Friday, July 16th, 2010

I Spy Temptalia @ Revlon Lashes

Around 9PM tonight, I got some pretty EPIC news! The lovely @scorpio21090 tweeted me a picture of Temptalia’s Award logo stickered onto Revlon’s lashes.  Back in January, when the results of the awards came out, Revlon asked if they could use the award logo on stickers for some of their false lashes, and I said yes… and I had almost forgotten about it until Anna tweeted an image to me!

This, of course, meant that the boy and I had to race out and see if we could find them locally!  Anna got hers from Rite Aid, but we found ours at Walmart!   It’s kind of this big moment in Temptalia history, so I picked up seven pairs (one for my mom, one for each grandma, then my aunts… the boy’s mom, ME!).

Anyway, thank you SO much for all of your support!  It is because of your amazing and unwavering support that Temptalia has gotten to where it is today and I even get to blog about something like this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love & Lipgloss,

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325 thoughts on “I Spy Temptalia @ Revlon Lashes

  1. Stephanie

    Congrats!!!! Thats amazing!

  2. carrie

    congrats mama! u deserve it, as hard as you work.

  3. Diane


  4. Congrats! I wonder if they’ll have the stickers up here in Canada. :)

  5. Smak

    Wooooow congrats!!

  6. Liz

    Congrats Christine !!!!! You’ve done a great jobs…. you deserve this 100%

  7. evo


    and just a fyi….i have problems with putting on lashes as well but i don’t have too much problems with the revlon lashes that have the adhesive attached already.

    i should see if they have them here in canada, but i’ll be heading to seattle on saturday and i’ll try to find them at walmart or target

  8. That’s amazing news! Congratulations Christine!!!!

  9. nicci

    Congrats Christine!!! nice design too…I don’t wear false lashes but I am gonna go out & buy some anyway just to look at the sticker :)

  10. this is amazing. congratulations!!! it gets better from here, christine :)

  11. Melissa

    Congratulations, Christine!! That is an awesome accomplishment. I’m totally going to buy a couple pairs because I’ve always had issues with falsies, but I’m gonna give these a try!

  12. Jess

    Congratulations! What a milestone!

  13. Bernice

    Wow ! That’s fantastic ! 😀

  14. Omg. I went to two different Walgreens today and I saw these!!!
    I thought it was awesome. So I picked up two pairs haha

  15. nikki c.

    that’s way awesome
    i wanna go pick up a pair tomorrow and be a part of temptalia history!:]

  16. Amanda

    That’s sooooo amazing…. you are such an inspiration! You DESERVE this!

  17. mandy

    Yay! Congrats! This is amazing!

  18. holy crap dude, how effing cool is that! to have your name on something as common as revlon! …wow, i’ma be so excited when i see them at my drug store! :) seriously, congrats!!!

  19. Pam

    Well deserve Christine! Congrats! PS…I loooove your website…it’s by far the most informative beauty blog out there.

  20. abby

    wow!! congratulations Christine!!!!!

  21. Kaylynrenee

    How’s that for a pat on the back, huh?! No one deserves it more than you, Christine! <3

    • Aww :) Thank you, Kaylyn! And I didn’t forget about Grain vs. Trench! Tomorrow, I swear it!

      • Kaylynrenee

        Lol! You’re the best. Seriously! I hope you know it wasn’t my intention to put a rush on anything!!

        Also, I have to say, I feel all up in your business today! Well, your social networking business. Email correspondence, I commented on a FB status, an immature tweet reply about Dusty’s 3000th and now this. I really need to get outta the house… Lol.

  22. Lauren

    Congratulations on all your success Christine!

  23. Awwww I’m so proud of you! You really deserve it.

    Next stop: Temptalia loves MAC summer collection!

  24. *Kika*

    Congrats Christine!!!!!!
    I feel so happy for you!
    It`s sooo nice to know that we can now buy some stuff with temptalia stick! I`m also glad that I have this wonderful blog to check every day!

  25. Janet

    WOW! Congrats Christine! I just want to say that Temptalia is by far the best beauty blog EVER! My day is not complete without a visit (or two or three). Keep up the great work! :)

  26. Wow! I can’t believe it….. Actually, I CAN believe it because you work so, so hard on Temptalia. Congratulations and keep up the great work! You have your own “sticker” (LOL) for a reason -people trust you, respect you, and look up to you BECAUSE you provide one of the best blogs out there.

  27. jessicab

    congrats christine, you deserve all the best ! <3


    That’s awesome, Christine! I’ve been scared about trying false lashes, but I may have to buy some just because these are recommended by Temptalia herself.

    • Try ’em — I like them because they’re cheap, come in a nice variety, and they work. Other readers have mentioned the ones with adhesive being easier than traditional false eyelashes, too.

  29. Nicole

    wow, that is epic (: congrats! temptalia deserves it.

  30. Isheeta

    Happy to see that your hard work has given this nice accomplishment. Congratz Dear Christine! Your blog is really very informative .. At first I thought it was managed by many people.. it is so professional! I read your blog daily.. I love your blog so much that it seems an achievement for me too (as a regular reader)..Thanks for all your efforts. Way to go!! :)

  31. Pearl

    Wow…this is big! To have your name on beauty products out in the market like that. Wow, it’s like you are on a par with Allure. Wow. Just wow.

    Congrats on such achievement!

  32. thats amazing!!!! congrats!

  33. Mariana

    so cool! Congrats!

  34. That’s so awesome, congrats Christine!

  35. Kathy

    That’s just awesome! Congrats! 😀

  36. Leenie

    Congratulations, I’m truly happy for you Christine you deserve It, I know how much work you put in Temptalia and I don’t take your blog for granted, so thank you.

  37. Julie

    Congrats Christine!! Your such a hard worker and you totally deserve it!!!

  38. Congrats Christine :) You sure do deserve this!


  39. OMG That is sooo Epic. Totally Bang~

  40. Wow! That’s a crazy awesome honour :) Congrats!

  41. Azaza

    Oh wow thats so cool and congratulations

  42. Laia

    Congrats Christine!!! All that hard work you do for us finally pays off! That’s amazing! 😀

  43. zong

    Congrats!!! you totally deserve it, you work soo hard and temptalia is one of the best blog out there.

  44. Mariam

    That AWESOME! Congratulations! 😀

  45. Rae

    CHRISTINE!!! That’s absolutely incredible. A bazillion and five congratulations — you deserve this, girl!

  46. Anna

    Congratulations Christine!!
    If only I could find here in Barcelona (Spain)!

  47. Vicky

    Awesome Christine! Thank YOU for all of your hard work. You give us beauty addicts a home… :)

  48. Sarah

    Ahhh this is HUGE! Congrats!

  49. Rissy

    :) congrats christine! I haven’t worn lashes before, but perhaps will go out and purchase these just for your sticker. :) love your blog it’s my phone’s home page!

  50. Refinement

    Congrats, Christine! Your work is amazing and you’re definitely a friend in my head, lol :-)

  51. yl

    wow you totally deserve this. congratulations!!

  52. That is pretty huge, congrats. I’ll keep an eye out for this in the UK 😉

  53. Hilana

    Super. How AWESOME is this. You are by far my favourite blog of anything to read actually.
    Just think how cool it would be if I get a pair of those with your logo here in South Africa! :)

    Great work, Christine. You really do deserve this plenty.

  54. This is so exciting! Congrats Christine!!!!!!! 😀

  55. Sherry

    I’m so happy for you! That’s wonderful! You totally deserve it and I’m looking forward to many more product using your award logo in the future! Many more Blessings!

  56. Ow wow, how cool is that? Congrats Christine!

  57. gio

    That’s amazing, congrats! You deserve it!

  58. baby in a corner

    Wow that is so cool, you must be so psyched! You definitely work really hard at what you do so you deserve it!

    I was just thinking the other day how much you can tell someones personality from their blog even if they are just reviewing something. Like I can tell you do things very methodically and take great pride in your work. Anyway these things are obviously the key to your success so i’m taking tips! well done!

  59. Claudia

    Christine, congrats ! THis is so cool and so well deserved ! We couldn’t live without Temptalia too :) Wish you more and more success !

  60. Victoria Maria

    I’d buy them immediately just for your sticker Christine – only thing is, we don’t have Revlon in Denmark – and that sucks :-((( Before we now it, you’ll be on Oprah :-)))) YYEEAAAHHHHH

  61. courtney

    that is amazing! congrats girl!! I’ll have to pick some up :))

  62. Jen

    That’s so cool, congrats!

  63. Kajsa

    Lots of congrats!

  64. That great news !!! I love Revlon lashes.. Congrats !! I’m gonna have to pick up one of these too.. So I can have Temptalia Logo on it =D

  65. KC

    I start my day with Temptalia. Congrats girl!

    P.S. I’m from Barbados. Keep up the good work.

  66. Laura

    Congrats! I am totally going to Duane Reade right now to see if they have them in NYC! I’ll take the opportunity to tell you a couple of the reasons your blog is so wonderful.
    1. Your product photography is by far the best out there. The swatches never have a weird color cast and that helps so much in getting a sense for the pigmentation, color, finish etc
    2. The design of the website, in terms of graphic design and everything else, is very professional
    3. It’s clear that you care and that you put a lot of hard work into it.
    I can’t believe you go to school too… It puts my attempts to finish my masters degree to shame!
    I think this event speaks to a company in beauty industry truly embracing the importance and influence of a good blog. It is indeed epic!

    • I hope you can find ’em at Duane Reade!! :) Let me know!

      Thank you so much, Laura! It is definitely a huge moment for beauty bloggers as well!

  67. jenn

    Congrats Christine! You deserve It & anything else great that comes your way! <3

  68. Congratulations Christine!!! I am so happy to see that your hard work in paying off for you. I am going to buy some of these as soon as I can find them.

  69. That really is EPIC! Congrats! All your hard work really paid off! I admire your dedication to your blog — even when you have school, the boy, and your personal life to maintain. You deserve to bask in your glory!

  70. Diana

    I’m so happy for you!! I can’t wait to go pick them up

  71. LH

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND SHAUN. Temptalia really deserves all the recognition it gets and you guys work so hard for it. When I spot them in my store I am gonna pick up a pair or two :) one to try and one to keep so I have one when Temptalia is 10x bigger than it is now. Great work you guys I know there are more fantastic things in store for Temptalia!!

  72. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! And really inspirational to fellow blog owners. Congrats Christine, you so deserve it!

  73. Sarah

    Wow, im so happy for you! You have truly worked so hard to get Temptalia to where it is today , you truly deserve so much more! I dont comment much, but i do stalk your website every single day. Here’s hoping for a future Mac Collaboration and lots of success for you 😀

  74. Lea

    OH WOW! This is so amazing, such a big step also. :) Congrats Christine! I hope I will see your logo everywhere soon. 😀

  75. Jennifer

    Congratulations Christine! I’m gonna go look for some of these today and perhaps buy my first pair of false lashes

  76. Anne

    Congratulations, Christine! Well-deserved recognition!

  77. Jenny

    Oh wow, congratulations! I’ll be on the lookout for these for sure!

  78. Daria

    Wow Christine, CONGRATS! All of your hard work is really amazing and look how its paying off! SO COOL. what a very special accomplishment! Now I need to learn how to apply the lashes HAHA. Enjoy the weekend you deserve it!

  79. michelle

    HUGE moment! Congrats! I hope this award will be a standard among industry alongside Allure beauty awards.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  80. Lulee

    Congrats Christine! Truly wish all the best for you!

  81. Scientific Housewife

    I actually won a pair of these through Dina’s Days blog and I’m excited to get them! Congrats girl!

  82. Rebecca

    This is so awesome! I do really love Revlon lashes :) Im gonna have to go buy some with your name on them 😀

  83. fiaspice

    That’s awsome Christine, congrats, you deserve it big time.

  84. Lana

    That is so great, you deserve it!

  85. Congrats! Wow—I didn’t even know Revlon made lashes until your post…must check them out :)

  86. Lils

    Congratulations Christine! You totally deserve it!

  87. Sara

    Congrats Christine!!! Hard work really pays off :)

  88. Wendy M.

    Congrats, Christine!:D
    I’ll be going to buy a pair so I can have them in honor to you and your hard work! :)

  89. Laura

    I’m so happy for you! Your blog has been so useful to me over the years!

  90. K7P*

    Congrats!!! That’s so freakin cool!!! So guess where i’m going during my lunch? Find these lashes!!=) I love, love, love your website! I’m on it all day everyday!!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  91. Ru

    Wow that’s really cool Christine! Congrats!

  92. Sixx

    AWESOME. =)

  93. Margot

    Congratulations, that is so incredible !!

  94. I’m so so so happy for you! It’s a great and rewarding step! Perseverance and passion are always rewarded. <3
    I'd love to have a pair. Unfortunately, there is no way we get those in Europe! Whatever happens, I'm glad to be in the Temptalia adventure for almost 2 years. :)

  95. Diana

    congratulations! temptalia will soon be a household name!

  96. Steph

    Congrats! I’ve never seen any Rimmel lashes at stores here in Ottawa, Canada, but I’ll keep an eye out :)

  97. Corinne

    That is so cool!! Congrats sweetie!!!

  98. Carrie

    That is the coolest thing ever!!! You must feel like a complete rockstar!

  99. Congratulations!! This is just the begining….I won’t be surprised if I see a MAC collection named after Temptalia..or a Temptalia Beauty Line…The idea itself makes me all excited…