Friday, April 8th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

If you could go makeup shopping in any country, which would you choose? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerFrance or Italy! Both seem like really excellent places to find niche brands.

Thanks to Mariachiara for today’s question!

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154 thoughts on “If you could go makeup shopping in any country, which would you choose?

  1. KSlone

    Japan! The have some amazing speciality lines packaged like works of art!!!

  2. Leah

    As an Australian faced with exorbitant mark ups I would say the US for sure!!

  3. heidi

    The UK i’d want to get all the stuff I hear about on YT from some of my favorite gurus, barry m, sleek, mua,bourjois (I know you can get it here but its harder to come by) inglot…

  4. Kathryn

    The US!! I really don’t understand why prices are so much higher in Canada for the exact same products! I’m headed to Vegas and I’m going hard! :)

  5. Lily.M

    Paris . I think that the products there have been very good quality that non name brands would be just as good from that region .

  6. beige1

    I live and travel in Europe, but for shopping I like the USA. Everything is much cheaper because of the exchange rate. I do wish USA drugstores would have testers though.

  7. Rachael

    I went makeup shopping in Japan. I wasn’t impressed. Lots of tiny cute things but ultra cheap packaging. The only thing I really liked were their eyelashes.
    I’d like to go to France.

  8. Natalie

    Japan! They have fantastic brands and the packaging is to die for!

  9. miranda

    i’d choose the u.k, because they seem to have a lot of really nice quality drugstore/chemist brands.

  10. Sarah

    France and Germany. They have makeup and polish you can only get in their countries.

  11. Robyn

    Definitely India!

  12. Donna Cooper

    France but especially Paris. I am a perfume nut so could to both in the one city.

  13. Varsha C.

    The US! I feel like you can get EVERYTHING amazing – whether it’s a drugstore brand or high end. Not to mention all the e-tailers that ship for free/a very low cost.

    I’m from Hong Kong where we have plenty of high end brands but it falls short on quality drug store products. We do have Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon etc but it is very limited. I guess we do have the privilege of Japanese products at very reasonable prices though :)

  14. Maybe somewhere in Asia, but frankly, I’m a fan of the American prices! Everything is cheaper here!

  15. Tara

    US – we get ripped off in Australia :( so expensive

  16. Morgan P.

    Does this count perfume? Paris, all the way!

  17. USA! I’m always so jealous seeing what you can buy there. In Switzerland you can’t get brands like Urban Decay, NARS and Too Faced and many many more. Unless you order online, but then you pay a fortune for it.

    • Zooey,

      You wrote exactly what I was planning to write. The only difference is that you are in Europe and I’m in Brazil! lol

      Here we have MAC only in few big cities, 3 times more expensive than the prices in US and most of the collections don’t even come here. :(

      NARS, Urban Decay, Too Faced, The Body Shop, Smashbox… only online here. There’s no Sephora (there’s a rumor they’ll open one next year here in Sรฃo Paulo) but I’m quite sure the prices will be a fortune.

    • Stephanie

      I agree completely!!!! Or England would be nice too, they have also some drugstore brands, that I’d like to try. I don’t care that much about high end, it’s just too expensive for me… Or maybe it woulden’t be too expensive in the USA, but it is in Switzerland! When I’m in England in May and again in summer, I’ll go make-up shopping! :-) Especially in the summer, cause in May I’m on a school trip. ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Nunuiviet

    Japan and south korea

  19. lazeny

    Definitely Japan, their cosmetics are outstanding and are even better than its western counterparts. Most of my wish list products are Japanese.

    Next is France, but that’s just because I want to go visit Guerlain and admire the perfumes and cosmetics.

  20. Japan or Hong Kong. That is where the makeup market is. Back then in 1979, YSL cosmetics was in Hong Kong way before it even landed in the United States. YSL was pure luxury…not like today. MAC and Urban Decay and all these trendy makeup brands in the United States dont even compare. The Asian countries are so “avante garde”. I am an U.S. blogger.

  21. Rozae

    Dubai ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Rosanna

    I really wanna try those beautiful Lunasol palettes.

    Second choice would be Japan.

  23. Chloe

    The US (I’m Australian)the variety of cosmetics available over there is much greater than Australia, not to mention the extreme price differences (in some cases double here) and the AU$ is stronger than the US$ so there would be a lot of bargains to be had, not to mention CCO’s.

    The UK was pretty good, I love my boot’s mascara and urban decay.

  24. Annika

    The US for sheer variety alone. And Bobbi Brown for less money, great!

  25. Basema

    I would go shopping to Dubai coz its customs free and its an amazing city, then London to buy Sleek and Barry M and other high street owesome products, then Thailand coz MAC get released their sooner than Dubai and London :)

  26. Viktoria

    USA, got a lot of brands I like that I can’t get here in Sweden!

  27. America !
    I live in Belgium and we don’t have any stores like there.

  28. Michal Ben-Sason

    Hi everyone. I live in Israel, and believe me, every time I go shop for make up, I’m very upset. We have here maybe 10 brands (which are very expensive, I buy Revlon lipstick in 25$ ! compaire to Shekel and 3,4 cheeper brands. from what I follow in the internet I must say: “Definitely shop in the USA”!!

  29. Svetlana

    The best makeup shopping of my life was in France in that awesome Sephora in Champs Eliseees (sp.?) … It was so so gread. The prices are much higher than in the states though, so for you American beauties that’s something to bear in mind when shopping in Paris. I also had fun shopping in Rome, Italy but I spent more on clothes there, especially around the Spanish Steps…so many stunning designer shops at one place.

  30. Canary Islands (OK, that’s not a country, it’s part of Spain). Once I was told by a reader that they have a special taxation system, and cosmetics are really affordable there, even La Prairie!

    And oh, yes, Japan too! esp for Jill Stuart!

  31. Are you kidding me? Italy has one of the poorest brand selections I have ever seen and everything is more expensive than in other countries (source: I was born and raised here).
    When I lived in the UK I had loads of fun shopping for cosmetics but Hong Kong has to be the ultimate stopover for make-up addicts, glad I’m moving there soon!!!
    I would also say the US for prices, availability of brands and events such as IMATS.

    • Agreed. I lived in Hong Kong for 7 years and it was heaven. Sometimes I think Europe is quite overrated (source: I’m from and live in Spain!) Haha :))

  32. Amy

    Oh my god! I would go to Japan for their eyeliners, brushes, Suqqu and skincare. And France, Italy, or U.K. for everything else

  33. katia

    I would choose america, because of the prices and fun store. Here in belgium the make up is so expensive.

  34. Nina

    UK and USA

  35. Jenny

    USA, because MAC is about half the price there compared to in Sweden.

  36. South Korea :) that’s where my ancestors hail from ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol but it’s so bad because I have like no interest to go there to learn about my culture. Maybe some interest to visit distant relatives. It’s mainly just to buy makeup. What a shame! xP

  37. Biddi_NZ

    Japan is amazing, was there last year and I bought sooo much stuff, but I’d go to the USA cause you guys have so many brands and it’s all so cheap!

  38. Pawsha

    France. They have amazing shopping there!!

  39. Autumn

    I would say Paris or Japan.

  40. neihc

    no doubt, it will be JAPAN!!

  41. Eleonora

    Since I live in Italy, I’d love to go to France or the USA because there’s plenty of brands you can’t find here that I’d like to try.

  42. yasmin

    usa of course

  43. Jules

    Singapore or Thailand. It is nearby, they have all the great brands for much cheaper than in Oz and they have Sephora!

  44. Marieke

    For me it would be the USA! Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Or just any country where they sell Paul & Joe…

  45. Marina

    Japan! Lots of makeup lines not available anywhere else in the world and excellent service!

  46. Maj

    I’ve got to agree with Japan! Or maybe Dubai!

  47. Japon and Korea !
    I do live in France, and I think that we miss a lot of things in shopping ! It’s frustrating.
    But well, I go to Japan this summer and it will be GREAT !

  48. Hilaryโ™ฅ

    I’d choose JAPAN!!! I live in ITALY and let me tell you this – most of the brands aren’t available here such as Hourglass, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Milani… Sephora in Florence doesn’t even have UD! The other Sephora in Prato has it but it’s a new brand here – it came out last year. And some drugstore brands such as Revlon and Maybelline are more expensive and some other brands aren’t available such as CoverGirl. I heard they sell Wet’n’Wild in a few stores so I definitely need to find out where the heck I can purchase it lol.

  49. Misato-san

    Italy? wow, I didn’t think about someone interested into Italian brands! (I’m Italian btw).
    To me, it’s Japan and USA. USA also for the option to be able to take back what I didn’t like… here in Europe there isn’t something like that.

  50. North America! Purely for the cost. Put it this way, buying MAC and NARS in America is cheaper than buying Maybelline and L’Oreal in Australia.

  51. Alisha

    I think France as well or anywhere in the US as there’s loads of makeup products from there that aren’t available here in the UK!

  52. marta

    lol! i live in italy and can’t wait to come to the US to go makeup shopping! :o)

  53. Nicole

    Possibly United States or United Kingdom.

  54. Mariella

    The US – you have so many more brands available than we do in Canada and, for the first time in years, the dollar is in our favour so products would be a bargain! But I love France and wouldn’t pass up any excuse to go again so maybe I’d choose France and not worry too much about actually buying makeup!

  55. timeless Glam

    I will go to the UK, they seem to have nice and affordable brands

  56. Friederike

    Japan! I hope everything be back to normal there soon, so the people can rebuild their lives. Go Japan!

  57. beatrice

    I’m italian and i want to go shopping in the U.S.A.!

  58. Japan! When I went there, there was SOOO much cool stuff, but I couldn’t buy it all. They have great stuff (I bought lots of clothes, too!)

  59. Virginia

    I would be perfectly happy to have access to brands like NARS, Shu Uemura, Laura Mercier and so on. It’s quite hard to track these brands down here, and I always have to buy sight unseen. So it would probably the US for me, although I love Japanese brands, too, like Suquu, RMK or KATE. Most of the packaging of Japanese brands is too cute for me, though. And the shadows are usually super glittery/frosty.
    Oh, and a brand I’ve been dying to try out is Le Metier De Beaute! It’s so hard to get, which is really a shame.

  60. Lena

    Definitely Japan! They have makeup you never thought was even possible!

  61. Jennifer

    lol the US definitely. France and Italy doesn’t have drugstores and i haven’t seen niche brands from there…oh wait, maybe I’ll pick Germany!

  62. VJNS

    I would go to France to visit Dany Sanz at Make Up Forever.

  63. Danielle

    I would have to say France because they are way more into fashion and makeup and stuff… In Italy there was a place called Kiko that was ok and pretty inexpensive but I found may more options in France and other countries.

    • Danielle

      oops i thought you were asking out of France and Italy which would you choose lol… but yes either way i have only been to Europe outside the US and I would still say France or UK

  64. CedriCeCCentriC

    Japan too!!!

  65. DOlly x

    Japan or USA!

  66. Christine

    I’m Canadian, so the USA is the obvious choice for me!

  67. well Christine, I have to tell you that despite the fact many beauty products are made here in Italy, there are not so many brands. we produce a lot but mainly for export or for foreigners brands!
    the only two which are totally Italian are Kiko (a low cost brand) and Madina Milano which is also quite low cost (but quality is good) and it’s sold only in Milan.

    If I could go make-up shopping abroad, I would choose USA (damn you have a huuuuge selection of brands, from drugstore to high end, and much more shades of foundation for very fair skinned people, and high end brands as MAC have much lower prices than here), UK (for similar reasons) and Germany (lots of natural/biological cosmetics, and Kryolan City!).

  68. Julia

    definitely Japan!

  69. snm

    Usa! you guys have really great drugstore brands.I would love to spread my money until the very last penny at Ulta and target:)

  70. I thought I was going to seem like a jerk for saying Japan, but apparently I’m not the only one who would pick there. Italy would probably be my second choice.

  71. Christine B.

    Japan or the UK. I’ve been to the UK and went crazy buying beauty products the last time I was there.

  72. Ana Krum

    England, for Inglot and USA, for MUFE.

  73. Leah

    Japan or England! I love all the cute packaging and niche products Japan makes and England has so many amazing drugstore products that are hard to get in the US. I would buy barry m, sleek, certain boots products.

  74. Sheri

    France – went last fall and Sephora had sooo many different brands. Boots in London had some unique products as well.

  75. Eileen

    Japan! Some of the best things happening in skin care and cosmetics are in Japan. I wish we had better access to some of their incredible products.

  76. Nicole R

    I live In Italy and although there are some great local brands I think England has the best offerings! I lives there for three years and shopping at Boots and Superdrug was awesome!

  77. Eva

    Japan!! hands down

  78. tara lee heather

    japan they have amazing stuff!!!

  79. Lisa

    US, immediately! It’s cheaper there and much easier to get OPI etc. …

  80. I would definitely want to go shopping in the UK! :)

  81. I’d have to say England – weird, I know but I’d love to see what kinds of brands they have there.

  82. Christina

    The US of A ofc :)

  83. Clarisa

    Asia and the US…I live in Italy, cosmetics are very expensive here

  84. Heather

    I’m from Canada, so make up is relatively cheap here. But if I could choose where to shop, probably Japan or the US.

  85. Heidi S.

    Japan! Besides makeup, I love their bath products!

  86. Sass

    In the USA where I live. I have so much ish to buy it isn’t funny and I’d start on Madison Ave. in New York City first.

  87. Molly Anne


  88. Jessi

    Asia! I love the makeup I buy whenever I visit Japan, and the few Korean cosmetics I’ve bought online are amazing!

  89. Constanza

    USA, UK and Japan for variety, quality and prices.
    In my country, buying a Maybelline mascara is like 10 dollars… that says it all.

  90. Jasmine

    Japan or England!

  91. Cornelle

    I feel blessed to live in the US – so many brands available and the prices are great, too! With F&F sale trend for the past couple of years it’s even better:) I love cosmetoics shopping in Japan for I love Asian brands and they’re hard to get here.

  92. Carrie

    I’d love reccomendations for French brands you can’t get in the US- I’ll be in Paris this summer!