Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Avoid Clumpy Mascara

Share your best tips and tricks for avoiding clumpy mascara!  Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. Don’t wait too long between coats of mascara; I always find as it dries down, the more prone it is to clumping up.
  2. If you see clumping occur, try to comb through lashes and remove the clumps while wet.
  3. Use a metal lash comb to help separate lashes at the end.

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11 thoughts on “How to Avoid Clumpy Mascara – Tips & Tricks

  1. Emma

    1. Put a notecard behind your lashes,
    2. Press your lashes against the card while coating them with mascara

    = Clump-free lashes!

  2. AnGeLwInGz

    Wipe off excess from your brush. You can do this on the inner rim of the tube, that way you don’t waste product. Avoid swirly/ double helix looking brushes. They look cool but have a lot of blank areas that don’t provide any separation.

  3. Abby

    If you inadvertently get any sort of powder (eyeshadow, setting powder, foundation, etc.) onto your lashes, this can make them really clumpy. Take a little bit of makeup remover on a Qtip, or use a wet washcloth to get all the powder off, then apply mascara.

  4. linda

    my new Chanel mascara sure did get clumpy fast — i won’t be buying that again.

  5. Yeah, being quick helps alot. I never apply a new coat of mascare once the first one has dried.

  6. Veronica

    If you’re applying liquid liner, apply your mascara *first.* The liner can leak into the lashes and make them stick together, causing them to clump at the base. I know from experience. 😛

    I also say trial and error is a big part of it. Depending on whether your lashes are short or thick or long, you’re going to have to experiment with different formulas to see what works for me. Personally, I have long lashes, so I find voluminizing formulas tend to clump on me.

  7. Sabrina

    I love clumpiness on my lashes ! I certainly never try to avoid it.

  8. Maggie

    I start at the base of the lashes and wiggle slowly upward, repeat with the wand angled to reach the inner and then outer corners, and then again from the top-side base of the lashes. I continue to comb and re-comb the wand through to both ensure coverage and eliminate clumping. Only when I am satisfied with the “spray” or “shape” of the lashes do I let the mascara dry. Any brush with stiff enough bristles (I use a mascara with the plastic spiky bristles) will separate lashes if you work it from the very base!

  9. SO many magazines say to let mascara dry completely between coats, and I’ve never found that tip to work for me. I agree with you, Christine–it’s better to layer quickly. And a metal lash comb can be a lifesaver, although I prefer to find formulas that are less clumpy and don’t need it. Wiping off the glob of mascara on the tip of the wand really helps keep my mascara from clumping.

  10. I use a MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush to get the clumps out and separate my lashes.

  11. I always “stir” the wand as I’m pulling it out of the tube. Imagine how you stir coffee and just do that with the wand, making sure you slowly pull up and hit all sides of the brush on the inner edge of the tube.
    Also, I use a clean mascara wand to comb through if there are any lashes sticking together or any clumps (but I usually don’t get clumps)