Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

If you could only use one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be? Just one!

Temptalia's AnswerI’m going to say Guerlain, because I think that it’s a brand that will work and suit me for years to come, not just today or tomorrow.

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172 thoughts on “If you could only use one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  1. Paulina

    Probably urban decay

  2. Brigitte

    Mufe for sure! All I need is any one of their foundations (they’re all brilliant), smokey lash, and lipstick!!

    • Carlan

      yup..mufe’s for sure..great waterproof products from face n body foundation, aqua eyes, diamond powders, rouge lipsticks

  3. It’s got to be NARS, or Illamasqua, then Shu Uemura, or MAC.

  4. Joni

    I’d have to go with MAC. It has a variety of products (eyeshadow, liner, blush, lipstick, etc.) and if worse come to worse, I could mix foundations to find a suitable color match.

  5. I’m going to say… MAC. Just because they offer such a large selection of products and colors. Also I’m a sucker for their blushes.

  6. JoElla

    Oh my gosh only one brand forever?!
    *deep breath*

    Okay, I would say Bobbi Brown. I pretty much reach for something from her line daily so I think I could be quite happy with only using her line.

  7. Mita

    I would choose Chanel!

  8. Karen

    MAC. Period. Lol

  9. xMissxAndristx

    Urban Decay. I don’t even have to think about it.

  10. NARS! Though I haven’t tried much of their eye make up yet. Love their complexion and lip products though!

  11. Valerie Brower

    probably mac. or maybe make up for ever. Or if it includes skin care too I would pick Clinique. I dont know!!!! Lol

  12. Clinique. Love the skincare, the SuperFit Foundation and the mascara!

  13. Bare Escentuals, as 90% of my makeup is from said brand anyway. Wouldn’t be much of an adjustment for me.

  14. Jessica

    I am going to go with MAC. Mainly because most of the colors I use are pretty neutral and from the perm line.

  15. Charlene

    Cant decide btwn Mary Kay Nyx or Revlon :(

  16. Nikki C

    i love the mat lumiere foundation on me
    it’s the most natural one i’ve used and it doesnt break me out like mac’s
    i love their blushes too! pretty and natural shades that seem to compliment any skin tone
    some for their lipsticks
    their eyeshadows aren’t the greatest and they dont have the great range but i dont mind because i only ever wear neutral eyeshadows/ no eyeshadow
    packaging is a plus too:D

  17. Mayra

    Probably Urban Decay I havent tried many other higher end make up so Urban Decay for now.

  18. Kathy

    Oh man, that’s a tough one!

    I think I’ll have to say MAC. It’s not my favorite brand, but the color variety is the best and I love their lipsticks and lipglasses. It’s one of the most versatile brands, in my opinion.

  19. Lorna

    NARS. without that brand I would never have gotten into makeup in the first place.

  20. katleen

    i’m gonna say chanel!

  21. Rosanna


    I love their foundation, blushes, and eyeshadows. They have a variety of interesting colours but they also have neutrals. I don’t know too much their other products but I’m sure they’ll be great too.

  22. prettycannibalgirl

    prob nyx. or mac or benefit…hard decision.lol

  23. Kacey

    I don’t own anything by this brand, but considering their huge range of products of generally good quality and luxe-ness, I’d go with Chanel. MAC and MUFE come in as close seconds for their humongous color ranges.

  24. maybe Chanel or Guerlain…or Givenchy??? hahaha

    just one??

  25. Juliana Henkelman


  26. Sandy

    I would have to say MAC since I use the foundation powder, blush and eyeshadow nearly every day and really love it.

  27. j e n

    Chanel because that means that I would also be able to wear their polishes and RAL’s!! My second one would be NARS!!

  28. K

    Easy, Chanel (pretty much all I buy anyway).

    Though with the shift to the European baked versions for blushes and quads, I may not be buying as much anymore. I guess that’s okay because I already have a handful of JC blushes I love and tend to buy more of the soft touch single eyeshadows vs quads (I am very picky with colors and textures).

  29. Krista

    Dior, if it were more affordable I would own more products opposed to MAC and Dior Show is a must have mascara.

  30. Liz

    Second Urban Decay

  31. Anna

    MAC without a doubt. They come out with so many collections and colors I would never get bored! And they have enough products to satisfy my addiction.

  32. Arantzazu

    I say MAC. Because it has the products I need for daily use and the ones I may need for a special look.
    Though some products I would prefere them from another brand, I think…

    • gabriella

      i agree.. like especially bronzer by mac is not for me as well as mascara.. but everything else.. MAC ! :)

  33. Maria

    NARS with no doubt!!

  34. Jakara

    I am going to choose Dior because I love their foundation and lip products. I have yet to try their blush or eyeshadow but I am sure I can find something I like. I love to look natural. So anything neutral will work!

  35. Sam

    I’d probably have to say MAC. Their selection is SO wide. You have TONS of different foundations, concealers, powders. Cream blushes, powder blushes, cream color bases. Paints and paint pots. A million different eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipglosses. Nail polish. Skin care. Perfume. I mean you could have everything from just one brand, so it seems like the smartest route. And even though some people hate how many collections they put out, sometimes it can be exciting and you’re not waiting forever, thinking “Ugh, WHEN are they gonna come out with something new?!” I’d rather have too much to pick and choose from instead of not enough. :)

  36. Larissa

    Dior :)
    or Guerlain. But Dior is preferable.

  37. Nellie

    Chanel! I use a lot of other trendier brands, but I mix and match products. Chanel is the only one brand that I like everything of — glosses, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, nail polish, etc.

  38. Emily

    Probably either Mac or Nars.

  39. Amber

    MAC hands down.

  40. Valerie

    NARS! I do love my “orgasm”.

  41. shuz4ever

    MAC – not only do they have a great permanent line, but also with a new LE collection out everytime i blink (;-) i don’t think i would get bored – so yah, MAC for sure.

  42. cybele

    Chanel! I’m not a huge fan of the eyeshadows (some of the quads are quite nice), but I swear by the foundation, mascara, and those twist-up eyeliners are almost as good as the UD 24/7 pencils! And I’m addicted to the glossimers and Rouge Cocos as well.

    Guerlain and MAC are very close seconds, though

  43. First comes Chanel, then Guerlain.

  44. Opheliana

    Either Shiseido or chanel I think.

  45. Nini


    I love the foundation, eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers… (although i’d have huge dark circles because i hate their concealers…and a huge hole in my pocket!)

  46. Tania

    Laura Mercier. I cannot live without my Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer!

    (I don’t care, I’ll start using her other products as long as I can have my tinted moisturizer)

  47. Ana G.

    I’d have to say MAC. I just couldn’t do without my Studio Fix and their lipsticks :-)

  48. amanda

    Well…if MAC’s foundation didnt turn my face orange or break me out as much I would say MAC….but then I hate Revlon’s face powders….decisions decisions….

    I would have to go with MAC….i cant live without my Studio Fix Powder LOL!!

  49. Ashley

    Ohh my goshh that is so hard lol.. wow well…..
    My absolute faves are MAC NARS Dior and Chanel
    But honestly Chanel I feel like that would probably suit me through my years as well very well put by the way !! :)
    Something about it makes me feel like its age appropriate for everyone.

  50. Edelmc

    Mac! I fell in love with the brand when my super sensitive skin didn’t react badly to it plus the colour range and product range is the best around IMO. 99% of the collection is mac!

  51. Lina

    Tricky question! I would have to go with MAC though.

  52. Peggy

    Guerlain!Parure gold is my HG foundation of all times.

  53. Pamela Pyles

    MAC! They have a wide range of products for every occasion, every season. Their foundations, concealers and powders indicate the undertone (warm, cool) which is vital for a flawless look. Best of all, the products work! (They should hire me as a spokeswoman).

  54. Victoria

    Chanel, I would say. Their foundations are great. I love and own a lot of their lipsticks and lipglosses. They have good mascaras. Nice and wearable eyeshadow colours. And their nail polishes are amazing!

    It’s just that they are too expensive. *sigh*

  55. Ula

    That’s a tough one! I guess I would chose MAC, because of its variety.

  56. Sevi


  57. daphne

    shu uemura!

  58. kasiaj85

    MAC – the range, the colors, the forumlas – you can find everything there.

  59. MAC – Can’t live without their lipsticks and lipglosses!

  60. courtneyseaa

    Oh goodness, I think I’d go with Bobbi Brown. :)

  61. Lurique

    I’ll go with Chanel on this one, but I would really miss NARS and DIOR…

  62. Don’t do this to me, lol! I can’t choose just one brand. I’ll settle for two, Mac for all the MSFs and LE collections and Guerlain for everything really. :)

  63. Nina

    MAC – because the variety of products and colours

  64. pauline

    make up for ever, definitely.

  65. GinaTheresa

    Makeup Forever, because I can’t live without their foundation.

  66. K

    That’s an easy one… MAC! So many of their products are excellent quality, easily available and quite affordable even if you compare to drugstore and especially Sephora. Plus, their selection is incredible. You’d never get bored!

    P.S. I thought there were more MACaholic readers here… I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the variety of answers so far!

  67. nina

    probably chanel

  68. Jess

    That’s easy. MUFE.

  69. DonnaN

    That is so tough….I’d have to agree with alot who’ve posted already and say MAC, just because of their color variety and frequent releases of LE collections.

  70. stephanie

    MUFE. They have everything!!!

  71. danitalie

    have you ever tried CRUSH GLOW palette?
    5 nice color for brown eyes.i use it every day.


  72. Angie

    Bobbi Brown. Most of my daily products are BB & I’ve been using that line for years. Other lines – I use on a whim but BB’s quality keeps me loyal.

  73. Sexy Sadie

    Make Up Factory.

  74. Ashley

    I haven’t tried enough brands or have enough of one brand to be hooked lol.

  75. Coffee0410

    I’m going to go with Makeup Forever (MUFE)…I would go w/ MAC because they come out w/ more collections, so it would be more fun/variety for the rest of my life (lol)…but, based on the fact that MAC foundations do NOT work for me…I’m going with MUFE…love them!

  76. Trish

    MAC. Hands down.

    I love a collection with great performance, whose colors range from slightly edgy to outright crazy, and more importantly, has foundations that match my skin tone and control my oil breakouts like nobody’s business.

  77. Makeup4Ever would be my choice

  78. Amy

    Tough Question! My first thought was BE..but then I realized I’d never again use my UDPP on my lids. Or my NARS ‘Belle de Jour” on lips! Or my Mac ‘Instant Gold’ gloss! My answer is then, I’d rather go without anything than to have to choose amoungst my babies…

  79. Cristalle

    MAC for sure. They focus on purely make up unlike other high end brands which consumers are actually paying for its brand, esp dior,chanel and i feel that most of the high end cosmetics line are just too rich for the skin. esp dior,lancome,chanel. with too many toxic ingredients

  80. Nunim

    Shu Uemura!!!

  81. lazeny

    This is hard. Maybe a toss up between Shu Uemura and Guerlain. Kanebo is a close 3rd.

  82. Kalex

    Dior. Their stunning holiday palettes alone have me sold.

  83. mela

    make up forever, because overall their range has few problems. i LOVE nars, but hate their eyeliners, and i LOVE UD but i think i would want some more basic options as time went on. MUFE is amazing quality and there’s no look i couldn’t do with it!

  84. Michelle

    I’d say Make Up For Ever! Never been disappointed with a MUFE haul.

  85. NeenaJ

    Chanel. There are lovely options across the board. And, if I bought no other makeup, I probably could afford it!

  86. Veronica

    Make Up For Ever. Everything they make is amazing.

  87. Sara

    In terms of having to use ONE makeup brand for everything, I’d have to go with Make Up Forever… I mean their foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, primers, and powder really hit it out of the park for me!

  88. Jennie P

    I would have to say Chanel. I have tried other high end and mid price brands but I always go back to Chanel. :)

  89. VeroJo

    Lancome, because I have to have their foundation or products.

  90. Mires

    MAC but just for their wide range of colors on their products.