Saturday, December 15th, 2007

We were lucky enough to score an interview with Anne Rogers, age 26, who has spent the past five years working as an independent makeup artist.  She also works at a Med Spa in Houston. She has several educational certificates, including Dinaire Airbrush, Stage Makeup training at Sam Houston State University, an internship with Paula Dorf, an apprenticeship with Tree Vaello, and three years of employment at the corporate office of Laura Mercier. Whew!

Temptalia: What advice do you have for those wanting to become a makeup artist?
Anne: Be a perfectionist! I’ve seen sloppy makeup artists who do not take care of their products and equipment. This is very unprofessional! There’s nothing that erks me more than a makeup artist who doesn’t treat expensive tools and/or products properly. I’ve also seen artists who skip out on their clients without any prior notice. It’s appalling to me that there are makeup artists out there who receive great work and credibility but they treat their clients horribly. Respect your clientele and take the time to understand their needs and wants. This is important because you’re not just there to make them look pretty, you’re there to make them feel pretty too!

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Anne: What surprises me most about being a makeup artist is how self-conscious people are about their looks. They hire you to do their makeup and yet they sit down and tell you how to do it. It’s amusing how people look in the mirror and see something completely different than what everyone else sees.

Learn about what inspires Anne, and what tips she can’t live without.

Temptalia: Where do you find your inspiration?
Anne: I find inspiration in other makeup artists. I used to fawn over the pictures in my Kevyn Aucoin books and I loved watching my mom apply makeup when I was little. To this day, I still love to watch makeup artists and see how different their techniques are. It seems like every makeup artist has a different signature.

Temptalia: What’s your favorite way to achieve the perfect natural look?
Anne: I love using a primer before I put any makeup on the face. Next, I use an oil-free tinted moisturizer, a little concealer in dark or uneven areas and set with translucent powder. I always tell my clients that if they’re only going to the gym or they simply don’t feel like wearing too much makeup, just dust on a little mineral powder in a skin tone matching shade all over the face.

Temptalia: What feature do you love to accentuate?
Anne: I love to create flawless looking skin. So many people sit in my chair and complain about how oily they are or dry, broken out, you name it. I love to show them that it’s so simple to create the look of flawless skin without a lot of product. I’ve had so many clients leave my chair beaming because their skin looks phenomenal, not because their eyes look dressy.

Temptalia: Do you love working with any specific brands or lines?
Anne: Of course I’m biased. I worked for the corporate office of Laura Mercier Cosmetics for three years and I still love her products to this day. Not to mention I have so much of it, I don’t want to let it go to waste!

Temptalia: What are three important skills required to be a makeup artist?
Anne: Social skills-You must be able to interact with your client on a personal and professional level. Doing makeup is a private, intimate interaction and you need to have plenty of energy.
Artistry Skills- It’s important that you have at least some basic training. Your clients will know when you’re not sure of yourself or if you don’t know what you’re doing…It will show!
Business Skills- To be a successful artist with a group or independently, you have to understand how business works and have the skills to not only keep the work coming in, but to keep your business organized. It’s the “no client left behind” strategy! You must have a working knowledge of business practices so you can establish and maintain your clientele.

Temptalia: Could you share your three beauty tips you could not live without?
Anne: 1. Don’t be afraid to try something new! If you’re upset because the lipstick you’ve been wearing the past ten years is discontinued, it’s probably time for a new look.
2. Treat your skin with great care! Wear sunscreen, visit a dermatologist, make sure you’re using the right products! If I have one more person older than fifty tell me they have oily skin, I’ll scream!!
3. Throw away your tweezers! I see too many gorgeous women who have sparce brows because they fail to realize that when they’re plucking the “strays” they pluck out their entire brow! Consult with a professional makeup artist but give your brows 2-6 months to grow back.

Thanks so much for the interview, Anne!  We had a blast!

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8 thoughts on “Interview with Anne Rogers, Make Up Artist

  1. Mary

    Great interview!

  2. Tanya

    hehehe good thing Anne can’t see my eyebrows…she would confiscate my tweezers!! LOL

    Wonderful interview with a refreshingly sharp young woman who appears to have a clear view of where she is going with her choosen profession :) very impressed!!

  3. victoria

    wow what a great interview. i wish all makeup consultants were that knowledgable and concern like her. maybe i have bad luck but a lot of the makeup consultants i’ve approach don’t really know that much about the products they’re selling. and i’ve stopped pucking my brows, aside from the strays, because i have to fill them in.

  4. Charlene

    this was such an inspiring interview… i wish i cud work with her, as an upcoming makeup artist myself :(

  5. Thank all of you for the wonderful support and for taking the time to read my interview! I hope I was able to offer some much needed answers and assistance for some of your makeup needs!

  6. Pegah Punjami

    Hi Anne, I am Pegah from India. All my life I have had very very very hairy face. I wonder and ask if there is a cream I can use to help remove it permanetly? My eye brow is very thick and I want to remove the middle part above my nose so that I can have two eye brows. Also, my mustache is very very thick because I shave it every 2 days. What should I do? Please help me!

    • guenevere

      Hi Pegah,

      Though I am not Anne Rogers, I am also a makeup artist. I wanted to explain something to you about hair removal. When you shave, you are actually cutting the hair with the razor just at the surface leaving the bulb (the thickest part of the hair) ready to be exposed when it grows back, hence that’s why it grows back thicker. If you want to get rid of it temporarily, waxing is one good way to take the hair out from the root so it doesn’t grow back thicker. Also, threading is a good way. Personally, I have not threaded myself, but I’ve heard really good stories about it. There are also bleaching creams which I have used in the past that make your hair lighter. It won’t get rid of the hair, but at least it won’t be as visible. As far as removing hair permanently, look into laser hair removal or electrolysis. I have not done this myself, but I am seriously considering laser hair removal. Personally I cannot stand hair on my body and I hate shaving! :) The procedures can be a costly investment but may be worth it in the long run. My suggestion would be for now at least to stop shaving your mustache and wax it to get it to come back in thinner. Shaving makes it more noticeable when it grows back. As far as your eyebrows go, I would really need to show you where and where not to tweeze yourself. It may be best for you to go to a highly recommended professional to get your eyebrows shaped, either waxing or threading. I hope this helps..