Saturday, June 20th, 2009

IMATS – International Make Up Artist Trade Show 2009 in Pasadena, CA

Hey everyone! I spent the day at this year’s IMATS down in Pasadena, CA! I flew down in the early morning, and the lovely Pursebuzz picked me up on her way to IMATS. IMATS is basically a convention for makeup artists, and this year’s Pasadena show was sponsored by Make-up Artist Magazine. Temptalia definitely has to thank Make-up Artist Magazine for inviting us down to check out the show. I hung out a ton with Pursebuzz and her cousin Ames, as well as Koren (of EnKore Makeup).

I also met a ton of YOU while attending and perusing the show! It is such an honor to meet all of you, and it is just so amazing to see your support! I got to meet several other YouTube-famous ladies & gents like Leesha, Josh, Suzy, Nessa, Elle, Blair (my spelling may be off!), and more. Almost started to feel like a blogger convention!  It made be sad to have to fly back home in the afternoon, but next year, I will try to plan better :)

IMATS is really a great opportunity for makeup artists in particular, but the general public is allowed in and can peruse through all of the different vendors. There are a lot of theatrical brands and products available, as well as well-known brands like Bobbi Brown, Chantecaille, MAC, and Make Up For Ever. They also offer classes taught by various professionals and brands (like Koren’s class!), too! If you’re in the southern California area, you should definitely look into going and buying tickets at the door. They open at 10am and close at 5pm tomorrow!

P.S. – If we took a picture together, I’d love to see it and/or post it on the blog. You can send me a copy (let me know if I can post it!) to [email protected]! :)

Some pictures… more to come

We hit up MUFE first thing, because both Pursebuzz & I fully intended to go a bit nuts there.

MUFE canvas-thing!

Naked Cosmetics booth!

Lots of pretty colors! Koren is doing a class for Naked tomorrow morning with Pursebuzz as his model.

More vendors…

Entry into the “Gothic” student show.


Lunch time @ Islands across the street. Ames on the left, Pursebuzz on the right.



There was a chalk show or contest… something going on outside, and this one of an eagle was my personal favorite.


Cute — this one was Pursebuzz’s fave!

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36 thoughts on “IMATS – International Make Up Artist Trade Show 2009 Recap

  1. i was there tooooo! :) but i didn’t see you! :( i saw leesha and josh though. my friend was set on finding them even before we went to the actual location, hahaha.

  2. Wilcoa

    The show sounds so cool! Wish I was in Cali. But wow those chalk artists really do some fine work – can’t even believe it’s chalk yet! ;P

  3. I had so much fun there today! I wish I could have met you!

  4. Amazing Pictures! Thanks so much for posting! I will definitely be there next year!

  5. Ambonee

    Totally agree with Linda! I wish I would have ran into you guys today!

  6. crystal

    was there anything dicounted there at the show?

  7. aramis

    it was such a pleasure meeting you. the funny thing is dat i recognized both u and pursebuzz from the side. My bestfriend was looking at me like i was crazy or something. i was surprised since i dont remember you anouncing it here on temptalia and i follow your blog daily.=)

    • It was great to meet you, Aramis!! :) I did not announce it, actually — it was very up in the air for awhile, so I didn’t want to disappoint anyone if I wasn’t able to make it.

  8. hey gurl,
    looks like a lot of fun, i hope to see you tom its my first time and i cant wait to meet you

  9. Cx

    Your IMATS look so much bigger and better than the UK ones, which are rubbish in comparison!

  10. Chica

    Can’t wait for London :) Saving up already!

  11. wowowowow! :) I wish I could attend these!

  12. Kella

    Great pics, thanks Christine! I love watching people work with chalk… every summer here there is a man who’s famous for it, and the work he does is out of this world. I’m going to have to go to one of these conventions sometime.

  13. Saira

    Oh wow, it must have been amazing going to this! I would have loved to go to something like this (only problem being that I live in another country, lol :o) ).

  14. Ariana

    I was also there. It was really cool getting to hear Eve Pearl speak and do a makeover as well as see all the products out there! Definitely a fun experience! =)

  15. Kimmy V

    dammit! i should have gone i live like 5 mins away! then i would have met you guys :(

  16. Hi Christine!\nWere glad you made it to IMATS! Thanks for the great coverage and pics. All IMATS events are presented by Make-Up Artist magazine, which has been doing the trade shows since 1997. Our next IMATS is in Sydney, Australia (Sept. 12 13,; then well have IMATS Toronto (Nov. 21 22), London (Jan. 30 31) and Vancouver, B.C. (April 17 18). Im sure your readers will find one near them ;)\n\nSee you soon!\nCori Stoddard, online editor/Make-Up Artist magazine.