Monday, December 24th, 2012

How-to: Merry Makeup

This is my look for Christmas Eve :)  It is definitely similar to what I normally opt for over Christmas!  This year, I decided to use green eyeliner rather than green eyeshadow.  You could add glitter over the lid for added sparkle, too.

Eyes: Begin by using a fluffy crease brush (I used MUFE #17S) and apply a red-burgundy eyeshadow (I used Inglot #450 Eyeshadow) into the crease and blending towards the outer corner as well. Next, apply a honey gold eyeshadow (I used Inglot #430 Eyeshadow) with a firm eyeshadow brush (I used MAC 239) on the outer two-thirds of the lid. Apply a soft, warm orange eyeshadow (I used Inglot #403 Eyeshadow) on the inner third of the lid. To highlight the brow bone, apply a shimmery beige/white eyeshadow (I used Inglot #395 Eyeshadow) just underneath the brow bone, then pat a matte beige eyeshadow (I used Burberry Trench) between the crease color and the brow highlight to soften the shimmer finish. Finally, line the lower lash line with a deep green/teal (I used MAC Junkie), and then apply a liquid gold eyeliner (I used Urban Decay Eldorado) to brighten and add sparkle.

Face: Prep face by moisturizing, then applying any face primers (I used Eve Pearl’s Moisturizing Primer). I applied a few drops and dabs of liquid foundation (I used Giorgio Armani Maestro) and blend out using a dense foundation brush (I used Hourglass’ Foundation Brush). Next, apply a natural blusher, which will depend on your complexion, with either brown or plum tones (I used Kevyn Aucoin Natura) with a soft blush brush (I used Bobbi Brown’s Blush Brush). Finish the look by setting with pressed or loose powder (I used Guerlain Wulong) with a large, bluffy brush (I used MAC 138).

Lips: Prep lips by keeping them hydrated prior to applying lip color–I usually have lip balm on whenever I’m not wearing a lip color, but if you don’t usually do this, try applying a lip balm 20 minutes prior (or more), then lightly blot off right before you apply your lip color. Apply a berry-red lipstick (I used Guerlain Gigolo) onto lips, and then lightly pat a shimmering gold gloss (I used Bobbi Brown Canary) on top for sparkle and shine.

One more photo of the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle look… 

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90 thoughts on “How-to: Merry Makeup

  1. LOVE the look, especially the lips! I wish I could pull off the whole “light colors on upper lid, dark colors on lower lashline” look — It doesn’t seem to play well with my eye shape/color. >:

    BTW Christine, I think you may have mixed up the teal liner — It’s either MAC Undercurrent or UD Junkie, I think.

    • You’re right – Undercurrent! :)

      • Ah, I thought so! I got Undercurrent last month and I’ve been in love with it since. 😀 It’s almost the same shade as Hopeless eyeshadow from Meow Cosmetics (which is part of a limited edition), which I got around the same time.

      • BTW, did Undercurrent do okay on your waterline? The spouse got a minor eye infection from the combination of another Pearlglide liner and contacts, so it worries me slightly.

        • Everything was OK until I took a santa hat pouf to the eyeball, LOL. After that I was dying and couldn’t seem to come back from it – but I had been wearing it for maybe nine hours at that point? I didn’t FEEL anything, at least.

          • Oooow, that doesn’t sound pleasant. Thanks for the info, though! I was worried because the sparkles on the Pearlglides are on the larger side, and that usually means no waterline. ^^; Glad to know it might still be safe!

  2. Melissa

    LOVE how you did your lips. Beautiful color and perfect gloss.

  3. I am in love with you all over again …. but this happens all the time Christine 😀 😀
    wish you loads of good luck dear … and this is your first Christmas after marriage 😀 god bless you , shaun and your family dear 😀 😀

  4. cydoniac

    it’s amazing and very festive with a twist!! love it!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. i am not sure but guess you have used MAC black line right ?? 😀 😀

  6. Miss J

    I really love this whole look! What are your plans for Christmas Eve? Hope you have a great time however you are celebrating!! :)

    • We have family coming over later today, but between now and then… nothing, actually. Well, my plans are to get tomorrow’s posts ready, LOL!

      What about you?

      • Miss J

        You work so hard for us! And it is always greatly appreciated!

        Tonight was family dinner and gift exchange. Just relaxing and basking in the goodness that is Candy Yum Yum, atm, lol…and also going d’oh cuz I missed Party Parrots release online. There’s always Wednesday!

  7. Megan

    This is lovely! It’s probably too warm for my skin tone but you have inspired me to brighten up my lips a little, rather than focus on my eyes as I usually do!

    By the way, I’ve noticed that you’ve been wearing eyeliner on your waterline a lot more recently. Have you become immune to the sensitivity you used to suffer from or do you wipe it off as soon as you’ve photographed your look? Regardless, it really suits you.

  8. absolutely beautiful, sweetie.

  9. This look is amazing! Love it! That El Dorado liner is so gorgeous, and this is such a perfect look for it.

  10. Jasmine W

    Very beautiful and festive! Happy holidays.

  11. You are an absolute beauty and these colours emphasise all your best features. Well done and hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

  12. Rocio

    What shade of Georgio Armani Maestro are you wearing? You look great!

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  13. Kami

    I need to get my hands on some Inglot eye shadows. Every swatch I see impresses me. And I love the burgundy shade. I am a bit hesitant ordering them online though. Been reading some scary stories about their customer service and people not getting their orders. There is no store in Toronto where I can actually see them so I’ll just wait until I get to a city with an Inglot store. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you. Everything about this look screams festive. Love it.

    • I’ve ordered four or five times from Inglot’s online store, and I’ve received everything I’ve ordered. One time, they were late, so they sent me an extra $60~ worth of product, and another time, they ran out and offered to send it separately when they got it or to cancel that portion of the order. Not the greatest experience or anything, but I’d say just fine? LOL!

      I’m not sure if there are any stores in Canada, but I know in the U.S. you can also order directly from the store – I ordered from Fashion Island in southern California once, and that was a good experience.

      • Kami

        Yes those are the types of stories I’ve heard. The only stores in Canada are Quebeq and Montreal. They had one in Toronto but apparently closed it down. I had no idea you can order from store. I might try that and see how it goes.

    • Mariella

      Take a trip to Montreal (before it gets too cold). That’s my new excuse for going to a city I already love to visit (had more excuses when my youngest was there on his co-op term). There is an Inglot store right downtown and it is wonderful!

  14. denise

    Pretty look! Thanks for the tutorial. Happy Holidays Christine!

  15. Michelle

    This is gorgeous. I wish I could pull this off. That lip combo is so pretty. It’s like the perfect Christmas lips. Do you use a disposable applicators to apply gloss?

  16. Celeste Cirinna

    Stunningly beautiful!

  17. Jennifer Foster

    Gorgeous, Christine!!! I especially love the look you achieved with your lip color! Did you have any problems with bleeding from putting on the gloss over the lipstick? Merry christmas!

  18. Evilyn1983

    Christine, you look HOT!
    ~that’s all :)

  19. Katie

    Your lips look EXACTLY like my nails. I’m wearing a red polish with gold micro-shimmer. Soooo pretty!

  20. CC

    FYI: I saw some Inglot items, including the gel liner and mascara, popping out in Macy’s. Maybe eye shadows in the future? 😉

  21. Alley Cat

    LOVE the eye color. I don’t typically use eyeshadow (because my eyes are too close to my brows – I have intense, kinda masculine eye structure), but I so want to try this out. Happy Holidays to you and you family, Christine!

  22. elle

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for the tutorial, I lok forward to each one with great anticipation.

  23. SIDEMM

    Hey C!
    i love the the way you have done ur lips! they look gorgeous! touchwood.
    i HAVE to get my hands on gigolo and bb’s canary gloss!! :)
    merry xmas dear!

  24. Kimberly S.

    WOW!! I’m still learning, and appreciate your tutorials…but I wish I had skills like yours. Christine, you look so Beautiful. Merry Christmas!! <3

  25. Beautiful. The lips are just stunning, Christine! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  26. Ellie

    You are a goddess!

  27. Sandy

    Very pretty, Merry Christmas!

  28. Jennifer

    Absolutely love this look !

  29. Kiwi

    Wow…love the lip color and how it looks on you! Merry Christmas Christine!

  30. Regina

    You look beautiful!

  31. Mariella

    I’m so not one for red eye shadow but you have created such a beautiful look with these (for me) rather over-the-top colours. It is absolutely lovely. Merry Christmas to you, Christine and especially as this is your first Christmas “together” (I know you and your husband have been together a long time but this is your first as a married couple – very special).

  32. Sunny

    Christine, you look insanely amazing! I think you should wear this everyday, haha!

  33. Hazel

    Those lips are spectacular and so very holiday. I’m not a burgundy-gold eye color fan, but I do love the liners.

  34. Safyre

    Ugh that lip Christine. I DIE! It’s beyond fabulous! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas <3

  35. Irene

    Stunning! I’m absolutely in love with red lipstick + gold lipgloss. Must try!

  36. This look was absolutely beautiful and inspired me to do something similar for Christmas! I can’t seem to pull off the red lip, but I used the red and gold from Kat Von D’s Starstruck quad (currently on sale at Sephora for $13!) and a shimmery orange from one of the big Pantone palettes for the eyes, along with BE’s 1PM and UD’s Eldorado. I used Bobbi Brown’s Citrus on my lips until I opened presents at my mom’s – she got me Canary, so I got to finish the look right! 😀

    Thanks so much for posting this – your step-by-steps are fantastic!! Hope you had a great Christmas!! <3

  37. Those eyes look awsome :) i’m gonna try to do it myself :)

  38. Oh wow the lip shade is stunning!!

  39. I’m so excited to try this. The woman in these photos even looks like me! I know this is your “Christmas” look, but it still gives me ideas for this year’s Easter look. Thanks.

  40. Dahlia

    The lips are AMAZINNNNG. love this look.

  41. Wow, I would never have thought that that colour combination would go but it looks beautiful!

    Particularly love the eyeshadow shading!

  42. Love it! Thank you for detailing out all of the products you used. I especially like the tips on the primer and brushes. Can’t wait to try something like this myself. :-)

  43. I would never have thought of putting those colors together before but i really like them. You look stunning and I am going to give it a try!