Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

How do you decide what makeup to wear each day? (Or week, month, whatever.)

Temptalia's AnswerFor me, it’s really based on what I’m testing at the moment! So – it has to be photographed and swatched already at the very least.

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31 thoughts on “How do you decide what makeup to wear each day?

  1. xamyx

    It’s usually pretty random. If I’m going somewhere a conservative look is required (which is *most* of the time), I’ll just grab a neutral palette (or duo/quad), and just do a simple 2-3 shade eye look, then finish with brows, mascara, & liner. I usually don’t think which palette it will be ahead of time, but grab the first one my hand touches. My foundation choices depend on my skins needs at the moment, but it’s already pretty much decided ahead of time, along with blush, if I decide to use it. Then I just grab either a neutral gloss or tinted lip balm. For times that allow more freedom & creativity, I usually think about it for a couple of days, as these looks are typically for an event/function, and I plan my makeup as well as my clothing & accessories. For these looks, I will have also played around with a few looks *prior* to the event, and I carve extra time out when I’m getting ready, just in case I feel inspired to switch it up a little. I really have only two “styles” of makeup, each being at opposite ends of the spectrum, and neither has changed all that much over the years. They both work really well for me, so why change it?

  2. army_wife_in_alaska

    I make sure I use all my mac eyeshadows at least once within the week so they all get used. I always pick one from the neutral palette and then pick a nice partner from the color palette but without repeating anything!  It kind of forces me to get creative with colors and I like new combinations everyday. 

  3. hwendy

    I buy new makeups almost every week and those are what I am wearing for the week normally.
    and of course depends on my mood and the clothes I am wearing for the day as well.  

  4. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    I don’t wear makeup everyday coz there are.days I’m at home studyinit’ll g, but if I do then itl match my dress in some way or atleast complement it and for what I dress I take into consideration where I’m going.

  5. It need not to be such a sophisticated decision. Whatever floats my boat at the morning.

  6. simone lymbery

    how do i decide what make up to wear is a very simple procedure. i cant abide with cakey make up so i use the stuff i know won’t make me want to scratch my make up off…

  7. Jaxotea

    Horribly to admit but during the week it’s generally what I have in my handbag.I have great set of travel brushes and a few customised pallets that I switch around. 

  8. Well assuming there is something new that I still have to test (and it has already been photographed and swatched), then it’ll probably be that. If not, basically whatever I can think of! I usually start from my eyes and pair everything else accordingly. Sometimes I try to decide what I’ll wear and see what makeup would go with it too.

  9. For me, it depends on my outfit. I color coordinate a lot!

  10. Usually I just sit at my makeup desk, open my drawer, and gravitate to what I feel like wearing!

  11. Kathy S

    It depends

  12. lanew22

    Well I don’t choose some things, like eye primer, painterly paint pot, my lower lash mascara. Foundation depends on how good my skin looks that day, and primer depends on the foundation. Eyeshadow depends on whether I want natural or dramatic, and also how loud my outfit is. Blush depends on the eye makeup-loud or natural to do the opposite on my cheeks. Lips depend on how loud my eye and cheek makeup look together. I also try to use different products so I’m not using the same thing every day. 

  13. Kathy S

    It depends on whether I’m trying to master or adapt a certain look or not. I’ve been wearing a lot of no-makeup looks this summer because that’s kind of a fun challenge – how much before it’s obvious? When I can’t take the natural look, I go for either a time-specific look (1960’s), a lip or cheek-dominant look or any variant of a smokey eye. My shadows for this stay the same: MAC and Ben Nye. They provide an exhaustive variety of options for whatever I have in mind.

  14. Gina

    I generally pick one specific product–like an eyeshadow, lipstick or blush–and try to build a look around that. Like yesterday, I wanted to wear my Guerlain Rouge G n Gigolo, so I picked a few neutral shadows and a light pink blush to go with it.

  15. Daniellenm30

    It’s not easy! Usually I’ll think about what color I’m in the mood for and go from there. Then I decide if I want my eyes, lips, or cheeks to be the focal point. Sometimes I’ll think of products I haven’t used in a while or I’ll stare at my makeup for an bit to decide. And I pretty much always pick out my makeup before my clothes, unless I have a new outfit.

  16. nacacijin

    For foundation/powder/concealer, it depends on how my skin is feeling and looking day-to-day. And, of course, on the weather and season. The rest of my look comes mostly from my mood, but I do tailor it to fit with wherever I’m going that day (work, an event, shopping, etc)

  17. Liz9969

    It’s mostly based on what I’m wearing.  Sometimes, I’ll be in the mood to wear a certain product (usually a blush) and I’ll pick my outfit based on the product.  

  18. I haven’t a clue until I’m sitting in front of my makeup mirror, but for the most part it is determined by how much time I have to do my makeup.  When I do not have a clock ticking in my head would be my most favourite as I usually feel inspired to try something different even if I am going nowhere and do not expect to be seen.  When I am pressed for time, I gravitate to basics.  My partner, Harald, knows he is supposed to comment on my makeup creation if I have spent some time working at it.  LoL  
    Occassionally, if will tailor my look to what I am wearing if I am going somewhere special and want to look really pulled together.

  19. Muffy Muffin

    Unless I’ve just purchased something, I number my eye shadow drawers and use to choose a colour. Then I just select one at random by blindly reaching for a shadow. I do this three times and come up with a new colour combination. I then choose the rest of my make up to suit.

  20. TMBJessxox

    Well, I will choose a specific makeup item eg. Mac cross wires lipstick or aquadisiac eye shadow just anything really , then build an entire look from that. I think of matching, co ordinating and complimenting colors to go with that one product.

  21. eltscott

    I don’t have anywhere in my room to set up my makeup, so I have to keep it stored in containers underneath my bed. Because it would be too much of a hassle to pull those containers out each day to do my makeup, I keep what I’m using for the week in a small caboodle. Every 1-2 weeks, I pull out my makeup and switch out eyeshaodws, blushes, lip products, etc. This systems works good for me because I keeps me using all my products, but also makes the choice of what I’m going to wear easier because on a daily basis, I only have a small selection to choose from. 

  22. So many determining factors… If I have something new that I want to try out, I’ll gravitate towards that, but it depends on whether I’m going to work or somewhere else, whether I’m going to be outside much, how late I’m running… It also depends what kind of clothes I’m wearing, since I usually (but not always) pick my clothes before my makeup. 

  23. It usually depends on what I’m wearing, my mood, and what make-up I’ve bought recently. Foundation and blush all stay the same, lipgloss is just whatever scent/flavor I’m in the mood for. It also depends a bit on my hair color. (Weird, I know, but I like to match my make-up to my hair. It’s bright neon hot pink bangs, black, and blonde tips at the moment, so lots of neutral brown shadows with UD Woodstock eyeshadow/eyeliner for a little pop of colour. (:

  24. Turq101

    It’s random for me, it depends on what im going to be doing, where im going, and how im feeling. 

  25. Turq101

    It’s random for me, it depends on what im going to be doing, where im going, and how im feeling.  Donna D

  26. TheAmanda10

    Sometimes it depends on what I am wearing. Sometimes it’s spontaneous. I’ll just look at my collection and say, gee I feel like this color today.

  27. Like others have said, it primarily depends on what I’m wearing that day and where I’m going. I usually do a fairly simple, fairly neural eye (with variations in color, into bronzes or pinks or greys), with liner, mascara, and eyebrows. My blush and foundation stay the same. Lips definitely depend on the outfit/situation: I have some bright lipsticks that I’d love to wear, but they’re not always appropriate depending on what I’m doing! 

  28. Nicola

    Most people have

  29. Nicola

    I find it funny that most people are saying they pick their makeup look based on what they’re wearing that day, because I’m the complete opposite!I tend to pick outfits based on what my makeup looks like. I usually wake up and take a look at my collection and decide if I’m feeling a neutral look or a bright look and go from there. If I’ve recently purchased something new, I’ll tend to try and incorporate that as well.

  30. viceinvirtue

    First of all it depends on how much time I have! Because as a university student, I probably don’t have that much time when I need to get up for classes – which is why I’m happy for the time I have to experiment during the summer time. Since I work retail, it’s always about selling the brand’s clothes so it has to be based on the clothes I’m wearing for the days where I work. And on the days where I don’t work, it depends on what I’m doing or where I’m going that day! It’s a complex process I know! 😛

  31. diamond_8806

    My eye make up depends on what I’m wearing for the day.  Most days, I chose the color that is least dominant in my outfit and use it as the main color in my eye look.  Then, I usually take a neutral color, such as brown, in my crease and outer V and lightly apply a soft, golden highlight.