Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

If you had to use only one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which would it be? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerIt’s between Hourglass and Guerlain. I love a lot of products from both brands, and Guerlain makes my favorite foundation…

Thanks to Neha for today’s question!

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160 thoughts on “If you had to use only one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which would it be?

  1. lena

    NARS! I would be so happy, swimming in a sea of eyeshadow duos… πŸ˜€

    • Mimi

      I totally agree!!!! NARS is a well rounded brand lots of fun colors but also full of neutral basics.

  2. Rosie

    My first thought was “Urban Decay” but I don’t dig their foundation so I’d go with Benefit as of now. I like their foundations okay I love Hello Flawless with Some Kinda Gorgeous and their blushes are gorgeous and they have that highlighter and blush thing and I love their creaseless cream shadows and enjoy their lipsticks, so I think Benefit.

    • Eren

      Yes! I thought I would definitely be in the minority on this one. I love Benefit. I second everything you mentioned! The only thing is that Benefit is pretty pricey, but I’m a sucker for cute packaging and quirky products.

    • jenni

      i have to agree that i jumped to urban decay too, but ive never tried their foundation and i couldnt go for just dinair so my pick would be lancome because its great foundation and other products generally.

  3. Sarah Elaine

    Bobbi Brown! (with Laura Mercier at a close second)

  4. Bethany

    MAC for sure. 95% of of the products I use everyday are already MAC, there stuff just works for me and I love it. The only thing I would miss would be Urban Decay Primer Potion.

  5. rz

    What Guerlain foundation is your favorite? I am just getting into Guerlain and am taking a liking to their products too! Also I recently discovered this blog and it is fantastic!

  6. KaylaK

    Hmmm this is a tough one!!! I would say I’m torn between MAC, Clinique, and Lancome since I can use the skincare from all lines, and they all do make my favorite foundations..

  7. John

    Definitely Laura Mercier because she has amazing foundations in all forms (liquid, cream, tinted moisturizer, mineral, powder); considering I’ve tried almost 60+ liquid and cream foundations and 60+ powder products, I’d say that Laura Mercier has the most consistently great lineup when it comes to face products; truly unmatched! She has excellent concealers for the face and eyes as well, albeit they are not my favorite, but they are great. She also has a fantastic bronzer for lighter skin tones (Dune Bronze) that I aboslutely LOVE!! Haha I bet you can all tell that I <3 Laura Mercier. Now, if I wore eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipgloss, lipstick… etc, which I don't, I may not have chosen Laura Mercier, because while all of her products in these respective categories are superb and top notch quality, there really isn't a super wide range of products. For example, the LM collection of eyeshadows, blushes (cream and powder) pale in comparison to MAC's or NARS' collections. In addition, when looking at price/unit (i.e. $150/oz) her products are typically more pricey. They're certainly no Le Metier or Cle de Peau, but they are pretty expensive. But who knows, maybe I would still pick Laura Mercier because while her collection is small, virtually every shade is wearable on a day to day basis. I don't think there are many crazy oranges, neon blues, etc… Guess I'll never know! :]

    • Dame Elizabeth

      Agreed! Laura Mercier is beautiful for everyday, so wearable and the eyeshadow/blusher/lip all-in-one palettes/kits are fantastic value IMO.

  8. My answer to this surprised me! I’d pick MAC. I don’t have a lot of MAC stuff right now, and I tend to go for NARS and Urban Decay usually, but MAC has the biggest selection of everything. I’d have an endless number of eyeshadows, blushes, foundation formulas, etc. to chose from.

  9. Annamaria

    For me it’s EstΓ©e Lauder.

  10. ercxx

    MAC or Dior! if it was for skincare products I’ll choose Lancome without a doubt but for “makeup products” it’s either MAC or Dior.. I love both of their eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip gloss/glasses, and blushes. it’s hard to choose one brand!

  11. Liz K


  12. nony222

    between estee lauder & guerlain

  13. Lulee

    Laura mercer. Since I’m going to be using it for the rest of my life, the brands line still has to look great on older skin which Laura mercier’s does. Plus her stuff matches and compliments my skin tone nicely. And it’s not as expensive as guerlain which would’ve been my second pick, but it is just too pricy for me to have to buy everything from them for the rest of my life.

  14. Rayna

    Hands down, Dior. Their shadows quads sometimes are lacking but as an overall I can do a full face everyday and be 100% satisfied.

  15. Samantha

    MAC! Basically everything u need.

  16. Sherri

    MAC because of their variety…i love urban decay and toofaced but they leave lot of skintones out when it comes to foundation and powder & while MAC might be the most popular brand there is they have a very reasonable price range.

  17. Urban Decay, hands down. :)

    • Nyx! i cannot choose Chanel just because they created “Dragon”.
      And i don’t choose Fyrinnae because they don’t make red lipsticks like Nyx and Chanel.

  18. Katie Tanner

    Laura Mercier
    or Nars.

  19. Tigress

    Probably Urban Decay for quality. Second choice would be Maybelline for cost and variety.

  20. Dana

    NARS. I didn’t even have to think about it.

  21. Eve

    Urban Decay!!!

  22. Flyavsted

    I would choose Guerlain for sure. It is the makeup brand I have most of in my collection and that I use on a daily basis. My second choice would be Dior or Helena Rubenstein.

  23. MAC. Most of my makeup is MAC and I haven’t really been disappointed. They have a huge range of colours, there’s always a MAC counter nearby, and their prices are fairly reasonable. And they’re always coming out with new stuff, so I wouldn’t get tired of them!

    I’d like to choose a more natural make-up line, but those usually have limited colour ranges and/or products and the quality is hit and miss.

  24. i have the same picks as you! does using it for the rest of my life also include free products and all new collections as well? or brushes? skincare? so many factors…

    I’d use inglot quite happily forever though.

  25. Hmm, Sisley or Guerlain

  26. Rachael

    Guerlain, no contest! But I do like Chanel as well.

  27. Jessie Q

    I’m loving Chanel foundation right now, so while most of my collection is MAC, I’d still have to go Chanel.

    I’d really miss my MAC though.

  28. Kimberly

    This is sooo hard!!! I’d pick Laura Mercier for my Foundations, Primer & Tinted Moisturizer. I’d pick NARS for most everything else!!

  29. I’m guessing a wholesaler like TKB doesn’t count? Lol. Oh, God, I don’t know. Illamasqua? Inglot? Ben Nye? Kryolan? I’ll have an answer in five years, ha ha.

  30. Linda

    probably nars
    since I already use their foundation and blush almost everyday.

  31. Sara

    Lancome or Clinique. Their colors and products work well with fair skin.

  32. lynndi

    I am stuck between Chanel and Nars! All my “base” makeup and lip products are Chanel and everything else is NARS…

  33. Yumi

    MAC for me too…although I would be sad saying goodbye to NARS, LM, UD, and Lancome…

  34. ashley


  35. Dior. Love their foundation, powders, eyeshadows – haven’t tried their blush, but I think it will be fabulous too!

  36. theodora

    MAC. I’ve been really into MAC for the last year.

  37. shuz4ever

    MAC for sure…they have always been my go-to brand for make-up.

  38. Cyndi

    Probably Jane Iredale – love the foundations, eyeshadows, blush etc are great too. I generally do most of my makeup with this line already anyway, so it wouldn’t be a huge change.

  39. condesa

    Would be Dior for Makeup (close follower: Guerlain)

  40. I am forever a fan of Make Up For Ever!

    • Suzie

      I was waiting for someone to say MUFE..They have HANDS down theeee BEST foundations. I used to be a MAC lover…but all that has changed since I was introduced to MUFE @ Sephora. I really recommend it…Im 100% positive you will not be disappointed!

  41. Ivy

    Chanel or Dior.. hard to choose

  42. Monika-Luiza

    probably Lancome because of their mascaras (nothing can beat them), eyeshadows (I love the sheerness) and glosses . I thought I would say mac but as much as I LOVE their blushes, glosses, paintpotts etc my most important product is still mascara, so I’ll stick to a brand whose mascara I really love (I’m using it for 15 years now, and no other brand could eveer come close to the results I get with Lancome).

  43. PRF

    I’d definitely chose MAC! Almost all of my makeup products come from MAC. I’m really into eyes and playing them up, and MAC has a lot of eyeshadow choices.

  44. Jeanie

    I think Make Up Forever, with NARS as a close runner up.

  45. Paddychat

    Probably Guerlain or Dior, lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes every product is nice and confortable for my skin.
    But Nars for blushes…it’s not an easy choice !

  46. tantan

    lancome! because of their dual finish powders and eyeshadows.

  47. Marjolein

    NARS or Illamasqua :)

  48. Olivia

    Bobbi Brown

  49. Michelle


  50. Mikaela


  51. MAC. I work there, so I often have to do my entire makeup using just that brand, and it works fine! πŸ˜‰
    They have foundations that work for me and eyeshadows/lipsticks/blushes in both super neutral and pretty bright colors. So yeah, definitely MAC ^^,

  52. i have to say estee lauder only because of their doublewear foundation, thats the only foundation i use. but the rest of my make up is mac.

  53. Allison

    Make Up For Ever.

  54. EH

    Benefit Cosmetics! I’d be lost without Dallas blush, Rich Beach eyeshadow and the Instant Brow Pencil.

  55. Guerlain for me too. I love their lipsticks, lipglosses, Meteorites, foundations (yet to try Parure Gold) and mascaras, although I’d feel I was a bit restricted for eyeshadows and blushes as they don’t have a huge selection. But I guess I could live with it. :)

  56. MAC or Illamasqua

  57. Martina

    Probably Laura Mercier. best face products ever

  58. Emily

    This is a great question…. I DO NOT use anything other than Mac…. I feel weird if I do.. I actually threw away all my Christian Dior, yet reading the comments it looks as if I’m the only one who sticks with one brand…

  59. I actually thought you were going to say MAC :)

  60. Meta

    NARS definitely! I’ve been collecting their eyeshadow duos and blushes for
    the past 7 years now. I’ve also been wearing their Sheer Glow foundation also. It’s my HG!

  61. wendyh

    1st – NARS but I never try his foundation.
    safe option – Chanel (nothing amazing but nothing too wrong to me.)

  62. Lilly

    Givenchy. I love all their products, and their skincare is just AMAZING. It has always been my favorite brand, and you can do wonders with their products. If it was only for makeup, then I’d say MAC, because their range of colors is just endless, but their skincare line is very tiny. I’d say Givenchy all the way ^^

  63. i love Bobbi Brown :) i just recently got obsessed with Bobbi Brown and now i can say, you can take away mac, nars or whatever, i could survive with Bobbi Brown products because it’s very “natural-looking” & they have the perfect shades for me & i love her too <3

  64. snm

    Mac! all of my HG products are mac and they also have one of the richest product selection.when it comes to skin make up I sometimes want to try different brands-especially high ends but I always come back to mac.I guess I am lucky that their foundations,concealers work great on my skin:)
    if I had a second choice,that would be Givenchy.just because they have the prisme libre loose powder,the greatest powder ever!

  65. K

    MAC. This came first to mind if I look at the ratio of MAC products I use to every other brand, but there are several favourites I’d miss dearly!

    Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
    L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara
    Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

  66. Erika


  67. Mafalda

    guerlain =)

  68. Rosanna


    The only sketchy thing would be gel eyeliners and eyeliners. But everything else I would happily live with. πŸ˜€

  69. Either MAC (I use their face powder and concealer as well as their lipsticks and eyeshadow) or Urban Decay (their eyeshadow primer is tops in my book).

  70. if I had the money for all the products….cle de peau

  71. aradhana

    a few brands spring to mind, but in the end it would be the one which can give me the perfect colour-match for foundation — haven’t found it yet!!!!

  72. Marieke

    Estee Lauder or NYX, depends on whether I have to buy it myself or get it for free πŸ˜‰

  73. I’d choose Dior! I love the foundation, loose powder, blush (all give a refined and poreless look) and the eyeshadow selection is pretty large so I won’t get bored.

  74. Dame Elizabeth

    If I had the money, Chantecaille.
    Seeing as I don’t, Laura Mercier because of the quality of the foundation.
    If I had to go down again, I’d say Bobbi Brown because all her lip and eyeshadow colours are great value and wearable every day.

  75. AlexisV.

    Wow this is a hard question. My first thought was MAC because about 75% of what I own and use is MAC. But then i figured maybe I should use a drugstore brand if I have to get everything in that brand from now on, so then I thought Revlon. But then again, I love MAC too much, so MAC it is!!!

  76. Laurel

    Probably Chanel because they have the nicest quality and I’ve found many products work for me there.

  77. Dana

    Probably MUFE. I think they are one of the most innovative companies around, they are always coming out with new, different and unique (and effective!) products. They have great foundations and I am in love with their aqua creams!

  78. Shilpa

    chanel – from a practical view, i like the whole range: eyes to lips to blush to foundation to skin care to nails. i think i could live with just chanel :)

  79. Katherine

    Bobbi Brown! Their foundation go light enough (I’m really fair/Chinese) and matte eyeshadows are my favourite kind of eyeshadows… plus long-wearing eyeliner! =)

  80. Natalie

    MAC! Although that would mean sacrificing my beloved NARS Sheer Glow, I could live with Mineralize SPF foundation for the rest of my life.

  81. Evelyn

    It would be so hard, either Chanel or Guerlain! just enjoy them so much.

  82. Nancy

    Hands Down Chanel

  83. Emily

    Probably either MAC or Nars.

  84. A couple of years ago, it would have been Mac, no question. I still like them because of their incredible variety, but it seems like the best formulas always belong to others.

  85. Lee

    My first instinct is to say MAC ’cause probably 90% of my make-up is already MAC and they always have new fun stuff coming out. But I’ve never liked their foundations. I’d probably say Make Up Forever which I’d have more of if it wasn’t kinda pricey.

  86. Filipa Pinheiro

    Seriously I wouldn’t even look at other brands, it’s just crazy how much I love mufe. They’re great! Foundations are the best, eyeshadows beat mac every time, eyeliners are really good…

  87. Id hate to have to choose bu Makeup4Ever would have to be my 1st choice and Lancome my 2nd.

  88. Nikelle

    MAC all the way! I would miss my UDPP and 24/7 liners but MAC’s selection is amazing. They have great colors and good quality products for resonable prices.

  89. Camilla

    I would have to choose either MAC, Chanel or Dior. MAC because of the range and price in comparison to Chanel and Dior. Chanel because I love their foundations and skin care. An Dior just because it’s Dior and I have loved them since I became interested in make-up. My first high-end buy actually was a Dior palette and the Diorshow mascara when I was 15. Diorshow mascara is still my all time favorite mascara! =D

  90. Aoife

    Definitely Urban Decay. The eyeshadows are so velvety and vibrant. They also do the best eyeliners hands down. And the new 24/7 shadow pencils are amazing.

  91. Lori

    I would choose Laura Mercier with MUFE a close second.

  92. alicia

    Dior or nars

  93. natalia

    Dior for me. I would miss my MAC eyeshadows and NARS blushes dearly. I just love Dior for foundation, cheek, and lip products and those are my favorite products to use.

  94. Milly

    NARS, definitely.

  95. Niki

    Ben Nye or La Femme, I love their eyeshadows, blushes, and various other products and of course, I would try to sneak in a Chanel lipstick or 2.

    • Rosie

      Hey I was just thinking of Ben Nye, I’d have to try more of their foundations but seriously they make amazing theatre makeup that i wearable daily…

  96. Caroline

    Only one brand for the rest of my life…either Tarte or Laura Mercier. I only have LM’s tinted moisturizer & totally love it. Haven’t tried Tarte’s tinted ones but love their Amazonian blush and eye shadows. So…overall I would have to choose LM b/c of the tinted moisturizer. I need a perfect base and when I get old and saggy her product is perfect.