Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

This is almost like a two-for-one kind of look, because I took photos of two [drastically] different lip combinations — the first is a deeper plummy red and the second more of a bronzy nude. I wanted to try out some of the products I’ve reviewed lately, so that’s where I tried to draw inspiration from.

If there’s a review or a product photo of one of the products I used, just click the product name and link. Let me know if you like me linking to the products this way or not — if it’s not helpful, please let me know!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying MAC Soft Ochre paint pot as your eyeshadow base all over the lid with the 249. Using the 239, apply Dolce & Gabbana Gold Eyeshadow Duo (gold) on the inner third of the eyelid. Next, apply Dolce & Gabbana Gold Eyeshadow Duo (copper) on the middle third of the eyelid and lightly blend with the inner corner. Darken the outer third of the lid with MAC Cranberry eyeshadow with the 239, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Next, define the crease by applying MAC Fig. 1 eyeshadow with the 226. Lightly tap and brush Dolce & Gabbana Gold Eyeshadow Duo (gold) directly above the crease to soften. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep MAC Rose Blanc eyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Urban Decay Zero Liner on the lower waterline and L’Oreal HIP Gold Chrome Eyeliner on the lower lash line, and then sweeping lashes with Chanel Exceptionnel mascara.

For cheeks, apply Benefit Sugarbomb to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 129.

For lips, apply Dolce & Gabbana Ruby Lipstick first, and then layer Lancome Mercury Rising Lipgloss for a bolder lip look. For a softer lip color, try Dolce & Gabbana Gold Lipstick as a base and then top with Givenchy Tender Pearl Lipgloss.

Check out more photos!

Dolce & Gabbana Gold Eyeshadow Duo (Gold/Copper); MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, MAC Fig. 1 eyeshadow, MAC Rose Blanc eyeshadow

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115 thoughts on “Holiday Makeup: Gold & Cranberry + Bold Lips (or Bronze Lips!)

  1. AbbyL

    amazing eyes! i absolutely love it!!!

  2. Roxanne

    Very pretty look. I think I need Cranberry in my life. The second lip combo is my favorite :)
    I also like the picture of the swatches and the linking you added! Personally I would rather have you just link to the gallery than to reviews, but that’s just my preference :)

    • Thanks, Roxanne! Cranberry is gorgeous – love it so! :)

      If it’s in the gallery, I think I link to it, but a lot of newer products and non-MAC ones aren’t in the gallery yet!

  3. Anitacska

    Oh this is so pretty! Although I don’t have any of these eyeshadows, I reckon I can recreate it with some others I own. I will try it asap! :) Love the bold lips too. Thank you!

    • Oh, I bet you could! :) I’ve been trying to use permanent products and not so many really old, ancient LEs… unless there’s a good dupe. It’s tough, LOL.

  4. Like the red lips so much.

    And the blend of the eye colors is gorgeous! Love the gold eyeliner on your lower lashline. The transition from eggplant to cranberry and then the gold was very well-blended!!

    Great look!

  5. jess

    Oh, I LOVE this color combo, especially with your coloring.

  6. Rae

    Gorgeous look! The colour combination is really unexpected, but works perfectly.

    I love that you’ve linked to the products, and that there are swatches! It makes things a lot easier on my end — I’ve grown accustomed to immediately searching for swatches after seeing your FOTDs 😛

  7. yvette

    oooh the sugarbomb looks great! thanks for doing that!

  8. daphne

    Ahhh! This is an unbelievably pretty look! Such a great color combination. I’m impressed and was inspired to do something similarish today (but softer – Ricepaper instead of a bold gold – and w/o the purple). I do like this best with the bold lips. Today I went for something in-between, Gems lipstick with Enchantress lipglass, a combo that’s making me swoon.

  9. Megan

    Great looks Christine. I like that you have links to reviewed products…good idea.

  10. amy

    The Givenchy Tender Pearl l/g and DG Gold lipstick are gorgeous.

  11. This is a pretty look…. I liked the last pic. The lip color in last pic is lovely.

  12. Kenya

    The one with the bronze lips is so much better! I luv that look!

  13. babicsek

    this is a great look,thanks Christine,now i need to get cranberry:D

  14. Those golds match your eye colour really well :)

  15. Katya

    love the last pic! loks amazing and natural, soft! good job!

  16. claudia

    This is hot !! I think my fave look of yours !!

  17. Emm

    I love both looks! It depends on what you are going for, the bronzyish lip looks more neutral while the plummy red makes more of a statement.

  18. Sabina VM

    Absolutely gorgeous! The eyes are so va-va-voom! Love it! Thanks for all the tips too!

    SabinaVM on Twitter

  19. rashmi

    hey christine
    this is by far my fav hahhaha like very wearable for me u know pinks and golds
    m glad i bought cranberry after ur recomm.
    pls suggest any mac lipstick for this look
    keep up the great looks

  20. Basak

    This is sooo pretty, my fav. color combination of all time, although I wouldn’t have taken up the highlighter so high on the sides of my nose. I like the bronze nude lip!

  21. Ashley

    That’s absolutely gorgeous!
    And even better, I have dupes for every single one of these shadows.
    I like it better with the lighter lips though, gives it a nice airy feel.

  22. OMG I was hoping you’d use Benefit Sugarbomb in a look! It is really, really gorgeous!! I looooove this look, Christine! Golds and Cranberry always look so amazing on you but the purple really adds a touch I wouldn’t have thought to use! So pretty! I do have to say I prefer the darker lip for impact but wow, the bronzey nude actually makes the look really pretty and daytime appropriate! You did such a fantastic job! 😀

    • I had to :)

      Thanks so much! It’s amazing how different lip colors can totally alter a look — I knew some would find the bold lips too much, clownish, etc., so I thought changing it up and putting some polar opposite lips would show how different it can be!

  23. Faiza

    Totally Loving the look!! I think the bronze lips suit you a lot more with this look. 😀

  24. imamakeupaddict

    Excellent use of color! Your blending is superb! I’m going to try to dupe this

  25. Pizzicata

    This is marvelous. Really well executed. The shades remind me of the Guerlain Tsarina palette. And I like the linking.

  26. Sarah M

    So pretty. x

  27. Catherine

    I think it looks a million times better with the gold lip. Very pretty combo of shadows!

  28. Eva

    This is my favourite holiday look so far!
    I really like that first pic, the close up is amazing.

  29. Crystal

    Wow, the picture quality is amazing!!! Plus, I love how you swatched all the eyeshadow colors in the beginning! Please do more FOTDs!!

  30. Andrea


  31. love it love it love it!…the combination of colors on the eyes are superb! :DDD

  32. Shweta

    Absolutely gorgeous Christine!! I’m gonna try this with the bronze lips.
    I don’t have cranberry, any other color in MAC that would look similar?
    Happy Holidays!!

  33. Brenda

    I LOVE the links to the products and the SWATCHES!!! I’m forever trying to match what i have to what you’ve used and this helps SO MUCH!!!! I also prefer the Bronze lips:)

  34. KC

    I did a similar look today, only to come online and see this! 😀 I used Amber Lights in the inner corner and Cranberry on the outer lid. (Cranberry is a seriously underated colour for brown, hazel and green eyes) On the lips I used 80% lipliner(love it) and flashmode lustreglass.

  35. idakz

    the cheeks was solely Benefit Sugarbomb Powder (peachy-pink)? it looks like a cream blush and i love how it looks on you.

  36. Amanda

    love it! the color combination is beautiful. the picture quality is so clear, which makes the colors of your eyes really pop. what camera do you use?

  37. ooOOOooo! I love how you applied the eye shadows!

  38. This is beautiful… like a sunset. I like the darker lips better personally. I really must get my hands on Fig. 1 since I love it and have wanted that color forever… And I also love that you can get away with not wearing liner on the top and it looks good. It looks rather odd on me I find.

  39. Rosie

    I love the bolder lips on you :). Nice colors.

  40. gorgeous gorgeous look! love the gold chrome liner!!

  41. This make up gives you cat’s eyes! You’re such a beautiful lady. :) Beside, as I can give my point of view, I prefer Bronze lips. It’s less “I wear make up” but more sensual and more luminous.

    It’s ridiculous, I really love the kind of look MAC Fig. 1 can allow but for some reason, I never feel like buying such colors because I’m afraid to look like I have bruises. Yet I’m a long time black smokey girl so I’m not afraid of bold looks. Silly me, I don’t think it would look bad with my green eyes.

    (your hair is starting to get long now, cool!)

    • Thanks so much! :)

      Yes, definitely – the lip color is all in what kind of look you’re going for! The neutral/lighter lips tone the look down quite a bit.

  42. Bettina

    ooooh ..I likey

  43. i absolutely love the bold lip!!! plays off the cranberry well. plus the bronze lip would be really neutral for someone with skin as deep as mine… i love this look!

  44. Kristel

    ooo I love the colour combo. What mac eyeshadow would be a dupe for the gold? I only have amber lights but I can certainly pick up goldmine or gorgeous gold if those are better? I think this is gonna be my christmas look yay

  45. Emily

    This is gorgeous Christine!

  46. Annie

    Ooh this makes me need Cranberry & Fig. 1!

  47. Fari

    this is so pretty! you look gorgeous! I tried it- but changed it up a bit by adding more eyeliner and smoking it out in the outer v because that’s what just worked with my eye shape. i was so glad i found this! this is one of my favorite looks you’ve done.

  48. Elle

    Ahh, a look!! So exciting. :) You look gorgeous in this one. I would have never thought to throw all those colors together for the eyes. So pretty and unique.

  49. Frieda

    The eyes are gorgeous! I like how you did the swatches too. Both lips look great although I think I prefer the second lips.

    Your shots are always amazing :)

  50. This is such a gorgeous look. I love gold for the holidays and will definitely be trying this look out. ;D That both lip shades look lovely with your complexion, by the way. I’m so envious!

  51. Helena

    I love it with the bronze-y, nude lips!

  52. Aina

    OMG this is so so pretty! i’m inspired to try out bright colors than just the save smokey colors :)

  53. Michele

    Love the look!

  54. diann_co

    BEAUTIFUL eye look!
    BTW I have Ruby l/s and it is MUCH darker on me….I do like the gold under it, too!

  55. Bettina

    Christine this look is amazing. I have worn it to work several times and it’s the look that I get the most compliments on from the customers I talk too all day. I am often told it looks like a sunset, so yeah I just wanted to tell you that and say thanks for this one. :)

  56. Niceasdoxie

    Dear Christine, your blog became in 2011 even more beautiful and convenient! Last year i dreamed about the straight links to products you use in your looks – and here we are! :) i am from Russia and we have this stuff here as well and i adore it (but cry sometimes when i see your prices, ours are much higher and nobody knows why).