Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

How do you feel about flavored lip products? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI’d rather no flavor than any particular flavor. I don’t want it to taste gross, but I also don’t want to lick my lips to get a taste of something yummy, either!

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34 thoughts on “How do you feel about flavored lip products?

  1. ChantelZorana

    Subtle flavoring is okay. Nothing overwhelming or I feel like I’m in grade school with my Lip Smackers! But I do LOVE that all MAC lip products are vanilla scented/flavored. Yum!

  2. Jaune

    I would much, much rather their be no scent/flavor. With all the allergies and intolerances to scent/flavor, I would think companies would just forgo it.

  3. Bee

    No flavor at all, please. When there’s any it gets into my food, and it’s always synthetic and unpleasant. ):

  4. I prefer no flavor for the most part. Scented is generally okay, though.

  5. VickyM

    No flavor for me at all, luckily high end companies don´t really flavor their products as far as I know, they just scent them, and in most cases you can´t smell anything once you apply the lipstick or gloss. On the other hand, flavor on my lip products can be a real deal breaker to me.

  6. I wouldn’t really taste it anyways (I never, ever lick my lips), but I prefer no flavor! If it were up to me most lip products would be unscented even.

  7. Barbie

    i really don’t care!

  8. I prefer unscented and no flavour, most taste really synthetic! I don’t mind mildly scented like MAC lip products though.

  9. I absolutely LOVE flavoured lip products, on lip sticks it is not really necessary but it is a huge bonus if they smell nice, like MAC for example, for lip glosses and lip balms a flavour, or at least scent, is absolutely essential, unless it’s a Chanel gloss, then i can overlook the fact that it isn’t flavoured lol. And I’m actually still a big sucker for lip smackers 😀 My favourite flavours are fruity berry ones, sweet ones like bubble gum oder candy floss and vanilla. I really hate chocolate or coffee or something like that though.

  10. zainab

    I’m not a fan. The flavours tend to be weird and artificial tasting anyway, and if you do taste it you end up with a mouthful of waxy lip balm/gloss/stick. Mildly fragranced is okay, but nothing more.

  11. I hate flavored lips products sometimes!!

  12. artemis

    It’s better than a gross flavor….but I wish it had no flavor because it’s the best for the lips

  13. Dreamer19

    Love it! But only if it tastes nice, like some yummy food. But i have a Body Shop sheer lipstick that tastes almost bitter. Love the color on me but hate the taste!

  14. I don’t mind flavoured products at all, providing, of course, that the flavour is a nice one.

  15. Marina

    I love flavored lip products.

  16. A Name

    No flavour for lipstick or gloss, but I don’t mind the concept of flavoured lipbalm, perhaps as more of a novelty item than something for actual use.

  17. stef

    if a lip gloss is pretty and tastes good it pretty much makes it a holy grail for me
    if a lip gloss shade name is something like “Strawberry” or “Watermelon” i’m disappointed if it doesn’t taste like it!

  18. I like flavour in some lip products. I definitely don’t mind peppermint, because it can help with freshening your breath a bit. But only subtle flavour, nothing to overpowering and annoying.

  19. xamyx

    Even products with no added “flavor” still have *some* taste to them, so I don’t really have an issue with it. As for any product making my food “taste” bad, a simple solution is to remove it *before* eating, which I do anyway, as I don’t want it to wear unevenly, or travel, and I find it extremely rude & obnoxious to leave lipstick stains on cloth napkins. Restaurants have to pay to replace those that are stained, which is an added expense, and every so often one slips by and is given to a patron, which is just gross.

    I’m not extremely sensitive to taste & scent in my lip products to the point I have adverse reactions, but I often detect the taste of the oils & waxes used, which isn’t pleasant, either.

  20. I hate flavored lip products. I don’t mind if they are scented (like the Maybelline lipsticks), but once I put them on my lips I don’t want to taste anything.

  21. The only flavored lip products that I care for is flavored lip balm or the Liplicious lip gloss from Bath and Body Works…other than that no flavors please. And you only wear those without lipstick.

  22. doroffee

    Overall, I prefer unscented, because loads of scents and flavours bother me to craze. But I do like not too artificial fruity flavours. But anything warmer and sweeter (like vanilla or coconut), plasticky aand artificial, I hate. And although I like perfumey smelling products, I hate it when I can actually taste perfuminess.

  23. I would prefer not to taste the lip product. I like minty lip product because of the way they make your lips feel tingly.

  24. flavoured lip products = a big no!

  25. Xero

    I like flavored lip products! Especially when it’s something yummy like strawberry or chocolate. It’s a little weird on lipsticks, I’ve never had any that are like that, but on balms and lipglosses it’s great. I really hate it when lipsticks taste plasticky or bitter, though. I could tolerate it if it was just me, but my boyfriend doesn’t need to be subjected to that, LOL.

  26. I like fruity scents but preferably no taste.

  27. Jan

    Flavored? Haven’t had any since I was 19. I’m sure the formula for whatever flavoring they use has changed by now. They tasted pretty badly back in the day.

  28. Katie

    I like them sometimes. For example, I love the smell/taste of YSL’s lipstick and lipglosses. Some are just too potent though. I also don’t like something flavored if I’m about to eat a meal. I have a raspberry flavored lip gloss and I absolutely cannot wear it if I’m about to eat or drink because it alters the taste of my food. Kind of gross.

  29. I generally don’t like it. The taste of lip smackers made me very nauseated as a child (still does). I do like the taste of fresh sugar lip balm, but I think I’d still rather have it not taste like anything.

  30. Cassie

    Bad flavors are big deal breakers. No matter how beautiful the color I just can’t wear them if they taste bad. That’s why I won’t buy anymore NYX round lipsticks or maybelline lip sticks, they taste super bitter to me.

  31. Manuela

    I actually really loved and really miss Maybelline’s “Kissing Potion” roll on lip gloss. That stuff smelled and tasted like bubble gum and it gave the most amazing wet shine to lips and wasn’t sticky. I really wish they would bring it back.