Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Is there a beauty product that you will never use? Any particular reason?

Temptalia's AnswerPretty much anything that makes lashes grow. I’m totally freaked out by them.

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92 thoughts on “Is there a beauty product that you will never use?

  1. Miss J

    I’m right there with you, Christine. The most I get into lash growth products would be stuff like the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. Pretty much everything else kind of freaks me out, lol, which is probably a bit silly considering all the other stupid shit I do.

  2. Mine is eyelash related as well…I could never bring myself to “perm” my eyelashes. Having grown up around salon and knowing how potent perm solutions are and how many fumes come out of it, the idea of having it within millimeters of my eyeball just screams “BAD IDEA!” to me.

  3. xamyx

    Hot pink/fuschia/orange/magenta/neon lipstick or blush. I’ve tried them, and I’m just not a fan. I’m not saying they don’t look great on some, and others can still pull them off, but I just hate them on myself.

  4. r0saL1n3

    The high end beauty miracles or new holy grails that had snake venom, snail, etc. Umm. Eww and gross. I don’t care if it is a rare African orchid snail or whatever…no thank you.

    Also, this is really weird but I have a strange but true story. When I was younger one of my mom’s friend asked for my urine and menses blood (girls menstral blood) because supposedly a virgin’s urine/blood is suppose to be an important ingredient for making ??? I don’t know what the heck but she claims it would make her beautiful. She was/is obsessed with superficial beauty. Well, anyways, after I said NO FREAKING WAY!!! Because I knew she was into some Asian Voo Doo crap. I stayed away from her…until I was no longer a virgin.

  5. Jenna

    Self-tanner. People can say whatever they want about my pale skin.

    • I’m with you, Jenna! From what I can see those just never turn out looking right!

    • xamyx

      I just don’t consider faux tanners a “beauty” product. They *never* look natural, and 99 times out of 100, they look orange. I’m all about alt-beauty, but I do draw the line at looking like an Oompa Loompa…

  6. Peggy

    Eyelash curlers! they are WAY TOO SCARY looking for me to handle

    • Lacey J.

      I second on that one. I absolutely am terrified of eyelash curlers… maybe I’m just a dope but I ripped out a significant amount of eyelashes the only time I used one, and ever since then… I will not touch the things.

      I am pretty sure I did it right. Maybe I was pressing too hard or what not, but when I released, a ton of my eyelashes went onto the sponge thing. I was super sad.

      I will just stick with my Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara that works decent to curl my eyelashes.

      I would try false eyelashes, but I don’t have the patience and I’m afraid my eyelashes would get pulled out with the fake lashes as well.

      Needless to say I have a sorry excuse for natural lashes now…

  7. Barbie

    false eyelashes, i have thick eyelashes anyway lol

  8. Paige

    Illuminating/highlighting powder. I don’t find it worth the money and the extra step in using it.

  9. Dominique

    false nails and false eyelashes !

  10. Cat

    tints. I never use them. Ever

  11. I won’t use maybelline dream matte mousse foundation :( I wish I loved it, but I can’t. It makes me look clown even. I thought it was fault of the shade but no !

  12. Any kind of lip plumpers: they make my lips sting and I don’t really like the look of ‘full, bee-stung lips’.

  13. Faiza Qaiser

    Self tanner and lash growth serums, i dont need them and they are a waste of money

  14. Emma

    Anything to fill in my brows. They are so thick and black – I don’t need to fill them in.

  15. Anything with a chemical peel! My skin is too sensitive for it, I tried a type of chemical peel/exfoliation lotion once that was supposed to be very light but it still caused my skin to sting like a burn and go red it was so scary, never doing it again!

  16. Malia

    fake tanning lotion…. i’m fine with bein whitey lol

  17. Mariella

    Yes, those lash growing products worry me too – the fact that they can cause discolouration of your eyes that is permanent. False lashes are another – I just think they always look “false” and not in an especially attractive way (my DD has had those lash extension type things done at a salon – the ones that last for several weeks – and those looked really nice and totally natural). Oh – hair extensions…do they count too? They seem to do more harm than good to the condition of the hair and an inordinate # of people with hair extensions seem to end up on Judge Judy!

  18. Alicia

    I agree. The growing eyelash mascaras are ridiculous. I can’t even imagine the side effects.

  19. Cayleigh

    I’d have to vote with you and say NO to eyelash growers. I was reading a brochure about it one day and it says if you accidently get the liquid on you in other could start growing there! NO Thank You!!!

  20. Danielle

    I’m sort of afraid of heated eyelash curlers. But one product I know I will never use would be a self tanner. I’m constantly trying to keep my pale skin by loading up on sunblock.

  21. I would never buy any lip pluming product!

  22. Liz

    I would never use either self- tanner or a bleaching cream. I like the color of skin that I have. I don’t think I would tint my eyelashes. Mascara works just fine for me. In general, I wouldn’t do anything permanent, like tattooed makeup. Lastly, I doubt I would ever use a glitter gel or cream. An older woman wore that to my wedding and I thought it looked silly. I’m just too old for that.

  23. Iris

    Eye lash curlers, luckily mine are naturally curled because those things look scary! And a girl at my school once pulled her lashes out with it! And I don’t really wear products on my cheeks, I ussually already have red cheeks, so wouldn’t want to put more attention to that lol

  24. Ellen

    My former med school roommate I’m sure uses Latisse – and her eyelashes are so long, they look like spider legs. Not a good look!

  25. Fiaspice

    False eyelashes (mine are thick/long enough), lash growing stuff (no need for this and it can change the colot of your iris *scared*) self tanner (I’m pale but who cares!) and a lash curler (I just can’t have this metal thing near my eyes)

    • Jenny

      That eyelash grower thing can also make you go blind I’ve heard, although I’m not sure of the source. It will also grow hair in other places if it gets anywhere else…

  26. JGR

    Matte lipstick, mineral foundation, gel/liquid blush, anything that aggravates dry skin. Even in the summer I get dry and flaky (my lips too), so I don’t give products for oily/normal skin a second glance, even if other people love them! :(

  27. blueraccoon

    Self-tanners. I’m too pale to make it plausible and I have fears of turning orange.

  28. Erin

    Bronzer. I’m pale and I’m fine with that.

  29. VickyM

    Fake eyelashes…I´m scared by them! I can´t imagine myself using glue on my own eyes! it´s dangerous…at least I think it is lol. Also a friend had a very bad experience with fake lashes back in high school. When she removed the fake lashes she also removed her own real ones! How painfull! I know she removed the fake lashes obviously in the wrong way but it still left a bad impression on me. On the bright side her lashes grew back 😀 , but after more than half a year. She obviously hates fake eyelashes more than anything else in the whole world!

  30. Cat G

    I’m dubious about all those creams that now have placenta in them… like whale placenta.

  31. Zainab

    Fake tan- I look awful with a tan, and I’m sure I’d end up applying it terribly (the worst ‘tan’ moment I had was as a teen, I slapped on my sunscreen really badly and ended up with an even tan on my legs, except for the pale handprint shaped patch). I think I’ll always steer clear of fake nails as well (eww), and I pretty much won’t wear nail polish.

  32. Fitrah

    Probably foundation or concealer. I just find make up that’s supposed to be undetectable quite boring.

  33. wenjing

    false eyelashes, eyelash curler, fake nails,

  34. I would never use 24k gold facials, pearl creams, snake venom, etc. I think it’s all hokey and just a gimmick. I would never get Botox or use Latisse. I think those products just make things worse for your body.

    • Emma Lynn

      i used to work in a spa that sold synthatic sny-ake venium and to be honist was was remarkable watching someones skin tighten infront of you. it was also used as part of a collegen turn back the clock facial. having seen and kind of worked with it im still on the fence. i think its a good idea for a special occation for an instant lift. but as.the the prolonged effects im still not sure. the manager was concinced it was sorting out her wrinkles tho at her age she didnt actually have any. after awhile i think its all in the mind but as a randon application every now and then works well. i do have to say tho the price of it at £70a pop is a rip off.

  35. I guess this is more of a service than a product but I would never try eye lash extension services. I don’t quite understand the point and it really freaks me out. I’m not sure if they are sewing extensions to your eyelid/lash, gluing them on with some sort of industrial strength glue…no clue at all lol. I just know that it can’t be remotely close to wearing falsies (which I have only done once for a sorority formal…although I did buy some with the intent of seeing if I could learn to love the process…failed miserably at applying lol). I think the procedure is somewhere in the $250 range. The cost isn’t what bugs me though (not that I would be thrilled to pay that much on my eye lashes)…it’s just how odd it sounds period.

  36. Erin

    Acrylic nails. And permanent make up. Not pretty.

  37. TrippyPixie

    The top thing I will never use is bronzer (I hate looking “tan”, “warm”, “golden”, or anything like that — it also makes me look sickly). I also will never use an eyelash curler or fake eyelashes.

  38. Brenda

    Gel/acrylic nails, whatever nail extensions there may be out there…I’m terrified of them!

    They look fantastic on women I’ve seen, but I’m so afraid after a horrible story a co-worker told me years ago and seeing the state of another co-workers nails after she had hers off. I’ve done Shellac once and will never do it again.

    • Avril

      I don’t really ‘get’ acrylic nails. I keep mine at a nice length, and I think it looks better than fakes (the natural length, several mm off of the skin- not necessarily my nails, I’m hard on them so they break), which sit at a weird angle, look unnatural and (to me) un-prettily long and thick (especially thick). It seems cheaper and easier and nicer to just grow and paint your own.

      And if you can’t grow your nails out for work reasons or whatever, gel nails are fine for an occasion or whatever, but you probably aren’t (at least shouldn’t be) allowed to wear fakes to work either.

      • Brenda

        I honestly don’t really get them either, except for those who can’t grow longer nails and want them. Most of the time I find them tacky looking. I hate to badmouth, but I am so over the french manicure nails.

        The two women I know very well that had them/have them – it just seems to suit them. The one however, my MIL, has since grown her nails out and no longer wears them.

        I used to work for tool companies and then was a landscaper so I preferred to keep my nails cut right off and never wore polish. I feel dirty if they were long. I don’t really let them get more than 3 or 4 mm past the tips of my fingers now because like you I am very hard on them (babies, dogs, etc) and they snap right off! Also they start to curl weirdly and I think it looks awful.

    • blueraccoon

      If you go to a reputable salon, gel nails won’t damage the underlying nail and when they’re removed your nails will be in the same shape they were pre-enhancements. I’ve had nail enhancements on and off for about seven years ago; this time I started about a year ago with gels, and my nails are in fine shape. I get gels because my actual nails are very soft and peel and I bite them, but with gels I leave them alone and they look great.

      Don’t go to a salon that doesn’t autoclave its instruments, and don’t go to a salon that uses an electric file, and your nails should be fine.

  39. stef b

    LIPSTICK! i hate it, have never worn it and never will!

  40. RS

    Eyelash growing mascaras, and false eyelashes. The first freak me out as well, and the second bang into my glasses, so there’s really no point.

  41. Anything with glitter in it, for the most part. Some of this is age-related…I’m almost 49 (literally – my birthday is within the week), so I think I’m a little old for anything other than my personality to sparkle. The other reason is that I’ve TRIED it (for evening makeup, going out, etc.), and it’s just a mess. It migrates EVERYWHERE – think “tip of the nose, chin, jawline” – and it all just started on my eyes. Seriously! Perhaps I’m “sparkle-challenged” – I have come to refer to this incident as the “Glitterpocalypse,” and just steer clear, at this point.

  42. lilly04

    fake nails don´t look pretty.

    What´s the trouble with eyelash growing products? I´ve got one since a few weeks, everything is fine.

    • tg

      Latisse (the prescription one) has a side effect where it can give blue eyes brown patches that are permanent and discolor the lids.

      Non-prescription ones like RapidLash don’t have this effect though, and I couldn’t be without mine. It grew in sparse patches in my brows and made my lashes long and helps with the occasional sparse spot in my lashes too. The Obagi one is just as good, but more expensive. (RapidLash usually has some kind of deal going on.)

    • San

      Non-Rx ones aren’t regulated at all, and Rx ones like Latisse were actually some of the first glaucoma medications. Patients noticed that one of the side effects was that it made their lashes grow longer. However, it can also cause some nasty intraocular side effects, so it is almost never used to treat glaucoma anymore. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies won’t tell you that so you don’t know any better, but you SHOULD be scared of that stuff and I would never use it, especially for any length of time.

  43. Megan

    I just hate the sticky feeling on my lips. I also dislike lipstick but I like to wear that on special occasions.

  44. Sunny

    Any permanent makeup is just not for me! I’ve seen women with tattooed eyeliner and lipliner and I think it looks incredibly stark so I’ll be staying away :)

    • Kath

      Ugh, my aunt got permanent eyeliner tattooed on. Her argument was that she’d been wearing eyeliner every day for 20 years, so why not… but honestly I think it’s insane.

      She’s now hypnotized her daughter into wanting to get eyelash extensions with a freaking red highlight in them. The daughter’s the one who told me about this plan, but you can just tell it’s the mom’s idea.

      No freaking way on both of those.

  45. Ao

    Full coverage foundation. Even with high-end HD products no matter how well it’s applied, it looks like a mask really.

  46. Emme

    I have to agree with you Christine. Also -though it may seem odd to most- a lash curler. It freaks me out!

  47. Lily

    Fake nails…I really don’t get the appeal and find that the majority of the time they just look incredibly tacky and are awful for your nails. I prefer to keep my nails pretty short, especially since I like a lot of bright pinks and corals and feel they look better when my nails are short.
    Also would never do permanent makeup…and I’m sure I’m definitely in the minority here, but I have yet to let someone do my eyebrows, I’m not necessarily opposed to it, I just have trouble trusting someone to not botch the, or something..

  48. Christy Burrington

    I’m surprised by how many people said eyelash curlers! I couldn’t live without mine (ok, I could but my eyes would look sad).

    I’m pretty much down to try anything but permanent makeup. It never looks quite right :/

  49. becca


  50. Danii

    I use the Physician’s Formula lash serum eyeliner! Bought it because its hypoallergenic and a L’Oreal eyeliner had started to aggravate my eyes terribly. Do I think it works? Maybe! My lashes seem longer! ^~^ Maybe it’s all in my head though. 8D Product I’ll never use: probably airbrush makeup. The idea scares me a little, I’m accident-prone, don’t want to get it everywhere and make a huge mess. Oh, and that mineral makeup from the mall, the Bella stuff? Messier than stuff I already have/love, expensive.

  51. Hmm definitely with everyone on the acrylics…they aren’t worth the damage to your nails! Also I will never use lip plumpers…my roommate bought lip venom a couple months ago and it is such a gimmick. It did nada for her; just irritates. Not to mention it’s so overpriced!

  52. Chelsea

    Fake nails. So, so tacky. Also, self-tanner. I embrace the pale.

  53. tg

    Sugarpill shadows. I can’t wear clown colors no matter how I try. I’m too fair.

    Also silicone products can be used on my nose and the surrounding area, but never on my cheeks unless I want a load of tiny bumps.

  54. Diana

    Self-tanner, fake nails, bronzer, cream eyeshadow, and any sort of invasive and/or high maintenance treatment, such as permanent makeup or eyelash extensions.

    I’m very pale, so the self-tanner and bronzer would look ridiculous on me; I also hate worrying about the streaks from the tanner. I have nice natural nails, so fake nails have no appeal. Cream eyeshadow is a no-go since I have super-oily lids, and pretty much any brand/formula I’ve tried has immediately slicked into the crease of my eyelids even with a primer. I don’t have the patience or time to sit for high-maintenance procedures like eyelash extensions. Finally, I find the risk involved with permanent makeup not worth it, and I like changing my make-up colors too much anyway.

  55. Phoebe

    I should never say never, but right now, I would never use foundation. I guess I’m lucky I don’t need it, but I can’t stand the feeling of having product all over my face. And I’d be worried it would transfer. Whenever I wear blush or bronzer, I already feel a bit self conscious…as if I’m going to rub the color all over my collar or other things I touch.

  56. Kafka

    Eyelash curlers, first and foremost. I find them terrifying!!!!!!!!! *shudder* Then, I guess self-tanners (not a fan of Oompa Loompa orange); acrylic nails; lipsticks in shades of black, purple, green or yellow because I truly don’t think I could carry them off in any flattering way; and anything remotely taupe or taupe-y brown. (I would use a self-tanner before I willingly and voluntarily opted for taupe!)

    • blueraccoon

      How do you feel about gel nails? 😛 Much better than acrylics IMO.

      • Kafka

        I’m totally willing to try gel nails, hun! I’ve heard great things about it from a number of people here, you included. But it’s the 2-week reapplication/salon thing that I’ve also heard about which puts me off. Anything that I need to do every 2 weeks or so feels too much like an obligation or chore. If I could do it every 6 weeks or 8 weeks, and do what I liked in the meantime, then that would be much more palatable.

        • blueraccoon

          You can stretch them out depending on how short/long you want your nails; I go every two weeks but could get away with three) but yeah, if you don’t want the constant maintenance I can see how it might be a problem 😛

  57. Rachel

    self tanner.

  58. Allie

    I think foundation. Maybe it takes some getting used to, but anytime I’ve ever had it applied on me in stores I haven’t liked the way it felt. Plus I feel like I’d worry that I didn’t get it all off at the end of the night. |:

    I’m more open to concealer, even though I don’t wear that either. I haven’t really delved into the ‘face’ part of makeup besides blush, which I find kind of funny because I feel like that’s where most people start. xD

  59. Melody

    I def wouldn’t use any of the prescription lash serums. I won’t use self-tanner or any professional tanning stuff because I like being fair. I don’t think I’ll ever use an epilator again. So. Painful. I don’t even know how I ever got used to the pain back when I used to use one. Not sure I’d ever get a brazilian either. It’s mostly the professional treatments that are painful or could go horribly wrong that I avoid, not so much products you can purchase yourself.

  60. L

    Like a lot of people have said, self tanners and fake nails.

    Also hair extensions. Just, no.

    Top of the list is Seche Vite. No. Way.

  61. Eisdamme

    Acrylic nails and self tanner. Permanent makeup used to top this list, but lately I’ve been tossing the idea of getting individual brow hairs done.

  62. Kash

    Permanent makeup. I’d be worried someone wouldn’t know how to do it properly and make me look horrible. After all, there’s no erasing it so…

    I can’t believe how many people are afraid of eyelash curlers. I love mine and use it every day. As someone else said, without it my eyelashes would look sad. :(

    One thing I’m afraid of using is eyelash growing serums and eye creams. I’m worried it would irritate my eyes.

  63. I hear you on the lash stuff, Christine! That’s so scary that it can cause blindness and people still use it!!! Even a slight chance is too much for me. I’ve had issues with my vision all my life and I know how precious it is.

  64. Joyce

    I will never used fake lashes, fake nails, hair extensions, lash growing products and lip plumping gloss.

    In terms of fake lashes, they are always too long and too full to look realistic. Fake nails just look wrong and they requires so much upkeep. Hair extensions-the issue is really difficult to get into. It always look really bad and doesn’t agree with my scalp and lip plumping gloss…well, I really like my lips. And I believe a health diet, rubbing coconut oil on my lashes plus a good mascara with help you lashes to grow.

  65. Tamara

    permenate cosmetics never look good and i like to play with makeup so n to that. self tanner i hate how i look tan and they never turn out well.
    gel nails last to long long i like to wear a nail look for about a week and it seems like u have les choices with gel colors

    full coverage foundation i like to see my actual skin so sheer bases are my thing

  66. Angela

    I’ll never wear bright eyeshadow colors like lime green, pink, purple, or light blue. My pale skin and dark hair just look incredibly harsh with those colors.

  67. Nikki

    I could write a whole list! I like to follow the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sexy 😉 principle when it comes to makeup:

    – False lashes (I don’t like the look on myself – I’m a fan of the natural look.)
    – Lash curler (Very scary looking! Afraid of losing all my lashes!)
    – Highlighter (Unnecessary step to me!)
    – Anything with glitter (I HATE GLITTER! ugh)
    – Matte lipsticks (Completely turned off by the dryness)
    – Bronzer (I have naturally golden undertones.)
    – Acrylic nails (Hate the damage they cause to natural nails)
    – Mascara (FREAKS ME OUT! I’m afraid I’d pull out all my lashes when removing it or not remove it all!)
    – Contour powder (Unnecessary step for me!)
    – Concealer (My skin is pretty clear so my unevenness is controlled with foundation alone).

  68. theglitterydragon

    The only two I can really think of are fake lashes and bronzer.
    Fake lashes – because I wear glasses and I’ve tried wearing even the “natural” looking falsies and they just rub against my lenses and drive me nuts.
    Bronzer – because I’m naturally pale and embrace it (slightly gothy)- not that bronzing isnt beautiful, cause it is. Its just not my cuppa

  69. Rae

    Bronze and eyelash curler! I’m super pale so usually bronzer is a miss for me, not worth the trouble and don’t like the “tan” look. Eyelash curlers make my eyelashes look a bit weird. I like them the way they are.