Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

If you could design your own eyeshadow palette, what colors would you put in it? How many shades?

Temptalia's AnswerProbably ten eyeshadows, with one row being more neutral and the other row being pops of color. I’m thinking: a soft beige, satiny highlighter shade, medium-dark taupe brown, antique gold, luxuriously dark chocolate brown with bronze sheen, earthy olive green for neutrals and rich, decadent emerald green, blue-based teal, fuchsia pink, iridescent cool-toned violet, and warm yellow shimmered with pale gold. I might just do all brights – because I kind of want a bold royal blue and tangerine orange with copper shimmer, too!

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36 thoughts on “If you could design your own eyeshadow palette, what colors would you put in it?

  1. jenni

    i would probably like a quad, with a satiny greige colour,a matte skincolour highlight, a smoky greyed brown and a shimmer NOT glitter finish deep orange copper :)

  2. Adelita

    10 colors: emerald green, olive green, deep royal purple, vibrant purple, medium-deep plum, champagne, antique gold, neutral tan, medium taupe and dark (almost black) brown.
    Metallic & satin finish only, no sparkle!

  3. Amy

    All brights and a black and white<3 Shimmering and matte. Too many colors to name xD

  4. Mine would be exactly like Too Faced Sweet Dreams palette, it has everything I’d ever need!

  5. all varied colors from black, blue, green…the spectrum of colors and mixed with microglitter within every single shade

  6. for me :

    bright pink, ivory, bronze chocolate, emerald green, violet, grey antracite, camel, blue teal, lilla, purple, gold.


  7. Quinctia

    I’d love to make a palette that was all shimmery iridescents/two-tones. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-12 colors. I’d probably focus on brighter colors, but a chameleony taupe wouldn’t be out of place in such a collection. 😉

  8. CatherineM

    A mix of matte and shimmery neutrals from very light to very dark and some of my favorite more vibrant colors, like light and dark plums/purples, a navy color, some greens.

  9. I’d like a palette with 10 colors:

    5 neutrals (preferably cool):
    two highlights: one on the pinky side and one on the champagne side
    two medium colors: medium grey and medium brown
    a dark brown-black.

    As for the 5 colors, I’d like them to be medium in intensity and muted.

  10. Maureen

    It would be shimmery-only, for one thing. A lot of greige colors, plum, lavender, lime, gold, navy, and pink. That’s not ten, but I could do with varying shades of those colors. :3

  11. Sounds awesome! I would buy it immediately. 😀

  12. emily

    yay, it’s my question!

    your eyeshadow palette sounds gorgeous :)

    I’d like a smokey eye 5-pan: matte ivory, matte nude, matte black, satin highlight, silvery sparkle that can be used as an overlay

  13. M.

    This is a fantasy of mine, as I’m very hard to please in the eyeshadow department and can rarely find exactly what I want in a single palette. I’m thinking a 16-pan (like the original Book of Shadows): slightly frosty pale neutral lavender, medium purple/pink duochrome, light violet shimmer, almost-black violet shimmer, sheer white with opalescent effect, neutral metallic silver, slightly frosty medium charcoal, shimmery black, warm pale green pearl, gold-shimmered warm green, a la UD Absinthe, warm forest green shimmer, sheer gold-shimmered cotton candy pink, warm pinky-bronze pearl, deep earthy warm brown with diffuse golden microsparkle, sheer but buildable pale indigo, and slightly cool-toned hot pink shimmer.

    Whew. I think I need a nap now.

    If I had that, I could scrape by with one trio and two singles. 😀

  14. Pamela

    I would use bright tropical colors like lemon, tangerine, coral and a shot of lime or turquoise. Or I’d go the metallic route with molten shades of gold, copper or bronze.

  15. Sara

    I would love to have a palette that has some beautiful green tones. I feel like I don’t have NEARLY enough greens :)

  16. Violet

    Mine would have a mix of bold, bright colours and a little more neutral ones (although they would all be cool toned), as well as soft greens, purples and blues. The majority would be matte or semi-matte, although some would also have glitters in them.

  17. Gina

    omg Christine. Please make that palette asap hahah.

    But I’d probably make a mixture of things I’ve found look good on me. Emerald green, violet purple, warm brown with gold glitter (that actually translates onto the lid!). Other colors are escaping me right now, but you get the idea!

  18. Dame Elizabeth

    Wow sounds gorgeous Christine!

    I’d design a palette in tribute to Elizabeth Taylor – a piercing collection of blues and violets to evoke her incredible eyes.

  19. Em

    I’d have a 15 shadow palette with…. Matte cream, pinky satin champagne,pale satin cream gold, matte light brown, matte medium brown, simmery chocolare brown, satin copper, matte black, shimmer aqua, satin cool tone purple, dark mauve (matte),satin navy, satin taupe, matte gray

  20. artemis

    totally agree w/ u:D

  21. Liz K

    Golden Duochromess: A warm neutral brown with a neutral golden duo chrome, A light olive green with a light-gold duo chrome, A deep, rich royal purple with a golden duo chrome, and a light plummy burgundy with a golden duo chrome…

  22. Cat

    I was thinking 12 shadows, one row being neutral and one row being bold colors and I hadn’t even read your answer yet! I guess great minds think alike! Not sure about the specific colors, but I’d want a killer bright pink and a shimmery gold for sure! A metal-teal-olive kind of color would be great too. I think I’d call it… the Exquisite Eyeshadow Palette haha.

  23. Tempest Paige

    Most likely with something really funky! A mixture of bright mattes, like Sugarpill’s shadows, and shimmery shadows, especially white colors.

  24. CeeBee

    Light, slightly cool toned satin pale pink
    Medium warm petal pink with faint gold glimmer
    Metallic milk chocolate brown
    Moderate cool taupe brown shimmer
    Soft satin greige, with brown undertones
    Grey toned rosy lilac shimmer
    Deep royal purple, satin finish
    Smoky khaki olive with very fine gold glitter
    Deeply burnished antique gold metallic
    Dark purple pewter satin with very fine silver glitter

  25. vanessa

    omg, please make this palette lol it sounds amazing 😛

  26. Summer

    I LOVE this question, because I’m looking to put together a custom palette soon! I would want 14 colors:

    – A matte black that can double as a liner
    – A silver sparkle-laced black
    – A frosted white
    – A shimmery dark green, similar to MAC Shimmermoss or Laura Mercier St. Germain
    – A matte pale pink, like the one in Bare Escentuals’ The Honeymoon Phase duo
    – A shimmery charcoal
    – A softer, lighter colored silver-grey, with less shimmer than the charcoal
    – A “true” matte purple (something between a violet and royal purple)
    – Sheer but buildable lavender that can be used as a highlight or something more; slight shimmer
    – MAC Stars n Rockets, lol (may be my favorite purple-pink EVER)
    – Fuschia, like in the UD 15th palette
    – A shimmery champagne colored highlight
    – A matte medium-colored brown
    – A sparkling dark brown (like espresso or bark)

  27. a taupe color, a dark brown color, a deep red, a deep purple, a deep green, an olive green, a rusty orange, a pink with blue shimmer, a mushroom color (greige), a highlighting color (matte and shimmer), a black (matte and shimmer), a peach, a pink/purple one, a deep orange with golden sheen, a muddy brown color, a dark grey, a lavender one, a yellow with green sheen :)

  28. EMI

    all by MAC: Nylon, satin taupe, brown strip, carbon

  29. Livi

    Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black and White, All shades in matte and all shades in shimmer as well. :))

  30. melinda mcghee

    10 colors: Black Tied, Beautymarked, Dark Indulgance, Forgery, Signed Sealed, Kat Von D’s Believer, Kat Von D’s Sixxshooter, Blue Flame, Diva in Distress, Li lily.

  31. Alison

    My ideal eye shadow palette would have…. A smoky black, a smoke colour, a silvery-light grey, a pewter grey, a really good khaki, a deep plum, two neutral browns (one lighter and one darker) and a gorgeous glowing but not noticeably shimmery (or white) highlighter shade. And that would do me! Three rows of three shades.

  32. Courtney

    I would want a ton of unusual colors like one matte blood red and one sparkly red. I’m still looking for my HG Black with silver glitter shadow. Emerald green. And a whole bunch of duo-chromes that AREN’T brown/blue.

  33. Alison

    I think I changed my mind! I would have a soft, glowy ivory highlighter, a goldish highlighter.

    Then a deep and lighter neutral brown, a smoky black, a charcoal grey, a silvery grey, a deep, shimmery teal, a deep, beautiful plum, and a gold!

  34. Alison

    I would so buy your palette, Christine – I love your shade descriptions, they all sound so lovely and up my alley except for just the fuschia, violet and yellow (I don’t wear violet or brights) – otherwise, it sounds a perfect palette for me.