Thursday, September 13th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Best Purple Eyeshadow?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

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74 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Purple Eyeshadow

  1. I don’t have a favourite purple eyeshadow yet (despite my many, many purples), but can I just say that this question absolutely makes my day? I can’t wait to read everyone’s favourites! 😀

  2. Urban Decay’s Psychedelic Sister is my favorite right now. Not too red, pink, or blue…. just a smooth pigmented purple.

  3. I love UD Rockstar! It’s so hard to find purple eyeshadows with decent quality, but I think in most cases UD does it right!

  4. Make Up Forever’s #92 HANDS DOWN! Purple eyeshadows tend to fade and be lightly pigmented. MUFE #92 is so vibrant and worth every penny

  5. My current favorite is a loose shadow from an indie company- Detrivore’s Dagon. Beautiful, shimmery purple for only $5 for a 5 gram jar.

  6. I have been loving the purple half of the L’Oreal HIP duo in Flamboyant for years. It’s warm toned, so it doesn’t look like a bruise on my cool toned skin. I also love UD’s fishnet.

  7. n8ivebeauT

    Hands down, Sugarpill’s 2AM!!!!!! Poison Plum is a dark purple, but 2AM it just jaw dropping beautiful. I always get complimented when I wear this color.

  8. Carrie

    I think Inglot has some absolutely fantastic purples in their line up. I’m also a fan of UD Asphyxia in the new formula.

  9. Sonia

    Urban Decay- Flash and shadow pencil in Deviant.

  10. LauraR.

    Urban Decay ACDC for sure. I just got it and the first day I used it my husband actually mentioned how sexy and pretty my eyes looked that day. He never comments on makeup and when I ask him if he can tell I did something “different” he kind of shrugs and says “It always looks nice.”

    The color is a nice mid-tone purple, so I can wear it as a wash over my lid without it being to light or dark. It has a nice soft sheen, and the color is great for pretty much any skin tone.

  11. Karen

    What about MAC’s Fig 1? It’s not grape purple, but it’s a beautiful velvety smooth shade. I love it because it’s looks neutral enough but is still clearly purple.

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    The only one I wear is Urban Decay Asphyxia. So pretty!

  13. UD Ecstasy! It’s discontinued but you can still nab it at most Sephoras and online on UD’s website!

  14. Purple seems to be my favourite eyeshadow colour and I reach for it often and have dozens in my collection, but right now my favourites are:

    UD Psychedelic Sister
    NARS duo in Jolie Poupee

  15. Kristabelle

    Definitely Sugarpill’s Poison Plum. So crazy pigmented! I love their 2am, too.

  16. Kafka

    NARS Melusine is one of my favorites, along with NARS Daphne. Melusine is deeper and darker than Daphne, and not as blue. It’s super easy to apply which can’t always be said for Daphne which, imo, requires a cream base. But Daphne is worth the little bit of extra work for me because it makes my brown eyes really pop like nothing else. NARS Eurydice is pretty cool too, though it’s not my favorite. It’s a magenta-y purple with blue-ish, almost duochrome sparkles to it that show up with a base (so long as you pat the eyeshadow on).

  17. Dana

    Right now my favorite is UD Flash

  18. Nicoco Chanel

    I can’t get over how pretty Chanel Illusiore is. So sparkly, so great for a monocolour smokey eye. Ughhh I adore it for dates.

    • Astrophysics

      I’m a huge fan off purples i received my Chanel Illusiore yesterday and i’m so in love >O< and i have to agree with you pure awesomeness in a jar \o/ hands down purple smokey eyes 8)

      • Nicoco Chanel

        It is fantastic! When I bought it I was just trying to find the blue LEs (which I didn’t realise were gone) to show my mum. Then I swatched it and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to run back and buy it before we left.

        No regrets! I keep meaning to use it with Epitant because I think it would look lovely.

    • Irina

      I’m wearing it today (too work so lightly :), it’s fun-tastic!

  19. wenjing

    Nars Melusine, Tom Ford Violet Dusk

  20. I really like Laura Mercier metallic creme eyeshadow in Alloy! It’s not purple PURPLE, its kind of more subtle and in my opinion a more modern way of wearing purple eyeshadow. I just love LM.

  21. Maureen

    I love Mélusine duo from Nars, but the “silver lilac” colour is the dazzler. I love the purple side too, but I’m still in the market for a better purple and look forward to seeing everyone’s responses!

  22. redshift87

    There’s no way I can pick just one!

    Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Delicate Hummingbird is a beautiful grayish purple in it’s own right, and an awesome “gateway purple” for people afraid of purple eyeshadow.

    Another vote for UD’s Psychedelic Sister!

    And, it’s not actually in my stash yet, but Chanel’s Amethyst looks amazing. I can’t wait until mine arrives and I can see it in person.

    • Leila

      If you think Amethyst looks amazing, try Dior 1 Couleur in 156 Purple Show. It’s almost identical to the Chanel, except that the Chanel has a slightly more blackened base. Also, between the two, I personally found the Chanel slightly drier and more difficult to yeild pigment, relative to the Dior.

      I tried choosing between the two for months and months, swatching both together over and over at different counters and the texture was my final deciding factor. I have to say though, I do prefer Dior over Chanel for eyeshadow, but vice versa when it comes to the lip products.

      I have eyeshadows I love from both brands though, but if you can, also check out the Dior.

      Just like Chanel is one of the best at red lips, for purple’s, Dior is the way to go! It’s one of the makeup lines signature colours (I think Tyen, the creative director for the beauty line, quite favours this colour, which is why we see it a lot).

      I’m going to check out the others you mentioned. I adore purples and never understood why it is considered such a difficult colour!

      • redshift87

        Thanks for the recommendation, Leila!! I just looked up some reviews and pictures… I think my purple collection is about to grow again <3

  23. Tani

    Urban Decay’s Psychedelic Sister! It’s my favorite shade at the moment and I will cry when I run out of it

  24. Mariella

    My all time favourite is the “exclusive” shade from Too Faced’s Enchanted Glamourland (2-ish years ago). How I wish they’d released that as an individual shadow. Second choice for me is probably the purple side of the Nars Habanera duo.

  25. Anna

    My favorite purple is not one eyeshadow but an eyeshadow palette from Shiseido named VI 308. It has 3 eyeshadows in it. Two darker shades and one light and they are all kind of purple. The light one leans a bit towards pink but they all go so well together. I really recommend this palette.

  26. Wow… I don’t think I could pick just one… Le Metier Fig is amazing… I’ve always loved Mac’s “Crystal”, which is a very light purple but has an awesome greyish duo-chrome effect; Nars Lhasa has been my favourite this year; and of course UD “Asphyxia”, another longtime companion.

    I love seeing everyone else’s responses!

  27. Maria

    I agree with Karen; MAC fig 1…perfect!!

  28. My absolute favorites are Inglot’s DS.494 and Sugarpill’s ‘Poison Plum’. Both are highly pigmented and gorgeous.

  29. Roua

    I am allergic to red dye, so i rarely can wear purples/reds/violets :( but i do like/can wear Hustle from UD naked pallet!.

  30. Tiffani

    MUFE #92 is my favorite, but Sugarpill’s Poison Plum runs a very close second. I also really love Vintage Violet from Too Faced’s Matte Eye palette. It’s a dusky greyish purple that really brings out the amber/brown tones in my hazel eyes. Urban Decay’s Flash is nice, too, but it’s a little too shimmery for me to use often.

  31. Lisa

    I really like Bare Escentuals- Flamenco.

  32. Sarah

    Definitely Armani ETK #3! I love that shade.

  33. Paddychat

    MUFE n°92
    Chanel Magic Night
    and Dior Purple show !!!!

  34. Jenny

    Sugarpill Poison Plum.

  35. Fluteglitter

    NARS Lulu is a great matte purple once you learn to use it.

  36. RedHedd

    Stila Dahlia or WnW Goddess

  37. Sarah

    My favs are Urban Decay Morphine and MAC Fuschia pigment (kinda pinkish purple but layered over Navy eyeliner it looks bright purple:-)

  38. Honeybumblebee

    Makeupforever’s purple. I think 99 or 97. It’s unbeatable.

  39. Janice

    Definitely UD’s Rockstar and AC/DC I was thrilled when they made them permanent! I was running low on BOS II and III

  40. Leticia

    Urban decay flash, love it!

  41. Shannon

    I love any of the purples from Inglot. I think they’re the deepest, richest, most pigmented purples. Also, Maybeline’s Eyestudio quad in Amethysts Ablazed has two really beautiful bright purples. And then Mac’s Plum Dressing is a really pretty jewel toned purple that looks really pretty in the crease with neutral pinks and oranges.

  42. Bobbie

    UD’s ransom :) from my deluxe shadow palette. i even have the matching liner! (and purple UD body glitter that i wear with it on my eyes when i got out… ha!) and i dont even really like purple.

  43. Liz

    I like MUFE #39 and Urban Decay Rockstar

  44. xamyx

    NARS Daphne; yes, I’m aware what a complete PITA it is to work with, but it really is the most *perfect* shade of purple… MUFE 92 (or is it 99?) is a very close second.

  45. eliel89s

    I love Omen by Urban Decay ^^ !

  46. francesca

    Mac Fig. 1!!! So flattering on my light-brown eyes!

  47. Mango-go

    PUPA Hot Tropics 02 Water Lily Amethyst!!!

  48. Melissa

    I LOOOOOVE Tarina Tarentino’s Victorian Punk! Rich purple with gold flecks!!!! Beauteous!!!!

  49. Erica

    MUFE 92! My favorite, and best, purple!

  50. I like MAC Satellite Dreams.

  51. Malia

    Nars Daphne used to be my #1, colour wise only though. MUFE 92 and Sugarpill used to be my runners up but Inglot outdoes them… they have a huge range of purples, but I really love 439, 446, and 320.

  52. Lorraine E.R

    Mac Fig.1 and Fyrinnae makes some great purples, like Meerkat!

  53. Jill

    I love purple shadows and have tried dozens. My faves are Canel Ilusoire, BB heather shimmerwash shadow, Laura Mercier amethyst caviar eye stick, Tarina Tarantino Fantastical palette, YSL simmering burgundy pencil

  54. Melissa

    Being the biggest fan of purples and strong pigmentation:

    -UD psychedelic sister (why I didn’t purchase this shade sooner than a month ago is beyond me)
    -MAC pigment in Grape
    -Inglot matte shadows in #320 and #377

  55. Fyrinnae has some amazing purples! I also love Sugarpill Poison Plum. I reach for that a lot. And Urban Decay Freakshow & Frigid are great.

  56. maisha

    MUFE92 luv luv luv it.

  57. NYX Pearl Mania Pigment in Purple!

  58. Stephanie

    MAC Stars and Rockets

  59. Irina

    I love the MAC Extra Dimension purple shade called Grand Galaxy. it’s versatile, fabulously blendable and just the right amount of purple to make it wearable even without liner. So bummed it’s LE!

  60. I adore purple eyeshadows, so I have a lot of favorites.
    But my absolute favorite (number one for me)
    is MAC´s “Star Violet”.

  61. DD

    I am a purple shadow addict! Though I dont own any UD csnt comment but my faves have to be
    From Mac – prob out of all of them Fashion Gropie which was in the starflash formula but i ahd a quad from spring 2010 which had a few nice colours but esp bruised plum. Other are Pink union and earthly riches. I also liked the the one called Myndark side from the disney villians collection and Half wild PP is a rare cream e/s.
    Other ones are SU ME 700 & IR795

    Love purple

  62. Stacee

    I have yet to find one that suits my skintone and/or is pigmented enough :( Then again, I don’t have any high-end eyeshadows.