Friday, August 10th, 2012

Deal: 20% Off @ Inglot

Inglot is having a great sale: 20% off with code BIRTHDAY, expires 8/20 at 2:30 AM EST. Free shipping on $50+ orders!

Need some help? Check out all of our Inglot reviews and posts. I’m most familiar with eyeshadows, which I do recommend overall. Chime in with your must-haves!

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51 thoughts on “Inglot Cosmetics 20% off Birthday Sale!

  1. My favorites are:
    Pearl – 434, 420, 439
    Matte – 351, 352, 362, 350, 384, 375
    AMC – 57, 59, 70, 74, 58, 67
    DS – 467, 498, 494, 477
    Shine – 28, 29, 7, 43, 24

    • Thanks for the suggestions!

    • wow thanks for your suggestions on your favorite shades! ^_^ Now I know what to look for.

    • Kelly B

      Hi Phyrra and Christine.
      I was hoping you could give me your opinion and ideas. Inglot 439 Pearl is my absolute favorite purple! I’ve been on a quest for over a year…trying to find a lighter shade of purple in the exact same tone so 439 can be my dominant shade with another purple it fades into and I’ll go a variety of directions from there (greens, blues, pinks, etc.) I’m hoping to find a matte (would love a duotone for interest) and I prefer avoiding another pearl or shimmer as I’ve played with all pearls or adding a shimmer to 439 and I don’t like the look on myself…or I lose the impact of 439. I was just looking on-line at Urban Decay’s “Ecstacy” and possibly Psychedelic Sister (but it has shimmer) as options. I don’t live anywhere near stores with brands I can go see if they would work. It’s tricky with purples, too much red and I look sick; too much lavender and I just don’t like the color. I have green eyes and love mixing purples, I have some that will work ok, but haven’t found my holy grail purple for 439 to fade into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I would love to find something on sale at Inglot or Urban Decay right now…but after searching for so long I would be grateful for any ideas! Sorry to be so long, I hope explaining what I’m looking for will help you guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. I was going to wait for my trip to San Diego in December, but forget it! Does anyone have suggestions in regards to blush color? I’d love to make a four-pan blush palette.

  3. Love Inglot!! I will definitely take advantage of this offer. Their e/s are 2nd to none, in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up:-)

  4. Malia

    Order EVERYTHING!!! Seriously Inglot is one of my favourite brands, this is an incredible deal! I have 120+ eyeshadows, a bunch of blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes, gel liners, everything! Get brushes too! I love their AMC blushes the best, and the lip creams and concealers are also amazing! Get the matte pigments too! Happy shopping USA!! :)

  5. redshift87

    I -just- placed my first order with them yesterday, and it was pretty big. Does anyone know if they’ll do a price adjustment? I emailed their customer service… fingers crossed I guess.

  6. t_zwiggy

    “Promotion does not include single eye shadows”

    I will still get 20% on custom eyeshadow palettes, right?

    • Hmm, I bought this AM and the pan eyeshadows were $4.80/each. Maybe they mean something else?

    • Donna

      It wouldn’t take the code for me… not sure why… It was the palette and 5 pan eyeshadows… *shrug*

      • Lils

        I just tried to place an order too but wouldn’t accept the code. I contacted customer service….hopefully they’ll get back to me.

        • :( I have no idea why it stopped working!

        • i did too, but no reply from customer service so far.

          i wonder if too many bought their stuff, so they stopped the promotion :(

          tried it the last 3-4 days.

          • If they pulled the code because too many people bought it, IMO, that’s pretty bad.

            • Cait

              I was trying to order today too and after reading these comments I removed the eyeshadow pans I wanted from the cart and proceeded with the other items (even though it was the singles that weren’t included in the sale and not the pans), but the code still didn’t work. Sucks because I really wanted a lot of things. D: Such a let down Inglot!!

  7. Urmi

    Is this valid in store, do you know?

  8. Tina

    I could have not been broke for the month, Christine. You’re a horrible person. >.>

  9. Michelle A

    Can the freedom shadows be used in the z palette?

  10. Isabela

    Christine, I just saw that Inglot has brushes. Do you know if they are good?

  11. Lacey J.

    I’m on a no buy and already broke it for the urban decay sale. Stupid sales -.-

  12. Kellie

    Oh, Inglot. Fantastic products, horrible customer service. They completely messed up one of my orders lol. They fixed it however, I am still bitter. :p I really want to try the Duraline. How cool would it be to never have to worry about dried up gel liner? (from any brand)

  13. They sell Inglot at SF Macys. Yes, there are plenty of colors. Yes, it is pigmented. But each time I test it on my hand, it feels so powdery. It reminds me of Coastal Scents with myriad of colors and colors. For whatever price it is, I think I am going to pass.

  14. Miriam

    When I went to NYC last year, I picked up 10 of their shadows and it was lots of fun having the whole store to myself. I took my time swatching and building my palette. After I saw you posted the sale on your blog, I cyber ran over to Inglot and bought 20 of their eye shadows. But let me tell you, it took me 4 hours to find what I wanted. I’ve never searched so many blogs for swatches of every single color in one brand until today and boy was that a big big pain in the tookus! I really wish they’d put a description with their colors rather than just numbers, so frustrating. I’m happy I got what I wanted, my 2012 of no buy has officially gone down the crapper but it’s okay, 2013 is coming, if I’m still buying, then somebody please put me in makeupholics anonymous…hahah

  15. Marissa

    Is the sale not available in stores? I was going to stop by the one in Times Square and I still might as well to test and write down the colors.

  16. Ester

    I’ve wanted to get an Inglot palette for so long, and even had a list of the colors I wanted narrowed down to ten, just sitting around. I wanted to wait until I used up some of my other shadows, but this code gave me the push to just get them! I got a ten pan palette and a quad for travel. Here are the ten colors I chose: (All Neutrals)
    360M – medium warm brown
    461DS – light brown with gold sparkle
    423 – dark plummy brown with gold shimmer (similar to MAC Glamour Check!)
    378M – deep brown with purple/gray undertone
    352M – super pale pinky peach highlight
    446P – rich plum purple with red undertones (similar to UD Rockstar)
    463DS – creamy gold nude with gold sparkles
    30AMC – shimmery white gold highlight
    409P – cool dark bronze (similar to MAC Mulch)
    465 – medium brown with gold sparkles

    Sorry for such a long comment, just thought it might help someone!

  17. Alison S

    I’ve heard that if you buy a freedom palette and fill it with eyeshadows, then the eyeshadows are at a discounted price, depending on how big the palette is. I’m trying to buy a palette online but the eyeshadows are still at $6. Does anyone know how to buy it online at a discounted price? Thanks!

  18. code isnt working for me , and i dont know why, although the expiry date is tomorrow :((( everytime i type BIRTHDAY in, it said, PROMO code not found. anyone else who experienced that?

    • Elizabeth

      If you are buying eyeshadows, I think the code doesn’t apply to those. I’ve been wanting to try Inglot eyeshadows for a long time and I spent about two hours looking up swactches of colors. When I went to place the order I got the same message you did. I guess Inglot is not getting my money…

    • Kathleen

      I just placed an order and had the same problem- I ended up just writing in the optional comments section the promo code and explained it wasn’t working. Hopefully they can do a price adjust, as I did buy 3 eyeshadows but they were the square not the round on sale and I bought another empty Freedom duo, some gel liners and a mascara.

  19. Luka

    I have placed 3 orders 9days ago but none of my orders hasn’t been shipped yet so I called them but no one answers no matter how many times I call them, I’ve also sent 5messages but still no response…

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of them??

  20. Jennifer

    The code does work on eyeshadow I have made two orders and the code worked fine but that was on the 12th and one on the 16th. My problem is that neither has shipped and I have emailed them with no return email even though it says 12-24 hours on their site. I have been reseaching for days Inglot customer service and apparently they are notorious for awful online customer service.

    • Bridgette

      Jennifer, I have had the same problem. I placed an order 8/13 and they still haven’t shipped it yet. I have sent numerous emails without a response. This is my fourth order and probably last with Inglot.

  21. For those of you asking about the promo code not working – I checked Inglot’s Twitter site and it appears several people are having the same issue. They responded to everyone saying there was a system glitch that they are working on fixing so we should have another opportunity to use the 20% discount. I would keep checking their Twitter for updates on when it should be fixed. Also – if you were trying to purchase single potted eye shadows (not the freedom system), they are not eligible for discount because they are already marked down 40%. Hope this helps!! :)

  22. Alicia Sabio

    I tried to order in the beginning of the sale date and promo code was fine including the eyeshadows but i was not sure on one eyeshadow so i held off to order until i went to the store to see if i liked it. while i was there i went ahead and make sure all the other ones i liked and had my eye also on lipliners and lipstick that i just included. so hurried home to order it and than it says promo not found so i tried removing the eyeshadows still promo code not working. i tried calling and emailing them no response i am wondering what is going on.