Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Tinted Moisturizer…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

Thanks to Meme for today’s topic!

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72 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Tinted Moisturizer

  1. I use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay tinted moisturizer during the week and I love it. It’s got just enough coverage without feeling caked on, blends into my skin perfectly, doesn’t make my face feel dry or greasy and lasts the whole day.

    • Meg

      agree!! this stuff is amazing I am so happy I found it. it even lasts through an entire 8 hour serving shift and my face definitely gets sweaty!! So impressed and a really beautiful barely there finish :) I’m in love

  2. Rhonda Hylton

    I rather like Urban Decay’s tinted moisturizer (Urban Defense SPF 20). Surprisingly good coverage that’s on par, if not a bit better than, Stila’s. It soaks in and leaves your skin soft without being greasy (it’s an oddly matte look). It works great alone, but the finish would also work great as a primer for regular foundation.

  3. I love the finish of MAC Studio Moisture tint, but it always seems to seep into my eyes and sting like HELL (worst stinging from a make-up product I have ever experienced) so I prefer Laura Mercier oil-free. Even though it’s super expensive.

  4. malia

    Laura Mercier without a doubt. I’ve tried several but this is the one I use for even, lightweight, beautiful, long lasting coverage.

  5. Paige

    Chanel Hydramax + Active Teinté. It gives me an even coverage with a luxe and comfortable feel to it. It didn’t make me breakout either. I’ve tried Tarte’s before, but I found it to make my face look ashy a few hours after applied.

  6. Leigh

    I was using Laura Mercier and loving it but wanted to find something cheaper. I’ve been using BalmShelter for a while now and love it! And it’s half the price of Laura Mercier’s TM. WIN!

  7. Cathy Blanton

    I love Chanel HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE TEINTÉ ACTIVE MOISTURE TINTED LOTION in the color of SUNLIT. I use it every day…

  8. rachel

    Bobbi Brown SPF 15, the new formula, it’s amazing and I’ve sworn off foundation since finding this. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all and blends in like a dream, non greasy and oil free. It’s amazing!

  9. Tiffany

    I really like theBalm’s Balm Shelter.

  10. Sugarenia

    Laura Mercier, hands down. Excellent coverage for a tinted moisturizer, smells lovely, SPF, special version for oily skin, what else to wish for?

  11. Monique

    Laura Mercier oil-free hands down. I love this stuff. I use it all year. It’s a little pricey, But the one tube lasts for months and months.

  12. Suselew

    I cannot use a greasy TM in the summer (when I am most likely to wear them). Laura Mercier and HourGlass are just to oily for my combo skin. My favorite so far is Stila. There are others I would like as well if not better if they weren’t so yellow (ie Tarte).

    • Hunter

      Try a different color in Tarte! If anything, Stila tinted moisturizer runs really yellow. You’d like the neutral understones of some of the Tarte shades!

  13. Naomi

    Laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer. It’s the only thing that makes my skin look flawless and like I have no makeup on! I’m also biracial and most brown makeup looks so fake but this is amazing and worth the price. Lasts forever

  14. Joy

    Laura Mercier is my favorite!

  15. Anneliis

    Laura Merccier OIL-FREE tinted moisturizer. For some reason the oil-free formula gives more coverage than the regular formula

  16. I LOVE mac’s studio moisture tint! it has pretty decent coverage, looks very natural yet not shiny and a tube lasts me for almost a year, though I use this everyday.
    I have very dry skin so I use a moisturizing serum underneath.

  17. Yumi

    Laura Mercier’s oil free, but MAC’s comes in close second for me as well.

  18. snm

    I really love mac’s.And the worst for me is Laura Mercier,I hated it and gave it away after a week of using.

    • jillian

      LM’s was awful for me, too- I tried every kind of foundation and the TM about a year ago and they were the fakest looking make-up bases I’ve ever used. I thought the textures were bad, too, which was part of it- I’m always the lightest shade in every brand, but the LM foundations made me look lke I had a yellow or pink tint and they felt like paint on my face – I was really surprised.

  19. Anne

    Recently, I’ve been loving Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer. It is moisturizing without being greasy and gives me the perfect level of coverage.

  20. Laura

    I’ve been using Kiehls for a while. Its pretty good coverage but I wish it had more shades then just ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’. I really like Laura Mercier too. Hard to get where I live though which is why I switched to Kiehls.

  21. Celeste Cirinna

    Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer. It’s not that sheer, because I have rosacea and I think it covers the redness pretty well. I love the SPF and use this in the summer. I can use it in winter if I use a very emollient moisturizer underneath.

  22. nana k

    Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizing balm has to be my favorite.
    I probably can’t use it during summer and it has no coverage,
    but it really moisturizes and nourishes my skin during winter.

  23. Raania

    I love shiseido tm And worst tm is Laura mercier..

  24. Victoria

    You might not believe me, but I think that Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is on par with Laura Mercier, and it’s only $8.50.

  25. Aine

    I have yet to find one pale enough for my Irish skin. Any suggestions?

    • Lacy H.

      Laura Mercier in Porcelain is very pale. I had to mix it with Nude so I could get a good match. Sephora has it and will give you a sample to try it out.

    • Victoria

      I too am of the irish persuasion, and I use Aveeno Positively radiant.

  26. Eugenia

    Laura Mercier is wonderful. It looks natural on my skin, doesn’t break me out (the foundation I use occasionally makes me want to tear my skin off, but it’s such a good foundation that I still keep using it… I just wish I knew which ingredient was doing it). Laura Mercier ftw! 😀

  27. Erica:)

    Cargo SPF 20 tinted moist. is pretty good, they just need a few more shades!

  28. Lacy H.

    I started using Laura Mercier Oil Free this summer and loved it!

  29. Glenda

    Laura Mercier is awesome!!

  30. Laura Mercier is AMAZING! But I’ve really been enjoying MAC moisture tint as a lower cost alternative.

  31. Linda

    I use Stila’s illuminating tinted moisterizer in shade #1. It gives my skin such a lit from within glow. I love it. Use it with and without foundation. It’s one of my go to’s and I get compliments on my complexion all the time. It’s my little secret.

  32. Adriana

    I absolutely love Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics’ Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint. It is noncomedogenic, so it doesn’t make me break out. It has just the right amount of pigment in it, so it evens out your skintone without feeling heavy, and it has a nice dewey finish.

    I’m an esthetician and I recommend it to all of my clients. The entire YB line was formulated by a paramedical aesthetician because she wanted something that would not irritate skin that had just undergone invasive procedures such as deep chemical peels, dermaplaning, etc.

  33. the best tinted-moisturizer is the Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer. I have it in Sand, it matches perfectly and gives exactly the right amound of coverage I need.

  34. Saffy

    Tarte Smooth Operator is by far my favourite, it has great coverage for a TM and isn’t greasy.

    • Melissa

      I had Smooth Operator (before I returned it to Sephora for Laura Mercier oil-free) and I initially loved it, even though it was a bit sparkly, but then I noticed it broke me out anytime I wore it. So unfortunate. I wanted to love it!

  35. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation mixed with my sunscreen or favorite nighttime moisturizer! You get so much more bang and benefit for you buck! The only reason I would even use a TM is if I were too lazy to mix my own… But really it takes like 30 seconds longer! Haha!

  36. jenni

    this may come as a shock, but i really like the neutrogena tinted moisturizers. i feel like they last pretty well on me and i think it helps improve my skin! my skin looks better at the end of the day when i wash it off.

  37. Nancy Young Gevecker

    I love Kiehl’s TM and Laura Mercier too.

  38. Ripley

    My favorite tinted moisturizer is Aveeno Positively Radiant with 30spf. I am fair-skinned so even the “fair to light” is a little dark on me. So I mix it 1/2 & 1/2 with Neutrogena oil-free moisture with 35spf. If I’m going to wear moisturizer, I want it to have a decent spf. The 2 work & blend very well together even though they are not the same brand.

  39. Swimsalot

    Clinique. The discontinued one,alas.

  40. amanda

    i find mac studio moisture tint to be the best by far for regular tinted moisturizer, but love laura mercier’s illuminating version.

  41. Amber

    Laura Mericer TM

  42. Emily

    MAC Studio Moisture Tint. It’s sheer but evens out my face (safe for work!) and has some SPF added. It also becomes almost budgeproof after you buff it in! For my long shifts at work, I appreciate the long-wearing effect that it has.

  43. Frances

    Clinique’s Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer is one that I ADORE, and feel like doesn’t get enough love! I also have the Laura Mercier one after hearing so much hype and while I do like it, I prefer Clinique’s texture as it is a lot smoother. Worth going and checking out!

  44. Tiffany

    Mary Kay’s Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect sheer colour, moisturizer, and SPF I need as a Mom on the go. It makes my routine in the morning so simple. I Love it so much my mom, 2 sisters, and 5 of my friends have all started using it because I couldn’t say enough good things about it.

  45. Hend

    Dior Hydra Life tinted moisturizer, Gives a beautiful result without being too greasy

  46. grace

    i use URBAN DECAY SPF20. . pretty good. i use it with Mac mineralise skinfinish natural.
    Laura Mercier sounds pretty good, might try it next.anyone who have tried both?

  47. Vivian

    It’s definitely the Bobbi Brown Oil Free TM for me right now – it really evens out my skin and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

  48. Natalie

    I love MAC Studio Moisture Tint. It perfectly matches my self-tanner, and then I can combine two steps into one (moisturizer + foundation). It also looks natural on the beach, which I love. Dr. Perricone’s is nice as well, but sometimes makes me itch.

  49. Rebe

    Laura Mercier (the regular one–not oil-free or radiance) for me, hands down.

  50. Ami

    Josie Maran.
    Thicker in texture than most due to the immense amount of good stuff.
    Surprisingly good coverage for a tinted moisturizer.
    Dewy finish without making my combo skin oily.
    Leaves my skin feeling better/looking better, even after i’ve taken it off.

  51. kayla

    tarte’s smooth operator is my personal favourite

  52. Morgan

    I make my own by mixing in a bit of foundation with a bit of moisturizer. I’ve never really found the need to spend excess money on a tinted moisturizer when I can take my favorite foundation and turn it into whatever I need. I also like that it gives me the ability to control how much coverage it gives me.

  53. Lasya

    I have oily/ combo skin, so I find that most tinted moisturisers dont last even a few hours on me. My solution is mixing my revlon colorstay with my eucerian daily protection spf 30 moisturizer. It gives me sheer coverage, lasting power and sun protection! :)

  54. Kelly

    Honestly I’ve have tried every brand out there cost me a fortune . Since I suffer from redness and dry skin it’s almost impossible to find one that does it for both. Until recently!! I was given a sample with my sephora points, so I gave it a try on a whim. Low and behold it is amazing and cheap!! It covers all redness and soothes dryness. It’s Sephoras own brand , I normally don’t like anything of their own brand but this stuff is awesome on me. Sephora tinted moisturizer in peach!!

  55. angel

    Mac’s TM is awesome! I tried LM before and it was horrible for me plus i have found that the colors are totally differ from the regular laura mercier compared to the oil free. The regular made my face look so oily and the oil free made me look orange or pink. :(

  56. I’ve been using Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Medium by The Balm and it’s been GREAT! This is my first tube of tinted moisturizer (before this I was using foundation – liquid AND powder and found them too heavy on my oily skin, so decided to switch to something more lightweight but also with a sheer coverage) and looks like I’m not looking back! It feels light and hydrating on my skin everytime I apply it, and it gives this dewy glow so pretty – people can’t stop complimenting me. Also it has SPF18 so I’m covered! 10/10!

  57. Michelle

    I’m going to be the odd one in the bunch and mention a BB cream. I love Skin 79 Gold bb cream when applied sheerly on my uber pale skin. In terms of color, I find Missha’s No. 13 shade to be the best fit in their “red tube”/basic line of BB cream.
    I’m very pale (NC15 is too dark) and have extremely sensitive skin. I like these Korean brands because they have a high PPD sunscreen and usually a physical block (Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide). Also, by getting them from a reputable seller on evilbay, they come in around $15 USD. It was gutsy to buy them in the first place, without trying the colors first.

  58. Steph

    I currently use By Terry Éclat de rose Sheet tinted moisturiser. It blends beautifully and is lightweight with decent coverage. Smells divine, too, a little on the pricey side but totally worth it,

    I’m quite fond of the Bobbi brown tm but it seems to give me little bumps. I don’t think the LM one gives a lot of coverage if at all but I like the texture,

  59. are

    I’ve tried Laura Mercier. I’ve tried Stila. I’ve tried Hourglass (the worst). All fail in comparison to… ELF. Seriously. The ELF comes in a huge range of colors, can be layered, contains SPF and antioxidants, and does an exquisite job of evening out your skin and adding glow. On the one hand, I’m glad i’ve tried the others since having done so convinced me that ELF was better, but on the other, I feel like a dupe for wasting my money. They’re not worth it.

  60. ann

    I use tinted moisturiser all the time as I’m a lover of the dewy look and have pretty good skin (thanks to genes!) and when I use foundation (when I break out from stress) I usually mix it with moisturiser as well. That said, Laura Mercier’s illuminating tm and ByTerry’s are both favorites ! Both give me the glow I crave, especially after long nights of studying and last all day!

  61. Nancy

    Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude is my all-time HG!!
    MAC studio moisturetint would come in second & the New NARS Pure Radiance TM would come in third!!
    Overall, nothing beats my Laura Mercier TM!! (original formula)

  62. diamond_8806

    After months of searching and trying out several samples, I’ve decided that making my own using my foundation and moisturizer is the only way to go.  Most tinted moisturizers have sunscreen which causes bad hives for my face! So, I mix MUFE HD and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin.  Works well for me!