Sunday, June 21st, 2009

My “haul” — haul seems too tame of a word for this!

I’m sure what you’re most curious about is what I ended up buying at the show! Personally, I knew I wanted to try out Make Up For Ever, so I put aside some money once I knew I was going to be going to IMATS.  Pictured above is my Make Up For Ever haul, which is, yes, a lot! I’ve been saving up for it :)

I believe I ended up with 47 eyeshadows, 5 Star Powders, 1 Pure Pigment, 2 HD Concealers (new and slated to launch in September), 1 HD Elixir, 6 10-pan palettes, and 3 Aqua Eyes Liners. They also gave me some samples of their HD Primer, Pure Water, mascara, and lip gloss. I’ll definitely review, photograph, swatch, etc. soon :) They were out of a few things I had put on my list, particularly some liners I really wanted, but still plenty to play with, yeah? Ha!

OCC Makeup was super generous and gave us their two new Lip Tars in Vintage and Plum to try out, plus a few of their glitters and nail polishes. Koren also hooked us up with Naked Cosmetics’ Urban Rustic Collection of mineral makeup (six colors in total).

I did so much damage at Make Up For Ever (totally planned, though!), so I didn’t spend too much elsewhere. It turns out the MAC booth was already selling the Euristocrats II Collection, which is a bummer, ’cause I totally would have bought those. Oh, well — now I know, will have to at least peruse their booth myself next year 😉

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143 thoughts on “IMATS 2009 – Epic Make Up For Ever Haulage

  1. Julia

    Oh my, I love Make Up For Ever and am super excited to see swatches! How was the discount at the booth there?

  2. if its not too much to ask, i’d love swatches of these myself1 😀 i’m in love with their HD foundation, it tempts me even more to try their e/s1 😀

  3. Nic15

    I think it is so funny that in order “to try out MUFE”, you bought 47 eyeshadows etc. That is so something I would do & an amazing haul. Good thing there’s a 99% chance you’ll love everything you got. Imagine, you didn’t?!? That would be disastrous. But you can’t go wrong with a brand like that. There products are INCREDIBLE. Can’t wait to see some looks you do with their stuff. Their colors are to die for. Can anyone say #92?!?! The best purple ever. Enjoy it Christine! You totally deserve to treat yourself to this wondrous makeup line!

  4. absolutely amazing!!!

  5. margot

    AMAZING !!! I went to my MUFE store yesterday and just bought one of the new lip glosses (which is a plumper). I’m definitely going back to check out the eyeshadows :p

    Well, have fun with all the new stuff ^^

  6. Sierra

    WOW! I’m looking forward to you doing some mufe looks! I’m also super curious about the elixir…

  7. Shell

    That’s an AWESOME haul!!! Wow, I’d be so excited to play with all the new “toys” ;). Enjoy, know I’m gonna be s00per sad i can’t get MUFE in South Africa when you start your reviews!

  8. sprut

    Curious…is makeup cheaper at trade shows? Or still retail? Like at the Mac counter do they sell it at the pro price or do you still show a pro card?

  9. Heeeeey! Awesome haul. Have fun with all the amazing colors~~!! (:

  10. hi

    OH MY GOD! How much did that COST? That’s gooooooorgeeouuuss… I love MUFE!!

  11. Way to make all your readers jealous…T_T’

  12. we wud love to see swatches and color comparison/dupes in MAC that we have…:)

  13. Ashley

    SO jealous of all the MUFE shadows!
    I personally LOVE MUFE shadows, even though I only have about 4 of them. I personally find that the quality is nicer than MAC shadows, which I am not too fond of. But that’s just me :)

    The blue powder shadow that is in that plastic baggie in the picture is fabulous. I have had that shadow for over a year, and it’s probably my favourite blue shadow out of all blue shadows I own! Such a pretty colour! Their aqua liners are fantastic – I have the blue one (I believe 7 something?) and the yellow/gold one. So smooth and pretty. I have never really liked their glosses though, not sure why.

  14. Krystal

    Holy haulage, Batman! :)

  15. LadyT

    dang girl! I shall live vicariously thru you! lol…..

    (don’t feel like you have to justify to us how you spend your money. It’s YOUR hard earned money. do as you please!) :p

  16. Cindy

    This is amazinnnnggg@ Please do swatches and looks, I can’t wait to see them on you! Very nice!!! 😀 >=D =D

  17. Shontay

    MUFE is by far my fave brand. I am so jealous right now. I have numerous shadows and I picked up The aqua black cream liner today and it’s amazing! I aslo have the hd elixer coming to me in the mail through sephora. I need to go to ny to get the hd concealer and empty shadow palettes. I don’t like the aqua eyes pencil, though, sadly. It’s to tough. The color comes out patchy. Oh well, still love MUFE.

  18. Sass

    I am so jealous! You did a good job!

  19. I am so jealous! You did a good job!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  20. Brandi

    Ah!! I’m crying right now….so freaking jealous of you!!

  21. omG!! CHRISTINE!!!! wow…pls give us details on the shades etc?? oh how much more can we love u ?? :)

  22. Jen

    What aqua eyes colors did u get?
    I had their primer and some aqua eyes pencils too, I love them!

  23. that’s like a jungle right there!

  24. oh love the products….. i wish we could buy the MUFE eyeshadow palettes from somewhere in west coast …

  25. I’m so sorry I didn’t find you yesterday – though I thoroughly embarrased myself by going up to a few women saying, “Christine?” & finally gave up.

    I only have one burning question: how long did you wait in line????

  26. HOLY CRACK, that is EPIC indeed!! :) swatches swatches swatches! :)

  27. Epic MUFE haul of colourliciousness! Great haul, can’t wait to hear about your review of this line. I’m sold on some of their foundations, but I’ve held back from their eyeshadows so far.


  28. Natalie

    I swear this is what MUFE heaven would look like :) Love MUFE, especially the shadows. Haven’t seen a lot of MUFE stuff in your blog and I am looking forward to seeing your reviews and swatches soon. Enjoy Christine!!

  29. rayne

    holy crap, haha. how much did that set you back?

  30. great haul xtine!! <33 I think I would try to fly out there next year just for the MUFE 40% OFF deal lol

    the HD concealer shade you bought is the same color # you would buy in their other concealer?

  31. hi

    I see your Pure Pigment’s in a plastic baggie – does it have a potential to spill? That’s the one thing I HATE about loose anything. It gets so messy! 😉 This haul is amazing, but perhaps (evidently) you overly caved a bit at the MUFE booth? LOL! 😉

  32. Ms Trendy

    OMG I would go into a makeup induced coma if I got that much MUFE at once 😀

  33. erin

    Oooooooo nice haul!!! Can’t wait to see pics!
    I am hoping MAC will release Euristocrats II early, so that’s good to hear that had it out already.

  34. Alison

    i love MUFE its by far my favourite brand.

  35. Jessica

    Where can I buy the MUFE palettes?

  36. Lee

    I’m looking forward to the eyeshadow reviews and swatches! I’ve been looking for a wide range of swatches and reviews for such a long time but I can’t find anything!

    Trust Christine to come to the rescue!!

  37. Shonn

    You are going to have to change the name if your header to “latest MUFE launches” lol
    Love your haul, can’t wait to see reviews and swatches! I love the HD line. Wanting to try the new exilir…

  38. Tekoa

    Haul? HA! This is an “inventory shipment”

  39. I love Make Up For Ever’s shadows! I like them a lot better than MAC… I think MAC is good for people who want a lot of certain colors, but MUFE has a better quality in my opinion.

    Now, tell the truth- did you dive into that pile of makeup like Scrooge McDuck diving into his swimming pool full of gold coins? Because I totally would have. 😀 😀 😀

    • What are some of your favorites, Bonnie?

      Haha, nahhh, I was SO tired from the day, I went to bed after putting them into the palettes!

  40. Tiffany

    Oh such a wonderful haul! (: I will be looking forward to your swatches and reviews!

  41. Leigh

    I’m really looking forward to a review on the HD Elixir!

  42. Sandra too.. I bought a lot of MUFE goodies too from IMATS yesterday. I got 4 Aqua Creamliner, 1 aqua eye liner, 1-30 & 1-10 e/s palette, 38 e/s refill, 4 star powder, 2 Full Cover Concealer, 1 HD foundation, 1 eye seal & 1 mist & fix.

  43. ZOMG 40%??? *dies* haha, no wonder she went crazy at MUFE!

  44. Karenloveseyeshadow

    That is a SERIOUS haul!! Enjoy all your new goodies!

  45. Mikki

    OMG hahaha this is insane, soooo much MUFE! PLAYTIME

  46. I can’t wait to see all the swatches! Awesome haul!!!

  47. Sexy Sadie

    This looks great, enjoy!

  48. Saira

    Wow! That’s amazing! It must have been so cool to just sit and look at all that make-up – like a dream, lol! Enjoy your new make-up :o)!

  49. Vness_12

    I love Make Up Forever! I’m so jealous of your “hau'” LoL but that have great products. Their lashes are sick and I am in love with their Mist & Fix spray. Sets my makeup great. Enjoy!!!

  50. OK, I know jealousy is a bad thing but HOLY SH*T! 😛
    I wish I could come play with your makeup, haha 😀

  51. Christina

    WOW! I own 1 e/s, the popular purple one #92…and that’s it. I’m looking forward to your reviews and looks!

  52. RoseAnne

    Christine! It was so great meeting you at IMATS. I was the girl who was working at Make Up For Ever who stopped you at the eyeshadow stand on Saturday to tell you that I loved your blog. It was a real quick exchange so I don’t know if you even remember! hahah! Glad you had a great time and came out with an excellent haul. I’m sure you’re going to love it all.

    • Aww!! Thank you so much, RoseAnne! It was great to meet you, although I could tell you were QUITE busy working at the Make Up For Ever booth! :)

  53. Rio

    Wow! I actually don’t like Make Up Forever shadows though. Every time I have tried them, they just fade right away. I always use primer too, so maybe it is just my skin.

  54. Denise

    it makes me sad that you were only there on sat, i was there both days but didn’t run into you at all ): i did, however, see Koren and Pursebuzz the next day. Your MUFE haul makes me super jealous, i stood in that super long line and only bought a primer… all the eyeshadows that i had written down had been SOLD OUT ):

  55. Anna

    wow great haul!!

  56. Wow Christine! You are so advanced with this makeup collecting, you know just what to focus in. I went to IMATS not expecting anything, just wanting to broaden my horizon. I ended up discovering a lot of other brands and products such as MUD, OCC, Kryolan and Eve Pearl. I did spend more but I figured I saved in the long run because the misc: spatulas, brushes etc were pretty cheap and I bought enough to last me til next year. I also just lived 10 mins away and allowed me to take naps in between trips. I hope next year it will also be at Pasadena and I will definitely make MUFE a mission.

  57. Zsofi

    First i want to tell You,that i saw You in severl IMATS vids on YouTube,and You were so pretty and sweet,and shy in a very pretty way :-)

    second,before my most important exam,while i was sitting in school in the computer room,waiting for it to start and i was super nervous,what did i do in the last minute? i checked Temptalia with shaking hands :-)
    and all the wonderful photos did a magic to me. i passed the exam :-DDDD
    it was maths and statistics :-)))

    third,You can totally read minds Christine :-)
    yesterday i was dreaming about trying MUFE,and now here it is,this wonderful haul.
    Did You buy matte ,and satiny and iridescent and diamond eyeshadows also?
    i am so excited,cant wait for Your opinion.
    i am also very curious about those Aqua eyes pencils and the Star powders :-)
    You didnt buy Diamond powder? maybe they were out of it?

    So,i am wishing You a very nice time playing with those 😀
    love: Zsofi

    • Aw, thank you!!

      Congrats on passing your exams! Math & statistics are tough — totally not my subjects. Are you all down with exams for now and are on holiday?

      I bought a good mix of shadows, I think! I kind of blew all my money on shadows, so I didn’t have much left for Star Powders/Diamond Powders. I also figured that while pretty and surely good, the eyeshadows were what I was really curious about :)

  58. WOW
    I hope you can do looks with the #92 purple eyeshadow.. it is my fave and only MUFE eyeshadow :)

  59. maddie

    did u get the HTF$95 cream shadow palette??? i was lucky to get one from sephora.. its awesome maybe some hints about using creams as far as to avoid creasing and blending???

  60. Barbara

    Wow this is gorgeous. Drolling here lol.

  61. Mykeshia

    I am glad you used ‘haul’ lightly. Wowzers! I think that I am one of the few who hate #92, I think that mine is defective, it is a pretty eggplant, not vibrant purple…But the other shadows that I have are fabulous.

    Can’t wait for the FOTDs!

  62. amazing haul, I am so coveting all the products!

  63. Stephanie

    Hi! Can you please do a review on the HD Concealer? I’m really interested in it and I haven’t heard of a review yet.. TIA! :)

  64. Bonita

    does anyone know if you can use your Make-Up Forever pro card at the IMATS??

  65. Camila

    OMG! I loove make up for ever, but I cant find here, where I live…

  66. Caitlin

    Hey Christine! Quick question- Do you know about the “press passes”? If so, how did people acquire them? Did you just say your a youtube blogger? I’ve seen many youtubers talk about their press passes and am curious.

    • I believe that you either notified IMATs that you were pressed or you were invited as press. I received an email invitation, but I didn’t go, but last year, that’s how it worked for me.

  67. priscilla

    i know this blog was 2yrs ago lol but i want to go IMATS this year in nyc and i jus wanted to ask can u still buy makeup at a discounted price if u dont have a pro card cuz im not a professinoal makeup artist??