Christmas set-perfume, make-up, or body products

  7. Nail polish! I always ask my sister for nailpolish (usually Chanel).

  8. I’m not sure it’s a beauty item per say… but perfume, definitely. I always receive a new one every year on my birthday (12/26) from my Mom. :)
    This past year it was Viva La Juicy… and who knows what it’ll be this coming one. 😛

  9. I suppose I do associate MAC Gem of Roses lipstick with my birthday. It’s my favorite lipsticks & it was limited edition, so I do tend to wear my favorite products on my birthday.

  10. Basema

    Dior cosmetics :) I got it on my 16th birthday. It was my first high end makeup. I got nail polishes, blushes, lipsticks and OMG their eyeshadows… it was the best gift ever <3

  11. Liquid lipstick (the kind that comes in a lipgloss tube). Light, natural pinks were always given as an extra gift from my mum from my 14th birthday to the 18th or 19th. I’ve never been a lipgloss wearer and no one in my family is, so my mum found these as good substitutes for me. So, yeah… I’ve been wearing lipstick since I was 14.

  12. sarah

    marc jacobs daisy, i got it for my birthday so whenever i wear it i always think of my birthday!

  13. Kristy

    OPI Sapphire in the Snow! Sapphire is my birthstone and this one is so pretty – almost “blurple”, but still reads as a navy polish so it goes with everything.

  14. Hubby gave me my very first tube of Guerlain Rouge G in Gigolo. He braved the cosmetic counters on his own, it was such a sweet gesture. :)

  15. Not a product in specific, but I definitely associate a trip to Ulta with my birthday.

  16. Becky

    OPI Excuse Moi! The pink shimmery multi-glitter screams birthday cake sprinkles to me!! I’ve worn it on my past two birthdays and I love it <3

  17. Kelly

    For my 12th birthday (I was a mature, developed 12 year old) my older sister bought me Cover Girl liquid foundation and a powder compact, and some black eyeliner and mascara…the basics. Somehow I procured some bright red lipstick & white eyeshadow and I have never looked back. I haven’t used anything by Cover Girl in a really long time but I still rock the red lips/black eyeliner/white shadow fairly regularly (I am pretty fair so the white eyeshadow isn’t glaring on me). I’ll never forget this birthday, it actually changed my life, as corny as that sounds. I have loved makeup and worn it almost every day since, and I’m turning 34 this year.

  18. VickyM

    Most of the time I buy my own makeup, I don´t really receive lipstick, gloss, nail polish or blush unless if I ask for it. What I do get is perfume, D&G The One, Flower by Kenzo, Miss Dior, Women Hugo Boss, Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Champs Elysees, L´Air du Temps, Nina (the one that looks like an apple) , all birthday presents, honestly I´m grateful for that since perfume is the most expensive beauty item so I´m always happy to receive it :) .

  19. Xero

    Red lipstick. My birthday is on New Year’s, and ever since I got into makeup I’ve worn red lipstick for the occasion.

  20. Not really no… I prefer to buy my own makeup, I’m very picky, too.