Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Matte Black Eyeshadow…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Emily for today’s topic!

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33 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Matte Black Eyeshadow

  1. Monica

    The one by NYX! It’s flaky, dull and patchy. I know MAC’s Carbon isn’t all that either but at least it has staying power.

  2. Emma

    Mac carbon is the worst! Maybe it’s just mine because everyone loves it but mine absolutely sucks! No pigmentation!

    • Emily

      No, MAC Carbon is just like that. I sent a complaint to MAC and they told me to send it back to them so they could check on it (I thought I got a defective pan, too) with the mailing receipt and they’d reimburse me. But I didn’t do it because that was a waste of my time and I couldn’t be bothered to do all that when I realised that EVERY pan was like that pfft. I got UD’s 15th Anniversary set with Blackout and now THAT is a good black.

  3. MAC Carbon. Terrible, terrible staying power.

  4. Stila Ebony! Well, the one in the Naturaleyes or In the Moment palette (I don’t know what the official name is) is like this really weirdly oily non-pigmented mess.

    theBalm’s Guilty Gwen is a matte black with sparkles, but it’s just an offensively formulated eyeshadow.

    Hah, now I’m just being a goober. But yeah, these are the worst matte black eyeshadows I’ve come across! I would love to try Sugarpill’s Bulletproof though…and they’re having a sale!! :DD

  5. Kelly

    NYX Black eyeshadow is the worst, in my opinion. I used it as an eyeliner and less than an hour later, it had fallen all over my face. To make things worse, every time I tried to wipe away the flecks, the black pigment smeared and streaked all over my face. It was an awful mess.

  6. Ada

    The matte flake from the sleek original palette is the worst. Its so powdery so its difficult to pick up without getting too much product on your brush or sponge.I always have so much fallout when I try to use it.

  7. Tommy

    For me it’s Mac Carbon.. I know it’s famous for being fab.. But I got it and it was just crap… I heard there was a change in formula though so yeah.. Urban Decay Zero Deluxe Eyeshadow isn’t that great either..
    Urban Decay Blackout, Mac Typographic and A super black Inglot shadow are my faves!! Xoxo

  8. mac carbon. :-/ sad but true. even WnW matte black is better.

  9. Kenleigh

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of the hit list questions, christine! Have you ever thought about putting your answer as well? I know that’s what ask temptalia is for, but it’d be cool to know your thoughts on the hit list too!

    Mine is Mac carbon! Terrible.

  10. It’s not the WORST I’ve ever tried but I tend to NOT reach for Carbon that much either… It’s too faint/not black enough and I always just make a mess when I’m trying to build it up LOL

  11. Mariella

    MAC Carbon – it’s patchy and uneven and difficult to blend.

  12. Veronica

    I have a small Rimmel smoky eye palette sitting around somewhere that I’ve used once…and never again because the colors were so bad, especially the black colors. Oh well. :)

    • Rebecca

      I also have a rimmel palette with a HORRIBLE black, its a trio with a purple an silver but the black has a bit of sparkle. Ive never used a palette worse than that one!

  13. Didi

    The one from NYX is terrible! It gives me nothing but fallouts and it doesn’t even look like a pure, dark black. I used it only once and it irritated my eyes so much because I got fallouts on my contact lenses.

  14. Monica

    mmmm…. I use Mac’s carbon as eyeliner and IMO works just fine!

  15. Gina

    REVLON Black Galaxy!!

  16. Amanda

    MAC Carbon. I am a big MAC girl, but Carbon is just not all it’s cut out to be. Very repetitive by now, but it’s terrible. Typographic is better if you want a MAC product. UD Blackout is the best matte black I’ve ever used.

  17. Makaegan

    I tend to not use black eyeshadow very often, probably because of the horrible (horrible!) experience I’ve had with NYX matte black. There was absolutely no way to get around the fallout! Even if I’d clean up my application and apply foundation after I finished the rest of my makeup I’d end up with little black flecks EVERYWHERE five minutes later. Worst eyeshadow ever.

  18. Babs Brooklyn

    MAC CARBON! The worst ever. It is impossible to blend, lacks even pigmentation and is not black enough for me.

    That being said, I do use it as a liner…. mixed with Fix+ it lines like a dream, although does not last the day without fading or smudging.

  19. Laurence

    Definitely Mac Carbon !!

  20. Carmen

    Like a few others mentioned I have to agree with Mac Carbon. So disappointed in this eyeshadow it lacks pigmentation and it goes on very patchy and feels dry on the lids. Still have it though when I want just a subtle smokey eye.

  21. I thought my best friend and I were the only ones who thought MAC Carbon was just terrible. I honestly grabbed it due to such “great” reviews from several MUA-gurus. It wasn’t even black! It’s more of an off black, grayish kind of black. Was totally misled!

  22. Cathryn

    I’ll have to add that I also dislike MAC Carbon, for the price. I’ll use it for brows when I want something bold, or when I’m setting and eyeliner, but that’s about it. I’m sure there are worse out there to be found at a drugstore, but for the price, Carbon is patchy, doesn’t blend well, and you really need to pile it on to get a nice, opaque black. Sugarpill’s Bulletproof is wayyyyy better.

  23. Adelita

    First of all, I have to remind you, I’m an Urban Decay’s believer/avid fans/worshiper. BUT, oh man how I hate Perversion from their BOS III! Mine is so hard, I couldn’t take the pigment onto my brush!
    Sleek did waaaaaaayyyyy a better job, their matte black eyeshadow are incredibly soft (w/o any fall out) and packed with intense pigment!!!

  24. Val

    weird I never owned a black eye shadow! I just think black looks harsh on me:p I will wear colors like darker plum or blackbrown but just not black other than mascara!although I think it looks great on other people

  25. Wow after reading all these comments I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not crazy or incapable of doing my makeup haha. I have MAC carbon as well and it sucks! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.. def not pigmented at all!

  26. Ilectra

    The Matte black in the Tarte True Blood Palette is really bad, all the colors in that one with few exceptions are stinkers.. but the black is just really bad.. chalky and useless..

  27. Jillian

    MAC Carbon! When I got it, I was so excited because everyone was raving about it but it was TERRIBLE! It doesn’t even show up!

  28. eun

    For me it is the make up for ever one. I forgot what it’s called but it is in the smoky palette they came out with last year. Bad color payoff, patchy-it’s just not worth the money.