Friday, October 7th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

How do you remove makeup smears and stains from clothes? Or carpet…

Temptalia's AnswerI’m excited to read your answers, because I don’t have a clue! I wear all black whenever I am really swatching things – I have “swatching pants.”

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44 thoughts on “How do you remove makeup smears and stains from clothes?

  1. dettol wet wipes is amazing for removing stains out of clothes :)

  2. amanda

    TBH it rarely works.. ive tried absolutely everything.. pigments are the biggest culprit here.. i spilled black pigment all over a white carpet once! the only thing that ever works is true elbow grease! and if its a cream or emollient based product.. have fun… it always takes me at least five washes, eight tide pens plus a few resolve sprays to get the stuff out… around the collar of a shirt ive worn during a night out is always a fun sight to see the next morning..

  3. Safyre

    The Tide pen is a lifesaver when it comes to these things. But it’s important to use it as soon as you get stained. I find that most powders will come off in the wash but liquids are tougher if you let them soak in – it may take a few washes, it may not come out at all :(

  4. M.

    Saturate stain in Palmolive dishwshing liquid on both sides, roll/fold the item so the Palmolive has nowhere to go except the stain, let it cure for 12-24 hours, then wash in water as hot as the item can tolerate.

  5. John

    Yeah I sometimes get foundation on my stark white v-neck shirts, especially around the neckline and it makes me so frustrated! Gah. I have to then immediately take it off, then grab a bleach-pen and bleach those areas. Then I toss it into the hamper. What’s annoying is that bleach, after repeated use, will weaken the fabric of my t-shirts!

    Like Christine, I’m excited to here some of the answers to this question, because I need something that’s more gentle, but still effective.

  6. Tigress

    There’s a bar called Fels-Naptha that is freaking amazing, it gets any stain out you can think of. It’s a laundry pre treatment, and you need it in your life.

  7. M.

    (How does one go about changing their user icon? I can’t find any options anywhere! :))

  8. Grace

    I recently made the mistake of putting on a glossy red lip before changing into a light blue shirt, and smeared it on my shirt collar. I used my Tide to go and it came right out, thankfully!!

  9. Jasmine

    Tide! lol. :)

    BTW.. Do you know when the MUFE holiday collection will be coming out or a post about it by any chance?

  10. I’m really loving Shout Color Catcher. I usually use rubbing alcohol as well but you must place a cloth under it so it doesn’t go right through.

  11. Anna

    Hairspray. I used some to remove lipstick stains from my jacket after swatching. I forgot i had swatched red lippies and it stained my jacket!

  12. Devoney

    Hah. I was touching up my foundation (NARS Sheer Glow) at an especially intense and sweaty live music show and got a little on one of my favorite shirts. I’ve since been trying to get it out. Not even bleach has been able to remove the stain.

  13. Eye makeup remover wipes…

  14. Jo

    Brush Cleanser and a makeup sponge. The brush cleanser works at removing makeup from texture (like fabric) and I find it’s better used with a sponge instead of napkin/paper towel because a sponge won’t leave behind pieces of paper. Also the sponge will absorb the makeup from clothing.

    That’s been working for me :)

  15. rentix

    I’d like to know how to remove foundation stains from cotton (my lovely duvet cover..) – help!

  16. Yazmin

    for anything wax based, like lipstick, i use a hair dryer and a damp cloth maybe sprayed with a bit of carpet/fabric cleanser. in the uk we have a brand called daz, and i often mix their powder stain removers with some water into a thick paste and just apply a thin layer to the stained area and then scrape off the excess and then put it in the washing machine. anything white and hard to get off gets a diluted soak in bleach.

  17. Sylvie

    I have used MAC wipes before for those, but it was immediately after the smear happened.

  18. It is very odd that most people don’t think of this! What removes makeup? Makeup remover! Wipes are the best, as they aren’t going to leave oily stains. Give it a gentle dab for a few minutes and put it in a warm wash straight away if there is still some makeup on the fabric.

  19. Nicole R.

    I just pre-treat my clothes with spray ‘n wash max stain stick and leave it on for a few days before I wash the stained item. If lipstick falls on my carpet I just spray it with windex and wipe it with a wash cloth I delegate for this problem, surprisingly the windex works for some reason. Of course, try this at your own risk but it has worked well for me.

  20. I just remove it whit a semi wet cloth. If its only powder I use a clean dry cloth. Works fine!

  21. aradhana

    in my experience of makeup smears on clothes, they usually come off in the wash…but i haven’t had that many!

    i’m also looking forward to hearing people’s replies!

  22. artemis

    i put them in the washing machine….:D

  23. Martha

    Resolve Spray n’ Wash Stain Remover. It removes even the reddest red stain!!! is amazing!! :)

  24. MAChostage

    OxiClean (in its various forms) does a really good job, particularly if you can catch the stain early. For carpet and furniture, the powder form, mixed with water to form a paste, seems to work well. :)

  25. If you are accident prone, draping a towel (terrycloth or paper) across your lap during makeup application helps. I usually place a paper towel across the model’s lap to avoid ruining her clothes.

  26. LOL @ swatching pants. Similarly, I swap back into my pj’s after my shower until my makeup is done :)

  27. Lulee

    oh i have a cheap clean and clear makeup remover foaming wash that i didnt love for my face so now i use it to get makeup stains out of clothes. it works a charm!!!!! love it!

  28. Matty

    Working for MAC, I constantly have stains on my clothing. I use brush cleanser and then wipe it with MAC Wipes, and 99% of the time it works fabulously!

  29. summerblue

    I’ve used the regular version of Shout for years. I buy it for <$9.00 a 1/2 gallon at BJ's; otherwise it would be too pricey as I'm one of the peeps that wears everything she eats. :( Because it's petroleum based, it gets out everything. I pre-treat any bad stains & let them sit overnight. In reading the replies, there's a whole heck of a lot of suggestions I'm gonna try to see how they stack up as I don't know that I want to renew my BJ's membership for the next year as things are $ tight & I very rarely go there. Especially like the Palmolive suggestion as it's real economical. Just bought a Fels-Naptha soap bar & will see if all the raves for that pan out.

  30. Juliana Oliveira

    You take a piece of bread, roll it up into a little ball and press it on to the stain, like an eraser! but it only work for powder products like eyeshadows, blushes etc… Really easy for on the go!

  31. When I got makeup/dirt around the neck and sleeves of my pretty white Nike winter coat, I was so upset. But I used some baby wipes and most of it came out with a little scrubbing. I tried it on one of my black jackets too, and it worked great. I don’t know how well this will work on other types of fabrics though.

  32. Also, just wanted to add that this is a GREAT topic. Thanks! :)

  33. Dorna

    I learned this trick when i was working wardrobe for a romeo and juliet show and we couldn’t wash the larger garments with makeup stains around the neckline–spray a little bit of shout on the spot and then use a toothbrush and brush it off. use the toothbrush in more of a buffing motion rather than how u would brush your teeth.

  34. Cinnamon Cloud

    I do it with dishwashing liquid, as it works AMAZING removing oily products, such as liquid foundations =) Try it! =)

  35. Dawn

    Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It removes waterproof and non-waterproof makeup on you AND fabrics. I accidently got waterproof eyeliner on the cloth headliner of my car, used the remover and stain is gone with no residue. Rinse with a little water and you are good to go. I totally love this product and won’t use anything else on my eyes. FWIW.

  36. Sarah

    I do my makeup while I’m still wearing my pjs xP
    When I’m not though, a damp cloth immediately usually works. I’ve never had any stained clothes from makeup

  37. use dishwashing soap for the diswasher directly on stain. Soak in cold water. Let go for 24 hrs. If not clean repeat. The tide stick is good too

  38. Perri

    I always get a little foundation on the collar of my school shirts and I use hairspray to remove! Just spray for 5-10 seconds until the area is wet and scrub with a cloth, keep spraying until its all gone and just give it a normal wash! I’m not sure how this would work on lipstick or eye products though but its great to get rid of my mac prolongwear foundation!

  39. If a damp cloth & some gentle cleanser don’t work, a soak (5-10min) in oil-free makeup remover usually does the trick. Dishwasher detergent and spot treatments (er, for your clothes, not for your face) are the next step if that’s a no-go, too. 😛

  40. Holly

    Carpets – Eye makeup remover.

    Clothing – I just wash it as per usual. I never realized that this wasn’t enough for some make-up stains?!!